Chapter 6 – That doesn’t work

October 15, 2003

Shreveport, LA

While they waited for Eric’s return, Sookie and Jason sat in their cells, up against the bars between them. They had always been close, but the situation increased their love for each other and they sat holding hands. They remained silent for a few minutes, pondering their circumstance. Jason made it clear Sookie could not talk about anything they didn’t want the vampers to know (Jason explained that’s what he called them). So, though he was extremely curious, Jason could not ask how she found him. He knew Sookie was smarter than him, even though she struggled in school. To have tracked down a 1000 year old vamper’s hiding place? Damn, she made him proud. She also made him mad. Now she’s stuck here. He could see how excited Eric became from just feeding on her. ‘Her fate is sealed. He’s gonna keep her. The only question is will he let me go in exchange? If so, I’ll be back for her. If she found ME, I know I can find HER.’ Sookie interrupted his thoughts.


“Yeah Sook.”

“Can you answer some questions for me before the vampers get back? Eric mentioned he could be swayed. I want to put on the best show to get you out of here.”

Knowing Sookie was going to hate what Eric meant he sighed, but agreed to answer her questions and share as much information as he could.

“What did he mean a proper show of respect?”

“Sookie, this is why I told you ta run. I’m sorry we’re in this mess.” He sighed. “Sookie, Eric has expectations of his prisoners. Yer a slave to him now.”

“Yeah, he said that to you. What does that mean?”

“First, you need to address him as Master.”


“And you cain’t look him in the eye, keep yer face down.”

“Ok, call him Master, look down. Is that all?”

“When he comes fer a feedin’ step away from the cell door, towards the back of the cell, so it don’t look like yer gonna try to run for it. He likes me to tilt my head to the side, ya know, to be ready for the bite. You should move your hair away, or just keep it up.”

Sookie gulped. “What else, what happens if don’t do those things?”

“Sookie, you um, he will, I mean. Ah hell! Just follow the rules so I can sleep a’ night.”

“Jason, I need to know how bad, I mean, what’all did they do to you for my ‘crime’?”

“It was a belt. That weren’t too bad cause they just did it, ya know through ma jeans. Was harder than we e’er got as kids tho.” He stopped, trying to think of the best words to convince Sookie to just listen to the vampers instead of pissing them off and getting a punishment. He decided to be honest. “Sookie, he can hurt ya real bad so just listen to him. I know yer all independent and all, but it’ll just git ya hurt. Promise me you’ll listen and I won’t argue with you about offring to take ma place.”

Sookie considered what Jason told her. She knew she had a temper and DID NOT like to be told what to do by anyone. That was going to be a problem. The questions she asked herself centered on what would win out: Her desire for independence, or her desire to not get punished. Jason wasn’t giving too many details, but she could tell the punishments were not easy. The belt had been used by her Mama, and Jason knew she could handle that. Whatever happened to Jason must’ve been worse than what Mama did. “Jason, I didn’t trust you before when I told you to run. I believe you’re really trying to protect me from what could happen. So, I’ll do my damndest to follow the rules and act compliant to prevent any punishment. What else do I need to know?”

“If yer gonna get punished, ya just go and do as yer told or it’ll be way worse. He’s had me chained up after a punishment sometimes for defyin’ him – that’s a bitch. Yer hurting and just want to lay down and here you are, stuck standing against the wall in chains.”

“OH Jason, I am sorry for what you’ve been through.”

“Sookie, why are YOU apologizin’? Hell, it’s hooking up with Amy that got me in this mess. You tried to tell me to get away from her. This is my own damn fault.”

“Jason, what else has happened while you’ve been here? I’m just trying to understand what to expect.”

“Well the good news is, I’ve seen other prisoners get punished much worse than me, hopefully it’ll be tha same fer you. He doesn’t want to weaken me for feedin, ya know feedin from ma blood.”

“How often does he feed from you?”

“3 or 4 times a week.”

“How do you shower?”

“A guard takes me out in the morning for a shower. It’s not private; they make me keep the door open. Sorry Sook, the guards are all men.”

“Christ on a Cracker, nobody but my family has ever seen me naked.”

“I know Sookie, but they never let Amy shower in private.” Jason shifted uncomfortably and spoke. “Look, he’s probably gonna want, I mean, you should probably expect. Shit Sookie, just prepare yourself. I’m sorry; you deserve something so much better for your first time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sex Sookie, he’s probably gonna want sex with ya.” A quick look in Jason’s head showed that he heard the guards with Amy while she was a prisoner.

“Jason, did he ever, um, approach you?”

“WHA? OH Hell no! I woulda taken any kind of punishment to stop that.”

“Then why do you think he’s gonna, you know.”

“Sook, dindya see how he reacted to you earlier?” Being the innocent she was, Sookie’s eyes went wide and she shook her head. “Sookie, when he fed from you, he, his um ….. God this ain’t easy to say to your sister – but well, it was hard.”

“Hard? OH, is that what THAT was?”

My little sister is gonna be violated by a goddamn vamper, and there ain’t a thing I can do about it.’ Jason cringed at her realization. “Yeah Sookie, he was definitely into you.”

Sookie listened in horror as the words Jason said sunk in. Sadness settled in as she realized that her days as a virgin were over. Dating hadn’t been possible with her telepathy since touching only amplified what she heard from people. Remaining a virgin hadn’t been a decision she made on principle or morality, but necessity. While she hadn’t been saving herself for a wedding night; she sure as hell hoped to be in love when it happened. Now, now it looked like it would be nothing better than rape. “Jason thanks for the warning, but we need to change the topic or I’m going to start panicking.” He nodded.” “What do you eat? When do you eat?”

“The food comes in from take out, or someone that cooks for the vamper. We didn’t get anything since breakfast taday I guess acause a your break-in.”

“Sorry Jase.”

“Don worry ’bout it, I cain’t tell ya how much I luv ya cause you tried to rescue me.” He stopped to think for a moment. “So, Dawn is really pregnant?”

“And it’s yours according to Dawn.” She reached further through to rub his back as best she could. “Whatcha gonna do?”

“I’m gonna get out a’here and make her an honest woman AND I’m gonna figure out a way to get you out.”

“You cain’t come back for me.”

“I can and I will!”

“No Jase, you won’t remember your time here or that I’m even here when you leave. Eric will wipe your memory and implant my death or something.”


“Yeah, some kind of hypnosis. I read about it on a vampire gossip page – honestly – I didn’t believe it, but I guess that’s why Lala doesn’t remember.”

“No way!”


“I wonder if he really has Dawn too. I guess we’ll find out when he returns.”

“We’ll appeal to him, she’s pregnant. Why would he want a pregnant prisoner?” She stopped and thought for a moment. “Jason?”

“Yeah Sook.”

“I’m scared.”

“Me too.”


“So Eric, how do you want to do this?” Pam asked. “Are you going to free both of them and try to date her?”

“That’s what I’m working on; I just have to sort through the details. Maybe we can just implant something with me helping to get her brother back. SHIT!”


“The Shifter. He already knows I had Jason and Sookie.”

“So, we’ll kill him.”

“I suppose; though the regulations against indiscriminant supernatural kills would prohibit it. I can’t risk it though, he loves her.”

“They’re together?”

“No, he’s never acted on it.”

“Aww, did you guys have a heart to heart?”

Eric growled. “Pamela! Do not test me tonight! I simply overheard him speaking to the other woman who was working with Sookie. She said something to him about loving her.”

Fucking Pam, I need her to focus. I have to deal with the Shifter, free Jason and Sookie with a reasonable glamour, find a way to connect with Sookie afterwards and she is making jokes!‘ Eric threw Pam out of his office so he could plan. Killing the shifter could cause problems, even though he wasn’t part of a pack. He needed a plausible story for Jason’s disappearance. He needed another plausible story for meeting Sookie. He needed to go back and see HER. ‘At least I get the chance to erase our first meeting from her. That wouldn’t’ be a good start.’ He snickered to himself as he walked out to the floor to his throne. He hated the throne, but Pam insisted the ‘vermin’ and she called the humans came to buy his overpriced drinks to get a glimpse of him. He pulled out his Blackberry, praising the company for the creation of his cure for throne boredom and started e-mailing instructions to his day man, Bobby Burnham. Once Bobby’s tasks were delivered, he moved to reviewing the email from his various businesses, replying and assigning tasks as well, all while appearing bored or mean to the humans. ‘Gods they even stink. I need to go back and smell Sookie, she is like bottled sunshine.’ He adjusted his pants since thinking about Sookie made him hard. A particularly busty blond came into view and he decided he needed some relief. He made eye contact and motioned for her to approach him. The girl almost fell over herself trying to get to him quickly.

“What’s your name?” He asked.


He almost laughed out loud when he heard her name, but turned his reaction into a smirk. “Bambi, would you like to join me in my office for a while?”

“Oh yes, Master.”

Now he almost rolled his eyes. “Bambi, don’t presume that I am your Master. It’s not something you can just start calling me because you heard it in the ladies room. Now, come along.”

She followed him to the back hallway and his office, trying to keep up with his long legs as best she could in her 4 inch heels. Once in the office Eric was all business. He pushed her over the desk and ripped off her underwear. Wanting to finish so he could get to Sookie, he just plunged in without any concern about her comfort or preparation. She squealed out in surprise, but kept up with his actions as best she could. She started moaning and he told her to keep quiet as her noises were ruining his thoughts of pounding into Sookie. “Hold yourself up from the desk with your arms.” He ordered. Once she had complied, he moved his arms around to free her breasts from the top of her dress. He did love a well endowed woman, and Bambi’s breasts filled his large hands. Just a few more thrusts at vampire speed and he went over the edge. He stood, put himself to rights and told her to go.

“But you didn’t feed.”

“I already fed tonight.”

“But, I wanted to feed you, baby.”

“BABY!? I’m not sure what you are thinking, but I chose you for some quick relief. I am NOT your Master, I am NOT your baby, I am not your anything. Your breasts are magnificent but that’s where your qualities end since your cunt is a gaping hole and not worthy of a repeat if you come back to Fangtasia. Now, get out of my sight.”

Now slightly more comfortable, he stayed in the office to finish up his Sheriff work before he could leave to see Sookie again. The reveal actually added to the administrative work he needed to handle due to vampire reporting required by human organizations. Thankfully, Pam shared some of the burden with him, but not all so he planned to stay for a while working. He wanted to catch up so he could ignore the paperwork for a few days. ‘I want to focus on Sookie and begin my – what is the word? courting, romancing, no – dating. Yes, dating – that’s what I’m going to do.’ Once his thoughts turned to Sookie he needed to stop quickly so he could stick to his plan for work. Once he heard the bar close and the cleaning staff arrive; he decided to head out. Before he needed to call her, Pam arrived in his office to join him.

“I can’t wait to meet Sookie. Are you ready to head over?”

“Yes, we’ll take you car since I flew. You drive though; I need to send some emails.

“Well, come on.”

Eric quickly sent a request to Bobby to purchase tickets to the upcoming symphony in Shreveport while Pam drove, and he arranged for two vampires to pick up Sookie’s car, hotwiring if necessary to get it to the warehouse. Pam heard the last request and asked Eric his plans for the glamouring and his relationship with Sookie. He admitted that he had struggled with how to integrate himself believably into her life, while dealing with the sudden return of Jason. He explained that his plan was to let Sookie go with glamour that she had tried to find Jason, but did not. He would need to glamour her to reveal how he found Jason in the first place so he could replace those memories accordingly. “I plan to have her returned home tonight from a failed attempt to find her brother. Then in a day or two, I will come rolling into Bon Temps as the hero returning Jason from his captivity with drug dealers. What do you think?”

“What about a car? Didn’t you say she and Dawn had her car?”

“Yes, that’s why I sent two vampires to pick up Sookie’s car, she can drive it home. We’ll glamour this ‘Gran’ to think Sookie had it all along.”

“What about the fact that you already reported Jason Stackhouse as part of a vampire draining and you have claimed his life?”

“This is a huge problem, but I’m going to let him go for about a month, glamour him to keep quiet then unfortunately, he will need to be re-captured, likely killed, for his crime. We will never speak of this again as Sookie, if she is THE one, can never know. I’ll be killed if I let him go.”

“Yes, you would. I’ll put a plan in place to have him capture immediately if there is anyone from our Queen’s retinue in the area.”

“That’s a good backup Pam, thanks.”

“And the Shifter?”

“Risky, but I am going to threaten him within an inch of his life. Jason was still legitimately captured and held for the death of a vampire so for him to interfere would be a violation of supernatural law.”

“You’re stretching supernatural law pretty thin. Your claiming of Sookie has nothing to do with Jason’s crimes.”

“Hence the threat. If he is a problem, I will take the risk to kill him.”

“So, Sookie goes home this morning; then Jason is ‘saved’ by you. Sookie will swoon that you rescued her brother giving you a reason to ask to see her again. You’re irresistible even before you’re the hero; Sookie won’t be able to say no.”

“That’s the plan.”


“Well what do we have here?” Sookie heard from outside her cell. She turned to see two large men unlocking her cell door.

“Get away from her!”

“Oh Jason, you don’t tell anyone what to do around here.” He walked into her cell. “Michael said you were beautiful and you smelled sweet, but I wanted to see for myself.” He licked his lips.

“Pl ….. Please, leave me alone.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. You’re just a prisoner, Northman doesn’t care about prisoners.” With that he stormed in and pushed her to the cot. Sookie squealed and tried to pound on her assailant but he didn’t relent. He attacked her mouth with his tongue and started pulling her shirt from her jeans so he could put his hands on her. Sookie started landing a few good slaps to his face and he ordered his partner to hold her down. Feeling helpless, Jason started screaming at the men for Sookie who had clearly started to panic. She was pinned down and the first man had ripped her shirt apart now that her arms were firmly held above her head. He licked a path up her chest then returned to forcing his tongue into her mouth. She was about to scream again when he removed his mouth from hers but stopped when she saw her attacker’s eyes widen and his mouth screw in pain. Suddenly her hands were released as the second man moved away from Sookie. Once free, Sookie scrambled to the back corner of the cell close to Jason as she watched Eric Northman and a blond vampire remove the two men forcefully. She could hear him reprimand the two men.

“Do not touch what is not yours.”

“You don’t care about your prisoners, what’s so special about her.”

“You question me? All you need to know is that you will not go near her again. I think you can cool off in a cell for a while. Pam, please secure them.”

Eric returned to the cell to see Sookie curled up tightly in a ball, hiding her face. Purposely softening his voice, he quietly asked her, “Are you hurt?” He got no response so he crouched down to her level and put his hand softly on her knee. “Sookie?”

Sookie continued to ignore him, but not Jason. “Master.” He heard from the other cell.

“Yes Jason.”

“Maybe you could let me in with her, just to see if she is a’right?”

Eric nodded and moved to unlock Jason’s cell. He watched as Jason approached Sookie slowly and spoke softly to her. After a few moments, he finally saw movement and Sookie moved to sit on Jason’s lap while he rocked her. The moment was broken by the loud clicking of Pam’s shoes. “They are locked in a cell at the other end of the hall.”

“Thank you Pam.” He turned to speak in Swedish to her. “Nu har vi ännu mer att glamour bort.” (Now we have even more to glamour away)

“Ja, vad var dina vakter tänkande?” (Yes, what were your guards thinking?)

Eric ignored the question knowing that for any other prisoners, he wouldn’t have cared. But Sookie? He heard her crying out and could barely refrain from killing his Were guards on the spot. He turned again to take in the scene with Jason and Sookie. With his superior eyesight, he could see bruises forming on Sookie’s arms from the Were pinning her down. ‘That’s more to heal.’ Then he noticed her shirt was ripped apart in the front. He needed her dressed to return her home from her night of trying to save Jason. Turning to Pam, Eric ordered, “Pam, I need you to go out and purchase a new shirt for Sookie.”

“Just give her one of yours.”

“And how does her returning home wearing one of my shirts work with my plan?”

“Fine. But it’s almost 3AM, nothing is open.”

Eric smirked at Pam. He knew the moment she understood his smirk because her face pinched as though she was in pain. “OH no. No. Fucking. Way!”

“Go. You know Wal-Mart is the only place open at this hour.”

“I’ll find a tee-shirt from home.”

“PAMELA! Sookie cannot return home in a designer tee-shirt and you know it.”

“Shoes.” Was Pam’s one word reply.

Eric only nodded. It was easier than arguing and she would purchase them anyway.

By now, Sookie had started to calm. Eric approached her again. “Sookie, you should not have been attacked. The men have been locked up for now and I’ll deal with them later. Can I get you something? A drink perhaps?”

He was relieved when she actually made eye contact with him and she asked. “Ca …. Can I get a shower? He licked me.” She said with a shudder.

“Certainly. Jason, can you take your sister to the shower area?”

Jason stood; his sister cradled in his arms and followed Eric down the hall. “She won’t leave, I promise, can you please let her shower alone.”

Eric nodded his head and then waited outside the bathroom door. He could hear the water start and a moment later Jason left the bathroom to wait for his sister, telling her to call him if she needed anything. Both men grimaced as they heard Sookie crying in the shower, but it was Jason who spoke. “Yeah, um, she’s a crier. Guess if you take her up on her offer to stay here you’d have found that out.”

They both continued to stand in silence until they finally heard Pam return. “Ah, just in time, I’m sure she needs help in there.” Pam said with her hand poised to open the bathroom door.

Eric growled at Pam. “You will not go in there.”

She turned with her eyes wide in question but pulled her hand from the doorknob. They waited just a few more minutes and the water stopped. “Sookie.” Jason started. “Got a new shirt for ya, just put your hand out the door and I’ll hand it to ya when you’re ready.”

Startling Jason, Sookie’s hand appeared through a crack in the door and he grimaced when he saw the large hand shaped bruises on her arm. He turned to Eric. “I don care what deal she made ya. I cain’t leave her here if this is what’s going to happen. Please, ya got to let her go.”

“We’ll talk when she’s out.”

After she dressed, Sookie emerged from the bathroom, her head down, and she immediately glued herself to Jason’s side. Eric gestured to Jason to head down the hallway and they found themselves in a small conference room. He sat next the Sookie and spoke her name, as before in the cell, she did not react. “Sookie.” He tried again. “I need you to look at me.”

“But Master” she replied. “Jason said I should keep my head down.

More to erase, but I have to give Stackhouse credit for trying to train his sister while I was gone.’ He reached out and touched her chin. “Sookie, I want you to look up.” Finally, her gaze met his and he was lost for a moment in her gorgeous blue eyes. He stared, trying to gain control of her mind but it didn’t feel right. He pressed on so he could start the glamour and complete his plan before daybreak. “Sookie, I am going to give you some of my blood to heal your face and arms.”

“Ewww, I don’t want your blood. That’s just gross.”

WHAT? I just tried to glamour her and nothing happened? That has never happened.’ He decided to try again. “Sookie, don’t reject my blood. It will heal you quickly.”

“Mr. Northman, what are you doing? Why does ….. HEY, you’re trying that vampire hocus pocus on my brain. You just cut that out right now!”

Moving so abruptly that his chair fell backwards, Eric stood and glared at Sookie, then Pam, then back to Sookie. Finally, he spoke to Pam in Swedish. “Hon kan inte glamoured. Hur är det möjligt Pam?” (She cannot be glamoured, how is the possible Pam?”

“Jag har aldrig hört talas om det förut.” (I have never heard of that before.)

“Alla mina planer berodde på användningen av glamour. Jag måste tänka en stund. Få dem något att dricka” (All my plans depended on the use of glamour. I must think for a moment. Get them something to drink.)

“Jag är inte en tjänare.” (I am not a servant.)

“PAMELA! Do not disobey me! I do not wish them to become ill. Get them something with sustenance; juice I think would do.” He stormed out of the room to his private chambers on the lower level.

Eric knew dawn was approaching and he needed a plan. He could simply let them both go and take his chances that Sookie would agree to see him. He could cut his losses completely and just let them go and pretend he’d never met Sookie. Neither seemed like a good option. Yes, he had given up on finding ‘love’ as his maker wanted a few years ago, and there was no guarantee that Sookie could be ‘the one’, but time was running out for him – time before dawn today and time before Godric would meet the sun. He paced as he thought through his ideas. He considered more options. ‘Sookie offered to stay with me, willingly. Could that be the foundation of a relationship? Could she willingly love someone who took her captive? I’ll move her to my home and have Potts protect her during the day. What about Jason? He can be glamoured, so I can still return him with some story about a trip. But, how do I explain Sookie’s disappearance?‘ He continued to pace remembering that he had her car. ‘We’ll base it in reality, Jason escaped his captors leaving Sookie behind to get help.’ His decision made, he placed a call to Potts, not caring that he woke her. “Potts, prepare the guest room and something for breakfast. I will be home with a long-term guest just before dawn. You’ll need to ensure she is comfortable and secure in my home while I rest today.”

“Certainly Eric. Who is your guest?”

“Sookie Stackhouse.”

“Jason’s sister?”

“Yes, I don’t have time to talk, just be ready for us.” He ended the call, returned to main level and called for Pam.

Curiosity had taken over Pam’s emotions and Eric didn’t tease her by withholding his plans as he normally would. “I have decided to accept Sookie’s offer. She will trade her freedom for her brother’s. I will deal with building a relationship while she stays with me at my home. Have her car found in an accident scene with an unconscious Jason. Glamour him to believe that Sookie did find him with drug dealers who had taken him because he was not paying back a loan. Implant that he somehow escaped and left Sookie behind to get help.” Still thinking as he was executing the plan, “Actually, get the drug dealers we’ve kicked out of Fangtasia as part of the scene. Leave evidence at their house tying them to Stackhouse’s imprisonment, including Sookie’s wallet and her torn shirt, but remove some of their stuff to make it look like they ran off with Sookie.”

“Did you say, ‘your home’?”

“I just gave you a list of items to work on, and your only reaction is that Sookie will be staying in my home? Sometimes you amaze me Pamela.” When she smiled proudly, he added. “And not in a good way.” Pam’s eyes grew wide and she gasped at his comment. He ignored her and continued. “Yes, she will be staying at my home. I won’t have her staying here where other employees have access to her. Potts will secure her during the day.”

“You can’t make her a slave.”

“I don’t intend to. I plan to woo her.”

“While she is a captive? Do you really think that will work? Even if it does, won’t it be love by way of the Stockholm Syndrome.”

“Got anything else for me? We have a very short timeframe to get this done.” Pam shook her head. “Besides Pam, if it’s meant to be, it will happen.”

“You will need to be charming, reign in your temper – even if that little fireball goads you.”


“Like that – none of that tone or volume.” He glared at her and she decided she’d said enough. “I’ll take care of the accident now.”

“Good. Come to my house when you rise tomorrow. We can discuss this further.”

“We can just discuss it at Fang….” She stopped when she saw his face. “You’re not coming in tomorrow.

“Not for a few nights. I need to help Sookie adjust.” Pam started to speak but he cut her off. “I caught up on all my Sheriff paperwork and you can run the bar with Longshadow just fine. I don’t want to argue this point.” He glared at Pam until he saw her accept his words and she finally replied.


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