Chapter 18 – Bond

Chapter 18 – Bond

Tissue warning – LOW

Frying Pan – Yep.
Eric arrived at the hospital after sunset for another planned date with Sookie. While Maxine had helped most nights, tonight Doc Maria and her son, Dylan, would be staying with Hunter. It was a Monday and Hunter was upset he couldn’t have his usual pizza from Doc Maria since he didn’t have dialysis the next day, but he was still happy to have Dylan’s company. The two were playing a board game on Hunter’s bed.

He greeted everyone and they headed out for their movie; the selected date activity for the night, Eric wanted an update on Jason’s trial. “How did it go?”

“Well you probably have a summary in email on the facts. At least the whole thing was short. Just today – all done.”

“I do have the facts. I can’t believe that Jason or rather his lawyer was able to have both charges set to 3rd Degree Assault and Battery instead of 2nd Degree.” His displeasure was evident by the scowl on his face. “At least both assaults were part of the trial.”

“Yes, but Bobby’s was downplayed and Portia had that nurse testify, the one that saw Bobby all healed the next day. You could tell people were really thinking about it.”

“So now he’ll be out after 60 days.”

“Yes, and he gets credit for the days he’s already been in. His prison sentence ends January 14th.”

“So that’s the result. How was the trial?”

“The Assistant DA we had hates vampires. I heard it the whole time. He and Portia were both pissed that Bobby’s assault was back on the list of charges for Jason. Portia thought she could actually get Jason off completely so she didn’t want a plea bargain. Since the DA’s ‘heart’ wasn’t in it that much, she thought it was the right move.”


“I know, right. Then during my testimony, Portia painted me as a whore fangbanger, Bobby too. Bobby could easily show he worked for you, I of course sat there and listened to Portia then the folks in the room listen to how I sleep with you favors.”

“What does our relationship – which they were wrong about – have to do with Jason beating you? We weren’t really even dating when it happened.”

“Whatever, it’s over. He’ll be out soon and I’ll just avoid him. It helps that I don’t plan to go back to work in Bon Temps.”

“Did he talk to you personally or anything?”

“Just glares, so that part was easy.”

They were quiet for a moment before he spoke again. “You know she was wrong, we love each other. You’re not a fangbanger.”

“I know. It still bothered me.”

“Want me to kill her?” She didn’t respond and looked like she was thinking about it. He was only joking but he checked. “Sookie?”

“I’m just teasin’. I’m pissed at her but not that pissed.” More silence. “Maybe she can slip with a drink and spill it all over herself at Merlotte’s or something.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you.” She was quiet for a moment while Eric drove. “You still haven’t told me what we’re seeing tonight.”

“No I haven’t.” He maneuvered the car into the movie lot and parked. “We’re here. Would you like to guess?”

“Ok.” With a smile she read the billboard listing the movies playing and she thought about each one. ‘Rise of the Guardians – no, that was for kids; Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 – he’d think that was funny to take me but no; Skyfall? Could he possibly know?’ She turned and guessed. “Is it Skyfall that we’re seeing?”

The smile gave away that she was correct before he answered. “It is. I saw your collection of Bond movies in your items from the farmhouse. I didn’t think those movies belonged to your Gran.”

“Nope. I’m a huge Bond fan.”

He moved to her side of the car and helped her out. “What’s your favorite Bond actor?”

“Sean Connery.”

“Least favorite?”

“Tough one. I could pick two but I’ll just go with Timothy Dalton.” They stopped chatting while he purchased their tickets. “What about you?”

“I agree with Sean Connery as the best. I would pick George Lazenby as my least favorite.” She smiled. “That was your other pick wasn’t it?”

“Yes, but I didn’t pick it because so many folks have never even seen On Her Majesty’s Secret Service so they don’t understand the references to Teresa or Tracy, his wife, in later movies. So, he really wasn’t a great Bond, but I think the movie is important to the overall storyline.”

“You’re a Bond geek.”

“Ah, I’m not the one with the Bond toys in my house.”

“For Security!”

“They might be purchased for security, but you enjoyed showing them off and you even said how much you enjoyed your techy stuff. You my dear are the geek.”

He feigned anger at her words but only for a moment since they were next in line at the snack counter. She had dinner at the hospital (Eric checked) but he intended to get her a snack. “What would you like?”



“That’s it.” He raised his brow at her. “Eric, seriously, that’s it. Maria confirmed I had a full dinner so this is all I need now.”

“Fine but we’re going to the dessert place in Shreveport after the movie.”


“Soda?” He was hoping to get extra calories in her from the sugary drink.

“Water.” When he looked exasperated again she added. “I don’t drink that much soda, usually only for a tummy ache.” She could feel her cheeks redden as she spoke but he didn’t say anything.

He made the purchases and they headed to the theatre. It was an early show and the middle of the week and there weren’t too many people in there so he selected a seat in the back corner. His curiosity was getting to him about the soda blush and he could feel she was holding something back. “Ok, why does soda make you blush?”

“I knew you weren’t going to let it go!” She whisper yelled to him. “It’s embarrassing.”

He laughed at her. “I know that’s what makes this so fun.”

She slapped his chest. “You’re so mean. Drop it.”

“No, now I really want to know.” She scoffed and he added. “The more you protest, the more interesting this topic is to me. Just get it over with and tell me. Besides, nothing between us should be embarrassing.”

“Stuff about being human is. You don’t have these problems.”

“I’d say I could fix that and turn you, but then you still couldn’t drink soda. I’m on the edge of my seat here. Tell me.”

“You are relentless! I get the burps – well actually full blown belches from soda. OK? I didn’t want to belch through the movie. It kinda ruins the mood.”

He gasped and pretended to be abhorred by her admission. “My girlfriend burps? Mustapha never found that out either. I’m returning you.”

Her face brightened. “I like that; I’m your girlfriend. It just sounds strange for a 1000 year old vampire.”

“Well, it’s not common – usually you would be called my pet. But you are NOT my pet. We’re going steady, your necklace proves it.”

“We are.”

“Does that mean we can make out in the movie theatre, can I cop a feel?”

“You will be a perfect gentlemen in here. I’m not that kind of girl.”

He leaned over to whisper into her ear, “Then why did you just get aroused?” She looked back at him in shock at that question and he answered what he knew she was wondering. “I can smell it and I can feel it. I can barely control myself. That’s what you wanted isn’t it? You want to get groped and felt up while we’re supposedly watching a movie.”

With a seductive lick to her lips, she replied. “Perhaps I AM that kind of girl. Do you worst . . . Boyfriend.”

With a hand trailing up her leg under the cover of her skirt just as the theatre lights went down he replied. “I’m always best when doing my worst.”

As they left the theatre after the film was over another couple asked if they enjoyed the movie. Eric nodded but after they were alone they looked at each other and laughed. Sookie shrugged at him, knowing why they were both laughing. “We’ll rent it when it comes out on DVD.”

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Bond

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    • It was cute – I had it written even a bit more naughtier but it just didn’t feel like this sookie – glad you still liked what I did.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing.


  2. It’s crazy that Jason can get away with beating his sister and Bobby up. I like that Eric took her on another date.

  3. If Sookie was a vindictive person I would have her wish Portia’s reputation was dragged through the mud as Portia did to her , but alas Sookie is not so I will wish for it instead ….lol.

  4. Cute date! At least the gas from the soda comes from Sookie’s “top” part and not the “bottom”…..
    Ugh…Jason out soon…..I hope Eric is prepared……glamor?

  5. Nice date, and they even agree on the different Bonds! Hate Jason’s sentence; someone needs to glamour the judge, DA and defense attorney into taking these crimes against vamps and their friends seriously.

    • Who wouldn’t agree with those Bond opinions?? Let me atum!

      We’re still early in the reveal hear – vamp hatred is just going to happen.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing.


  6. Cute ‘Bond’ chapter… they are a bit geeky these two… in a totally adorable way of course… The travesty of justice re: Jason is scandalous and makes me very frying-pan angry…

    • Totally adorable geeks!

      I thought that with some attitudes about vamps – his ‘justice’ could be somewhat realistic. He’s got some more coming his way – you just have to wait for it.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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