Chapter tidbits for MAW – this is not a teaser page

Sometimes you may wonder why I wrote something the way I did and other tidbits.  I’ll be adding to this page so you can get a glimpse of what’s going on in my chaotic, old and over medicated brain while I write this story.  I’ll put a header in front of each section as I add to this by Chapter – so you won’t read anything that could be a spoiler if you aren’t caught up on the whole story.

Overall Background:

Why the hell are you writing something that seems, well melancholy?  I started this story in November 2013 – and that month was a hard one.  First we lost Angela and shortly after my father had another stroke and we decided to stop treating him so we have a few days of hospice and then we lost him.  I’m positive my mood that month is reflected in my words.  Writing this was therapeutic for me – and your acceptance of the story has continued with that.

Chapter 7 – Smitten – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet.

What the hell Mags?  Eric had Appius killed?  He can’t do that!

Well – who says so?  I decided I did NOT want the worry of having Appius hanging over our heads – I also wanted to show the desperation Eric had at the time – that he would try anything and his loyal Weres answered the call.

And that’s how Mags wanted it – that’s how you got it!  Thanks for reading.

Chapter 8 – Brotherly Love – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet.

You have to wait til I think it’s chapter 16 to learn all of Jason’s secrets – so just hang in there.

Why did you have the house demolished?  Again – there IS a reason – but I can’t reveal it now.  AND NO – there was no naked girl on the wrecking ball!

Finally, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t even play one on TV – so I took LIBERTIES in court – I just made it about the nasty bigot judge and Portia.  I plead for leniency!

Chapter 9 – Taking care of business, again – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet.

This chapter doesn’t have too many tidbits – I will tell  you not to be disappointed that she didn’t take blood – because of a specific word:  YET.

I’ve read some fanfiction that has broken ribs being taped – I did some quick research and this is not always or not the common practice any longer – so I left it out.

Chapter 10 – How many last goodbyes? – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet.

I missed posting this with the chapter – sorry bout that.  So the bid secret is a sweet one – possible tissue warning for some of you – here goes:

One of my favorite memories from my childhood – think about the chapter – you might have guessed it.  My Dad always rubbed my back when I was going to sleep.  It’s a dear memory and one that still gets me today – so that little addition was for you Dad.  But – Dad – don’t read the rest of the book.  There are Lemons – the kind you’re allergic to.

Chapter 11 – Remote Wooing – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

In case you’re wondering – so vampire blood healing Hunter.  Using the storyline that Pam couldn’t save her girlfriend Miriam in the books – I’m choosing that vampire blood can heal tissue/bones – because it grows cells.  SO – if someone has cancer or whatever it is that’s blocking Hunter’s kidneys – vampire blood could make those cells grow faster and that’s a bad thing.  That’s my perspective for this book.

And – feedback/reviews/comments at work.  Folks:  This is when I admit – I never tied up the loose ends on the Judge from Jason’s trial.  Well – thanks to your feedback and comments – I did.  You’ve helped me be a better writer and WHOA am I embarrassed that I let that go.  THANK YOU!

Chapter 12 – Something you should know spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

So, for this story, I really am downplaying the whole telepathy stuff.  You guys have been so worried about her telling him – but they had a few evenings together – then he went away (Yes, he visited twice more – but she was asleep).  Then they were apart and this is not a telephone conversation.  Finally, she surprised him in our last chapter but Eric had Pam issues to get off his chest.   So that brings us to our chapter tonight, the first long visit they have and she planned for the discussion.  Sookie and Hunter are telepaths – yes – but that’s just not the core of this story.  Thanks for reading.

Chapter 13 – The Obligatory Date spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

When I was a sophomore in HS, I had a HUGE CRUSH on a basketball player named Bo.  It was the only reason I went to the games.  That year for my birthday, my friends granted me my wish:  Dates with Bo.  They wrapped up dates (the dried fruit kind) in a bag and tied it with a red boW.  They also made me a card that had a picture of him from the local paper making a basket at the recent game.  Not that I needed it, I had cut out every picture of course.  I was 16, I don’t do that kind of stuff now (wait, what’s that?  My calendar that KJWRIT designed with ASKARS and all those internet pictures is the same thing – well Daum I guess so.).

Anyway – I never spoke to him in school but did run into him years later at a bar – and he was bald.  I was over the crush.

I was reminded of this since you guys are getting you wish for a date – Sookie and Eric’s date today.

Chapter 14 – An Opportunity spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

First – in my post I mention one of my favorite interactions – here it is:

“But I bet it’s your fangs that really can scare people.  . . . . HEY!  Can I seeum?”  Eric obediently dropped his fangs for Hunter and the boy looked with fascination.  “COOL!”

Eric just chuckled and started to pull them in.  Sookie was coming out of the bathroom at the same time and giggled just when Hunter did.  “What’s so funny?”

Hunter pointed to his nose.  “You.  Your nose twitches when you pull in your fangs.”

Eric looked indignant.  “It.  Does.  Not.”

Sookie confirmed.  “Oh yes it does.  It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.”

Eric’s mouth hung open for a moment before he responded.  “Woman, you did not just call my 1000 year old fangs cute.”

“No, I called your nose cute.  Your fangs are sexy.”

He leered at her then shook his head.  “Behave.  Get in the bed, we’re watching Tangled now.”

Second:  The bike:

A Harley?  Yeah, I know others have used bikes before (Nobody better than All About Eric and the fight scene with Niall) – but I live close to York PA where Softails are made and that’s PART of the reason for using a Harley.

The other is – a starstruck moment for me.  Years ago I was at my company’s headquarters for a very early morning customer visit (one of my customers from Princeton).  Employees who worked at headquarters were arriving and since the customer visit center was right at the lobby, you could see most of them walking in.  At one point, I heard the Harley and I knew who it was.  I’d only every seen him on stage at conferences or video promotions – and he was one of the MAIN creators of our technology.  I was starstruck!   I jumped up in the middle of the meeting (with the CIO and Project Manager from my customer) and yelled, It’s Baer, It’s Baer!

Ans this ladies and gentlemen, it why I’m a project manager and not a director (likely ever) at my company.

Chapter 15 – Almost spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

“I’m gonna love you til it hurts” – I think that was the quote from some blog about fanfic writers hurting their Sookie’s over and over again.  Guess he never read the original CH version – Bill having her beaten then raping her; Neave and Lochlin, the almost bombing (soda can) then the real bombing?  So – here I did it and gave her a car accident.

Mags – how could you?

Whatever – I needed Eric to get his blood in her and give her a new car.  I also needed that moment of decision when Hunter begged Eric to stay with him and Eric’s need to convince Hunter that his leaving was for the best.  Plus – an accident in her unsafe car seemed plausible to me.

Oh – and in case I haven’t mentioned this before – it’s my story.

Chapter 16 – Damn Lemons spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

So – Most of you figured out that we weren’t going to save Marjorie – vampire blood cannot heal cancer – it only makes the cancer cells grow more.

Now you know more about Jason (which was also in a teaser at one point).  Course – this also comes in a chapter where you still want to beat him – after what he helped do to Sookie.  Wonder if they can help him or not?  In any case – Hunter is our focus.

Pam, Pam, Pam . . . still lurking in the story line with her plans.  It takes a while for that bit to play out.

Chapter 17 – Distraction spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

OK – I took liberties with Eric’s backstory.  Honestly – I wrote this a while ago – but then was watching Vikings and noticed – all the fighters go ‘a Viking’ and leave the weak behind and vulnerable.  I think my plan for leaving some fighters behind for protection makes sense.  Just call me Chieftain Mags.

Chapter 18 and 19 – Bond and I smell a Rat spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

These chapters were just one until recently – my problem:  I wanted to call the movie part Bond for obvious reasons (and to make you think you were going to read about them discussing the bond or something) and I so so wanted – I smell a rat for the other part.  So – I split them.  Silly I know – but I posted them on the same night so nobody could complain you only got a tiny chapter.

More on Bond – and my father- when I was a teen (and beyond) watching Bond movies was something my Dad and I did.  We loved them – time was I could watch a few seconds of one and name the film.  I can do it some of the time now (age = many dead brain cells).  Hope you liked your glimpse of Mags the Bond Geek!

Chapter 20 – A Visit from Saint Eric – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

I’m a GEEK – I know it.  The songs I mentioned – well – I played them over and over again while writing this chapter.  When I heard The Greatest Gift – I could literally see Eric and Sookie in my head and I knew I had to incorporate it in somehow.

The letter theft – originally that was WAY earlier in the story – but I needed to move it and buy some time.  The romance just had to come first.

Chapter 21 – Stubborn – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

Parts of this chapter were written right after the letter was.  I had daydreamed other parts – but the talk in his room where he tells her he doesn’t want to do this anymore – that’s been written since November.

As for some of you wondering – they got engaged already?  I say – Yep, yep I did that so soon – and guess what?  I DID NOT plan it – they were literally having their discussion and ERIC led me to the dresser with the ring.  I swear that how it happened.  I decided to just go with it.

Chapter 22 – That Pam – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

You all knew this was coming – a few of you even guessed at what Pam would do (so many chapters ago I don’t recall the names – SORRY).

I also want to point out – cause I know I read new chapters fast and miss stuff – this was a continuation of the prior chapter.  Sookie finally can the greatest gift she gives Eric:  He can let his guard down.  A house, job or car – mean nothing in comparison.  Some of you felt Sookie reacted appropriately, some thought she needed to do more to earn forgiveness.  This final chat where he says no more guilt or apologies in Chapter 22 – closes out the stubborn behavior.

Chapter 23 – The Cure – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

You’ve all been waiting for the cluviel dor – and now you have it.  NOT what you wanted I bet. . .

Patience my lovelies, Mags has a plan.

Chapter 25 – Going to the Chapel – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

I loved shopping for wedding stuff – I know some readers would rather that I spend time on words – but sometimes as a writer – the images HELP with the words.

Jason – You’re out for blood I’m sure – and so is Eric – but Sookie would NEVER want him killed – it just is the way it is.  Have we seen the last of Jason?  What do you think?

The reminisce scene from the night of Pam’s punishment.  The recall was placed in THIS chapter because it does not include the violence from the punishment chapter but the emotions / perspective from Eric.  For the readers that skipped the outtake, I thought it was another important chance to show what Sookie gives him:  The opportunity to be vulnerable and needy.

As for the final line:  Eric having a little girl and being overprotective?  Not a new storyline for me – but I can’t resist!  I love me some overprotective Daddy – are you surprised?  Hell no!

Chapter 26Hope – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

When Johanna says – “Otay. Can me help you?” – that was one of my favorite questions my Emma asked me – she had me and you mixed up.

Annndd – now you know where comments come in.  Genny’s return to the story was all from your desires to see more of her – THANKS!

Finally – Celia (heavenly), splendidly sleek and feminine, is a name that was scattered throughout Shakespeare and other Elizabethan literature, but still manages to feel totally modern.  Shakespeare has been credited with introducing Celia in As You Like It

Chapter 27Justice – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

I know many of you wanted Eric to open an orphanage – but this is still good – right?  Genny ensured all the kids had homes or if they were in a hospital they had a real advocate.  The news will also help – you’ll see.

Aaaannnnddd we’re finally at Ludwig’s.


Chapter 28Why would she do that? – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

Before you roast me – Note that I didn’t ‘cure’ Pam here – I only got her to THINK about things.  I gave her an opportunity  –  she will not be perfect at the end of the year – so don’t go thinking I’m taking this to far out of being realistic.  It’s just a start.


Chapter 29Familiar Faces – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

Besides being one of my favoritists chapters ever?

Well, some of you may be disappointed that I didn’t make a bigger deal about them bonding – but remember this isn’t about him being a vampire or her being a telepath – so I downplayed it.

What’s with all the wall vinyls?  You find out in a chapter or two – but Bobby has a connection to the company owner – that and I felt like playing one day.

AND – as for where I left it?  I needed to split up the first night – it was getting too long.  You won’t need to wait long.

Chapter 33The Keystone State – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

WOW – I haven’t been here to update for a while.

First – Yes, I left you a cliffy – but you know darn well I don’t do it often and the words seriously typed themselves.  You’ll see the next chapter tomorrow.

The PA Stuff?  So Kennett Square is an hour south of me – and a lovely area (It really is the mushroom capital – and YES there is a museum – sadly I’ve never been.)  Longwood Gardens is a place we visit often – it’s always changing.  There are no weddings held there – ever – but this is fiction. . .

Chapter 34No Ordinary Miracle – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

Ready for this – in my first plannings and notes for this book, Hunter did in fact die.  Sookie and Eric left the area as planned with an uncured Hunter.  They just wanted to enjoy him for what time they had outside a hospital.  Epilogue was about 6 years later – a pregnant Sookie and a 2 year old daughter returning to the area to bury Hunter in Bon Temps as he wanted.  If you’ve been reading my tidbits, you may recall that I started this story right after Angela and my father died – that’s the place I was in.  Then when I started writing more than the outline and summary – I fell too in love with Hunter to do that.  A few of you know this – but now all of you can – well those that read tidbits.


Chapter 35Genny – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

Why did I do that?  One reason comes out in the next chapter.  The other – I wanted to show Eric’s love for this woman – a maternal almost figure in his life.  Simple as that.

It wasn’t even planned as part of my outline either and I debated taking it out.  But in the end, it stayed.

Chapter 37See Daddy Marry Mommy – spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

(as if the title doesn’t give the chapter topic away).


First Dance – Annie’s Song (John Denver)

End Dance – You’re the Inspiration (Chicago)

Chapter 38 Nick of Time spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

So – a few of you asked about Bill – and now you have that answer.  Originally, this was the end of the story – with an epilogue.  No worries, you have two more chapters then the epilogue.


Epilogue spoiler if you haven’t read it yet

Hope I tied up the loose ends.  Eric and Sookie truly did have their years together raising the kids without being hidden.  It was only on their terms that they were found when they went back to Louisiana.

Some may read this and see that Jason got redemption and Pam didn’t.  I can see it that way too – the difference for me is that Jason realized his actions had been bad so Sookie is willing to take the time to reconcile – note she didn’t automatically forgive and forget.  Pam really only seemed to get better about the situation.  I didn’t write it this way at first – in fact, I only ‘killed’ Pam about two weeks ago after some serious thought.

42 thoughts on “Chapter tidbits for MAW – this is not a teaser page

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  2. You found a way to channel your grief into something creative and lovely. And since I fully expect a happy ending, getting through the darkness before the light is no problem at all.

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  7. I love this story im only sorry how it came about to lose someone you love is very hard but you found a way to channel your grief and we received a great story I was wondering if hunters friend will make it I hope so poor guy has enough on his plate also I hope the rats get theirs the no good so and s.o.b.s

  8. I’m thrilled that the telepathy isn’t going to be the MAIN thing with this story. Loving all the differences thus far, and whatever you write, mags! Anything you feel you need to write, that’s cathartic for you, there’s no need to explain. This is your story. If you want to share, I’ll read & tear up for sure but ultimately, it’s your story to tell, and so far, it’s stunning.

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    • Correct – it was an accident. The Pam stuff takes a while to play out.

      I was waiting for someone to pop over here and see this – I have tons of comments about Pam doing it. I never even considered that – bald tires, wet roads.

      Thanks for checking this page out.

      • I guess its because you shifted over to this almost immediately after Pam was trying to figure out how she coould sabotage sook. ALSO after Eric musing whether he couldtrust Bobby, who had been glamoured into answers by Pam before.

        No matter, I LOVE the web you’re weaving. I deal with enough real-life crap during my workday, that i love fics that are sentimental and romantic.

        oh, and you generally see me on FB as Vera R.

        • I get the link – I just NEVER saw it myself (forest for trees or something like that) since I know how the Pam crap plays out. In any case – you guys had me adding stuff to the next chapter to close the loop and as always – I appreciate reviews for just that reason – helps me be a better writer.

  12. I get so excited when I get an update and I know its going to be a great chapter until next week thanks ps I also thought it was pam and that sookie would have memory problems im so glad she didnt

    • I never even thought of memory problems – someone else mentioned that. I’m not following the books really.

      No Pam – just an accident – many did think Pam.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  14. Impressed with how you have managed to turn a difficult time for you & your family into something creative, your story as a way to work through your grief. We all appreciate your effort!

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  16. If you had let Hunter die I’d be a mess of tears(partly because I ran out tissue) I wouldn’t be mad though because it would have been realistic. However I’m happy with the outcome.

  17. I will admit I cheated and found out Hunters fate pretty early on… if I knew he wasn’t going to make it, I would have said no way I can read. Then I would have snuck lil looksys and lost it at the epilogue – thank you for not doing that.

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