Happy New Year

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since I posted anything (technically, over a year).  It’s been so long, I had to figure out what WordPress again (hopefully I’m doing it right).

I know I have Beauty and the Vampire Beast to finish (one chapter, you’d think I could get that done).  I have also Pick Your Poison hanging unfinished, and Blindsided.  So, what do I have for you today?

A new one-shot.  Really Mags?  Yep, it’s one that popped into my head in December 2016 – and it didn’t get finished until this December?

Yeah, well, it happens.  Life happens.  I did change jobs this year, and it’s been great and humbling to leave an organization after twenty years and start over. I’m on the good side now, so maybe life will settle enough to give me time to write.  Maybe…

Enjoy this following.  The summary doesn’t say much – it’s one you just need to read as a summary would give too much away.

I wish you all a wonderful 2018!

She Waits

Inspiration for the first section:

Song for a Winter’s Night



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