Happy New Year

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since I posted anything (technically, over a year).  It’s been so long, I had to figure out what WordPress again (hopefully I’m doing it right).

I know I have Beauty and the Vampire Beast to finish (one chapter, you’d think I could get that done).  I have also Pick Your Poison hanging unfinished, and Blindsided.  So, what do I have for you today?

A new one-shot.  Really Mags?  Yep, it’s one that popped into my head in December 2016 – and it didn’t get finished until this December?

Yeah, well, it happens.  Life happens.  I did change jobs this year, and it’s been great and humbling to leave an organization after twenty years and start over. I’m on the good side now, so maybe life will settle enough to give me time to write.  Maybe…

Enjoy this following.  The summary doesn’t say much – it’s one you just need to read as a summary would give too much away.

I wish you all a wonderful 2018!

She Waits

Inspiration for the first section:

Song for a Winter’s Night



MISSING: Fanfiction Writer


Yeah – I was going to finish this story before the New Year (and I’ll admit it, I meant 2017 as the new year, not 2018.  At this rate, 2018 might be possible!  UGH!

Thank you for your patience.  I have a new chapter for you tonight, and I don’t know where it came from, or why it took so long to get here.  It’s three separate hmm … glimpses into our couple’s life with some actual story line to move us forward.

And, on going missing again?  Yeah – I’m getting surgery next week for my carpal tunnel – so I don’t know when I’ll be back to writing but I will be back at some point.

Enjoy this for now – and wish me a speedy recovery.

Blindsided – Chapter 5

Season of…

Writing?  Actually, yesterday I went out to start store shopping (as opposed to using Amazon Prime for everything), and when I put yet another bag in the trunk, I looked and started singing, “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas”. Nobody freak! Of course there are other things that make me think that too – it just caught me when I looked at it.

Well, maybe a little writing.  I do have another chapter for you today – it’s short but it seemed like the right place to end it.

WARNING:  Next week is horrible with activities and such – so you’ll likely get only one more chapter before Christmas, then I’ll finish it up over my Christmas break.

Enjoy the chapter and if Christmas is your thing – have fun getting ready (cause it’s all over too quickly!).  Remember I do my own editing.

Chapter 4 – You’re My Forever



Thanks for Reading!

Been a busy week – prepping for Thanksgiving, then being stuffed from Thanksgiving. Oh, and leaving my laptop at my friend’s house didn’t help.  That’s the “I’m sorry” for the delay.

One other thing before the chapter – I have another story (one-shot) rolling through my head, so I might spend time on that this week then get back to this one (Mags dodges pitchforks from readers for story switching).


Chapter 3 – Meet the Family



I predict

I predict a few things:

  1. I predict: Many of you will be surprised to see a link to actual writing at the bottom of this post.  Yep – I WROTE (and edited, so beware) a new story.  You get chapter 1 tonight.  My goal is to post each week until Christmas (the end of the story happens at Christmas).  I’ve got six chapters done for this story and maybe 2 to go.  As a related prediction, I predict many of you will see the next “I predict” and skip to the chapters – that’s fine.
  2. I predict: The loser of this year’s election:  ALL OF US (That’s U.S. and ‘us’ living in America).  Stand back, I’m about to get on a soapbox.
    1. It occurs to me that no matter who is our next President, we (American citizens) have all lost. We’ve lost the ability to work together as a nation.
    2. We’ve lost our face to the world (we’re a joke people).
    3. We’ve lost the ability to talk to our neighbors, family, and friends when we don’t support the same candidate.  Our nation is divided and some days I don’t think we’ll be able to exist together.  I hate warm weather, so we’ll need to split East West, or if we split North South, I need North.  Just ‘calling it’ now (I went out and licked my yard).  Here’s a suggestion, a recently published book suggests that we don’t talk politics when we can’t agree – and instead – talk about your pets.  That’s nice advise but at some point we need to talk.  If I can’t have dinner with my extended family without getting into an altercation, how can I expect public servants to work together?
    4. We’ve lost common decency.  Somewhere beyond Freedom of Speech and an overuse of political correctness we’ve decided that it’s OK to have posters on our lawns (well, not mine, I saw this one today), that say Kill Hillary.  When did support of a candidate include death threats to the opposing side?  I’m not trying to start a blog argument here but having said that: I’d be opposed to a sign that said Kill Trump – my dislike isn’t about the candidate, it’s the message.  Folks: in my opinion, we’ve gone to far.
    5. Personally, I’m afraid of what will happen after the election.  Will those on the losing side support the winner?  Will there be violence?  Should I learn to love bangers and mash because I’ll need to go live with my sister outside London?  Even if we all calmly accept what happened, will all our representatives work together for the betterment of all of us?  Eric would say promises to do just that would have his bullshit meter going off.
    6. That’s it – 5 and I’m done but I feel better for writing it.  The only thing I ask is that you VOTE (for my U.S. readers that is).
  3. I also predict that the pizza I had for dinner will go right to my hips.  Probably doesn’t help that I had a fun size Snickers after. . .

I’ll leave you with my chapter.

New story:


Good luck to all of us this week, and I hope to see you with a new chapter next weekend.




I’m back, kinda

Hi all.  Returning to writing has been harder than I thought it would be.  I left you guys at the end of the year when I was diagnosed with . . . well I’ll leave it at this:

bc ribbon

Many of you took the time to wish me well not knowing what was happening.  I appreciate it!  I’m fine now, 100% cancer free and thinking about taking the ‘never come back again’ drugs.

Enough of that.  I was saying how hard it is to write.  It’s like getting on a bike, but I was wibbly wobbly and not able to do it for long periods of time at first.  I’m getting better.  I have a short story 2/3 done (and I don’t know it it’s going to be fanfiction or original as it can go either way).

I also have a REALLY SHORT chapter from our Beauty and the Vampire Beast family.  I’ve only read it twice and there is no beta – so be kind.  I mean, you wouldn’t be mean to a woman that just fried her boob for cancer, right?  (Yep – I used that one at work a few times.)

I’ve also finally added my short story from the Fangbangers Anonymous site that I wrote for Advent.  It’s called I.O.U..  If you haven’t read it yet – take a look.

See images for chapters below.



On Hiatus

Hi all:

I know I have a few items to finish (but nothing is too big of a cliffy) but due to some personal issues, fanfic writing is on hiatus for a while – probably at least until Spring.

If I do have time, I’ll try to edit the next chapter I have written for Glimpses (BVB) but no promises.

Til things are better,



Lots of stuff . . .

First – if you don’t receive updates from Fangbangers Anonymous – well go and sign up.  For December, there is special content everyday – go here:

The Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar

I wrote a new story being posted through this site (later on my site). It was a gift for Valady, one of their hard working blog contributors.  Here is the first chapter:

I.O.U. Gift for Valady

There will be a total of four.  Hope you like it!

Second – A few weeks ago, we had a bit of an uproar with a witch hunt on fanfiction (NO MA ALLOWED).  She’d turned off PM by the time I got there – but I did see something exciting:  I MADE THE LIST (and what’s strange is – I took all my naughty chapters off FF – so I’m not sure what’s she’s smoking).  Anyway – in the days following my name being added to her hunt – I got new followers!  SO THANK YOU NO MA ALLOWED – you got me new readers.  Well done.

Finally  – I have new babies!  If you’ve followed me for a while, you might have met my cat Peanut. Well, Peanut had a run-in with a fox and he fought hard, but after a month of trying to help him with the vet’s help, he lost his fight. I couldn’t stand it since he’d been my work buddy for 18 years. I filled the gap with:

Chirp (She’s my baby)


Mushu (He’s Josephine’s baby):


Taz as in Tasmanian Devil (He’s Emma’s baby)


That’s it for now!

JUST in case I don’t post again before all the holiday stuff – have a great one (Merry Christmas if that’s your thing) and Happy New Year!


A Week of Sorrow

If you didn’t get this from following Jess directly – you HAVE to read it. Nope – nothing written by me – I still have two chapters that are WIP so hopefully soon. Maybe when I’m off for Thanksgiving.

This week has been one of reflection and sadness. For those of us in America, Veterans’ Day is a day to honor those in the Armed Forces; the brave men and women that have put, and continue to put their lives on the line to defend our country. I may not agree with what battles our soldiers are involved in or what foreign soil our Commander-in-Chief sends them to, but it isn’t their fault. A soldier doesn’t have a choice of when or where they will defend our country or defend democracy; they are meant to follow orders. To follow orders without question, to know that you may not come back alive…. I know I can’t do it. I admire them greatly for their courage and sacrifice and will honor them always.

Friday evening there were horrific attacks throughout the city of Paris. Hundreds of lives lost or injured in…

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