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Hi all!

I just added wordpress in addition to fanfiction for my stories.  Hope you like them.

About me:  Updated – WAY Over 40 (enough said) married mother of 2 girls from Pennsylvania.  Writing fanfiction has quickly become a nice distraction from real-life and I hope you like the fruits of that distraction.

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38 thoughts on “About Mags

  1. Holy fuckshit I found you. Yes it is my SkarsDD that prevents me from googling anything but him.
    I’m so loving your stories and look forward to more dickstraction of the Giant GP verity. What was I saying……see, completely cracked. I’m such a window licker, dickstracted by anything shiny. If a naked Alexander was glistening wet behind said window Yummmm!!!!!
    I’d better stop before I’m straightjacketEd and earn myself a one way ticket to Skarslandia. Were 6’4″ Swedes roam naked.
    Porn for though, sending g-string clad Viking Vampire sheriff to your muse.
    Happy erotic Skarsdreams, Angela

  2. Hi Mags!

    Just found you today & so glad I did! Over-50 (eek!) mother of (adult) ingrates (aka children), 2 beautiful grandkids. I’m also from PA, although all the way from the other side – think “Go Steelers!” – so we’re practically from different states & cultures! LOL! I’m enjoying your first story thus far, having just finished the first chapter and loving it! Had to laugh at the thought of nightclubs in Reading…been awhile so maybe there are some now, but can’t seem to remember any from 30 years ago…though we were imbibing quite a bit so maybe we were in clubs & I just don’t remember! Hazy days. Loved how you included “the turnpike” in the story & look forward to more references of PA, you know, like potholes, our own regional “languages”, and I’m really hoping you throw in something about the Amish! I can just imagine Eric & Alcide meeting up with the Dutch ones! LMAO!!

    Onto Chapter 2 & the meeting after Bill’s temper-tantrum tromping exit…


    • Hey msb! Glad you found me – though Nowhere to Now Here needs LOTS of work – so I apologize for my earliest writing. Well – anytime I re-read my stuff I find placed to improve – but those early chapters?? I cringe!! I just don’t have time (or the muse) to go back at the moment. Nice to have a fellow PA-er on the blog. You get an amish reference, but nothing specific. I live and shop right by them – so it never occurred to me to have them as part of the story line. I will consider that for the sequel. Hollywood versus the plain people? I can work with that. We had an Amish gentlemen at the house the other day (bidding on some construction work) and I ran to the back door to see if we also had a horse and carriage – but no. He had an English drive him over in a Toyota SUV, but he still had his iPad for the bid.
      Well, I hope you like the story – and give Beauty a try (do you read completed works? – I am about 15 chapters away from finishing that one I think – it’s pretty big). If you make you way East – lemme know.

  3. Hi mags!
    Thanks for the quick response! Don’t worry about your first attempts! They only prove to show how much you’ve improved over time, and that is far more important. I’m loving the story, and I’ll be jumping straight to Beauty when finished. No problem reading works in progress, I only mind when they don’t get finished!
    Once upon a time, I lived in a little town I now affectionately call “Hooterville,” thus the consequence of two of my ingrates – my “Irish twins” as they’re only 10 & 1/2 months apart! Yeah, not much else to do there! We lived among the Amish, some really terrific people. They did work for us too – beautiful work! I got divorced & didn’t marry again for 20 years. Not long ago, we had Amish in the neighborhood doing roofing, so I convinced my current hubby to have them do ours – telling him it would outlast us! It took them 10 hours over 2 days & hubby was blown away by the work ethic & quality. No horse & buggies here either! LOL! Too far away so they arrived in trucks driven by the English – but they had power tools!
    I extend the same to you – if you ever make your way West – let me know! Watch those turnpike potholes! LOL!
    Peace & Laughter,

  4. Hi Mags!

    Just wanted to wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas & hope Santa brings you all everything you’ve wished for! Have a fun holiday!

    Peace & Laughter,


    • You are so sweet. Merry Christmas to you too. Thank you for thinking of me today.
      I’m itching to get to a keyboard but Christmas prep has consumed me. It’s really bad considering I just THINK about story lines and can’t do anything about it.
      Thanks again!

      • Hope you all had a great holiday! Thank God that’s all over for another year. We were informed there may be a new grandchild by the next one. Oh boy…or girl? LOL at you itching to get to a keyboard! I’m thrilled to be taking a break from mine. Editing was starting to make my eyes cross… I LOVE that you’re still thinking up storylines! Gives me great hope for the coming year!
        Have a Happy New Year!
        Peace & Laughter,

  5. Hi! I really enjoy your stories! You have a great sense of humor that adds a lot of fun to your work. I think I’ve read BVB 3 times so far because I love the interactions and behaviors of Eric and Sookie as their relationship evolved.

    I am from Pennsylvania too – I’m from ‘burbs of Philadelphia. Go Phillies!

      • I’m originally from Connecticut but have lived in Haverford Township for 22 years then Wynnewood for the last 2 1/2 years. I am married; mother to 3 amusing young adults and grandmother (before 50) to 2 sweet little boys. I’m a Special Education Teacher and a busy volunteer.

        I loved clueless Eric and his discussions with Godric. Stomping Sookie cracked me up. Teenage hormonal Eric was a riot. Pam was priceless. So so good!

  6. I started to read “Beauty and the vampire beast ” and I find it awesome love how Sookie/Eric relationship starts Jason prisoned and Sookie takes his place how brave of her …This is a Sookie that I want to read … not TB Sookie nor Book Sookie..Take care and I voted for your story fingers crossed..

  7. I love the new design of the website but I have one suggestion. Since I read on my tablet anything with a bright background blasts my eyes out. It would be great if you had a darker background with lighter text for ease of eye strain. More guys site is one of my favorite for long term reading without eye strain. It’s also one of he reasons I prefer to read on ff because I can click the night button but their site sucks overall because the server always locks up.

  8. I finally finished “Beauty and the vampire beast” and I have no words I loved every word of it!! I’m so glad Eric /Sookie managed to have a family at the end and what family!! Loved how you made Frannie’s character so nice and adorable how she stayed near Sookie’s side when she was in De Castro Kingdom…Can’t wait to start “Make a wish” like Gyllene suggested on her site and now I’m following your’s too so I’ll be albe to have all the updates…Take care…

    • Glad you like it – and thanks for taking the time to comment. Hope you enjoy Glimpses – its a series of 1 or 2 shots intended to give you, well glimpses, of life with the BVB Northmans.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  9. Ok, I have put this here as it is a question specifically for you as you are involved in girl scouting.

    I assume you are a leader within the movement (as I am with the uk version) and I wondered if you had any games that you played that we may not be aware of over here? I am at a loss to teach my lot new games and currently run three units (2 Rainbows – age 5-7, and 1 brownies – age 7-10).


    Trish (aka Koala, Buttercup or Merc80tm depending on what hat I have on that moment)

  10. Mags…Found you quite by accident as I was feeling sad about TB series ending and have read so much Twilight Fanfiction thought I’d give Trueblood fanfiction a try. Have come across some great stories and authors. You are defintely one of my new favs. My problem is with Make a Wish….. No problem just sad that it ended and to let you know from chapter 37 to the end of the story the Next chapter links are not active. Enjoyed Make A Wish and Beauty and the Vampire Beast. Thank you for sharing hour talents.

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  12. WOW! I just saw that you signed up as one of my followers! What an honor! Thank you so much! I love your work and I’m thrilled that you want to read mine! Thank you!

  13. Yeah, American Android loves Cricket. She told me she talks about her all the time. LOL I just grabbed her banner tonight for a future story, which is why it’s marked ‘coming soon’. 🙂

  14. Hey Mags, I just read on the story locator that you have the journey, is there a way that you can send it to me too? If you can, would you let me know so I can send you the email addy so you could send it.
    Thanks a bunch in advance,

  15. Hello Mags love the story Make A Wish and is my 2nd time rereading it, I was wondering if there was a way to download this complete story because I’m going to Mexico on Saturday June 8th,2017 early in the morning and were I’m going has really bad Internet reception and I would love to have this story as a reading material I could read OFFLINE

    Please Please Please this is for personal use and I will not post it anywhere or anything but if you could send me a downloadable link for the entire work or if you could post it on your Archive of Our Own account and I can download it from there
    Please I really love all of your stories but this is my favorite one

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