Glimpses 5 – Surrounded by Females, Part 2

May 2006

Good Luck Daddy.

Mom fell asleep at about 2 and we headed to Gran’s. We have the monitor on in the room – so all of us at Gran’s and Holly can hear if she needs us, but she had an especially difficult day and well, we left when she finally fell asleep. She only ate a few bites of food several times today – probably not even enough to constitute a full meal so please try to feed her (and something other than her favorite puddy if you can). Her back seems really bad and I think that ‘invaded’ her personality. She cried most of the day about me and the prom tonight and Moyra. Moyra didn’t nurse again today – so I think that’s all through for her – that makes three full days. Ludwig believes that the taste started changing and she’s actually happy about it since she wanted Sookie to stop a while ago – well you know trying to keep her from going into labor.

Anyway. Call if you need us. I’ll be back by 7PM to get dressed. Pam said she’d be downstairs to do my hair around then as well. Jimmy will be at the house to pick me up at 8PM with his parents – just after sunset. I know Mom wants to see us off from upstairs, but Daddy, I don’t know if she can today.

Love you. Oh and did I say Good Luck?


After reading that note, Eric rose – literally via his flying ability – out of the bed. No way was he going to wake her if she was sleeping. He had about an hour before his Lilla came back to get ready and as he showered he wondered what his best course of action was. A very selfish part of him wanted to keep her asleep but she needed food. He first went to the sound monitor that fed to Gran’s and before turning it off he whispered into it “traitorous cowards.” He prepped a dinner for Sookie; knowing he’d only need a few minutes to heat some of Adele’s chicken soup when she was ready.

“Min kära.” He leaned over and touched her face gently. “Sookie. It’s time to wake up.”


He laughed at her stubbornness, even when half asleep. Unfortunately, she needed extra time to get moving. “My love, I hate to do this, but you need to get up to see Frannie off to the prom. I know you want to go upstairs so I need some time to get you ready.”

She just started crying. “I don’t want to be pregnant anymore.”

“I know . . . I know. I love you so much for this, for being a wonderful mother. For taking care of our babies inside of you while you take care of the kids outside of you as well.”

Her head started shaking as she wailed out her response. “That’s not true. Moyra won’t nurse anymore. I can’t play with Hunter and Pam has to come over to do Frannie’s hair. It gets even worse: I only ate pudding yesterday so I’m not taking care of the Beans. I’m a . . . a horrible mother!”

Frannie wasn’t kidding – she is very upset today.’ Since Sookie had so many pillows surrounding her, he needed to ‘dig’ his way in to be closer and hold her. “Moyra needed to stop nursing since Ludwig was afraid it could stimulate labor – but in the end the decision was hers – don’t ever forget that. Hunter enjoys playing card games with you just as much as building Legos, so he’s fine. Pam would be here to do Frannie’s hair since she’s still working hard to make amends with Frannie. As for the pudding? Well pudding is perfect – it’s loaded with milk so it’s healthy. Was it chocolate?” She nodded. “Then it also has antioxidants – even better!”

She couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re a goof and I love you.”

“I love you too. Can I say hi to our Beans?”

“Sure can.” He leaned over and moved her dress up so he could talk right to the skin and give kisses. Sookie’s belly was so big on her tiny frame it was no wonder to Eric that she really couldn’t move. “Hello my babies. Daddy’s up. It’s getting pretty cramped in there isn’t it?” He bent to put his ear close as he always did – and just as always did – he insisted they were answering him. “They said it is tight in there and Bean 1 has a foot in Bean 2’s mouth.”

“They said that did they?”

“Oh yes. I’m an expert at deciphering the little grunty noises I can hear.”

“Of course you are. But now, you need to be an expert at getting your whale of a wife changed. I want my blue dress to see Frannie off to the prom.”

“I’ll help my gorgeous wife get into that dress; I don’t have a whale of a wife Sookie.” She just rolled her eyes at him. “One of these days your eyeballs are going to come loose from all that eye rolling.”

“Whatever. Just get me in the bathroom please.”

A short while and a bucket of tears later, he had Sookie ready in her blue maternity dress and was now trying to get her to eat. As Frannie had said she did all day, she had only a few spoonfuls of the soup he’d heated up and she was insisting she was full. He hated it, but knew there was no point arguing. He’d sent a discreet text to Ludwig about this and she said not to push, the babies were just taking up too much room. She also told him she was calling Finard and would be over at shortly to check Sookie out. Ludwig didn’t mention that she was very concerned about Sookie’s size and wanted to have a frank discussion with Finard about inducing Sookie or going right to a c-section. Sharing that information with Eric would only cause more worry and she could hear he was pretty panicked already.

Frannie stopped in to say hi to her mom and dad on her way to getting ready and it just started another round of crying since Sookie couldn’t actually help her get dressed. Eric offered to carry her into Frannie’s room and that actually stopped the crying for a moment. Sookie grunted loudly when Eric picked her up causing both Frannie and Eric to share a concerned look. Eric carried her and tried to keep one hand on the side of her stomach; he thought he felt some tightening then a moment later it loosened, but Sookie didn’t seem to notice. He kept this to himself and texted Ludwig while Frannie dressed. She called him back directly. “Finard and I are on our way. I can pop in if you want.”

“I’m not sure you should pop in, I think it will only scare her.”

“I think she’ll be fine for the 20 minutes I have left on the trip.”

“Very good. She’s actually enjoying herself for the moment.”

“Then leave her be. We’ll meet you upstairs when Frannie leaves for the prom. We’ll likely go directly to the birthing room from there to run an ultrasound.” Ludwig again kept to herself that after the ultrasound, they’d move right into the birthing part: She’d already discussed it with Finard and he agreed.

Eric stopped Pam from going to Frannie’s room to tell her about Sookie’s mood and warned her against any of her occasional jokes about Sookie’s size. They’d ceased to be funny about four weeks ago – but his child still tried. “Don’t make me command you.”

“I won’t say anything. I’m here for Frannie and I’ll focus on her.”

“Don’t leave Sookie out of it – try to get her involved somehow. She’s very upset that she can’t help Frannie get ready.”

“Will do.”

Eric relaxed while he felt Sookie’s happiness and heard the three of them laughing from Frannie’s room. He took a moment to call Gran’s and check on Hunter and Moyra; Carter told him they were headed up within the next five minutes to watch Frannie leave. After checking on Sookie, he quickly went upstairs to prepare his surprise for his Lilla. When Eric returned, his daughter was just exiting the bedroom and she looked lovely. “Min Lilla, your dress is perfect and Pam did a beautiful job on your hair. You are stunning.”

She blushed at her father’s words and squeaked out a quiet. “Thank you Daddy.”

“Let me get your mother and we’ll go upstairs.”

They arrived in the music room so Sookie could lounge on the sofa; Jimmy and his family would join them here for a few pictures before the kids left for the prom. Surprising both his wife and daughter, he presented Frannie with a blue Tiffany box. “What’s this?”

“I thought your first prom warranted something memorable.”

Her voice was almost a reprimand but her smile was huge when she just let out a “Daaaadddy.” When she sat next to Sookie to share the moment and opened the box, both women squealed at the contents.

“I am SOOO borrowing those Frannie.” Eric had selected an earring and necklace set – all white diamonds – in the Tiffany Cobblestone setting.

prom necklace prom earrings

“No way Mom, Dad gave this set to me.” She lifted the box towards Eric. “These are gorgeous, thank you. Can you help me with the necklace?”

“Certainly.” He fixed the necklace around her neck and kissed her cheek when he was done. “I can hear the car is here.”

“You’re bringing them in here, right?”

“Yes, I’ll be right back. Put your earrings in while I get them.”

Eric returned with a very smiley Jimmy and his parents. In typical Jimmy fashion, he had an offering for Sookie – these offerings always made Sookie smile and Eric grumble and he liked making Eric grumble. He knew he couldn’t get in trouble for bringing the Queen flowers. “Jimmy, thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome Queen Northman. I thought I would bring you some of the outside world since you’re cooped up right now.”

“So thoughtful.” She smirked at Eric and could hear him say ‘suck-up’ under his breath.

Jimmy continued with his gifts. “Frannie, this is for you.”

“It’s perfect; I have the matching one for you as well.” Frannie pinned on Jimmy’s boutonnière and he slipped her corsage onto her wrist.

white stephanotis with rhinestones and feathers

Gran and the rest of the family arrived while they were exchanging flowers and Pam went into command mode. “Ok, let’s get some pictures.” Thirty minutes later Frannie literally groaned when Pam said, “One more of you and your parents.”

“PAM! Enough. The prom starts in 10 minutes and it’s 45 minutes away. I want to get there.”

“FINE spoil sport.”

Pam pouted and headed out taking everyone but the parents with her. After giving a final farewell to their son, Jimmy’s parents bid a goodnight to the King and Queen and also headed out. They could see Sookie misting up and wanted to give her space. Their concern grew when they saw Drs. Finard and Ludwig come into the house but said nothing. Sookie did look ready to pop and tired, but even with their son dating the king’s daughter, they knew it wasn’t their business to ask or discuss what they’d seen.

Meanwhile, Frannie leaned over and gave Sookie another kiss goodbye and told her to relax while she was gone. “When I’m home Mom, I’ll tell you all about it.”

“I’m looking forward to it honey.”

“Sookie, I’ll just see Frannie and Jimmy to the door and be right back.”

She simply nodded as he turned with the kids to leave and closed her eyes to relax as Frannie had instructed her.

Ludwig and Finard were climbing the stairs and he nodded to them as he approached the door. “Daddy, I’m worried.”

“She will be fine. The doctors want to do an ultrasound and check on things.”

“Maybe I should . . .”

“Don’t even say it. This isn’t you two going to a movie that’s playing again next week. You will go and enjoy yourself young lady or your mother will blame me somehow. You don’t want to get me into trouble do you?”

She laughed at him. “No Daddy. We’ll go. I’ll see you at 1AM.”

“What about the party?”

“I’d love to go but you told me 1AM. I won’t have time for the party since the prom ends at midnight. How do you know about the party anyway?”

He smirked   “This is a night I’ll give you a bit more of that freedom. Go to the after-party I know one of the kids is having – you know what gossips Weres are. You’ll still have your guards but they’ll stay back a bit.”

Her smile lit up the room. “You’re sure?”

“Don’t ask me that – you should scoot out of here before I change my mind. I’ll see you at 2AM.”


“Thank you sir.” Jimmy added with his own grin.

“Try not to look that happy about it Jimmy – you’re making me nervous.”

The boy wiped the smile off his face and led Frannie out the door quickly – just so the king couldn’t change his mind. Eric just stared from the porch as they were driven out and while he could consume himself over concern for Frannie, right now his priority was Sookie. He knew Kavan, Peter and Thalia would take care of his Lilla. He returned to Sookie and quickly had her in the birthing room for her ultrasound. From the looks on the doctor’s faces, he knew that wasn’t all they were doing. He simply asked, “It’s time isn’t it?”

Ludwig placed her hands on Sookie’s belly for a few moments then nodded to Finard. “Yes Eric, we discussed it at length. It’s only four weeks from your due date, you can give the babies blood if needed – in case their lungs aren’t quite ready for example – but Sookie, you just can’t keep carrying them any longer. Little girl, you’re already starting labor but I’d like to speed it up a bit.”

“NOW?! This is happening now? I have to tell Gran and the kids. Frannie wanted to be here. I’m ready to not be pregnant but I’m not ready to deliver three.”

“Sookie,” Ludwig started. “You have a bit of time. You can get Hunter and Moyra up here and speak to them before I give you any drugs. You can relax in the tub for a short while too – I know you find baths comforting right now. If you need a bit of time to calm down, then let’s do that.” She focused on Eric. “You have fairy blood to stay up tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, I’ve stockpiled it for the birth and right after in case Sookie needs more help with three.”

“Very good. Let’s start with calming Mommy down, then we’ll induce labor if needed – or rather speed it up.”

They spent the next two hours doing just that. Sookie started with a bath so she could be calm for Hunter and Moyra’s visit. Eric coordinated as needed around the house while Sookie bathed: Hoyt and Holly were informed, Carter was called to help with the kids through labor and delivery (with Gran of course), and the guards walking perimeter were told to stay away from the house. It hadn’t happened yet – but Eric could feel his possessive nature creeping in like it had when Sookie was pregnant with Moyra. He had thought it wasn’t going to happen with this pregnancy at all, but the worry over Sookie right now must have triggered it. In fact, he was so worried now, he abandoned his plans to go fly over to the school and check out Frannie at the prom – and he’d really wanted to do that.

The bath did wonders for Sookie and since she was relaxed right after getting out, Hunter and Moyra were brought in for their update. Hunter was extremely excited – his wish for a baby brother might come true tonight – in just a few hours. Moyra had no clue what was happening, but enjoyed some Mommy time nonetheless. Eric debated about calling Frannie but with the time they’d taken to calm Sookie, it was already after 11PM and per Ludwig, she would likely still make it before the babies were born. If that changed, he’d call her home.

With Sookie’s concerns addressed, they moved forward with the plans to speed the contractions and it didn’t take long. Sookie was fully in labor – and quite uncomfortable just an hour later. Eric was sitting with her and helping as best he could through each contraction but he couldn’t take away the pain and Sookie was refusing any drugs for now. By 12:30AM, she was crying for Frannie and that surprised Eric. She hadn’t wanted Frannie to be frightened by Moyra’s birth so she wanted her to wait outside the birth room, but not this time. Frannie had been Sookie’s main caregiver when Eric was unavailable and she’d truly come to depend on her. Regrettably, he made the call to Peter and Frannie was on the line quickly. He could hear the prom party in the background and hated that he was pulling her away. “Lilla. I’m sorry to disturb you at the party but Mom is in labor and she asked for you.”

“I’ll leave right away.”

“Thank you Frannie.”

She turned and whispered to her guard, knowing she was there. “Kavan, how quickly can you get me home?”

“We’ll go outside and be gone.”

She turned to Jimmy. “Mom needs me.”

“Of course.”

“You should stay here. I’ll leave the car and driver for you.”

He leaned in and whispered. “You’re not driving home, are you?”


“Go – be with your Mom. Call me when you can.”

“Thanks Jimmy for understanding. This was the best night.”

“It was Frannie. Can’t wait to hear about your Mom. Go on now – get.”

Kavan and Frannie walked to a secluded area and her guard teleported her to the house in Bon Temps. It was a travel method the teen never used before, so Frannie was a bit disoriented. “Are you OK Princess?”

“Yes Kavan. I need to get inside.”

Sookie could hear Frannie yelling Mom from the hallway and was relieved. “She made it Sweetie.”

“She did.” She entered the room right then and Eric smiled. He had a partner to help him. “I’m glad you’re here min Lilla.”

“Me too. What can I do?”

“You should go change. You have time.”

“Kavan was grabbing me clothes, I’ll change. . . “a knock on the door interrupted them. “That’s her now I guess.”

Frannie changed quickly and took turns with Eric trying to comfort Sookie. Even with the drug to induce labor, it was still almost 3AM before it was time for Sookie to push and she was exhausted. Eric wound up sitting behind her in the bed and holding her up while Frannie stood to the side and held her hand. They had three nurses available to take the babies as they were each born: Michelle, Jason’s wife; Angie, Finard’s wife, and Jacqueline, another Were nurse from Finard’s practice. The first baby was out and screaming about 15 minutes later: A girl. Frannie was charged with running down the hall to tell the waiting family the news. Eric could hear the cheers and clapping as Frannie returned. Another 20 minutes and baby #2 arrived: Another girl. Frannie again ran down the hall. She hated breaking her little brother’s heart again with the news. The first baby girl was still OK – he had two more chances. Now he only had one more shot at a boy.

“Well?” Gran asked.

“A girl.” Hunter pouted. “I’m sorry Hunt.”

“I know it’s good as long as everyone’s healthy.”

“You’re putting on a brave face goof, good for you.” She could hear Eric calling for her from the birth room. “I gotta run back.”

She arrived in time to see Sookie really struggling with the final baby. “Mom?”

Ludwig pulled her aside. “Frannie, talk to your Mom, encourage her. She’s having a hard time.”

“Is she OK?”

“She needs to push the baby out or we’ll need to do a C-section.”

“Ok.” She approached Sookie. “Mom. You’re almost done. Ludwig needs you to push when you have another contraction.”

“Too tired.”

“I know Mom, but just a little more.” She looked at her Dad. “What about some blood? Will that give her some energy?”

“Good idea min Lilla.” He turned to Ludwig. “What do you think?”

“It’ll also heal her but that already happened between the first two babies since she already has your blood in her system. I say go ahead.”

He bit his wrist and presented it to Sookie, but she was nearly asleep. “Frannie, help your Mom. I’ll open her mouth, you massage her throat.” She nodded and they worked together. “Min älskade. Sookie, can you hear me. You need to wake up and push our last little one out.”


Frannie and Eric shared a look and a grin. “Mom.”

“Another contraction is coming – let’s push this baby out!” Ludwig cried.

The blood worked. When the contraction started, Sookie did wake and was able to push through. They needed only three more contractions and the baby was out but not breathing yet. The next few seconds were scary as Frannie sat with Sookie and Eric moved to where Ludwig was working on the baby, he was ready to give blood. Sookie was almost distraught until she saw Ludwig flip the baby over and run her knuckle down his back. A second later came a very loud screech just after a big intake of breath. The baby would be fine.

“Daddy, do you want to go down the hall this time?”

“I do.”


An hour later, Thalia had collected everyone in the area to the porch for Eric’s presentation. They were all anxious about the announcement since so far, only the immediate family had been told how many Prince or Princesses had arrived and nobody knew the names. Pam, Frannie (with Hunter helping) and Gran each had a baby and Eric carried Sookie; even with his blood she was still recovering from a very hard pregnancy and delivery. Eric placed Sookie on a seat next to where he was standing and asked Pam to come forward first. She was about to be very happy in a few seconds. “Thank you for coming. Before I announce our baby information, I’d like to explain the onesies they are dressed in. You see my father, Godric, thought it would be funny to send us these “Thing” onesies. Sookie and I thought they were perfect for this announcement so you would have to wait for me to tell you about the babies, rather than seeing them dressed in pink or blue. So there you have it, my father, the king of jokes.”

3 things

As if knowing the perfect time to land, Godric set down from the sky. “Did I miss the announcement my son?” He leaned over to kiss Sookie on the cheek as he asked the question to Eric.

“No, I felt you approaching so I killed time explaining why my new babies were dressed in these outfits.”

Godric looked stricken. “Those shirts were not intended for their presentation outfits.”

“Sookie and I think they’re perfect. Now would you like to hear who we have here?”

“Yes, yes. Go on please.”

He took the baby from Pam and addressed the crowd. “I’d like to announce our first baby born this morning, a girl, Princess Pamela Raven Northman.” Eric raised the baby up while his vampire daughter removed something that had fallen into her eye. “Problem Pamela?”

“You son of a bitch; thanks for the warning. People will think I have feelings.”

“Pamela, just about everyone here has seen you with your son – you DO have feelings.”

Gran came forward next and Eric took the baby. “Our second baby born this morning is another girl; Princess Adele Octavia Northman. Named after her great grandmother Adele and our dear friend Octavia who passed away just this year. Both great women and we look forward to seeing our fourth human daughter grow to live up to her namesakes.” Eric raised Adele and she just screamed at the crowd. He quickly handed her to Sookie and she calmed. Eric exclaimed, “Seems she’s got a tempter.” Then he looked directly at Gran. “Don’t know from where she gets that.” Along with a scowl from Adele, he got the laughter he expected from the crowd.

Frannie and Hunter walked forward with the next baby and Eric gestured to Hunter. “I get to announce that our third baby is a boy – I FINALLY have a brother and his name is: Jarl Eric Northman.” Eric raised his newborn son high.

The crowd knelt and began clapping at the family waking Moyra who was brought out by Kavan, but had remained asleep for the little ceremony. A quick shuffling of babies had Adele to Eric so he tried to keep her from crying again and Moyra with Sookie. Unfortunately, Adele’s crying started up again and a chain reaction started: Sookie started leaking and crying, causing Moyra to cry; Jarl caught onto the crying so he began, and the once asleep Pamela was now up and her face started to crumple indicating she was about to start. Eric panicked for a second and quickly dismissed everyone. “I think we’re about to have four out of four babies crying – we’ll retire to our chamber.”

They moved quickly but not before baby Pamela started up herself. Her namesake was NOT happy. They got to Eric and Sookie’s room and tried to settle the babies; they all wanted to eat and Sookie was only equipped to feed two of them so Eric positioned her with two and gave a bottle to Adele; the baby in his arms. Frannie put Hunter to bed for them, Gran retired as well with Carter helping. Pam wasn’t going to take fairy blood so she needed to run to her own home on the property leaving Godric, Eric and a very tired Sookie with three grumpy newborns and a now wide awake walking 1 year old. Eric was concerned. “Sookie, as soon as Jarl and Pamela are done feeding, I want you to sleep.”

“Eric, you won’t have help for hours.”

“Father and I can handle it.”

“He’s only going to make it for a little while.”

“I took fairy blood Sookie. You really should sleep. We can handle the little ones.”

“If you two are sure, I’m certainly tired.”

Eric looked to Godric and he nodded. “We’re sure.”

Before the babies finished feeding, Sookie was asleep and at least Moyra had succumbed tucked into Sookie’s side but Pamela, Adele and Jarl were up and screaming so loudly, Eric and Godric had moved them upstairs so they wouldn’t wake anyone in the family chamber.

Godric had a pained looked on his face when he stated. “I do not think Godric Jr. ever screamed at this volume or pitch.”

Eric shook his head. “Moyra either.”

“You need help. Do you not have nurses here?”

“Michelle and Angie were up most of the night. I placed a call to Finard’s requesting help for the day. We should have someone here shortly.”

“Dad, we don’t need help.” Frannie had found them in the den and grabbed one of the babies from Eric.

“Lilla, I thought you were sleeping.”

“Nah, I put goof to bed then grabbed a quick shower. Ludwig is sleeping upstairs in case there are any health issues; there are three of us – one per kid. Mom won’t like it if there’s a strange nurse here. I heard you telling her that you and Pop-pop can handle it.” As she was speaking, she’d position Jarl over her forearm with his head cupped in her hand and his arms and legs dangling down – he quieted immediately.

“Frannie, how did know to do that?”

“One of the moms in Hunter’s home school group does this.” With Frannie’s help, Godric and Eric both positioned their babies and the same magic occurred. They quieted. The three moved back to the chamber to be closer to Sookie but left her sleep. They stood in their kitchen while Frannie got a snack (one-handed) and ate.

Leaving Moyra asleep in her bed, Sookie joined them about two hours later and laughed. The three of them were standing and holding sleeping newborns on their arms as Frannie had shown them – but the best part was they were chatting quietly while swaying back and forth. “How long has this been going on?”

“Two hours.”

“Standing and swaying?”

“SLEEPING Sookie – that’s the important part – they are sleeping.”

“And you had to stand?”

Godric answered, “I tried to sit and it was like an alarm went off – Pamela started screeching. It was like she had an altitude gauge.”

Eric nodded seriously, “After that happened, we all decided not to risk it.”

“Umm, the crib?”

The frown on Eric’s face at that suggestion spoke volumes; Godric seemed to mull the word around in his head and Frannie looked horrified. “You’re going to put these babies in the crib?” It was as if Sookie had suggested they kill kittens.

“Frannie, there are three of them. We may need to take drastic measures – like the crib.”

Sookie’s sarcasm was lost on Eric and Frannie. “Sookie, we’ll get a routine down – I thought we agreed to co-sleeping.”

“And that’s why we had the special co-sleeper made for triplets. I’m just suggesting that sometimes they could be put down.” She actually came to the kitchen to eat. “In the meantime, since they are quiet, I’m going to eat. I’m starving right now.”

“Of course min kära, what would you like?”

“Not pudding. I feel like I lived on it at the end of the pregnancy.”

Eric and Frannie both replied “you did.”


A little more than three months later, Eric and his family had just conducted their final interview as official spokespeople for the supernatural world.

“Your majesty, I’ve got to give you credit. You have humans eating out of the palm of your hand with all those kids and their,” Eric watched as she struggled to say the word while sporting a sneer on her face, “cuteness. I wish you would reconsider and extend your contract as spokes family.”

“Won’t be happening Nan. I’m confident that Stan and his family will be fine. We already went over our contract end date so you could exploit on the birth of the triplets. We’re done.”

“Nothing beats seeing you holding baby Pam and chasing after Moyra when she escaped. Good thing you can fly – she’s fast.”

“That she is. If you’ll excuse us now Nan. We do have a family party tonight.”

“Oh, of course. I had forgotten that it’s Godric Junior’s Birthday.”


“I’ll leave then.” Eric smirked. She was suddenly interested in a quick exit after being reminded that Godric was on his way. Troll.

Eric was just about to head downstairs to help change the kids for the party when a visitor popped in. “Grandson.”

Oh, this ought to be good.’ He turned and knelt. “Your Grace.”

“Rise. I came to speak to you as family.” He could see she came bearing gifts as well. “Are you having Godric Junior’s party here or at Adele’s?”

“Here, in the playroom downstairs.”

“May I join you?”

“If my father approves. He’ll be here shortly.”

“I will wait.” The woman knew not to push Eric. She’d come to a realization when she was in seclusion and she was ready to ask for forgiveness.

Eric nodded and headed to his family, quickly helped change the babies for the party and returned to the AP when he felt his father was near. Sookie stayed with the kids since they weren’t going to allow her Amma access to them unless Papa approved.

Eric greeted Godric at the front door. “Father, Toni how are you?”

“Min son. Happy to be here.”

“Yes, Sookie appreciates that you traveled. She’s not ready to take the Beans on the road yet.” He turned to Cecelia. “Everyone’s in the playroom if you want to join them.” She nodded and ran off. “Didn’t have to repeat that one.”

“You had her at playroom.” They both chuckled before Godric became more serious. “So she is here?”

Eric knew who ‘she’ was. “Yes, in the office actually.”

They walked together after Toni said she’d be waiting with the kids. Godric praised Eric for his most recent interview. “Your final interview went well.”

“It did.”

“Moyra is as energetic as ever.”

“Nan loved that of course; she tried to get us to extend citing how much people enjoy seeing my family.”

“I am sure you are glad to be rid of her.” Eric simply nodded as they’d reached his office. “Master.”

“Godric, Eric, come and sit with me.” They sat in the room with her and waited, she only paused a moment before she spoke. “Eric, your new babies are beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Godric, Godric Junior is handsome.”

“Thank you Pythia. We call him GJ for short.”

“Yes, I have seen that.” She was quiet again then finally stated. “I understand now. I see that what I should have done was disclosed what I knew and we could have planned together. I am here to ask both of you for forgiveness.”

Eric looked to Godric and his father nodded. He knew Eric was asking if she was telling the truth – and she was. Godric knew whenever they finally had this conversation he would let Eric lead. The Ancient Pythoness’ decision carried the most impact and risk to Eric – he had the bigger need to forgive. As Godric had told Eric this before, he simply put his hand out offering the floor to his son.

Since Godric confirmed that The Ancient Pythoness was telling the truth, Eric really didn’t have anything left to hold against the woman. Honestly, after all this time, he didn’t even want to hold it against her anymore – it was time to be done. He simply stated. “I forgive you.” He even stood and put his arm out. “Would you like to join us for the party?”

“I would.” She stood and took his arm as he led her to the playroom – she did surprisingly well on the stairs – and they joined the party.

“It is quite loud down here grandson.”

“If the triplets and Moyra are awake, that’s always the case.”

“I have gifts for your children if you will allow it.” Both Godric and Eric agreed and she nodded to her handmaiden. To Celia and GJ she presented two pictures: Horses for each of them. “They’ll be delivered within the week. It is my understanding you already have horses on the property.”

“Yes, we can easily add these two horses to the barn. Thank you Pythia.”

“For the triplets, my handmaiden and I could not resist these.”

Eric had to laugh. The box contained two pink onesies that said ‘He did it’ and a blue one that said ‘They did it’. He threw the crone a nice gesture and used the family name for her. “Very funny Amma.”

triplets shirts

The handmaiden gave Amma another box and the AP continued. “For Moyra – she is now able to wear this.”

“I’m sure she’ll appreciate it once she gets out of the ball pit. She doesn’t’ have a tee-shirt announcing that she’s the big sister yet.”

big sister

“Since I am giving out shirts, Eric here is yours – but do not wear it for Council or Kingdom business.” Eric’s tee-shirt was simply another joke on raising triplets. It was hard to believe the Ancient Pythoness picked out tee-shirts – let alone funny ones.

dad shirt

“Hunter, I did not think you would like a shirt.” He agreed with her. “I purchased you a new bike instead. It is upstairs, but here is a picture.” Hunter squealed at his bike and hugged Amma.

“Frannie, I understand this should match another recent gift.” She gave Frannie one of those creepy toothless smiles. “You have been a great addition to Sookie and Eric. Your Mom really needed you with this pregnancy and you stepped up.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” The handmaiden handed Frannie a blue Tiffany box and when she opened it she gasped. “MOM! Look at this ring!” It was the ring part of the set Eric gave her for the prom, the Tiffany Cobblestone.

tiffany cobblestone ring

“That matches your prom set. That’s gorgeous Amma.”

“I thought she would like it Sookie, but I did not neglect you. I know your pregnancy was very difficult. I thought this might be in order.” Another blue box was handed over and Sookie was overwhelmed when she opened it. The box contained a wide bangle with vibrant round gemstones of varying sizes set it white gold.

Tiffany Seurat Bangle

“AMMA! I love it.”

“I am glad dear.”

Sookie placed the bangle on her wrist immediately and Jarl tried to reach for it. “No no baby boy, this is Mommy’s.” She turned to her Amma. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

“Would you like to hold the babies?”

“Very much.”

“We’ll start with Jarl since he’s right here.” She placed the baby in her Amma’s arms.

“How are you enjoying triplets?”

“Having three infants at once has its challenges. We’re savoring everything they do since we don’t have any more children planned.”

The AP smirked and offered a mischievous look. “If you say so.”

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