Chapter 35 – Genny

Chapter 35 – Genny

The return of:

frying pan still


Volvo xc70

it’s mentioned



“That’s the one?”


“She’s kinda old for a fangbanger.”

“I don’ know the details, alls I know is she’s been living with Maxine Fortenberry and I overheard Maxine tell someone she’s gonna miss her when she moves with Eric and Sookie in a few weeks. Ma sister loves her, she’s the one.”

“I don’t know about this Jason.”

“Rene, you promised to help me.”

“She’s an old lady.”

“Rene, I know what you did to your sister. Do you want everyone in town to you know your secret?”

“Fine.” Just as he started to get out he noticed another car on the otherwise quiet street. “Hold on. What car is that pulling in the driveway?”

“Red SUV, I dunno. Let’s watch. He’ll leave then you can go in. Today’s it – since Maxine said she’s going to see Sookie – that leaves this broad home alone.” The two watched from Jason’s truck while Bobby got out of the SUV and approached the door. “This is interesting!”


“That’s the guy I beat ba fore. He works for the fanger.”

“Two for one?” Jason nodded and started to smile but Rene ended it before he could even fully enjoy the opportunity. “Never mind that idea, looks like they’re leaving. She’s got an overnight bag? What the hell. He’s a little young for her.”

“I cain’t pass up the opportunity to have another go atim. Follow ‘em.”

“But, work. . . ?”

“I’ll tell the boss sumptin. Reverend Newlin will be so proud of our work in the name of the Lord. Sending a message to sympathizers is part of our job as his followers Rene. We’ve got to do this.


“Come in Maxine!” Sookie greeted her at the front door with Celia in her arms.

“OH MY LORD SOOKIE! It’s the farmhouse.” She leaned over to greet Celia with kisses.

“I know. Bobby did a great job didn’t he?”

“He did and I want the whole tour but first I want to greet Hunter. Where is he??”

“In the kitchen just finishing breakfast.”

“Well he’s making progress on shifting his sleep since it’s lunchtime.”

“He’s been very determined but he got a boost last night from all the excitement.”

They’d made it to the kitchen and Maxine greeted Hunter with his face kisses causing him to giggle and call her Goofy Gramma. “Whatcha eatin’?”

“Scrambled eggs with cheese.”

“Sounds good.”

“Maxine, I have some chicken soup for you since it’s your lunchtime.”

“Thank you Sookie. Can I feed Celia?”

“I don’t know who enjoys feeding her more – you or Daddy.”

“He does enjoy his baby, doesn’t he?” She smiled at Hunter. “And his boy.” With a whisper and a conspiratory wink, she added. “I think he fell in love with you before he fell in love with Mommy.”

“I think you might be right about that Gramma.”

“HEY over there! Eric’s mine first – don’t you forget it!” Celia squealed out her comments to the conversation.

“I think you’re baby is trying to stake her claim too.”

“I think we’ll call it a draw.”

They settled at the table and finished their meals, Celia making the usual mess with her food. “I’m going to miss my baby here when you go.” She gave a teary look towards Hunter as she spoke. “And my grandson.”

“Gramma, come with us then.”

“It’s not that simple baby boy.”

“Hunter, Gramma is right. It’s not just a quick decision for her to make, other folks are impacted.”

To Hunter it was simple. “Bring everybody.”

“Honey.” Sookie started. “Pawpaw is a Judge here; he can’t just pick up and leave. Jessica’s job is here too.”

“She’s right Hunter. I get why you’re moving; more than that, I agree with your need to move for protection. Liking it isn’t going to happen.”

“Gramma, Pawpaw is old enough to retire. He has a few months to get that in place before you all come for the summer after school lets out for Jess. Then decide.”

“The whole summer? I don’t know if Eric will want that.”

“Of course he will. Daddy wanted everyone to MOVE with us permanently. The summer is nothing.” Hunter added confidently.

She looked to Sookie. “I don’t know Sookie. Charlie and I really enjoy each other but that’s asking too much. Maybe I’ll come for part of the summer.”

“Maxine, you know I try to stay out of everyone’s business, but in this case I’ll just say: Bring it up. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

“Ok Sookie. You’ll have Genny though and I’m glad for that. She needs you just as much as you need her.”

“That will be nice. I hope the trip today doesn’t give her any doubts.” Genny and Bobby had left earlier in the day for Baton Rouge. There, Genny was going to identify what she wanted from her home and Bobby would arrange for packing and storage until the move. He was also coordinating the sale of her home – which was proving to be a non issue. The For Sale sign had only been up a day and she had offers. It paid to live in an historic home. Eric offered to maintain it for her; give her a place for visits, but Genny decided it was time to focus on the future. A future, Sookie had heard a few times, that included a certain dayman from Godric’s home.

Maxine spent the day with Sookie and the kids and then stayed through dinner – their main meal of the day. Eric enjoyed the visit as well and appreciated Hunter’s suggestion of having everyone for the summer. When Maxine began protesting about space and invading, Eric pulled the floor plans out and assured her that there were enough bedrooms so everyone could have space or there was still one larger room available in case she wanted to stay with a certain someone. He ended that comment with a wink making Maxine blush and admonish him. “ERIC, stop.”

“What? You might be seniors, but you aren’t dead.”

“Apparently being dead hasn’t stopped you either.”

“Good one Maxine. Good one.”

“Where is Charles tonight anyway?”

“Some chamber of commerce meeting, he needs to attend at least three a year. He asked me to go but it sounded worse than our last Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting. I swear whoever thought they were getting a speaker to review the battle of Gettysburg was an idiot. He got too much wrong.”

“Why are you interested in that battle? I thought this was a Bon Temps thing.”

“Eric, Bon Temps is small. We’ve covered EVERYTHING that could possibly be covered about our town’s role in the war.”

“Perhaps you should invite your members to Gettysburg this summer. They can see the exhibits there?”

“NOW THAT is a good idea Eric. I’ll start working on it tomorrow.”

“I’ll fly everyone up. You take care of the rest.”

“REALLY?! There are 25 members.”

“Private plane. We can fit up to 30 if need be.”

Sookie raised her brow. “Godric’s plane doesn’t seat that many.”

“No. Our plane does. And there’s a light tight bedroom in the back.”

“Our plane?” Sookie asked, a bit louder than the rest of the conversation.

“Did you think I was going to have Maxine fly commercial for visits?”

Maxine chuckled. “Don’t you put me into this Eric. I’d fly commercial.”

Sookie’s argument deflated before Eric’s eyes. “No you won’t Gramma. This will mean you can come monthly if you decide not to stay.” She leaned into Eric. “Thank you Eric.” Celia squealed from her bouncy seat. “Celia says thank you too.”

“What’s going on?”

Hunter had been playing in his bedroom while the adults talked but came down when Mommy raised her voice. “Tell your son, I’m sure you’ve been ready to burst holding this news in.”

“I bought a plane.”

“COOOOOL. When can I see it?”

“It’s being delivered in about a week. Bobby is still working out the details. I can show you the pictures.” Hunter nodded wildly while Eric grabbed his iPad and pulled up the photos of their plane. It was brand new, which had Sookie grimacing at what she could only guess was a ridiculously high price tag, a piece of information that Eric managed to hide with all the pictures and other plane information. He’d already hired the pilot that would also serve as a guard when needed: Tony Williams Sr.. Tony JUNIOR was already one of their guards. Tony Sr. had lost his wife about 2 years ago and was comfortable with the move to PA along with his son. The two would share a large home being built on the property and until it was complete, Eric had found a rental on the same street as the new Northman property. The plans for the move were going very well.

Bobby called from Genny’s to report that their day was also successful. Everything Genny wanted had been tagged for packing. One of the home offers was accepted and they would close in about 3 weeks. “We’ve had people in and out all day: Movers and potential buyers – it’s been a zoo!”

“What’s left for Genny then?” Eric inquired.

“Tomorrow we’re packing the extra fragile items and letting the moving company handle the rest. She’s keeping her bedroom suite and a Queen set from other one. You have enough bedrooms that it will easily find a home.”

Eric nodded, pleased that things were moving forward. “That’s correct. Did she decide on her den furniture?”

“Yes, she wants to move it and the kitchen table and chairs will work in PA as well. It’s quite large but it has leaves so we can shrink it when it’s not in full use.”

“What else?”

In Baton Rouge, Bobby shrugged even though Eric couldn’t see it. “Knick knacks and mementoes.”

Eric’s face softened as he switched out of ‘business mode’. “How is she?”

“It was harder than she thought it would be Eric.”

“Is she there?”

“Inside, I came out to the porch. Hang on.”

He could hear footsteps and Bobby telling Genny that he was on the phone before he heard her. “Hi Eric.”

“Are you OK?”

“It was hard.” Her voice cracked and he heard it.

“Genny, if we’re pushin. . .”

“Stop. I WANT to do this. I NEED to do this. Saying goodbye was hard though. But what you’re offering is so much more.”

“Do you need to come home tonight? I’m sure Bobby can drive you and we’ll ensure your fragile items are handled appropriately.”

“No. I want to spend one more night here.”

“You know I can fly there in about 30 minutes.”

“And I love you for that offer but Bobby has been very supportive and I’ll make it. I’m going to head to bed early. Good night Eric. Thanks for being concerned.”

“Good night Genny, you’re welcome. Oh! Hang on; Hunter is yanking my arm off to get the phone.”

“Goodnight Mima. Love you!”

“Well Hunter, that’s just what I needed. Love you too.”


The next morning, Jason and Rene were sitting outside Genny’s house. “Jason, I’m telling you, we should have gone in last night while it was dark.”

“Rene, this here’s a resi – dental area, folks are HOME at night and WORKING during the day. We’ll get ‘em after folks leave for work.”

“Fine. Right now I need some breakfast and a sink to get cleaned up. We’ll come back later.”

“We should drive a bit out of town so we aren’t ‘socciated with being strange faces in the area.”

“Well that was some smart thinking Jase.”

“I’ve been working with Newlin’s team on stratgizing.”

“Good for you. I wish I had more time to spend at the camp on weekends.”

“You got Arlene and the kids.”

“She would never allow me to go play war games. She’s not really aware of that ‘part’ of the Fellowship.”

“You need ta keep it that way Rene. You know we’re ‘spose to keep that from the women.”

“I know, let’s eat and come back later.”


Later that afternoon, Hunter was working with his physical therapist and Sookie was enjoying time in the kitchen while Celia was napping. She gave in and placed her in bed with Eric, securing the sides and end of the bed with bed rails. She had tried to put her baby in the crib and she just grunted and stretched her arms towards Daddy with Hunter adding his pleas on behalf of Celia: She gave in.

The physical therapist broke her from her thoughts. “Sookie. We’re all done for today. He’s tired though. I’m checking the property.”

And I know just where he’ll want to go.’ She wiped her hands and walked out with the woman. “Thanks Molly. I’ll put him down for a nap.”

After the therapist walked out, Sookie scooped up her baby boy and descended the stairs to their light tight level. She didn’t even bother with the fold out bed and just placed him on the other side of Celia. ‘The kids should be asleep for at least another hour. Eric may or may not wake with them. It’s all timing. I think I’ll join them.’ She scooched Hunter over and made room for herself. That in between awake and asleep place was just hitting her brain when she heard footsteps and some yelling. It took her a moment to orient herself before she realized it was Ludwig. Sookie ran up the stairs quickly. “What’s wrong?”

“I need some blood. Eric’s or any vampire’s blood. Right away Sookie.”

“Why? Who’s hurt?”


“NO! No no no no no!.”

“Sookie, you must calm down. I have a syringe to take Eric’s blood unless you give me permission to take from one of the others at my hospital. I can pop to her right away. Tell me what you want.”

“Sookie?” It was Eric from the bottom of the stairs. He’d woken from Sookie’s panic.

“Eric, Genny’s hurt. Ludwig needs blood.”

Eric didn’t hesitate. “Come down Doctor.”

Ludwig ran down the stairs and took the blood promising to provide details later. Using the picture Bobby sent as a guide (seeing the destination was a requirement for teleporting) the doctor landed on Genny’s back porch. The whole incident must have been 2 – 3 minutes from the time Sookie woke until Ludwig left. Sookie and Eric waited another painful 10 minutes until Bobby called. “What’s happening?”

“She’s stable. It’s similar to Sookie. Ludwig gave her enough blood to save her but she’s got some broken ribs and her cheek is in bad shape. She’d lost too much blood from the time I called Ludwig until she arrived to heal her completely.”

“Now what?”

“Ludwig is calling Claudine. Ludwig can only teleport herself, not others. Claudine should be strong enough to move Genny even on a stretcher. She’s hoping to get her to her facility that way. I’ll call you back.”

Eric filled Sookie in quickly and went to grab Celia – she’d woken up while he was talking. He took care of her diaper change while Sookie sat fretting. “Min Röðull, why don’t you take a short nap with Hunter? You need to calm down.”

“I can’t sleep.”

“I can send you something through the bond to help you relax.”

“You can do that?”

“I can.” With an arm around her back, he guided her to the bed. “I’ve got Celia right now. If Genny is admitted to Ludwig’s tonight, I know you’ll want to go there for a while. Get some rest while you can.” She nodded and her eyes grew heavy almost immediately. After tucking her in and giving her a final kiss, he closed the bedroom door and headed to the small sitting area with Celia. “It’s just you and me baby girl. What are we going to do?” Celia, having no idea that there was any need for worry simply smiled and started babbling out a conversation with her Daddy. “I think that’s a good idea. I’ll get the play mat out.”

After another thirty minutes he still hadn’t heard back from Bobby and he grew worried. Just as he was about to call his dayman, Ludwig called him first. “We’re here. Claudine did the transport. Bobby is dealing with the local authorities; Mustapha found a Were detective in Baton Rouge to come out. He arrived while I was still there so he photographed Genny.”

“What happened?”

“Fellowship of the Sun Eric.” She paused. “Look, I don’t have all the answers. Bobby will be on the road soon and right now, Genny is stable, but I need to get a few more things done for her. Are you coming over?”

“We’ll be there. Sookie and Hunter are sleeping. When they get up we’ll head over.”

“See you later then.”

Eric was so involved in the call he didn’t notice Sookie and Hunter were up already. “We’re up – can we head over?”

“Yes. I already packed the diaper bag.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

When they arrived at Ludwig’s they went directly to the room they used to have with the kids. Eric just knew he’d put Genny in there. He was correct, and Theresa was in the room tending to his injured friend. “Sookie, you go in first, make sure she’s decent. I’ll wait here with the kids.”

Eric occupied Hunter and Celia for a short while before Sookie found them in the common room. She was quite upset. Hunter would find out anyway so she just filled Eric in. Genny had been beaten badly. Her face was full of bruises and since Theresa was still getting her changed, Sookie could see the evidence of the beating on her legs. At least they were already in the process of healing, Eric’s blood had changed the contusions into fading yellow. While he wanted answers, Eric would need to wait: Bobby was driving back but the trip would take him at least another three hours. He resigned himself to visiting with Genny and ensuring she was as comfortable as possible.

“She’s still unconscious Eric.”

“I’ll just go in quickly; then I need to see Pam.”

Sookie took Celia from Eric and watched as he approached their old room. She’d noticed how human Eric could appear when he wasn’t on guard. Right now, he was wearing his emotions: His shoulders were slumped, his brow was creased, and his gait appeared hesitant. Eric was obviously worried about his friend. Celia started to fuss and Sookie headed to the kitchen to warm her bottle. She walked by Genny’s room on the way back in time to see Eric lean over and tenderly kiss Genny on the forehead. Her reaction, a poorly contained sob, gave her location away and he joined her at the door.

“You OK?”

“I’m worried. I don’t want to lose her.” His hands raked through his hair and she could feel his worry and guilt. “This happened because of me.”

“You don’t know that this is because of you.”

“It was the Fellowship, Sookie. What other reason would they have to attack Genny?”

“But how would they know . . .”

“The news conference after the foster arrest mentioned that we worked together. It’s the only thing I can think of. Somebody didn’t like that.”

“Eric, Focus on her health. She’s stable right now. We’ll need to figure out what happens tomorrow with her remaining injuries . . .”

“She will be healed of course!”

“IF she wants that Eric.”

“Of course she will. She can’t hold Celia with bruised ribs.”

Deciding there was no point in arguing with him, she changed subjects. “Can you run out for some dinner for Hunter and me? We can eat while we wait for her to wake. I saw that you packed food for Celia.”



While they ate, Eric asked about how he rose. “With everything going on, I forgot to mention how pleased I was when I rose tonight with my baby tucked into my side.”

“You can thank your little buddy.” She nodded towards Hunter. “And Celia herself for that.”

His response was chuckled out. “How is that?”

Hunter took over. “Celia was reaching for you while Mommy was trying to place her in the crib. Well, Celia doesn’t think in words, but it was pretty obvious from the images in her head that she wanted you.”

“Yes, so you see, your little Fidget reminded me – with enthusiasm – that you had purchased the bedrails for that very reason so I gave in.”

“And did she cause any problems?”

“She went right out. You win!”

He turned to give Celia more peas and cooed at her. “That’s my good baby girl. Now you get to nap with Daddy all the time.” Not to leave his part unrewarded he turned to Hunter. “Hunter, you’ll have a new DS game tomorrow for defending my wishes.”

With a sigh, Sookie responded. “I’ll never win another argument again. You’re all on the same side!”

Nobody disagreed with her; they just laughed.


A few hours later, Hunter was nearly asleep on the couch with Sookie and Celia was happily sleeping on Eric’s chest when Genny started to stir. Still holding Celia, Eric was over to her in a moment. “Hi.”

“Er . . .”

“Your cheek probably still hurts, don’t speak. Can you nod?” She did. “Do you need anything?” She shook her head. Ludwig had joined Eric at Genny’s bedside while Sookie waited off to the side. “Can I heal you further? You’ve already had my blood – but only to save you. I can have your bones healed.”

She tried talking again. “T t t t oo much.”

“It’s not. And I will heal you myself if you want, but I have another option. My child has agreed. Genny, you’d be doing me a favor. To have her linked to a soul as good as yours, I think it would help her.” He took one of her hands. “Please.” Genny knew she wanted to feel better. She also knew it was a big deal for Eric to not only offer but ask with a please.

Sookie’s voice broke through her thoughts. “Eric. Clarify what this will mean for her. She only knows about us and we have a bond. It’s very different.”

“Yes Min Röðull.” He kissed Sookie’s forehead and turned back to Genny. “Genny. This will only be a tie so the connection will fade. While it’s still in place, Pam will be able to feel your emotions and location – to an extent. She can’t ‘send’ you anything or control you in any way. Even if she could, I would issue a command preventing it. Your healing is paramount – this is not a tool for her to use at all.”

“Will it still be in place when we move?” Sookie asked.

“Likely – though fading.”

“What do you say Genny?” Sookie asked this time and the woman nodded.

Eric’s relief was evident. “Thank you Genny.”   He started out of the room. “I’ll get the blood.” Ludwig followed him out.

While Ludwig healed Genny, Bobby arrived and Eric pulled him into the common room to learn what he knew. He’d turned Celia over to Sookie when he went to get blood from Pam, but now he had her back so he conducted the meeting with Celia attached to his chest. The man did NOT like to put his baby down; if he could hold her, he did. As a result, Celia could sleep through just about anything if she was attached to her Daddy. “What happened?”

“I left Genny to get some packing boxes for her fragile items. We’d spent the morning moving them all to the kitchen table so we knew what were dealing with. Anyway, I was only gone for about an hour and when I returned home, the sound of the car must have frightened the guy – I saw him run from the house using Genny’s side door. He headed out the back using the yards. I went to Genny first instead of giving chase.”

“I’m glad you did. She needed care right away.” Bobby nodded and Eric continued. “So you called Ludwig?”

“I called from speaker phone while she instructed me on where to apply pressure. It took her almost 8 minutes to get there – but really that’s nothing if you think about it. How is she?”

“She woke and allowed me to give her more blood – Pam’s this time.”


“She agreed to it.”

“That’s interesting. Positive.”


The doctor’s voice broke into the conversation. “Eric?”

“Yes Dr. Ludwig?”

“She’s back asleep now. Sookie is in with her while Hunter sleeps. She’s hoping to read something from her dreams that will help identify the attacker.” The doctor moved closer and put a hand on Eric’s arm. “She’ll be fine Eric. I just want to watch her for a day or two.”

Celia shifted in his arms so he paused to kiss the top of her head and breathe in her scent before he continued. “Thank you doctor.” Ludwig acknowledged his thanks and left Bobby and Eric to their meeting after gently caressing Celia’s head. That baby brought out the gentlest side of everyone that met her.

“Bobby, how did you know it was Fellowship?”

“I guess she was cleaned up before you saw her?”

“Theresa was just finishing when we got here.”

“He wrote it on her torso.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“It is, but we photographed it – well that and her injuries. Honestly, we’re hoping Genny permits us to ‘let that out’ so Newlin can try to explain why he would prey upon a woman like Genny.”

“I don’t want to use her like that.” He was a bit angry at that.

“It will be her choice Eric.”

“If you just ask she’ll say yes.”

“Have Sookie read her – if she’s hesitant but still says yes, we’ll go with her thoughts instead.”

“Agreed. I hate that . . . “

Sookie interrupted his thoughts. “ERIC! I saw him, in her dream, well nightmare.”

“Can you describe him?”

“I can identify him.”


“It was Rene Lanier from Bon Temps.”

“Jason mentioned he was joining the Fellowship with this Rene.”

With a determined tone, Sookie added. “I want to know if Jason was involved.”

Bobby was already on the phone with the Were detective from Baton Rouge assigned to Genny’s case. Eric and Sookie could hear him explaining they had a lead based on the description they got from Genny. After ending the call he updated them. “He’s going to follow-up. If we can connect him via some DNA evidence, we have him.”

To re-emphasize her point, Sookie told Eric. “I want to somehow be able to interview him.”

“SOOKIE! I don’t want you anywhere near this monster!”

“What if Jason was involved? I can hear that and you know it.”

“We’ll find some other way!” They had started yelling and Celia woke. “Shhh baby. . .” He got up and started towards the rocker to put her back to sleep. With the addition of solid foods, she’d been sleeping 8-9 hours straight now, and they wanted to continue that.

Sookie turned away from Eric caring for Celia and spoke to Bobby. “Thank you for your quick thinking today. Calling 911 might not have saved her. Go home Bobby, you look exhausted. Actually, just go to our house and sleep. It’s closer and I don’t think you should drive right now.”

“I think I’ll do that. Thanks Sookie.”

“We’ll be quiet when we come in later. Actually, we should probably get going ourselves. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night Sookie.”

She moved quietly to Eric. “Sweetie, Genny is out, we should get the kids home.”

“What if she wakes?”

“Theresa is sleeping in here. I already spoke to her. There’s another nurse on duty, but Theresa didn’t want to leave her.”

“Genny adopted all of us.”

“That she did. Come on my worry wart.” She could feel his hesitation. She would never voice it out loud but Eric’s feelings when he was with or thought of Genny were identical to her feelings about Gran and Maxine. Eric had found a mother figure – and he would never admit it she was sure – but that didn’t make it any less true. Softening at that realization, she offered a compromise. “How about you help us get into bed for the night then you come back until you have to take shelter?”

“OK. I don’t feel right leaving her.”

“I get it, but I’m planning to tell Genny how sweet you are tomorrow.”

“Prepare for the duct tape treatment when we get to the house woman.”

“If you duct tape my mouth, how will I relieve you of your tension before you return to the hospital?”

He hadn’t even considered that particular activity for the night, but suddenly realized how much that would take some tension away. While he considered this in his head, his mouth opened and closed a few times trying to formulate a witty reply. Nothing came to mind so he simply responded. “You make an interesting point my Sookie. I will simply get the tape out AFTER I am more relaxed.”

“You always have a plan my dear.”

“I’m Eric Northman; of course I have a plan.” He stood and puffed out his chest at her while sporting a proud look.

“When you’re done with your prideful little moment there, can you pull the station wagon around to pick us up at the front?”

“Yes dear.”

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    • NOT PITTSBURGH WOMAN!!! Kennett Square – I want to be able to drive down and see Eric whenever I want. Wait – am I living in reality – no? Whatever. The whole clan? You’ll just have to wait and see if Mags has any magic left for that.


  13. One must have a very warped sense of justice if one can justify the things Jason has done. The Genny incident is just so unjustifiable… I hope everything is done to get Rene and Jason in prison for as many years as possible. Of course the bigger issue is the Fellowship if they truly support actions like hurting a grandmother…

  14. I do hope that Genny goes forward publically with what happened to her –I think it would be a solid way to discredit the Fellowship.

    Now…one thing we have not seen in this story yet is the 1,000 year old Viking Vampire Sheriff on a tear… would be good to remind everyone that while he is a cuddle bear with his family, he’s not someone to be trifled with –and he is definitely someone to be feared when you cross him. Jason –I don’t think you and Rene are long for this world…..
    Excellent chapter!

    • Hi Pat – I’m sorry to say we won’t see Eric IN action – just references to it – I was keeping that out of this story. Don’t worry – Even the Dead can Scar has opportunities for that.


  15. How truly evil to beat an old woman nearly to death and to think anyone would be proud of that. I don’t even think the Newlins will be ok with this. Rene at least had some reservations attacking an old woman, but in the he listened to Jason. I hope this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back in sending Jason and any other Fellowship members to prison.

  16. that was a great update thanks, Jason is gonna get nailed to the wall soon and if Genny agrees Newlin is not going to be too happy they went after someone so prominent in the community.. KY

  17. Poor Genny! Bobby really did some quick thinking by calling Ludwig; he’s improved so much now that he doesn’t have to do Pam’s bidding. Great idea to have Pam give Genny blood; she might feel some good human emotions and at the very least won’t be so bored during her punishment. Hope Rene gives up Jason.

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