Trigger warnings – Even the Dead Can Scar

This could be considered a bit spoilerish – but I want folks to be aware of some themes before they start reading.

This story will have E/S HEA – but we have bumps:

Abuse:  Bill abuses Sookie in this story – he screams at her, he grabs and bruises her elbow and one time he backhands her.

Rape:  Just like in CH’s books – we have the near-rape with Gabe at the Fellowship and after Jackson – I’m choosing to write that as a near-rape as well (not the actual rape that was swept under the rug in the books).  Other rape themes:  We hear Sookie remembering that Bill sent her lust and that had her running to him for their first time.  There is no description of the joining.

Violence:  I haven’t written any yet – but there will be vampire violence.

Death:  There will be losses.



9 thoughts on “Trigger warnings – Even the Dead Can Scar

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  2. I agree, the rapes, near rapes, were quickly covered with no after effects. Fiction is a wonder place to get over something by the next chapter. Domestic abuse … the same thing. Pity about real life. Looking forward to reading the new story. 🙂

  3. I look forward to reading this story. I have enjoyed the stories of yours that I have read. Haven’t read the All Human ones yet because I like the vampire ones more.

  4. I have just finished reading Make A Wish and can’t wait for this one I will start on another one of your stories until then I just want to say Thank You for sharing your AMAZING talent.

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