Even the Dead Can Scar

New Story from magsmacdonald.  Thank you to my Creative Consultant (Gyllene of course!) and NEW:  my BETA MistressJessica.

Fantastic Banner by Gyllene:

Even The Dead Can Scar Banner

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Even the dead can scar

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Story Summary:  Starts after the Maenad attacks Sookie and she’s been healed.  An unlikely confidant will help Sookie realize that Bill has been manipulating her but before that can be explored, Eric needs her in Dallas. The story progresses through some challenges then onto time for Eric and Sookie to heal and grow closer.  E/S HEA is a guarantee.  Tissues may be required for some.  Rated M.  AU and OOC

Based on:  A combination of SVM and TB:  Picking and choosing what I want, throwing out the crap I don’t and adding whatever else makes sense to me and the story.  See Canon and not for details.

If you have aversions to certain story themes – I have created a separate TRIGGER warnings page.  It’s somewhat spoilerish – but for folks upset at certain topics, please read before you start the story.  I’m being up-front – don’t yell later.

Character Page  – go here.

Awards and Nominations:

even-the-dead-can-scar-magsmacdonald-best-of-both-worlds even-the-dead-can-scar-magsmacdonald-the-greatest-love-story even-the-dead-can-scar-magsmacdonald-roller-coaster-award even-the-dead-can-scar-magsmacdonald-the-alan-ball-award






34 thoughts on “Even the Dead Can Scar

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    • Your confidence in my ability to write lemons like that is overwhelming. I can hardly get out lemons for a pairing!
      To clarify – this will not be the three of them romantically paired – I very much DO like stories that have them together (Mavrosal being the measure for those – Kittyinaz – love hers as well).
      The plot in this story just doesn’t take us there.
      Thanks for the interest!

  2. I’m so excited…I can hardly wait…the banners are so foreboding…SO EXCITED! I am also looking forward to short haired Eric. 🙂

    • Yes – I’m still building the outline and tidbits of script for this – don’t have enough to start posting. For MAW – I have about three more chapters of writing left (not you guys – I have many lined up to edit and post) – so I’ll get started on this one heavy duty in about 2 weeks.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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  4. Waiting patiently for the story. Taps her fingers. Looks around. Taps her fingers. Waits quietly. Taps her fingers. Hums tonelessly. Taps her fingers. Whimpers. Taps her fingers. Rolls her eyes & falls backwards. Gets up. Huffs. Limps off sniffling.

    • It’ll be a while. I have only an outline and quotes – and my method is to have at least 15 chapters DONE before I start posting. But glad you’re excited!
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  5. Can’t wait. Just asking, but will there be a lot of angst? Lots of Bill-hating? I can take the Bill-hating…bring it on…but a lot of angst?…not so sure. Still excited though 🙂

  6. Excited for your new story to post loved make a wish and beauty and the vampire beast great stories probably reread them again until your new story is posted.

    • Hi – glad you’re excited – just ensuring that you know Make a Wish is still in progress – it’ll be a total of 40 chapters plus an epilogue. Scar – will be a while. I like to have 15 done before I start posting and I’m at 4. SLOW!!!


  7. I figured I will join the impatiently patiently waiting group of reviewers here. I do love a good Bill hating fic as long as there is a smart badass Sookie to go along with it and an eventual Eric/Sookie HEA. *hands in order sheet* please and thank you

    • Order accepted – will ah ah take it under consideration. You’ll really hate bill – i mean REALLY.

      Trying to make Sookie smart – she has some realizations to come to in the beginning – but give her a chance.

      E/S HEA? OF COURSE – that’s why we’re here right?

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  9. So excited! Cannot wait for this one to start! Love when Bheel’s treachery is exposed and Sookie is actually allowed to react like a real human! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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  16. I hope when you wrote this you weren’t apologizing for using both TB and book “facts.” Fan fiction is your version of events and you get to pick and choose what canon to honor as you write your own story. I just read Beauty and the Vampire Beast all the way through. Great story. I liked that you did exactly what you said you’re doing for this story when choosing which canon to use. Can’t wait to read this one. Thank you for writing it.

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