Chapter 38 – Nick of Time

Chapter 38 – Nick of Time


test panlemon

(Just the hint of a lemon)

“This place is so cute.”

“Godric thought you’d like it.”

Sookie and Eric drove to a small cottage on Godric’s property that he’d offered them for their wedding night. While they were taking the kids on their honeymoon, they both wanted this one night to celebrate the wedding. The cottage was sweet and Sookie thought it looked like something out of a fairy tale when they pulled up. The garden was lovely in the soft landscape lighting and she couldn’t wait to check it out during the day. “And it’s on his property so we’re guarded for the day?”

“Yes, quite a ways from his home so it’s very private.”

“I can’t believe Godric has this.”

“It was on the property when he purchased the land. He maintains it for guests. There’s a small pond in the back. Shall we check it out?”

“Can I run into the cottage first for a human moment?”

“Of course.”

The cottage was just as charming on the inside as the outside but she didn’t dawdle; she did her business and ran back to meet Eric where he was waiting in the foyer for her. With her hand in his, he guided her out the back door and she gasped. Eric had recreated their lakeside tent from their first time together. At least it looked that way from here. “Oh Eric. Is it the same?”

“Yes, only this time it’s so warm out we didn’t need the heat.”

“No we don’t.”

At the edge of the tent he scooped her up. “Come on Mrs. Northman. We have a union to consummate.”

“You make it sound so business like.”

“The only business in here will be funny business done without clothing.” After placing her on the bed he looked her up and down. “I think we’ll keep the shoes and the garter on.”

“You like that garter don’t you?”

“Like you couldn’t feel how much I liked the garter when we danced right after I saw it. I had to use your body to hide my raging erection.”

“But then you sang to me. It was so sweet. You had all the women in the room crying right along with me.”

“I don’t like being the cause of your tears at all, but when they are truly tears of happiness, I can handle it a little better.” His smile turned wicked and in a flash he had her sideways and he spanked her butt. “Then YOU had to start rubbing my ass while we were dancing. Even Hunter said something about it; I heard him.”

She just giggled with him for a moment until the air seemed to change in the room. “I can’t believe we’re married. I can’t believe it really truly happened. I feel like I’m going to wake up asleep on the edge of Hunter’s bed.”

“Never again my Love. It’s happiness from here on out. Starting right now.” With those final words he moved to capture her lips and kissed her passionately for a long while. Both of them were still fully clothed and they had hours to enjoy each other. They simply spent the time whispering words of love or remembrances from the wedding.

She broke them apart after a while. “You know what would make me happy?”

“What’s that my wife?”

“That funny business with no clothing that you mentioned.”

“That’s ironic.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’m pretty sure funny business with no clothing would make me happy too. We’re very compatible. We should get married.”

“No, we should get busy. As in you – since you’re on top and I can’t move too much.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He stood and started disrobing. “I know about the shoes and the garter I can’t wait to see what else is under that gown.” He lifted the skirt just a little and peeked. “Did I tell you I love the shoes?”

“You did but in this case I’ll allow you to repeat yourself.”

“I love the shoes. I love that you hid them under your very long skirt – though I was so busy looking at your eyes I might have missed them when you were coming up the aisle. I love that you wore red accents and carried red flowers. I love that even though I’ve told you to do what you wanted with our wedding, that you still took the time to give me surprises too.”

“Wow! That was nicely done. Did I tell you how much I loved our first song? That you picked a song that you’ve never really liked so I could have my Gran with me for that little bit today meant the world to me.”

“And now that we’ve danced to it – I can understand its appeal.”

“Master wooer.” She reached up and touched his cheek. “I love that you did that for me.”

“I’m sorry she wasn’t here for you.”

“She was.” Sookie touched her heart. “She was here.”

He bent to kiss the same spot and lifted her up when he was done. “And now Mrs. Northman, time for you to say goodbye to your wedding dress. Your ONLY wedding dress ever.”

“Yes Mr. Northman.” She smirked. He was going to be so happy when he took this dress off. Her poor panties were going to be shredded, she knew it. The zipper in the back went down very slowly and he pushed the dress off her shoulders. As he’d suspected, she was braless – it made sense given the plunge of the back of her dress. To prevent gravity from dropping the dress too quickly, he kept a grip on the fabric as he teased it down, using it to tickle and stimulate her skin.

When he got to her ass he sucked in a long breath. “You’ve been wearing just this the whole time?”

“YeP” She answered, popping the P. The skimpiest red sheer thong was on her body and he actually stopped moving to look at it.

“The whole day these butt cheeks have been exposed to just the dress?”

“YeP. I was surprised you didn’t see them when you found the garter.”

“I was trying to be a gentleman.”

“With a hard on that could engrave granite.”

“Some things are beyond my control.” He moved to press his chest against her back, released the dress and fingered the band of her thong. “I want these.”

“What are you going to do with them?”

“I don’t know yet. Something depraved I’m sure.”

“You may have them – if they come off in one piece. If you rip them, they’re gone.” It was the least she could do considering the panties cost $128 at La Perla.

His fingers started to slowly pull the panties down as he said, “It’s always a pleasure negotiating with you Mrs. Northman.” He got stuck trying to keep the garter on when the panties got to the top of her thigh, but he made it work and held his prize up like he’d just won an Oscar – but not quite. Certainly, Sookie was sure; Oscar winners didn’t sniff their statues. Her husband even managed to appear high while he was doing it.

“If you’re done enjoying your grand prize, can you come back and join your consolation prize on the bed?”

“You are always my grand prize.” He hopped onto the bed and she giggled at his almost boyish face – so in conflict to the hard on he was sporting.

“Charmer. Kiss me.”

“You’re so demanding.”

“I asked for funny business with no clothing – we have the no clothing part done so now it’s onto funny business.” She regretted those words immediately since he started tickling her. When she could breathe she yelled out. “That’s not what I had in mind! Don’t you have some kind of Viking or vampire claiming you need to do? I doubt it’s tickling.”

“A claiming? Is that what you want?”

“I don’t know now – you’ve got a look in your eyes I can’t identify. Maybe you should tell me all about a claiming.”

“I’ll give you a detailed project plan.”

“And he’s right back to business.”

He laughed at her comment before he turned serious and started pulling her by the ankle towards him; the silk sheets offered no resistance. “First I will kiss and lick every inch of your beautiful skin.”

“Don’t forget to bite.”

“Never.” He flashed his fangs. “Then I will suckle on your breasts like a starved babe until they are red and swollen from my attentions and you come just from that.” She gasped at those words. “Next I’ll devour your pussy until you beg me to stop and before you’ve even caught your breath, I’ll claim you as mine with a hard and fast thrust.” She was spread before him and he could see the juices pulling from him words. “It seems that min Röðull enjoyed what she just heard.”

“Some things are beyond my control.” He smirked at her use of his own words from just moments ago.

“You’re right Sookie. Loving you was beyond my control. You had me from the first moment I stole a glance in Hunter’s window.”

“Master wooer.”

“Indeed. Now I’ll be your master claimer.”

“By all means.”   He pounced and made good on all his plans for claiming Sookie and then some. When sunrise was getting close, they left the tent for the furnished lower level of the cottage and christened the bed there before Sookie closed her eyes in exhaustion. Eric had a few more moments before he would go into his rest so he just held his bride and toyed with both their wedding rings. Tomorrow night they would be leaving for their honeymoon – with the kids, Thalia, Mima, Mustapha, Theresa and both Tonys along. Unconventional – yes. But at this point neither of them wanted to leave Hunter or Celia for that long. Maybe when the kids were older they would take a proper, long, childless and almost 100% naked honeymoon. For now, stolen moments and enjoying the little ones was perfect.


“Good evening my wife.”

“Good evening my husband. I slept longer than you?”

“Not by much, I only had time to call home before you woke. I guess my claiming was a success last night.”

“I guess so. How is everyone?”

“Celia is grumpy – Genny confirmed she’s been whiney and I can feel it in the blood tie.”

“Can’t get to her yet though, the sun hasn’t set.”

“No. If you want, I can have a car brought around for you.”

“How long until the sun sets?”

“Forty-five minutes.”

“By the time a car gets here and drives me back – we could almost be there via Air Eric. Let’s just stay. I bet there’s even a position or two we didn’t do last night.”

“I know there are many things we didn’t do last night – and one of them was feed you. I had a plate put in the fridge down here. I’ll get it.”

“I’m hungry – but not for food.”

“Food is all you’re getting for now. When we walk in the door at home it’s going to be a whirlwind of activity to get us on the road to the airport – you know it. I don’t want you neglecting your needs.”

“Yes sir.”

“Don’t try to tempt me with that sir business either.”

“Or what? Will you swat my behind?”

“You’d like it too much.” He stood and grabbed the plate. “Eat.”

She grumbled but ate.

A short while later they were landing in the front yard and they could see Genny holding a pouting Celia (she hadn’t seen them yet). Sookie pushed Eric towards her figuring he was what she wanted anyway – and he snuck up behind her to play peek-a-boo. Her whines stopped and really loud screams of joy came out instead. Genny could barely keep hold of her from all the wiggling she was doing to get to Eric. “Hi baby girl. Did you miss Daddy?” Eric took her from Genny much to his friend’s relief. Celia had made it a hard and long day.

Sookie laughed and responded for Celia. “Given all that talking she’s doing – I would say so. Hi Celia.”

Celia started clapping when she saw Sookie. Their baby’s reaction confirmed their decision (not that they’d been doubting it) about having everyone on the honeymoon. Hunter ran out a moment later and wrapped his arms around Sookie’s legs. It was a nice homecoming – but after just a moment Sookie got everyone’s attention. “OK, we’ve got lots to do to get out of here. Let’s get busy.”

Eric leaned over and whispered. “You’re all business Sookie.” She smirked at him. “You know how much I love conducting business with you.”


Two weeks later:

“How was New Zealand?”

The newlyweds just looked at each other and laughed. Eric answered while looking at his wife. “Is that where we were?”

“You’re bad.” She chided him then turned to Bobby. “It was very nice. Thank you for asking Bobby. I guess we have a ton of catch-up here?”

He nodded his confirmation. “I’ll meet with you after you’ve got the kids settled. Do you need any help with luggage or anything?”

Eric nodded and Bobby helped him deliver luggage and gift bags as needed. Mima went directly to bed; she was too worn out from the long travel time. Hunter and Celia slept a good part of the day so they were up and excited to be home. Bobby even laughed. “It looks like getting them settled is going to take a while.”

“Their sleep is completely off now. Look at them! It’s almost 11PM – bath time and they’re going strong.”

“We can meet in the kitchen while you guys get them something to eat? I know Jessica and Maxine have some platters of food ready.”

“Sounds good. We’ll be up in a moment.”

Sookie and Eric entered the kitchen and were greeted by the whole family, except Mima who really truly went right to bed. Maxine welcomed them first with hugs and grabbed Celia. “I swear she’s bigger than when you left.” She ruffled Hunter’s hair. “You too! New Zealand must have something in the water.”

“Goofy Gramma!”

“OH! How I’ve missed that.” She scooted to a chair. “Enough of that though, sit down and eat.”

“Thanks for putting this out Maxine and Jess.”

“Our pleasure Sookie.”

“So what’s going on around here?”

Hoyt answered. “Maria’s house is finished so she and Dylan moved in. Our house will be done in about two weeks, though I still think it should just be a guest house . . .”

“Hoyt, we’ve been through this. If it’s your house, then anytime you want to just fly up for a weekend you can. If it’s a guest house you’ll be all worried about timing and schedules. It’s settled.”

“Yes Mrs. Northman.” Sookie just beamed at her name.

“Did Indira and Phillip stay after the wedding? I know they weren’t sure.”

Maxine answered. “They did stay for a week. We had a great time getting to know their little boy Brian. He’s so cute. Just three years old. Phillip quit his job to be a stay-at-home father.”

With a big smile, Sookie exclaimed, “That’s great news. You guys are all starting a trend.” She looked at Eric. “It was nice of Karin to go home so Indira could stay.”

“Having them both out of the area for more than the two nights for the wedding and travel would have been a problem.” Eric chuckled. “And we all know Indira is more family-oriented than Karin. Karin simply knew Indira would get more out of staying than she would since I was gone.” He looked around at the room. “What else?”

Bobby took over. “The R&D business with your cousins is sold Sookie. It’ll take three months to complete but we have a signed deal.”

“That’s good. I don’t want anything to do with the business.”

“I’ve got everything under control Sookie.”

“Thanks Bobby.” She took a sip of her drink then asked. “Since you mentioned my cousin, has anyone heard from Claudine?”

“YES Sookie.” Maxine got all excited. “Gillian is doing very well. Ludwig grew her the parts she needed just like she did for Johanna. Karin donated the blood for the healing – but we all know that’s cause of you Eric.”

“It was her choice.”

“They’ll be up here next week. She knows you’re starting school Sookie, but we’re all around so she’ll have plenty of company.”

“I’m excited for the visit. While she’s here I want to go to the Philadelphia Zoo – it was the country’s first. Oh and the Adventure Aquarium.” She put her hand on Eric’s arm. “We can do that, right?”

“Yes, I’ll arrange extra guards.” Eric turned to Charles. “Your wedding arrangements are all set?”

“Bobby handled most of it. Essentially, we just need to show up in our outfits. We’ll all fly to Louisiana on Thursday for the Saturday ceremony. You’re sure it’s not a problem to fly everyone down?”

“That’s why I bought a plane. We’ll come back Sunday night in plenty of time to adjust if needed for Sookie to start school on Tuesday.”


“Yes Hunter.”

“Can I go play?”

“You don’t need anything more to eat?” He shook his head. “Ok, we’ll get you in a little bit for your bath.”

Since Genny was trying to sleep, Sookie told Hunter, “Keep it quiet.”

“Yes Mommy.”

“So what else . . . “ Sookie was just about to ask something when Eric’s phone rang. From the caller ID she could see it was Sam. “Jason’s up to something I bet.”

Eric nodded seriously and answered. “Northman.”

“It’s Sam. Congrats on the wedding.”

“Thank you Sam but I’m guessing that’s not why you’re calling so late.”

“No. Listen. There’s something you need to know. I well . . . . aw shit. “

“What is it Sam?”

“Eric. Seems you guys got out of town in the nick of time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, do you know why a vampire named Bill Compton would come in here asking for Sookie?

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29 thoughts on “Chapter 38 – Nick of Time

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  2. I smiled all the way through the chapter until the name Bill Compton (foul taste in my mouth). It was nice that Eric & Sookie had one night to themselves to be as loud as they wanted to be. Delightful chapter.

  3. Lovely! And finally Bill, and by extension Sophie Ann, enter the story. I was wondering when or if they might play with us. I do love me some deluded and unstable Sophie Ann.

  4. Moment of angst… then realized they are in PA, so there is nothing Sophie Anne can do. Uh oh another moment of angst, if Bill is looking for Sookie, then Hadley is alive… is she going to come for Hunter? Good thing I got more tums

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  6. Ooh! So Bheeeeeel enters the story. We all know he’s only going to get crapped on. Hehe! But I still want to see the evil scenarios you come up with for him *rubs hands together with an evil grin*
    Lovely chapter. Glad they had a great honeymoon…but I bet they’re glad to be home 🙂

  7. yeah, you better run!! Bill effin’ Compton…please let Eric kill him?! a couple of reviewers are worried about Hadley, but I’m not. #1) he is now Eric’s son & he will not allow anyone to take him away. #2) legally, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. she never got him the medical attention that was needed but then she abandoned him…this case is already thrown out.

    thank you for the update, but please update soon!

  8. Everything is going so nice and then one more ridiculous idiotic thing happens. Looks like Hadley got passed around and started her tales of her telepathic cousin and poof there’s Beehl. Or Jason got caught and sold his sister out. Good thing they got married and left. Hopefully that’s all they need.

  9. Bill, well of course. There has been entirely too much happiness so it’s time to shake things up a bit..Sophie Anne can’t really do anything while they are in PA, but returning to LA puts them back in her sphere of the unexpected turn of events..

  10. Ha ha ha…. love the i-just-left-you-with-a-cliffie picture… I do not mind cliffhangers too much esp. this one as it is luckily a VERY late arrival of doucheBill and by now Sookie & Hunter (as telepaths) are safe and protected (and in another state)… Within the context of this story and with all the hardships Sookie had faced before meeting Eric, it is hard not to freak at what Bill could have done…

  11. Yep, that was a good cliffy. Bill Compton is a day late and a dollar short. So is his queen. Excellent chapter as always.

  12. Thank you for writing this story, I really look forward too reading all of it. I like this story because it’s different than what people usually write. I suffer from bipolar/depression and your stories have really brightened my days. Thank you

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