Chapter 2 – Friends

Chapter 2 – Friends

NOTE  we meet a new character:  Eliane and her name is pronounced:  Elly Ahh nee

“Get your hands off him Sookeh and let’s go!”

“Bill, she can hardly walk. You can’t just order her around.”

“If she can go to Dallas, she can walk to my car.”

Eric pinched the bridge of his nose. He HAD to make this situation work. If Bill left with Sookie, he had no doubt he’d be hurting her again and then sending more dreams and feelings of forgiveness to cover it up. Sookie’s eyes were open now – the cycle needed to end here. After learning what Bill had been doing, he just wanted her free so she could be rid of him. He’d figure out how to woo her properly after she’d recovered from Bill’s ‘love’.

He was going to focus on the business aspect. With a pleading look he tried to convey to Sookie that she needed to follow his lead but he could only glance her way for a second without giving anything away to Bill. “This is business Bill; she needs to work in Dallas.”

“Work? You think you’re carting her out of state to work?”

“I am. The Sheriff of Area 9 in Texas is missing making this official business and Sookie is needed. We have a verbal agreement.”

“I don’t think so Eric. Sookeh is MINE and she’s not going anywhere without me.”

“Fine, you’re the area investigator now; you can help by joining me in Dallas.” When Bill’s face showed he still wasn’t in agreement, Eric added, “Would you like me to call HER and confirm we should help Stan, the King of Texas, find his missing Sheriff? Texas is one of our allies Bill.”

If possible, Bill paled further at those words. Eric knew Bill wouldn’t want to call the Queen over this. Gods knew Eric didn’t even want her involved if he could help it. It worked though.

“Fine, I will go with you to protect Sookeeh and to help you investigate.”

The next part wasn’t what Eric wanted, but it needed to be done. “And you’ll heal Sookie so she can work?  You were planning to heal her last night but Ludwig wanted you to wait ‘til her body had more human blood in it. A topical healing will work.” Eric could hear Sookie’s heartbeat race at the thought of having more of Bill’s blood and he hated to expose Sookie to more of it but Bill would never permit him to heal Sookie. If Bill fed Sookie blood rather than just rubbing it on the wounds, Eric would deal with the blood side effects later – like when he killed Bill. He gave her another urgent look hoping she wouldn’t be stubborn but Bill chimed in, he swore, just to aggravate her.

In truth, Bill was happy for the excuse to put more blood in Sookie. The blood loss last night and transfusion of more human blood seemed to have weakened his hold on her. It wasn’t something he was going to admit out loud though. “That is not YOUR call. Sookeh is MINE! She chose to walk away from me last night and the maenad got her – healing naturally might be the best reminder.” The harshness of the words surprised Eric – Bill must have been very mad to not hide his comments. Before Eric could register the movement since he was still in shock, the Civil War vampire moved to pull Sookie from her seat on the floor. “We’ll meet you at the airfield in thirty minutes.” If her heartbeat raced in fear a moment ago – now she was near panic. Given her history with Bill, the history he learned about today, Eric believed her panic was due to being with Bill alone.

“We’ll all go together from here. I promised Sookie a shower and a change of clothes before the flight.” Without taking his eyes off Bill he called to his child. “Pamela. See to Sookie’s needs please.” Moving quickly, Pam carefully took hold of Sookie and guided her to the employee lounge. “Bill, you have thirty minutes, I suggest you get some extra khakis and golf shirts at the Gap down the street for the trip. I won’t be seeing to your needs in Dallas.”


Bill was out the door quickly and Eric knew he had only a few precious minutes to speak to Sookie once she was out of the shower. He formulated his words; not wanting to scare her but more warn and assure her he would help her from this mess just as soon as he could. She only needed to be strong for a bit more. A mix of truth and assurance is what Sookie needed now.

As he approached the shower he was shocked to smell Pam’s blood. He yelled through the door. “PAMELA! Vad har du gjort? (What have you done?).

”I only rubbed some on her back to help the marks. She’ll still be a little tired from the blood loss and possible bits of poison left but she can move better.”

”PAMELA!” Pride and anger both warred within him. He knew his child favored Sookie, even though she was human, but Bill could cause problems with this action.

Sookie’s voice calmed him. ”I agreed Eric. I was in pain and afraid that Bill was going to heal me and afraid he wasn’t at the same time. Since I didn’t ingest it – it’s not the same as having another vampire’s blood, right?”

The timing was horrible. He wanted to hide Sookie away, let her heal, kill Compton and free her but his priority had to be Godric while still trying to keep Sookie safe. Besides, he hadn’t come up with an excuse for killing Bill yet. “Technically you are correct.”

“I still have marks and I’m still somewhat stiff but not in actual pain now. I’m getting in the shower so maybe he won’t smell it?”

“A shower won’t cover it. Pam, when Bill returns, be sure you’re doing Sookie’s hair and get a drop of blood on it or something. Get your hand caught in her zipper – anything to excuse the scent.”

“I’ll be sure we have a plausible explanation.” His child was exceptionally clever, she’d come up with a way to fool the idiot vampire.

“Sookie, while you’re drying off I have something to discuss with you. I’ll return to just outside this door when I hear the water stop.”

“Sure Eric.”

While Sookie showered, Pam came into his office and they packed his desk for the trip. Pam was quiet knowing Eric was deep in thought and she was correct. It was the first moment he had to consider what could have happened to the man he considered his father. Godric and he had remained close; closer than many makers and their children. The idea that he was hurt tore at Eric. Except for Russell Edgington, the 3000 year old vampire king of Mississippi, Eric didn’t know of any stronger vampires in North America. Only a handful of vampires in the whole world were stronger than Godric and yet humans, simple, weak humans had taken him. It was inconceivable to him AND scary. The religious zealots from the Fellowship of the Sun were headquartered in Dallas, had they found a way to find and capture vampires? While he had been teasing Bill before about calling the Queen, he realized it was a call he should make. ‘On second thought, I’ll just investigate quickly and then call her from Dallas with information. Right now all I have is speculation.’ Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq was younger than Eric and honestly, a whiney, spoiled vampire who had her loyal children catering to her. She was bleeding Louisiana dry with her personal luxury spending. For the most part, she left Eric alone and he paid her his required tribute. The relationship worked and more importantly, he didn’t want to rule as king. Keeping Sophie-Anne in place allowed him to control his small spot of the world and keep a good deal of autonomy. It was a boat he didn’t want to rock.

The water shut off from Sookie’s shower and he headed back to the dressing room, thankful he’d thought to close the bar for the night and cancel any staff from showing up. “Sookie, can you hear me?”

“Yes Eric.”

“How are you feeling now?”

“Better. I’ll sleep on the plane though, I’m sure.”

“That will be fine. I’ll probably investigate tonight with Bill after we arrive and check-in, so that will keep him away from you for the entire night. I’ll try to return very close to dawn then retrieve you both for work right at sunset tomorrow night.”

“Eric?” The questioning tone of her just saying his name spoke volumes. She wanted to know how he would know keeping Bill away was a good thing. She wanted to know what he knew. She was worried that Bill suspected something. With a sigh, Eric knew it was time to fess up.

“Sookie, I know things aren’t as they seem with you and Bill. I had different plans on how to help until this situation with my maker changed things. I will still help you but you will need to act like his while we are in Dallas. Our rooms at the hotel are across from each other. I won’t let him hurt you. But honestly, my goal is to keep you both apart or surrounded by others so that he doesn’t even get an opportunity. Until I can have his blood tie removed, you can’t leave him. In vampire terms, you belong to him.”

Unconsciously, he placed a hand and his forehead on the door as if trying to comfort her while he waited for her response. He didn’t realize that she’d done the same from her side as she stood and silently considered his words. The only sound he heard from the other side of the door was her heartbeat and a sniffle now and then. She hadn’t moved for a minute or two at all. “Sookie?”

Her response was almost a whisper. “Thank you Eric.” It was all she needed to say.

“No thanks are needed min modiga man. It’s what a friend would do. And I am your friend Sookie – even if you hear me refer to you as simply an asset. Things will be more formal in Dallas.” He sighed at that – hating to say the words but it was necessary. “Can you remember that Sookie?”

“I understand and will remember. You told me about this perception being necessary when we were at the mall together.” Finally he heard her moving as well, like she was drying off. “And you are a friend Eric.” He heard her giggle. “What did you call me this time? Pain in the ass?”

He laughed at her comment. “That’s one I’ll save for another time. I called you my brave one.”

The giggle was gone from her voice as she responded weakly. “I don’t feel so brave right now Eric.”

“You’re the bravest human I know. This will all be behind you soon.” Again, as if he were sending comfort, he caressed the door with his hand. “Until this is over, try to stay awake all night if you can and sleep only while he is at rest. He can only send dreams while he is awake and you are asleep.”

“Ok. I’ll do that. . . . WAIT! On the plane though?”

“I’ll keep him working so he won’t have a chance to send you a dream. He might try to send you emotions, but I bet with your blood loss, his tie to you is weak.”

“Ok. Can you send Pam back with my outfit? We need to get going, right?”

“Yes, Bill will be back any moment. Get dressed and come to the office for whatever ruse Pam has planned to get the scent of her blood on you.”

“Where did he go?”

“I sent him to the Gap in the strip mall across the street so he could get a supply of khakis and golf shirts.” Her laughter was music to him and he smiled. “Can you laugh now without pain?”

“Yes. But that wasn’t a huge problem since you can’t really laugh around Bill; he can suck the fun out of anything.”

“Very true Sookie.”

A short while later, Pam and Sookie were set-up in the office and Pam was playing with Sookie’s hair as Bill walked in. The reaction in the room proved Sookie’s comments had been right. Just before he opened the door, the trio was laughing about Ginger’s earlier microwave fire; Bill walked in and they all stopped as he glared at each of them. Pam was securing Sookie’s hair with a bun pulling needle when she accidentally pricked her finger letting a few drops fall into Sookie’s hair and one on her upper back above the dress she was wearing. Eric could see Bill’s nostril’s flare. The incident was over quickly after Pam wiped up the blood and now there was no worry about Pam’s scent. Pam had even selected a dress with a back that exposed the edge of one maenad’s scratches so he could see she still had wounds. Eric was pleased; his child had done well.

Eric stood and ordered, “Let’s get to the plane.”

As they’d discussed, Sookie stood and moved close to Bill, taking his hand. The other side of Bill’s personality had come back and he was graciously helping Sookie into the back of a mini-van of all things. Sookie couldn’t help but laugh. “A mini-van Pam?”

Pam settled into her seat then turned to look at Sookie. Given the company, she didn’t reveal the main reason she drove a van: easy body disposal. Instead she replied with her second favorite reason, “Shoes Sookie, think shoes.” Then she simply started the car and headed toward the private plane she’d booked for the travelers.

As they pulled up to the airfield, Sookie gasped when she saw the private plane and Bill smiled at her innocence. He did honestly like that about her. “Excited Darling?” Sookie nodded.

Ignoring the exchange, Eric offered, “Bill, why don’t you get Sookie settled? I need to provide Pam a few instructions for while I am away.”

“Certainly Eric. Come Sweetheart; let’s get you tucked in for the flight.”

Eric and Pam both stood silently as they waited for Bill and Sookie to board the plane. “Master, your instructions?”

“Thalia is on the plane already?”

“Of course, I sent her early to do a security sweep.”

“Did you give her background?”

“On Bill’s abuse?” Eric nodded. “Yes. She’ll assist you with keeping them in public or apart as much as possible. She also wants to kill Bill given her wife beater of a husband, but I’ll leave that for the two of you to decide. You left me only a short note about what you saw on the video – I take it there’s more detail?”

He nodded his response to her question and added verbally, “I need an excuse to kill him Pam. At minimum, a reason to hold him when we get back. I need time to break his blood tie to her.”

“Understood Eric.”

“I’ll call the Queen with an update before resting for the day.”

“You’re thinking Fellowship?”

“I am.”

“I wish you good hunting then Eric.”

With that, he was gone and onto the plane. “Bill, Sookie, have you found everything you need? You met Thalia?”

“Eric, this is spoiling me I’m sure for flying on a commercial plane. My guess is coach is not like these reclining seats. And yes, Thalia introduced herself when we got on.”

“This is your first flight?” She nodded. “You’re right – coach is not like this at all. Hopefully your seat is comfortable enough for you to sleep. Pam tried to secure a plane with a bedroom but couldn’t get one on such short notice.” He stowed his gear in a closet and started towards the back. “Have a pleasant rest Sookie.” The smile he sported for Sookie dropped immediately when he turned to Bill. “I’d like to meet with you and Thalia on strategy once we’ve taken off. I’ll be at the table in the back.”

“Yes Eric. I do need to ensure Sookie is comfortable first.”

“I’m fine Bill, go with Eric now. A man’s life is at stake. I can surely handle take-off nerves given the importance of your part in the investigation.” Eric was impressed. She’d managed to get him to leave her alone by giving him a compliment that she likely didn’t believe.

So Bill wouldn’t have a chance to pick through her feelings and discern her honesty, he spoke right away. “I appreciate that Sookie, I do need Bill’s assistance and the flight is very short. I want to . . . what is the phrase? . . . Ah, hit the ground running when we land.”

“Very well.” Bill said as he leaned down to kiss Sookie. “Pleasant dreams Sookie.”

“Thank you Bill.”

The next thing Sookie remembered was Bill jiggling her shoulder to wake her up. The hour long flight wasn’t nearly enough to fully recharge her but she thought it was enough to keep her awake until the sun rose. She’d order a pot of coffee when they got to the hotel to help.

“We’ll check in first, then Bill and I will go to Stan’s nest for a preliminary meeting followed by our investigation of Godric’s home. Sookie, I will have Thalia at the hotel to watch out for you while we are gone. Bill agreed to this plan on the plane.”

“I’m perfectly capable of informing my pet of the plan Eric.”

Sookie flinched at the wording. “Oh Sweetheart, you know I don’t mean that. We just have to follow protocol since we’re out of the area.”

“Of course Bill.”

“Sheriff, I’ll secure the car for us.”

“Thank you Thalia.” He turned to Bill and Sookie. “The ride to the hotel is about 45 minutes so you might want to freshen up before we leave Sookie.”

“Good idea.” Sookie entered the bathroom on the plane and was not surprised to find a note from Eric. How he’d gotten it in there without Bill’s knowledge – or when he’d written it – she didn’t know.

She figured she better do her human thing while she read the note just in case.


I will be keeping Bill occupied all night long so if you must nap you can, but try to only sleep a short while. Until we can deal with Bill’s dreams, it’s safest for you to go on vampire hours. Sleeping too long tonight will only cause you problems going forward. He may still try to influence you with the existing blood tie or even try to get more blood in you. Sookie, I know now that you want to move on from Bill so even if he does that and somehow softens your heart to him again, I’m planning to find a way to break your tie so you can be free. If you choose to return to Bill after that, it will be of your own free will.

I know you may not be pleased with this but Thalia has been informed of your difficult relationship and she has some information to offer you. Please do not be angry at Thalia. She is speaking for me; covering topics I cannot speak about in a letter or while Bill is close. Sometimes Thalia opens up though and you might find her background interesting. If you want to be upset that Thalia knows what’s happening, wait and take it out on me at some point when we don’t have Bill around.

Finally Sookie, be brave. I don’t know what the next nights will bring but I promise you, if I am standing when this rescue mission is over, you will not return to your suffering any longer.

Your friend,


PS: Because I know you’re curious. Thalia placed this note in the restroom at my instruction. I wrote it while she occupied Bill for a short while as you slept. Be sure to put this note in the trash before you leave the plane.

PPS: You snore. It’s adorable.

Laughter threatened to bubble up at his last comment but she kept a lid on it, threw the note in the trash and left the rest room. Everyone was ready to head out; Thalia had procured the rental car. It was waiting next to the plane.

At the speed Eric drove, they made it to the Silent Shores Hotel in just over thirty minutes, but Sookie was sure her fear of an accident took more than the saved fifteen minutes off her life. The hotel was big and luxurious with high ceilings, marble, and brass in the lobby. Having not traveled much at all, Sookie had never imagined anything this beautiful when she heard Pam say she booked suites. “Wow, this place is nice.”

“I’m sure you’ll like the room too.” Eric smiled at her causing Compton to growl.

Sookie ignored him. “If it is anywhere near as nice as this lobby, I will.”

“Come Sookie, I have our key.”

Bill took hold of Sookie and started to walk. Eric stopped them. “Hang on Bill. Sookie’s shopper is in the bar waiting for her. I want to leave for Stan’s; can the bellboy take your bag up?” Without waiting for an answer, he focused on Sookie. “Her name is Eliane; you’ll know her by her red hair and pink suit. I know this is rushed, but she needs to get your details so she can purchase what you need for tomorrow and the rest of the trip.”

“Sure thing Eric, I’ll go meet with her.”

“Thalia will stay with you.”

A bellboy approached them and started loading Bill’s duffle bag and Thalia’s suitcase onto his cart. ‘Damn Fangers. This one can’t even try to look pleasant. Wonder what’s wrong with him. Looks like he’s constipated and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vampire in khakis and a golf shirt.’

Sookie almost laughed at the bellboy’s thoughts then stopped when he looked sharply at her. ‘You can hear me?’ He thought to her.

She looked away to keep the situation hidden. ‘Yes, come up to the twelth floor later where we can think in private. I’ve never met another telepath.’

Same here, I’m done work at 2:00AM, will that be too late?’ “To what room am I delivering these bags?”

‘Not at all.’ Sookie thought to him, while Thalia answered out loud.

“If you give me a moment, I will just settle Miss Stackhouse with her shopper then I will escort you up to the rooms.”


With a respectful nod, Thalia turned to her Sheriff. “I have things under control here. I will see you back after you have completed your investigation for tonight.”

“Thank you Thalia.”

Bill had moved to Sookie’s side while Thalia and Eric spoke and he was now wishing her a goodnight. “Sweetheart, make sure you sleep while I’m gone. I’m certain your body is still recovering from yesterday.”

“I will. You be safe now.”

“I will. I love you.”

Sookie leaned in for a kiss and offered a quick “You too,” and hoped it didn’t sound as fake as it was. Eric helped Sookie cover up the fake affection by carting Bill off before he could read too much into the interaction.

Thalia settled Sookie in with her shopper and left with Barry. “Miss Stackhouse, I’m Eliane Charleston. Pamela Ravenscroft contacted me for shopping services.”

“If you’re shopping for me, I think you can call me Sookie. May I call you Eliane?” The woman nodded. “So how does this work? Nobody has ever shopped for me before.”

“I have a list of needs from Ms. Ravenscroft based on what she knew of your meeting schedule. I just need your sizes and tastes. I understand you have a suite here at the hotel, we can meet there and talk in a more private setting if you’d like?”

“I’d prefer that, thank you. I don’t have a key though; we’ll need to wait for Thalia to return.”

“I see her now, let’s head out to her.”

The women rode the elevator making pleasant conversation, mostly about Dallas and the weather until they were in the room. There, Eliane reached into her ridiculously large purse and handed Sookie a smaller bag. At Sookie’s confused expression she explained. “Pam thought you might need some items right away so I’ve already purchased you some night clothes and a lounging outfit for the hotel room here.”

“Perfect. Thank you so much. I’m calling for some coffee. Can I get you anything?”

“I took the liberty of ordering a cart of snacks hoping you’d want to talk privately.”

They met for a while going over styles and sizes. Sookie was a little overwhelmed by the amount of clothing Eliane was asked to purchase but she kept her mouth shut. If Pam thought she needed it, she might and if not? Well, that’s what returns were for. By the time Eliane left, she had all the details of Sookie’s clothing needs and promised to return at 4:00 PM the next day with the purchases.

After seeing Eliane out, Thalia stayed with Sookie and watched over her as she rested; at first the telepath pretended to read but Thalia noticed she wasn’t focused on the pages but deep in thought. In reality, Sookie was chatting with Barry, the bellboy she’d met when they first arrived. In those few brief moments, Sookie had given Barry a background on her life and he replied in kind. Barry explained that while he was terrified of vampires, working with them was somewhat peaceful. He was amazed at Sookie’s ability to work in a public bar. What amazed him more was that Sookie was here to work – using her telepathy. Barry had a hard time believing that Eric Northman was paying her $10,000 to come and read minds! Sookie offered to discuss her employment with him further – maybe they could both benefit from working with vampires. They agreed to talk again over the next few days and even when Sookie left Dallas. Both were thrilled to finally find another with their gift.

Thalia continued to watch Sookie struggle to stay awake and finally suggested she nap and promised her that she would wake her after an hour to ensure she did not oversleep. Since the vampire was being so protective, Sookie agreed. She closed her eyes and thought of the way the older vampire was treating her and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Thalia was tiny, ferocious, old, and just about as unsociable as a person could be. Hearing Sookie’s story from Pam had softened the normally severe vampire and she felt the need to protect this fragile human, not just for her Eric, but out of empathy for the woman. Thalia had an abusive husband as a human and even almost 1000 years later, she still had soft spot for others she met living in similar circumstances. If Thalia had any say in it, Bill wouldn’t touch Sookie again. Unfortunately, she also knew there were limits to her protection since Sookie’s body still held Bill’s blood. Vampire law was unforgiving in human / vampire relationships: Until the Civil War vet’s blood was gone from her system, Bill owned Sookie.


With less than an hour before dawn, Bill and Eric returned to the hotel. They went directly to Bill and Sookie’s room since Thalia was there and the door had been left ajar in invitation. Obviously concerned about Eric’s maker, Sookie stood immediately and asked for an update. “What did you learn, what’s our plan for tomorrow?”

The gentle look on Sookie’s face added to Bill’s foul mood. “Sookie, you work for Eric through me. I’ll handle your assignments.”

“Bill, I think I can speak on my own behalf when we’re all right here.”

To prevent any further escalation, Eric just started speaking. “I confirmed what Isabel found at Godric’s. There were four different humans and the strong scent of silver in Godric’s home. The puzzle is – how they got in; I can’t believe Godric’s dayman would have been so reckless. There was no evidence of a break-in. Whatever fight there was, happened in the kitchen – right where Godric would enter from his chamber. How they got the jump on him – I just don’t know. He would have heard and smelled them.”

Eric practically fell onto the sofa, his frustration apparent. It was difficult to resist, but Sookie stayed put rather than moving to offer comfort to her friend. “What about the dayman or security cameras at the house or anything?”

“Michael, his dayman, is in the hospital. It was decided that he will be healed on Godric’s behalf and will meet with us at Stan’s tomorrow. As for cameras, Godric didn’t have anything like that. Tonight we will go to Stan’s and see if you can find out anything from the humans. Stan called all the humans associated with his local vampires in for a meeting. There are five that can’t make it and we’ll deal with them individually. He didn’t want to scare anyone from the area so the meeting was a request not a command.”

“So they get called in regularly?”

“No, Stan lives in a nest. Godric was the odd one here since he lived alone. Most of the humans are there frequently anyway. He’s using Michael as an excuse – come in for security purposes.”

“The ones that can’t make it – it’s not unusual? Anyone I should check during the day?”

Eric turned and smiled at Sookie’s enthusiasm for helping while Bill hissed. “Absolutely NOT Sookeh! You would be unprotected!”

“For once Sookie, Bill and I agree. The five not attending have standing plans for a Thursday evening. They didn’t come up with excuses not to come; there is no need to follow-up during the day.”

“Ok then.”

Very subtly, Eric checked his watch. Sunrise would be in only fifteen minutes. He and Thalia could be up for a while, not Bill. “So Sookie, I wanted to go over the list Bill made of humans and their connection to Godric.”

“Sookeh is too tired for any work Eric!”

“Bill, I’m fine.” She was lying but if Bill challenged her saying he could feel it – he was opening himself up to a much bigger discussion. “Really. Let’s see this list.”

“Sookie, I only have ten minutes or so left.”

Sookie played dumb. “Oh, sorry. Eric, Thalia I guess it’ll have to wait.”

“Nonsense Sookie.” Thalia actually smiled at the fun they were having with Bill. “I can go another hour as can Eric.”

“Well let’s work.” Laying it on thick she turned to Bill. “Baby, do you want us to go somewhere else for the hour? Since I don’t know how you rest I don’t know if we’ll disturb you or not.”

Bill was really pissed now but he had nothing to counter with. “I won’t hear anything. Since you’re keeping guests,” he said with a sneer, ”in our room, I’ll secure myself in the coffin.”

Eric was thrilled – this ploy to stay with Sookie as long as possible worked out even better than he’d thought. Now Bill would be secure in the coffin and Sookie could enjoy the bed without him. Hiding his glee, he took the list from Bill’s hands with a serious look and moved to a small table and chairs so Sookie could bid Bill a good day. While pretending to be focused on the list with Thalia, both older vampires listened carefully for any problems in the bedroom of the suite. Bill now had only five minutes so they were pretty sure Sookie was fine but they wanted to be certain. They heard Bill running the water in the bathroom as if trying to cover up his words and angry tone – but Eric and Thalia’s hearing was just too good for that. They heard him hissing in anger at her for disobeying him in front of the other vampires. They heard him promise her that this ‘was not over and would be addressed when they were home’. They heard Sookie crying and it killed Eric to stay in his seat but he didn’t hear anything else. No whimpers of pain, no sounds of anything physical. His little trouble-maker was brave and could tough this out. The last he heard was Bill command her to clean her face before she returned to the sitting room.

In his coffin, Bill pulled out his phone and started texting. Sookie was still washing her face like a good pet and that was hopeful, but not enough. He needed help to get this one in line so he could complete his mission. He knew just who to contact for help: his Maker.

B: Lorena, are you there?

L: Yes my Sweet William. Where are you?

B: Dallas. I need your help.

L: What do you need?

B: I’m having trouble getting a pet in line. She can’t be glamoured.

L: NOT GLAMOURED? Never heard of it.

B: I don’t know why, without glamour I’m having a hard time getting her to heel.

L: So pick another pet.

B: She’s the cousin of the Queen’s favorite pet. I’m to procure her on behalf of the Queen to give her pet company.

It was a partial lie since the Queen wanted her for more – but if Lorena knew of Sookie’s talent – she’d want Sookie for herself or to sell.

L: Have you forgotten all those lessons?

B: She has family and friends too close. I tried to seduce her first.

L: Tell me where and when you need me. I’ll be sure to bring my special training toys.

Bill actually shuddered at the thought remembering his own ‘training’ from Lorena when he was turned. But this was what he needed. He couldn’t fail the Queen and Sookie was being too difficult. To move forward, Sookie had to be removed from Bon Temps and properly trained. For the training, his maker would have no problem stepping up the punishments and he could focus on removing her from her life. Yes, this was a good plan. In a matter of weeks she’d be trained under Lorena’s ‘guidance’ and he’d be back in the palace with his own tasty Sookie just as the Queen promised.

B: When can you get here? Where can we take her?

L: I’ll be there tomorrow night at some point. I’ll secure a location in Mississippi for us. I’m owed a favor by one of the Sheriff’s there.

B: Thank you Master. I knew you would help.

L: Oh Sweet William, this will be all my pleasure.

A/N:  Worried?  Read the triggers if you really are.  I know I gave you two chapters today – but this will be one chapter a week going forward.  Thanks for reading.

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