Chapter 21 – Snowmen and Eagles

Chapter comments:

Our lovers are still in one of my most favorite place to visit: Homer, Alaska.  Enjoy their time there and a side story about a woman from Homer (see disclaimer at the end if you’re upset about this woman or her actions).

Other than Homer and the disclaimer, we have:


Chapter 21 – Snowmen and Eagles

“Take more.”

“I’ve already had five mouthfuls.”

“How many did you have before?” She purposely didn’t say Dallas or anything more specific. He was really much better in terms of his grief, but she didn’t want to be a downer right before they were going to play in the snow.

“Double what I took now and taking that much made you very weak. Let’s test with this much.” Indicating he was clearly done eating he healed her neck and she glared at him. “Don’t be grumpy. We’re going out to play.” They bundled up in the snowsuits purchased for this vacation and moved to the balcony, waiting for the sun to rise – well as much as it would rise in Alaska on a cloudy day as they were experiencing right now. While the clouds were disappointing, it was probably for the best since they were testing his limits.

His little fairy was practically vibrating she was so excited for him and it was contagious. By the time it was full daylight, he’d flown them to stand in deep snow and stared up at the sky while Sookie had her arms wrapped around his waist. Once he had his fill of the sky, he looked down and smiled. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” She nodded wildly and they ran off to start.

Over the next hour, they created angels in the snow together, made out in the daylight, and built their snowman. Sookie had taken dozens of photos so she could make another album. She hoped to get it created online and shipped in time for Christmas.


Every few minutes, she checked Eric thoroughly for any redness or burning but he seemed fine. He also felt fine so he asked if they could go sledding – which they did. Sookie especially liked sledding with Eric since he could fly them back up the hill – no work on her part. “I’m going to get fat from being so lazy.”

Eric growled appreciatively at her comment. “OOO, does that mean handle bar hips and a more spank-able ass.”

“I wasn’t thinking that gaining weight is a positive thing.”

“It is from my perspective.” He grabbed her as best he could through the snowsuit. “In fact, I’ll have burger and fry ingredients purchased for you several times a week. I’ll also ensure you have those foil chocolate things all the time.”

“Those are called Hershey Kisses. Your staff puts them in a candy bowl, so you’ve never seen the package.”

“An appropriate name for them since you like kisses and I like kisses.” He bent down to kiss her again and stopped when he heard her stomach growl. “Seems I’ve made you hungry.”

“Fresh air, exercise, and food talk made me hungry. I don’t want you to cut your time short though, let’s stay out a little more.”

“Sookie, it’s still a test if I’m in the house with the drapes open. Come on. I took more blood than usual, you need to replenish.”

“Ok my little snow bunny.” She started to move towards him but shot him with a handful of snow instead.

“SNOWBUNNY!?” He reached down and tossed a pile of snow at her. “I’ll get you for that.”

“Promises, promises” she said as she ran off for the house.

He gave chase at human speed and caught her before she reached the door. “I’ve got you now my little snow fairy.”

“Goody.” They were both laughing as he ran into the house. Eric was a little too eager and kept running with his prize into the living room before she cleared her throat and stopped him. This was a conversation they’d had a few times in Alaska. Eric thought nothing of running into the house with his snowy boots making a huge mess. His perspective was that others cleaned for him and he kept to the wood floor – he didn’t get anything on the carpet. Sookie was determined to break him of this habit. If he wanted to warm his boots next to the fire he could carry them in. Showing that he was learning, he backed up with his little fairy and removed both their boots leaving them on the boot tray Sookie had purchased. Once she was satisfied she smiled and started stripping. “Eric, can we go to the porch swing and make love in the sun?”

“Anything you want. Shouldn’t you eat first?”

“I’ll nibble on something to hold me over.” He growled at her but she gave him an innocent look back. “What? I’m grabbing a banana, what did you think I was talking about?”

“You are so bad Lover.”

“But in a good way, right?”

“The best.” He picked her up and started to carry her to the room with the large porch swing. “I can’t wait to make love to you in the sun.”

“Oh, give me a moment first; I’ll meet you up there.”

As soon as he put her down, he had a mischievous thought and decided to act on it. He gathered what he needed for his newly formed plan and moved to set-up. Sookie noticed his playful mood as soon as she joined him; she also noticed he was very ready for her – if his raging erection was any indication. “What are you up to?”

“Something. Come here.”

As she got within arms distance, he surprised her by holding up a scarf. She raised her eyebrow when he used his finger to indicate she should turn around; but she complied. Before she could register what was happening, the scarf was around her head as a blindfold. Eric’s mouth was close to her ear when he leaned in and whispered. “Let’s play.” A shiver moved through her at his words and he smiled at the effect he was already having on her. Carefully, he lifted her to the swing and placed her on the towels he’d put down. Once she was in position and at his mercy, he reached for the ice bucket he’d filled with snow. Grabbing a handful, he started sprinkling it over her torso, focusing on her breasts. Sookie squealed at the cold but stayed put. After ensuring he’d chilled those very tight and erect nipples, he moved to take one in his mouth. Sookie gasped. He’d warmed his usually cold mouth with very hot water so she could experience the temperature change. He repeated this process, focusing only on her beautiful breasts a few times until she surprised him and came.

With a blissful smile, she moaned her appreciation. “Mmmm Eric. How did you do that?”

He moved to her mouth and after giving her a breathtaking kiss, he whispered to her. “Ahh, a man needs his secrets. I want to be able to surprise you with some tricks over and over again.” Leaning back from her, he asked, “Are you ready for more?”

He took the fact that she spread her legs wide for him as a yes.

Since she’d offered herself up so nicely, he moved between her legs with more of that snow and she nearly bucked him off the bed when he placed some on her lower lips and in her. So she wouldn’t get too cold, he moved quickly onto his next task: Licking and touching her with his now very warm tongue and fingers from the hot water. Sookie was near out of her mind from the sensations and only moaned in response until he asked her if she was ready for him.

Though he figured from the slickness between her legs that she was quite ready and he thrust into her in one quick move. She came immediately but that didn’t mean he was done. She came to that realization quickly and several more times in fact.


It was now almost time for the sun to set for the night and Eric and Sookie were still cuddled together on the swing. He’d brought her some food since she claimed she couldn’t use her legs, and after she ate, they rested together watching the day pass by. “I can’t believe you made it the whole day Cuddles.”

“I am also surprised. You must have some pretty potent blood; though we also had the advantage of the clouds for most of the day.”

“Thank goodness the clouds broke for a short while so you could enjoy the sun.”

“I can’t describe the feeling of seeing it for the first time in over 1000 years Sookie. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the gifts you’ve given me. You, Lover, are my personal sunshine.”

“You love me Eric, that’s all the thanks I need and I’ll be your sunshine as often as I can.”

“I do love you.   More than I ever thought was possible.” They were quiet for a few more moments until Eric saw an eagle flying near the property. “Are you excited about your visit to the Eagle Lady tomorrow?”

Sookie shot up excitedly from his question. “I am! I can’t believe Thalia set that up.”

“I’m glad. I can’t wait to see pictures.”

“I hope I don’t get pooped on though.”

“Isn’t it good luck to have a bird poop on you?”

She turned to him and smiled before she told him seriously. “I don’t need luck anymore, I have you.”



Sookie hit the car horn to let Barry know she was in the driveway. While there was some good sunlight today, it was cold so it took Barry a moment to bundle up before running for the car. The part about driving into town that Sookie hated was the decline. It was steep and there were slick spots dotting on the road all the way. With all the driving Eric had her doing on the stick shift on the island, she had gotten accustomed to shifting; ice was an all new experience for her as a southerner. The drive that should have taken about twenty five minutes wound up taking an hour at the speed she drove but she didn’t care. Barry tried to tease her about the speed but she cut him off quickly offering him the wheel if he didn’t ‘shut it’.

They went around a bend in the road and Homer Spit came into view. Though they were a short drive away, the spit looked tiny from their height. They approached town and enjoyed seeing it in the sun. “It really does look different here in the sunlight.” Barry commented.

Winter view of Kachemak Bay 291500-Homer-Spit-0

Sookie looked around. “BARRY!! Look to the right!” Sookie’s hand with a pointed finger shot in front of Barry’s face. “Get your camera. Get your camera. It’s a MOOSE. My first one.”

Barry fumbled with his camera but luckily got it out quickly enough to snap a few shots of the moose crossing the street. “That’s so cool. I mean, folks told us we could see stuff like this but wow. I guess I didn’t believe it. Moose . . . right there walking across the street.”


“Didya get it?”

Barry scrolled through his pictures. “Three in focus, two blurry.”

“SWEET!” With a finger into Barry’s chest she scolded him. “The folks at Land’s End restaurant told us to keep our cameras ready Barry. I’m driving so that’s your job. You almost didn’t get that moose.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

They continued through town and headed to the campground where the Eagle Lady lived. Sookie was chattering about how excited she was to meet the woman she’d read about while researching Homer. Barry had also read up on the Eagle Lady and asked Sookie what she thought about the controversy around feeding the eagles. “I know some folks think that her feeding the birds is great – good for the birds, good for tourism. I know other groups believe it’s bad for the birds – that they’ve been trained to accept the food rather than hunt. I’m not here to change the world Barry. I’m planning to enjoy my visit and learn about this woman. I don’t know enough about eagles to make a judgment to be honest.”

“Fair enough.” His phone beeped and he pulled it out. “Text from Eliane.”

“Oh, I talked to her last night. I was supposed to tell you to call her about. . . “

He held up his phone and finished the sentence. “The new hire paperwork for the charity?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess that’s why she texted you, ey?” He nodded. “Sorry. I forgot.”

He texted with Eliane as he spoke to Sookie. “No problem. She’s at Fangtasia this afternoon. I’m telling her where the stuff is now.” Barry chuckled at his cell phone. “She’s complaining about Ginger.”

“Hey now, I think Ginger has hidden talents.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it. Get this, Eliane walked in and asked Ginger for help getting the new hire paperwork. Ginger looked at Eliane and said, “No thanks honey, we’re all full up for staff.”

“That’s not so bad.”

“Sookie, Eliane has been in Fangtasia three times this week. Ginger was there and talked with her each time.”

Sookie giggled. “OK OK, I have a unique perspective on Ginger. I’ll fill you in some day. Right now we need to look for Jean’s house; I think we’re getting close.”

“Yeah – we’re near the end of the spit.”

“We are near the end of the spit, but that’s not why I said we’re close. Look up.” Barry looked up and was amazed. There were hundreds of eagles flying around. “I can’t believe Thalia made these arrangements for us to meet Ms. Keene. Folks aren’t usually permitted out of their cars.”

“Well, Patuk is meeting us here to ensure we aren’t hurt by the birds – which is why tourists aren’t permitted out of the cars. He’ll be close. His sister should be here already, she brought lunch in for all of us. We’re talking first then helping her feed the birds.”

Sookie was practically bouncing in her seat when she said. “I think I’m too excited to eat.”

“You better eat. Misu is trying the recipe you gave her for your Gran’s fried chicken. If you don’t eat, she’ll think she did something wrong.”

“Got it Barry, thanks.”

They pulled up to Ms. Keene’s home and saw a sign on the front said “Eagle Spot”. As if the eagles all over the place wasn’t indication enough. Sookie bounced out of the car and moved quickly to the door. She was greeted by Jean Keene. As Sookie had seen in some pictures, The Eagle Lady sported bright red hair, large eyeglasses and a wide smile. “Miss Stackhouse?”

“Sookie. Pleased to meet you Ms. Keene.”

“Jean please. This must be Barry.” Barry offered his how do you do and they entered the house. “Sookie. I understand that Misu is using your grandmother’s recipe for our lunch.”

“She is and it smells wonderful.”

They heard someone yell from the kitchen. “It’s all done folks. Come on in.”

They moved to the kitchen and tucked in. All Sookie’s worries about not being hungry went out the door and she dove into the chicken, complimenting Misu for her cooking. After they had all eaten for a few moments, Sookie started on the questions she had for the Eagle Lady. “So how did your eagle lady role start Jean?”

Jean told her guests about her arrival in Alaska, driving her motor home and parking it at the Homer campground, and getting a job at the cannery. During her second winter, she asked if she could take some of the freezer burned fish to feed two eagles near her home. It snowballed from there. Jean recalled the controversy, the donations of food, and the photographers that started frequenting Homer in winter – all for an opportunity to photograph the birds.

“But that’s not why you do it – I read you don’t take any money for the photographs.”

“Why would I? The eagles aren’t mine.” She leaned close to Sookie and added. “Though, when several of them got together and bought me this newer, fancier motor home I did accept. My old one was falling apart so I didn’t have a choice.”

As they moved onto dessert, Jean spoke of her life in general. She started as a rodeo trick rider and that ended with a serious fall from the horse. “Seems like you’ve always been around animals.”

“That I have.”

“I read that you were back out feeding the birds three days after your breast cancer surgery.”

“I had a friend that helped me, but I couldn’t abandon the birds.” She started to stand. “Speaking of my birds, we need to get out there; I’ve made them wait as it is.” She turned to Misu. “How far away is your brother?”

“Should be here momentarily according to his last text.”

“Let’s bundle up.”

Sookie went to get her coat and Misu stopped her. “Sookie, Barry, I have these outer garments for you. You’ll likely get an interesting thank you from the eagles. No sense in ruining your good coats.”

“Thanks Misu.”

“Don’t thank me, Thalia called me about it.”

They followed Jean to her food storage area and took direction to fill the bins for the day. It smelled horrible and she could only imagine how long of a bath she would need to get the stink off. Eric was not going to like this – she was sure. Even knowing she was going to smell, she didn’t have it in her to care. With Jean, she happily walked to the snow covered beach and fed the birds. The two continued talking and laughing while Barry stayed back. He was interested in the eagles, but not to the extent that Sookie was so he chose to photograph the women. Plus, he wasn’t sure he wanted to put his hands in the fish – they were slimy after all.

“So Jean, a really bad fall, breast cancer, other injuries – and you keep going.”

“Some people call me a tough old lady, others call me a survivor.”

“You aren’t a survivor Jean – from what I’ve seen today, you don’t survive each day – you live it to your fullest.”

“You’re right Sookie, I more than exist and survive. I’ll correct them to say I’m a liver, not a survivor.” They laughed with each other at her wording and carried on with the birds. After a few more minutes of feeding, Jean turned to Sookie. “So I’ve seen your man before; other times he’s been to Homer. He’s a looker.”

“He is. Smart, fun,” she looked around then whispered, “Sexy.”

“HOT DOG! The whole package.” Jean smirked. Sookie chuckled at first then her face fell. “Why the frown?”

“I don’t know why he’s with me. I’m just a barmaid from a tiny town in Louisiana.”

“JUST? What’s that supposed to mean?” Jean actually stopped feeding the birds for a moment and waited for Sookie to answer. “Sookie, people aren’t just their jobs, or their hometown, or the clothes they wear. Do you really think that?”

“No. But. . .”

“I also understand from the folks in town that have seen the two of you together since you’ve arrived – Mr. Northman looks happier than anyone has ever seen him. You don’t think you’re responsible for that?”

“People create their own happiness, it doesn’t come from another.”

“I’ll give you that. Think of it this way. I don’t think your beau thought to be happy before. I dare say, you give him reason to live each day – not simply exist and survive. You have a light that shines from within Sookie.”

Sookie smiled at her new friend. “So do you Jean. So do you.”

“So what’s the next step? I hear some states have legalized vampire and human weddings.”

“I need time for our next step.” Jean just looked at her and waited. Sookie continued. “I’ve only had one relationship before and it was bad – he was bad. His motives . . . well suffice it to say that he was hired to seduce me. It’s made me nervous about love in general.”

“You know, there’s a fine line between taking the time to be sure and do it right and letting time slip through your fingers. Be sure you’re taking the time you need without wasting time. We don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

“I know.”

“Let me ask you this. Do you see and feel differences between the scoundrel and Mr. Sexy?” She nodded. “If you think back – if the scoundrel had proposed for example, what would you have thought and felt?”

“At first I would’ve been excited. I never really thought I would date let alone marry. I might have said yes but would have always felt something nagging me about it.”

“And what about Mr. Northman?”

Sookie was silent. The request to bond was basically a marriage proposal and she’d been avoiding it somewhat. For a moment, she explored her feelings. Certainly she was excited, like she wanted to bond now but she was holding back. She didn’t answer Jean’s question specifically but gave her a knowing smile. “Thanks Jean, that’s what I needed to help me with something.” Sookie wasn’t ready to say yes to now – but Jean really had helped her remove the Bill shit from her decision. Bonding with Eric was about Eric, not her completely failed relationship.

Jean waved her hands around and liquid went flying. “Enough serious talk, we’ve got more birds to feed.”

“Ok Jean – but stop waving your hands around. P.U.!”

Bald Eagles congregate on Homer Spit


Sookie had taken two showers and was now soaking in the tub for the second time to get the smell of fish out of her hands and hair. Though she really did stink, the afternoon was worth it. While many debated over the rightness of the Eagle Lady’s charter, she focused on the woman. Jean was a tough old lady as she said about herself. More than a survivor and her words of wisdom rang true. Sookie hadn’t wanted to jump into a bond with Eric because she was afraid of . . . well everything when it came to relationships. It was leftovers from Bill, she knew that, and it wasn’t fair to Eric or her. Knowing that didn’t take away the feeling that she still wanted to be sure. Instead of driving herself nuts about it, she decided to talk to Eric and make a decision on when to bond.

“Lover.” From the bed, Eric was calling to her and broke her out of her thoughts. “Why aren’t you in bed with me?”

“Hang on. I’ll be out of the tub in a minute and you’ll see why.” She added with a mumble, “Rather you’ll smell why.”

She hopped from the tub, dried and wrapped a towel around her hair. After she got about five feet from the bed he laughed. “Yes, now I know why.” He put out a hand. “Did you enjoy the eagles?”

She took his hand and was pulled into the bed before she answered. “I did but whew!” She waved her hand in front of her face. “Did they smell – well the fish did.” She was still for a moment then pouted. “I’m not getting my good evening kiss am I?”

“I think you need a thorough cleaning first.”

“And I bet you know exactly the person to do it.”

“I do. Let me grab a Brillo pad from the kitchen to scrub you down.”

“You think you’re funny dontcha?”

“Ah . . . I’m being honest about the smell.”

“I need something to eat first. I’ve already had two showers and technically two baths. My hair has been mounded up with conditioner for about forty five minutes. I don’t know what will get the smell out.”

“You eat; I’ll look up this problem online.”

Sookie had started cooking her meal when Eric called out an ‘AHA’ from his bedroom. She moved to the top of the stairs to learn more. “Eric?”

“I’ve got some ideas: vinegar, citrus, baking soda, and mouthwash. Grab what you can from the kitchen before you come back down.”

“Five minutes. I’m putting a casserole in the oven; then we’ll have thirty five minutes until it’s done.”

“Very go . . .” He started to answer but she heard him on the phone instead. After hearing him greet Pamela first she started to walk away but when she heard, “yes your Majesty,” she turned around and joined him. This couldn’t be good.


First – YES – Homer is that gorgeous.  NO – I’ve never seen it in winter, but I will be back this summer.  YES – Moose do roam around like that.  My mother-in-law has had them in her backyard (Moose and bears).

AND (mmoooaaaahaaahaa):

Yep!  My first 2015 post for Scar is a cliffy . . . insert Evil laugh here:


Ok – so there were other evil laugh images to choose from, but when I saw this, I knew it was the one.  This clown scared the you-know-what outta me from the movie IT.  Honestly, clowns are usually a little terrifying.  After that movie?  Every clown I see I think of Pennywise.

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More about the Eagle Lady (if you’re interested).

DISCLAIMER – I’m not getting into the debate about the Eagle Lady and Eagles she fed.  I’m using a an actual person as a character and she has since passed away so the debate would be pointless.

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  3. Ah, I hate clowns and Pennywise is the freakin worst!! So, thank you very much for scaring the crap out of me tonight!!

    I wonder what the queen wants…hmm. I love that Eric could play in the snow with Sookie. That sounds like a lot of fun- esp the not having to climb back up the hill!

  4. I loved the snowman part! lol Also loved this chapter. Hope Eric and Sookie are successful in removing the fish smell. And what in the hell does the bitch queen want now. I saw a meme the other day that is perfect for her. Whoever stirs the shit pot should have to lick the spoon. Can’t wait til the next chapter!!!

  5. You are an evil, evil woman. I can’t believe you left us with a cliffs AND that creepy-a$$ clown picture! Lol.

    Seriously, loved that they got to spend the day together. Love their playfulness. And I loved that Jean put Sookie in her place about being “just”.

  6. Wow you left us with a nice cliffie!
    I wonder what QSA wants now?
    Loved Eric’s and Sookie’s playfulness in the snow…
    The talk Sookie had with Jean made her think about her relationship with Eric…
    Sookie finally realized that what happen with Bill doesn’t have to influence her feelings with Eric
    Eric is Eric Bill is Bill

  7. The Eagle lady was fun, if stinky. I suspect those eagles can still hunt just fine. Still, it gives the woman something to do that makes her feel useful. I wonder what queenie-poo is up to.

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    Now….is it SA he’s talking to or another? Hmmmm…….
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    SA.? Not good. Gah.

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  15. Love the pictures and info about the Ealgle Lady – one of the things I love about reading is learning new things! I have to say this is the first time I’ve wanted to holiday in Alaska! It looks so beautiful and the wildlife just makes it more appealing.

      • Oh lucky you! I’m going away same time but still in England. We’re going back to a lovely place with it’s own nature reserve off the estuary and the dog loves it. Not been for a few years so really looking forward to it. Hope you have a great time!

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