Chapter 31 – Under New Management

So – I decided to post this early – I would like another read-through, but it’s not going to happen on Easter – so you get this and the next one (two shorties) a day early – but as a bonus, they’ll be extra mistakes!  Win-win, huh?

Enjoy – oh, and I don’t get too into wedding details – but here’s my vision for her dress:



Chapter 31 – Under New Management

“A marriage is a voluntary and full commitment.” Russell began from his position before the bride and groom. “Eric and Sookie have made this commitment to each other through their blood bond. Today, they make the commitment to each other again and we are honored to serve as their witnesses.” He smiled to his friends before continuing. “Before you declare your vows to one another, please confirm that it is indeed your intention to be married today.

Sookie, do you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to Eric in marriage? If so, answer ‘I do’.”

“I do.”

“Eric, do you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to Sookie in marriage? If so, answer ‘I do.’

“I do.”

Russell smiled at the couple. “Please take each other’s hands.” He waited while Sookie handed her bouquet to a weeping Lala and then took Eric’s hands. “Eric and Sookie, having heard that it is your intention to be married to each other, I now ask you to declare the marriage vows you have written for each other.” He gestured to Sookie.

“Eric, you are the love of my life and my hero. You both lift me up to be the best person I can be and provide a safe shelter in your arms when I need it. You’ve helped me understand what true love is and I thank you. Today, I make these vows to you as we start our lives as husband and wife:

I promise to listen with an open mind and an open heart. Sometimes we’ll disagree and that’s okay. When that happens, I’ll always hear you out. When any darkness comes, I’ll remember it’s temporary and have patience, knowing we can handle anything together.

I promise to make time for you and I recognize that having someone else scrub our toilets is the best way to ensure that.” She smirked and winked. “I won’t even have you do it.” Their friends shared confused looks, but she didn’t stop to explain. The vows were for her and Eric.

“I promise to be your sunshine often so we can enjoy nights and days together.

I promise to play scrabble as much as humanly possible because I know it’s your favorite game.

And always Eric, I promise to choose love, even when it doesn’t feel like an option.”

Russell looked at Eric and nodded. He took a breath and started. “Sookie, I’ve waited over a thousand years to find you, the love of my very long life.” He gave a hint of a smirk and added, “In fact, my human parents and my vampire father are smiling at us from their afterlives and probably saying ‘finally’.” The small group gathered around the beach pavilion chuckled at his words. “Today, I make my vows to you in front of our family and friends.

I promise to speak to you and about you with kindness and compassion. Because the true essence of love—at its very core—is kindness. If it isn’t kind, it isn’t love.

I promise to be a safe space for your secrets and vulnerabilities. I want to be the one you turn to for comfort and advice no matter the topic.

I promise to honor your dreams and fears and to understand who you are, right in this moment. Not who I want you to be or how I expect you to change. I believe in you Sookie and I always will. I’ll encourage and support your dreams, recognize your strengths, and see your potential, especially when you can’t see it yourself.

I promise to show you everyday how much I love you by calling in your food orders, taking my shoes off when I enter the house AND putting them on the boot tray.

I promise to choose love, even when it doesn’t feel like an option.”

Russell spoke again. “Eric and Sookie will exchange rings as a symbol of their human marriage.” Russell turned to Pam and held his hand out. Once the rings were in place, he spoke to Sookie. “Sookie, place the ring on Eric’s finger and share your pledge please.”

Sookie took the ring and started pushing it up Eric’s finger. “As I place this ring on your finger Eric, know that it’s a symbol of the pledge I give you:

While we are joining as two individuals, we each bring different strengths to our marriage. I pledge to you that Sookie the telepath and fairy – the fairy you helped me discover – will help protect us and our friends. The jealous lover you created will keep your admirers away. The human in me will be your best friend.” With tears streaming down her cheeks, she ended with, “All parts of me will love you as you love me.”

As Sookie did, Eric took his human grandmother’s wedding ring and placed it on Sookie’s ring finger. “As I place this ring on your finger Sookie, know that it’s a symbol of the pledge I give you:

While we are joining as two individuals, we each bring different strengths to our marriage. I pledge to you that the beast inside me will protect you. The selfish bastard you bring out in me will provide for you and will also keep your admirers away. The man you found in me will your best friend. As you promised to me, I also promise that all parts of me will love you as you love me.”

Russell held his hand up over the couple and said. “By the power vested in me, as a Priest of the Loving Spirit, I hereby pronounce Eric and Sookie are now husband and wife. Eric, you may kiss your bride.”

The small group erupted in whoops and clapping as Eric bent Sookie almost fully backwards to give her a kiss. When he pulled her back to standing, he smiled and spoke. “I love you Mrs. Northman.”

Lala gave a holler! “Let’s gets on with the paaarty!”

“Hang on Lala.” Sookie said. “I’m only doing a few pictures and our first dance; then I’m getting changed out of this gown. I loved it for the wedding, but I want comfort on the beach.” She put her hand out. “Dance or pictures first Eric?”

“Pictures – I want those out of the way.”

They worked with the photographer until Sookie had had enough. “I’m ready to dance cuddles.” She whispered in his ear. “You know I wanted a quickie consummation when we change out of our wedding clothes.”

Eric licked his lips and spoke to the photographer without looking at him. “We’re done. You can get us dancing.” He pulled her quickly to the dance floor and nodded toward Lala to start the music.

She whispered to him, “Don’t forget about my delicate bare feet Eric.”

“How can I? Without heels you’re a midget.”

“I can’t help it if you’re a giant.”

The music started and as Sookie had predicted, there was some smirking at the song. “I told you they’d think this song was funny.”

“And I told you I didn’t care if this song came from that sparkly vampire movie. I’m the thousand year old vampire in reality.”

“Yes cuddles.”

The dance floor they’d had set on the beach was open for all their guests and Sookie stayed for one more song before tugging on Eric’s hand. “You coming husband?”

“Right behind you wife.”

“GACK!” Pam made a noise in her throat. “When you come back, no more sappy shit!”

Eric responded by turning and kissing Pam on the head. “I’ll be sappy if I want to.”

The newlyweds left their friends and returned a while later looking very satisfied and comfy in their specifically chosen tee-shirts.

Pam gasped while everyone else laughed. “SOOKIE! I can’t believe you’re wearing that to your reception.”

2015-03-24_20-40-22 2015-03-24_20-44-05

“You said it though – it’s my reception. I want to dance and enjoy my friends at the beach with my new husband. This,” she pointed up and down her body, “is the best way to do that.”

“Well, I can assure you, your Pledge attire will be very different. I’ve already selected your dress in fact.”

Sookie smirked at Eric. “Told ya she’d be the bridezilla for the pledging.”

“That you did, dear. That you did.”

Russell walked up to the group. “What’s this? Pam’s getting married?”

Sookie laughed. “No Russell, she’s planning our Pledging Ceremony.” Then, with a twinkle in her eye, Sookie added. “You know, maybe Mississippi and Louisiana would benefit from a union.” Eric had to chuckle at the idea of Pam and Russell married.

“My dear, Queen Ravenscroft is a beautiful woman, but I simply don’t swing that way and a marriage contract requires an annual joining.”

Sookie, liking the idea of Pam being tied to the oldest and most powerful vampire in the states, sauntered off adding. “I’m pretty sure you can get away with four in the bed and handle the consummation quickly.”

Russell and Pam gaped at Sookie as she walked away then turned to each other and shrugged. Russell nodded toward his Lover, Talbot, and said, “We already know you get along with Talbot.”

Pam considered the benefit of being Queen in two states for a moment and added. “I’m open to negotiations, but I won’t be cheap to keep.”

He turned to Eric who had been standing still and shocked at how the conversation had turned. “Daddy will provide a dowry.”

Breaking out of his stupor, Eric commented. “I can assure you,” He turned to Russell wearing a serious expression. “If you marry my child, you’re on your own.”




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10 thoughts on “Chapter 31 – Under New Management

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  2. Russell and Pam, quite an idea. Especially if Talbot is okay with it. The wedding was lovely, simple and personal. The dress was perfect for a beach wedding and the t-shirt was just too funny.

  3. Loved the vows! Cracked up at the t-shirts and my family is looking at me strangely asi laugh out loud on Eric’s reply about the dowry!!

  4. Oh, those t-shirts sum up the fun in them perfectly! Pam and Russell – what a perfect match LOL. Love Eric’s disclaimer!

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