Glimpses 19: Three

Hi – final for this section.  Up next will be the final chapter of Beauty and the Vampire Beast.  It’s been written but I’m tweaking heavily.  I’m trying to make sure I wrap up everything.



Glimpses Bonus Three

The healers placed their hands on the boy and tried to infuse as much spark as they could. Ludwig shook her head in worry. She was assessing Jarl with hands over his heart and from her grave expression, it was obvious she didn’t think the healing was working. “Eric, get his sisters. Maybe they have enough spark to help.”

Moyra called for her full fairy guard to also touch the boy, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. With stricken expressions, Pammers and Addie joined the others near Jarl. They hadn’t thought his plan would end like this. They both knew that their parents, Claude, and Claudine had enforced the need to discuss any fairy gifts if they appeared. The three thought that teleporting was too cool and they were sure Eric would somehow suppress it if he found out. Pammers gave a sideways glance to her father as he tried to calm her mother down. Guilt that she’d never experienced before shot through her. Her father looked up, no doubt he’d felt it from their connection.

It was almost thirty minutes later when Jarl’s fingers, held loosely in Addie’s hand, started to return the grasp. His sister shouted. “He’s squeezing my hand.”

Moyra looked up from the other side where her hand was given a gentle squeeze from Jarl as well. “She’s right. I can feel it.”

Lugwig ran her hands over his chest and stomach again, and finally offered a smile. “I think he’s going to recover, though I suspect he’ll be weak for a long time.”

Being able to ‘feel’ other Fairies’ spark, Claudine agreed. “Yes, but let me get him some of the Fairy essence water. It will help.”

Pammers tried to stop her, “He won’t want to drink that.”

Claudine shook her head. “It’s not the potion that hampers your telepathy; this is healing water from Fae.”

Claudine poured a cup of iridescent water into a glass and moved to give it to Jarl but Sookie stepped in. She needed to do something to help her son. With a mother’s tenderness, she sat next to him and stroked his face. “My boy.” He gave a weak smile. “Don’t ever scare me like this again.”  Eric helped Jarl sit up while Sookie offered him the drink. The others in the room stepped back to give Eric and Sookie a few moments to dote on their son. For now, the rage they both felt at his actions was pushed to the side, so they could enjoy his recovery. When the Fairy water was gone, Sookie gave him a stern look, “Promise me that you won’t do this again. You’ll learn and follow the Fairy rules for teleporting and any other gifts you receive.”

It was weak, but he spoke, “I promise Mom.”


Once the danger had passed, Claude and Claudine pulled Eric and Sookie aside to discuss the Triplet’s need for guidance with their telepathy. “I’m going to assign a Royal Guard for each of them.” Claudine offered. “One who can train and ah… help contain them.”

Eric nodded, “Agreed. When can the guards be here?

Claudine sighed. What she had to tell Eric and Sookie could be upsetting. “There’s more I need to do. More to be done mostly for Jarl.”

Sookie had stopped crying once Jarl was out of danger, but she’d read from Claudine what else her cousin was about the propose and started crying again. “What is it min älskade?” Unable to catch her breath enough to say anything, Eric turned back to Claudine. “Tell me what she heard, what you’re planning to do with my children.”

“Jarl needs to be in Fairy to recharge and given his connection to Pammers and Addie, they need to go too.”

“For how long?”

“A day in Fairy should suffice. They’ll return with their guards.”

“Two Earth months.”  Claudine nodded. “They’ll be gone for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

“We can shoot for slightly less than a day, perhaps return them for Christmas.”

Sookie finally added to the conversation. “Please Claudine, I don’t think I could handle not having them here for the holiday.” Claudine grasped Sookie’s hand and promised she’d do what she could. “I guess I’ll start packing and making them something to eat before they go.”

Claudine went to interrupt her but Eric put his hands up to keep Claudine back until Sookie had left the room; he gathered to get some suitcases. “Eric,” Claudine tried to break away from him, “She doesn’t need to pack anything.”

“I know that Claudine, and I’m glad she wasn’t reading your thoughts.”

“I don’t understand.”

“She needs to pack for them even if they don’t need it. She needs to be the one to feed them before they go. She’s being a Mommy.”


Eric turned to Jarl, Pammers, and Addie. “You will thank your mother for packing for you. You will eat the meal she makes and tell her you enjoyed it. You will hug her goodbye and tell her you love her and that you’ll miss her.” He moved to stand over them as they sat on Jarl’s bed. “Do I make myself clear?”

They offered a quick “Yes Sir.”

“When you return, we’ll discuss your actions today. All three of you are to blame for what happened.”

They knew their Father wouldn’t let it go. The best they could do was be contrite. Jarl answered for all of them. “Understood Sir.”

With a stiff nod, Eric left them so he could see to Sookie. He found her in the kitchen, already pulling chicken out from the refrigerator. Moyra had been catching up Adrianna and Desmond when Eric arrived. She let her younger siblings greet Eric first then she jumped into his arms for a hug. “How is my knuckle head brother?”

“Resting.” As Eric had with Adrianna and Desmond, he relished the feel of his sweet Moyra in his arms. Her short legs were dangling in the air and her head was tucked under his chin. Though nineteen, she was a tiny thing; not like most of the children born with his DNA sperm. “You heard he’s going to Fairy?”

At the mention of the situation, they both heard Sookie whimper while she dredged chicken in flour. “Min kära, let me help you.” She nodded and sniffled in her tears. With his vampire speed, he moved to pull the potatoes from the bag and began peeling them. Frannie started working on the green beans. It was moments like these that he cherished with his family, though today the family time came with the cloud of the triplets unplanned departure.

Frannie teased her younger sister. “Aren’t you going to help?”

Moyra was not one for cooking. At her school apartment, she could prepare simple meals like grilled cheese or scrambled eggs, but not much else. Meat, she would never cook on her own. She thought touching raw meat and fish was disgusting; she had no problems eating it when cooked. Eric blamed the triplets and Sookie. The triplets from the fish head fiasco and Sookie because she refused to permit the glamour he wanted to use on Moyra after the incident. “I’m good.” She pulled out her phone. “Actually, I told Jack I’d call him with an update. He…” She stopped cold. Jack had been sleeping next to her, in her bed, when she’d been approached by her guard; unbeknownst to her father. At her age, she believed it was her decision on whether Jack slept over or not, and they’d been engaged for a few months. Not that Daddy was happy about it. She and Jack had decided years ago to marry, they were in love. It wasn’t the love that bothered Daddy, it was that Jack was being groomed to take over as the leader of Oklahoma and Arkansas. What upset Daddy the most was Moyra living in a different state.

Eric raised an eyebrow at his forever innocent, in his eyes, angel. “Why would Jack know anything is going on? I was told you were in bed when your guard was called.” Eric knew what was going on, had known for a while. He approved of the love match with Jack Herveux; the two families welcomed the opportunity to be closely linked. His angel had a level head on her shoulders; Moyra had a career plan and she was in her second year of undergraduate school. Like her older brother, Hunter, she had planned to earn her PhD. Her focus was psychology, Hunter went the biological science route, as he’d always planned. He wouldn’t question her decisions now. He might play with her though… the look on her face had him holding back a chuckle.

Moyra was confident in her personal choices… until Daddy gave her that look. “I … ah.” She drew in a breath. “Jack has…” She looked down. Lying to her Daddy wasn’t an option; at the moment though, she couldn’t tell the truth.

“I know he stays with you sometimes while you’re both at school.” He put down the potato he’d been peeling, wiped his hands, and reached for Moyra’s chin. “I still think you’re too young to be engaged.” He shook his head, “I won’t stop you from spending time with your fiancé; even if I’m the owner of that condo.” He gave her a hug, so she knew he wasn’t mad at her. “In fact, I spoke to Alcide, if you want, you can move in together officially at the start of the next school year. It will save us on guards.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

Their conversation was interrupted when Pammers appeared in the kitchen doorway. Eric had never seen her look so dejected. “Father… Ah.”

“What is it Pammers?”

He saw her take a large swallow before answering. “Addie, Jarl and I want to talk to you and Mom.”

Eric asked Frannie to continue with the meal while he and Sookie met with the triplets. Taking his wife’s shaking hand, Eric led them to Jarl’s room for the talk. When they walked through the door, Jarl was sitting up and had regained some of his color. Sookie rested on the side of the bed near her son’s legs. “What did you want to discuss?”

Jarl waited for his sisters to join him at the head of the bed. The message was from all of them. Jarl spoke since he been the one to dream up the plan to teleport to Dallas. “We’re sorry. I … I’m sorry Mom.” He bowed his head pushed against his eyes with his fingers. Sookie could hear from his mind, from all three of their minds, that they did regret their actions. She’d never heard it before. Jarl continued. “We went too far.”

Sookie caressed each of the triplet’s faces. “You feel remorse, and kids…” She paused to take a breath and look to the sky, “You should feel remorse. What you need to do is remember the feeling.”

Eric moved to squeeze in next to Sookie on the bed. “Your Mom, as usual, is right. I won’t waste time hoping that you’ll suddenly become perfectly behaved teenagers, but this level of maliciousness can never happen again.” As Sookie had heard their thoughts of regret, he’d felt the guilt flooding their bond. This was a first for the three, and he’d never been more relieved. Like his wife had done, he touched each child before he added. “You almost died Jarl; I’m very glad we got to you in time.” They shared a smile for a moment. “While I’m pleased you know how wrong this was, you’re all going to be punished when you return from fairy.”

The spoke in chorus. “Yes sir. We know that.”

He nodded and helped Sookie stand. “We’re going to finish cooking.” He focused on Jarl. “Will you be able to make it to the kitchen?”

“I think so.”

“Good, we’ll have a proper family dinner before you go. I texted Hunter and he and Indira are on their way over.”


After the triplets left with Claudine, and the other young children were asleep, Eric and Sookie were resting together in their bed. “What a day!” Sookie started.

“Scary min älskade. I hate when the children are hurt. Even if it’s their own faults.”

“Those three have been so good for years; aside from little stuff I mean.” She sighed. “I could hear the words of regret going through their brains before. Hopefully, we’ll never have to deal with something on this level again.”

“Their words matched their feelings; I felt nothing but guilt and self loathing from all three of them.”

Sookie leaned back to look into his eyes. “We have almost two months to figure out the punishment for this one.”

“Indeed. They’ll be working double time with their teachers to make up their lessons. They need to finish up their High School courses by the beginning of the summer, so they can start at the University together next fall.”

Sookie hesitated a moment before offering, “You know… ah those three are dead set on becoming vampires as soon as they graduate from college.”

He laughed, “They don’t want to wait that long.”

Sookie waved her hands. “PFFT! They didn’t want to go to college. All we’ve heard for years is how they only want to be vampires and that they didn’t need college for that.”

“Yes, they were quite upset when I informed them differently.” Eric added. “College gives them time to mature… I hope… and they have their turning as the reward. That’s the reward they want.”

“Yes, eager for it…” She took a breath. “You can use that eagerness as leverage.”

“I think you’re onto something. They’ll have a year added for today’s incident.  I’ll have this at the ready as needed for other punishments.” He chuckled. “I’d say that’s for if they misbehave, but it’s the trips. It’s when they next misbehave.” He rubbed his face. “This is good. It gives us something that will hurt them as a punishment, and after they’re turned I’ll have a maker’s call if I need it.”

Sookie sighed. She loved the trips, but they gave her grey hairs. So much so, she’d needed to start coloring her hair. It was the only evidence that she’d been aging. “The turning thing is kinda for you. Are you alright if I add to the delay? If I need the leverage?”

“OF COURSE! I might be the one turning them, but the timing decision is ours.” He wiped his face. “While I hated this whole incident, having a guard for each of them is going to help when they go away to school.”

“Agreed.” She sighed and snuggled into him. “You know, not everything today was horrible.”

Knowing exactly what she meant, he smirked. “We’ll have to get away and do that role play again.”

She laughed, “You mean where you’re traveling to expand your smut empire?”

He bellowed out in reply. “You should have seen your face when I said that. It was perfect.”

She pointed to his face and told him, “You should have seen your face when you discovered I took my panties off before I entered the bar.”

“I love that we can still surprise each other.” They kissed, and he leaned back; taking one finger he traced from her jawline to the gap between her breasts. “You know, Pam’s still in the house and can listen out for Desmond and Adrianna. If you want, we can sneak out to a hotel and get back to where we were before.”

“Hmmm.” She replied. “I don’t need a hotel room to live out a fantasy with you.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “You don’t?” She shook her head while biting her lip. He licked his lips and ordered, “Strip.”




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17 thoughts on “Glimpses 19: Three

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  3. Sounds like the trips have finally done a bit of growing, here’s hoping it sticks. I like the punishment of delaying their turning, it should make them think twice about breaking more rules.

  4. Hah! You took us in a perfect circle! Well, maybe the trips will straighten up and fly right (and may really be able to fly once their daddy turns them) in order to become a vampire before they’re old and infirm 🙂

  5. Yes I think they came up with a suitable punishment for the trips! I can’t remember but is Sookie’s aging slowed because she is part Fae or does she age like a normal human? Also was she going to let Eric turn her in the future? I really have to go back and reread Beauty and the Vampire Beast!

  6. Is Dr Ludwig still about? The trips can work as orderlys in her hospital for three months without the aid of their magic. I’m sure she has a magic suppressor stashed somewhere 🙂 Something humble for them to realise just how privileged they are and where they will get their hands soiled doing the cleaning (plus it will assist when they move out to go to college).

  7. Looks like the trips finally got a clue. Too bad it took nearly losing one of them. They definitely need mature before they are turned. I suspect they will get into more mischief every chance they get. Thanks for another lovely little story.

  8. Great finale for these outtakes Mag !!
    Can’t wait to see Sookie’s & Eric’s Family Tree. ..this is one of my favorite stories!
    You did a great job creating a wonderful background for these characters.
    Thanks sweetie for sharing 😘

  9. Yay the chapter’s here now! I’m glad Jarl will be fine and that the trips feel true remorse for their shitty behavior. Fae guards will help rein them in, as will Eric’s extra year punishment. But now you’ve got me worried about Sookie’s gray hair and it having to be dyed! I never want Sookie to get old.

  10. smut empire LOL…. i like how they work as a team in parenting. but damn those trips need to be reined in some. gray hairs, lol , gray head of hair is more like it. no email on this one KY

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