Is the bunny back in the hole?

True story.  My youngest was about 2 or 3 and on Easter morning we came out to see what the bunny left.  Well, she was terrified and in that little, shaky voice she asked, “Is the bunny back in the hole?”

She was so terrified that this bunny critter came into the house at night – we had to ask Santa and the Bunny to leave their offerings on the back porch.  Yes – two more years of that before she got over it.

So, I’m not visiting your back porch tonight but I do have an offering – two in fact.  They originally were one chapter – but it needed the break.

Enjoy the wedding and some surprises after that:

Chapter 31 – Under New Management

Chapter 32 – Surprise

5 thoughts on “Is the bunny back in the hole?

  1. I gotta tell you this. I left this post open on my laptop. My husband saw it and said The Bunny back in the Hole. told him yeah the story about her daughter. Hi reply was that’s not what came to my mind. Gutter mind. All though this would make a good story prompt on here.

  2. LOL, bless her! Many years ago my parents had to have my sister in their room for all of December because my sister was terrified that Santa was coming down the chimney! It was an old house with fireplaces in all the rooms but she thought she’d be ok in their room because they’d protect her!

    My son wouldn’t talk to Santa when he was 4 because he was a ‘stranger’. What could we say to that?!

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