Chapter 25 – We’re a Team

January 27, 2004

“Murdered? Are you sure Gran?”

“Yes, Maxine heard it at Merlotte’s. Maudette was strangled and she had fang marks on her.”

“I can’t believe it, Maudette Pickins, murdered.”

“Oh, and the Rattrays are missing.”

“Lord, Bon Temps has a lot of excitement right now.”

“Bud sure is busy at the Sheriff’s station.”

“So do they think a vampire killed Maudette? Was she drained?”

“I tried to explain to Bud when I spoke to him that it wasn’t a vampire. I know damn well if it was, they wouldn’t have left her there – and full of blood.

“Yeah, that’d be like wasting food.” They both chuckled.

“Oh, we’re bad, a woman is dead and we’re making jokes.”

“Keep me informed Gran, I need to go, Eric will be awake soon, and I need to get ready for a doctor’s visit with Ludwig.”

“Ok baby girl, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

After taking a quick shower, Sookie snuggled back into bed with Eric just in time for him to wake.

“Good evening min älskade.”

She smiled wide. “Good evening yourself.” She moved her head up for what she intended to be a quick kiss, but Eric tried to extend it. “Sorry Eric, we have company coming.”

“Company? Is that why you already showered?”

“Yes, it’s Ludwig. She called to tell me she’s coming for a quick check up rather than trying to guess at my healing.”

He tried to reposition her for another kiss and waggled his eyebrows. “How long til she’s here?”

Sookie groaned. “Don’t get me all excited, she’s gonna do an exam.” He looked at her blankly. “An exam down there and I don’t want to appear all . . . happy.”

“Sookie, I’m pretty sure none of this would be new to her.”

“That may be true, but it’s new to me.”

“I’ll clean you all up, I promise.” He said and he begged. “Please?” She knew he had her when she could feel a gush of moisture at becoming all ‘happy’.

He knew it too and she was on her back while Eric dove between her thighs. “I told you I would live my nights between your thighs, I’m just backing up my statements.” She groaned as he got to work and while he kept his attentions to the outside of her sex, she still had no problem cumming quickly. As promised, he cleaned her all up, just not how she expected. When he finished he smirked while he licked his lips. “I told you I would clean you up.”

“You’re bad.” She admonished him, but giggled at the same time.

“And you love it.” He bent over her to kiss her again. “Now I must shower.”

“Hurry, Doctor Ludwig will be here shortly. I’m getting dressed.


“Well girly, I think you are good to go on a blood exchange and sex tonight if you want.” Doctor Ludwig confirmed after her exam. Sookie turned red from the comments.

Sookie had Doctor Ludwig perform the exam in her bedroom, and she told Eric to give her some privacy. She was really not ready for him to be there for THAT. Instead of nagging her to participate, he realized if they wanted any time together, he would need to get work done so it was for the best.

Since Ludwig knew about the telepathy, Sookie took the opportunity to tell her she had shared her secret with Pam and Eric. “I’m glad Sookie. Since you and Eric have decided to bond, I take it the news went well?”

“It did, not at all like I thought it would.”

“What about the headaches?”

“They’re still a problem if I go around too many people, or hell, even just one annoying broadcaster.”


“A person who even thinks loud.”

Ludwig laughed. “I didn’t know people think with different volumes.” She turned a bit serious. “Out of curiosity, what do you hear from me?”

“You, nothing, well not really, more like a buzz.” Sookie turned the tables. “Out of curiosity, what are you?”

“I’m an elf.”

“Thank you for sharing that, Doctor Ludwig.”

“Sookie, can we try something?” Sookie nodded. Ludwig thought to Sookie ‘can you hear me thinking to you?’

“I CAN! That’s interesting.” Now it was Sookie who turned serious. “You know my telepathy is really still a secret, right?”

“Of course girly. You have my confidentiality as my patient and as a friend. What’s the giant got planned to keep you safe? I mean, beyond bonding.”

“He’s working with his lawyer on an asset contract.” She said with a bit of disdain for the terminology. “Oh, and this is a funny coincidence, his lawyer is a friend of my family’s.”

BINGO!’ She thought – ‘the source of the daemon blood is Cataliades!’ “Desmond Cataliades?”

“Yet, that’s my Uncle Des, not by blood relation though.”

“Interesting. I know him.”

“Huh, I guess the SUPE community is small.”

“It can seem that way. Now, we best get you dressed and back to your vampire before he barges in wondering what’s taking so long.”

“Sure, thanks for coming out Doctor.”

“Anything for my favorite patient, Sookie.”

They met with Eric in his office with Sookie on Eric’s lap as Doctor Ludwig delivered her news. Since she could see the couple didn’t want to part, she showed herself out. ‘I’m not even sure if they know I’m gone. Seeing the Viking like this is too funny. I have to call Desi to discuss Sookie.’

“How much more work do you need to do?” Sookie asked once they were alone.

“I need to get to the warehouse since some new Soldiers of the Light have been captured, and I still have Steven’s punishment to continue.”

“Steven? I thought you killed him days ago?”

“I decided to ensure his punishment was a lesson to as many vampires as possible, so I extended my torture time. He will meet his final death tonight.”

“OK. When are we leaving for the warehouse?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“We talked about this. We are team, right?”

He smiled widely. “Yes Sookie, we are.”

“Then I’m going.”


A few hours later, Sookie had gotten all the information she could from the new men that had been rounded up by Eric’s employees. All were guilty of bribing or threatening humans linked to vampires and some had gone the next step and started stalking and draining. The vampires that had been drained were not even reported as missing yet, so Sookie suggested some kind of mandatory check-in with Eric on a regular basis. Seeing that was an excellent idea, he called Indira to handle it for the area, but surprised Sookie by putting her on the phone to describe the idea and why it had come about. She was shocked at the trust he showed her by doing that, and kissed him as a thank you as soon as she ended the call. “You said it before, we’re a team. For those closest to me, we can be up front about that.”

“Eric, what about the people who were threatened or bribed? We have their names.”

“We have their names, thanks to you, and we can have them brought in for Indira to glamour. Good follow-up my strategist.” He kissed her again before he asked about the rest of their night. “Now, I need to finish up at Fangtasia, do you want to go home or come with me? Since I have Steven’s punishment to deal with I’ll need you to stay in the office tonight. That can put the vampires on edge.”

“I can do homework at Fangtasia. I won’t be bored in your office.”

They arrived at Fangtasia a few moments later. Sookie reminded Eric that she sometimes has human needs and he can’t just leave her alone in the office for too long at one time. “Yes dear.” He replied as he left the office and she giggled. He made a pit stop in the bar area to find a trusted vampire. “Thalia.”


“Sookie is in my office and Pam and I will be unavailable for a while. Can you visit her every 30 minutes to see if she needs anything? She cannot roam Fangtasia tonight without an escort.”

“It will be my pleasure Master.” He smirked because he knew that while she would make it look like ‘work’ for him, Thalia would take the opportunity to visit with Sookie. Something he and Pam found especially funny since Thalia hated everyone except Sookie.

With that he was off to the basement to instruct Pam on what he wanted done with Steven. He had a secret errand to run in Bon Temps.


He landed in Bon Temps outside the farmhouse and approached Adele, already waiting on the porch for him. “Adele, thank you for meeting with me.”

“My pleasure Eric.” She was pretty sure she knew what this was about, but she kept her mouth shut, wanting to hear it from Eric, and well, if it was what she thought, she wanted to make him sweat. At least in theory since vampires don’t sweat. She simply looked up at him expectantly.

He was also aware that Adele probably had some idea why he had made a secret appointment with her, so he pressed on. “Adele, it would be easy to say I’m here to ask for Sookie’s hand in a human marriage, but we both know that the US does not permit that official union at this time. I would like to explain to you a vampire marriage, called a pledge and then I hope to obtain your blessing.”

Yep, Adele had guessed correctly – for the most part – since she was only familiar with the human tradition of marriage. Eric was not a man that asked for anything, and she could tell he was . . . perhaps the word was uneasy at the conversation. “Eric, won’t you sit?” She asked, pointing to the other side of the porch swing.

Turning to face her he continued. “For vampires, we have a way of tying ourselves to other vampires or humans; it’s called a bond. It’s actually permanent; meaning, unlike a divorce you cannot end the bond. I have asked Sookie about bonding and she has agreed. We have not completed this bond yet, but I hope to in the next few days. The next step that some vampires take is the pledge that I just mentioned. It’s the closest to a human marriage. No – actually for vampires, this is a marriage. Sookie would be my wife and I would be her husband. It’s just the human authorities won’t recognize it.”

Time to make him sweat’ she thought as she chuckled to herself. “I appreciate your visit and request to bless your pledge, but the bond seems significant. Why did you not ask me first about that?”

“Well, we are all operating out of the norm here and I apologize. My intention was to ascertain Sookie’s feelings about something so permanent before moving forward at all.”

“If Sookie’s grandfather was here, he would ask if there is a ring involved.”

She specifically said Sookie’s grandfather, not Sookie’s father and not her husband. Fairy. Fairies would require that a marriage suitor be of means and an ‘engagement ring’ would need to pass scrutiny. He wanted to know more, but not tonight, he would not push. “I have purchased a ring to signify our bond and will use it as an engagement ring of sorts when I ask Sookie about pledging with me.”

He pulled it out of his pocket and Adele studied it carefully. Sookie’s grandfather, Fintan would be proud that she followed his traditions and inspected the ring. “Tell me about this ring.”

“This ring is platinum and 18k gold. The main jewel is a square antique modified brilliant Tiffany Yellow Diamond, carat weight 2.75; round brilliant white diamonds, carat total weight .20” Adele continued to examine the ring and he grew nervous. The stone really was not that large, but he was concerned that Sookie would not want a larger stone. He continued explaining his jewelry plans. “I purchased matching earrings as a pledge gift to complete the set.”

Adele could see he was nervous. She truly thought the ring was beautiful and would suit Sookie well. It wasn’t her intention to make him think it didn’t measure up. Still, she was enjoying this visit and decided to push him. “Tell me about the earrings.”

The earrings are also from Tiffany & Co. and are three white Radiant square antique modified brilliant white diamonds and one brilliant Tiffany Legacy® yellow diamonds in a suspended setting. They are set in platinum and 18k gold. The carat weight for the yellow diamonds is 3.1; and for the white diamonds is 3.54.”

yellow diamond ring yellow diamond earrings

She nodded, satisfied with his purchases. While he returned the ring to his pocket, she asked him some further questions. “You mention intentions, what are your intentions here, what does it mean to YOU to be blood bonded and pledged?”

Sneaky woman, he never referred to it as blood bonding, she knew something already. “I love your granddaughter and if I could marry her under human traditions, I would.” She smiled at him, pleased by the answer, but he shifted a bit in his seat. “There is more. I want to be honest with you. Sookie’s telepathy puts her at risk from other vampires.” He waited a moment while she absorbed that, but he was not aware that from Desi, she already knew the risk to Sookie. It was why Desi had called her to help encourage Sookie to bond with Eric after he had his own meeting with Eric in New Orleans just a few days ago. “I know Sookie doesn’t like the language, but bonding to her will provide me with the ability to own her and keep her from other vampires who would capture her and keep her as a slave.” When he saw no horror or fear on her face he put the pieces together. “But you know all this already from Desmond I guess?”

“Indeed I did.”

“You’ve just been enjoying my discomfort?”

She snickered. “A little. He called me after you met in New Orleans. I was put on plan to guide Sookie to the bond, but she’d already decided. In fact, that’s why she was so devastated when you left for New Orleans.”

“She told me.”

“I guess she also made up for lost time? We washed some very pretty lingerie. I certainly hope you were attentive to her; she was innocent.”

Now he was speechless, he couldn’t believe she was really talking about . . . no, he was not having this discussion with Adele. She chuckled at him now. “Eric, I never knew you could look like you swallowed your tongue before.” She patted his shoulder. “I know I held a grudge for a while, but you’re family now. Sookie loves you and I don’t think there’s anyone better for her than you. You have my blessing for the bond and the pledge. Maybe someday you’ll even call me Gran.” She stood to head into the house. “But I won’t push you tonight since the topic of having sex with my granddaughter has made you speechless. Go back to my baby girl now.” She moved to hug him and he complied.

He launched himself back into the air to return to Fangtasia. Still shocked at the conversation – but unsure what was the most shocking: The fact that Sookie had fairy in her and that Gran knew about the sex? This family never ceased to surprise him.


Shortly after Thalia’s second visit, Sookie was surprised by a knock on the door to Eric’s office. She thought it was the diminutive vampire again and simply told the visitor to enter. “Is it that boring out there Thalia?” When she looked up to hear Thalia’s answer, she was taken aback to see a ruffled looking man with a large briefcase and laptop bag in his arms. Sweat was pouring from his forehead and he looked panicked.

“Who are you? Where is Eric?” He asked of Sookie.

Unsure of what to do, she just used her first name to name to introduce herself. “I’m Sookie. Why don’t you have a seat and we’ll wait for Eric?” She sent concern hoping that Eric would feel it, but since she didn’t know how he ‘got’ her feelings, she couldn’t be sure.

“My name is Bruce, I work for . . .”

Pam barged in before he could even finish his sentence. “Bruce, I was not aware you were scheduled to be here.”

“I’m not, there’s a problem.” His eyes cut over to Sookie; then back to Pam.

“Eric will be here in a moment; we’ll wait.”

Sookie already knew the problem; she’d heard it from Bruce right away. Money was missing, lots of money from the bar and Bruce had no idea who was responsible. Pam glanced her way and Sookie just winked at her. A nod back from Pam indicated that she understood.

“What’s going on Bruce?” Eric requested as he walked in.

Bruce stuttered out, “I th . . . think we should tal . . . talk in private.”

“No need.” Eric responded as he waived Sookie to his lap from her seat on the couch. “Min älskade, do you already know?”

“Yes, Bruce has discovered about $60,000 missing. It’s not him; he doesn’t know who has embezzled from you.” Bruce fainted.

When they revived him Eric glamoured Sookie’s talent from him and implanted that he had delivered the news and that Eric believed he was not responsible. With the details from Bruce on the missing funds gathered, they told Bruce to go home for the night. “Min älskade, can you help?”

“What do you need?”

“If we call a staff meeting at close tonight, can you read the staff’s minds to help us uncover the person responsible?”

“What if its’ a vampire?”

“Well, if it’s not one of the humans, then we’ll know that much.”

“What will you do to the human?” The question weighed heavily on Eric. He knew VERY WELL that Sookie didn’t believe in vampires dishing out punishments to humans. Vampires would expect him to extract his own justice, painfully, but Sookie wouldn’t forgive that since in this case specifically, the crime would be theft, not a hate crime against a vampire.

“As this is not a hate crime against my kind, if a human is responsible, I will turn them over to the police.” He could feel shock from Pam, but her face revealed nothing. Sookie relaxed in his hold. “How would you like to do this Sookie? One at a time; the group?”

“Why don’t you call the staff meeting and when the bar closes, I’ll be in the employee room while the waitresses change. I can mention to Ginger that the rumor is money was stolen and read their thoughts.”

“Too risky. I don’t want you alone in the break room with the potential thief.”

“You or Pam can be right outside the door when I start talking.”

“Not good enough.”

Sookie thought for a moment, she wanted this plan to work rather than reading everyone and then needing Eric and Pam to glamour them all to forget it. She’d seen the black holes left by glamour, she was sure it couldn’t be good if it happened too often. “How about Thalia stays in the storeroom, you know, right behind a partially opened door, nobody will see her there.” He started to shake his head. “AND you and Pam outside the door in the hallway?” She watched him consider her suggestion and reminded him. “The waitresses are humans Eric, you’ll have time.”

“Very well.” She smiled. “Pam, get Longshadow.”


He raised an eyebrow at her. “Wait?”

“Well, just in case. If it’s not a human, it’s a vampire?”

“Yes, but he’s a partner.”

“Well, what other vampire could it be?”

“We have two that work occasionally as bouncers and one bartender. Min älskade, this is Longshadow’s business as well as ours.” He said, indicating Pam and himself. “He deserves to know about the missing money.” Sookie was quiet before finally acknowledging his point.

Pam took Sookie to the ladies’ room while Eric explained the missing money to Longshadow, leaving out Sookie’s telepathy for the moment. They believed if Sookie’s idea worked, they could quietly deal with the situation and contain her gift.

Finally, the bar closed and Sookie was waiting for the waitresses in the employee room with Thalia tucked into the storage room; the door open for a quick attack if needed. Ginger was the last one in and Sookie heard them talking about the staff meeting. Some were happy for the extra time since they were going to be paid, some were upset since their vampire ‘dates’ weren’t waiting for them. Sookie decided to dive in and she spoke to Ginger. “Ginger, did you hear that there’s money missing from the Fangtasia accounts?” That was all it took and Ginger spread the information like wildfire through the other waitresses.

After only a few minutes, she joined a very impatient Eric in the hallway hoping to tell him the information in private, but that didn’t happen. As soon as she walked out, she spied Longshadow and based on what she’d heard in the employee room, her eyes widened just a bit. From that, he knew or at least suspected enough to lunge for her. Sookie was flat on her back and Longshadow had already sunk his teeth into her neck before he started melting in front of her. Clever girl that Sookie was, she closed her mouth to resist any goo from getting into her system. As it was, she was coated with the thoroughly disgusting viscous liquid. Pam pulled her out from under Eric who was standing there with hand in the shape of the stake he had shoved into Longshadow.

“Pam, move the staff to the bar area, tell them we are down a bartender and send them home.” He reached for Sookie. “Sookie, we’ll go in the break room as soon as everyone is out.” He held her in the hallway while the others filed past them, each gawking at her current state. Finally, he had her in the shower with the water running while he removed her clothes. “You’re being awfully quiet my love, are you all right?” She only nodded but she also let the tears out that he’d been expecting. “Shhh, it’s over now, you were very brave, and smart not to ingest his blood.”

She gasped. “What would have happened?”

“I’m not sure, but my fear would have been a possible disruption to our bonding plans. I don’t know the details but at the very least it could have required that we start over.” Now that she was naked, he grabbed the shampoo to start cleaning her from the side of the shower.

“That wouldn’t have been too bad, but I’m still glad I didn’t drink it. I mean, it wasn’t just blood, it was him – all gooey.” She shuddered at the thought.

“Yes, that would have been gross for you and I’m certain I would have had more vomit to clean up. You are just so much trouble my Sookie.” He made a face to indicate he was joking so she giggled. “You know, these situations where you need a bath or shower keep happening, and we never get to have fun.” She rolled her eyes at his wagging eyebrows. He was just pleased she was coming around so quickly. Once she was cleaned and rinsed, he set her on the bench outside the shower with a towel. Here, dry off a bit, I’ll find you a shirt.” He kissed her nose and left but returned quickly with two shirts, one for her to wear as a dress, and one for him to replace his wet and dirty one. “Come, Pam and Thalia are waiting in the office to hear what happened.”


“You can trust her with your gift Sookie, we already told Indira.”

“You thought Longshadow was OK as well.”

“Ouch, but let me clarify. He was a partner in the business that had been robbed, he deserved to know. You recall I didn’t want him to know about your gift unless it was necessary.”

“Fair enough. But seriously, this thing being referred to as a gift takes some getting accustomed to.”

In the office Sookie shared the details from the break room. “As soon as the story about the missing money was mentioned to Belinda, she thought about the funny bags Longshadow gave Ginger and how Longshadow would stare into Ginger’s eyes to tell her something after. I just put it together, enough to come out and tell you but seeing Longshadow in the hall surprised me and I guess it showed, ’cause, well, you know what happened next.” She laid her head on Eric’s shoulder. “Will you be in trouble for killing a vampire?”

“Longshadow’s maker will give me grief and demand some payment, but otherwise, it will be fine.”

“Can we go home now?”

“Most certainly. You’ve had a VERY busy night.” He whispered into her ear. “And it’s not over yet.” She blushed at his words but said nothing while Eric stood with Sookie in his arms and left the bar to place her gently in the car. He drove ‘Eric’ fast to his house and continued to carry her into his bedroom. “Do you need anything?”

“Just you. Do you need to work anymore tonight?”

“I need to report the incident with Longshadow. Luckily, that will be considered significant enough that I can put off my reports about our Soldiers of the Light captives until tomorrow night. I just need about 10 minutes.”

“Ok, I’ll be here.”

“Sookie, can you keep my shirt on?”

“See something you like?”

He licked his lips and replied, “Very much.”


“Pam, thank you for calling him already. What did he say?”

“Hotrain wants half a million for Longshadow.”

“That fucker! His child was embezzling from us, he deserved to die.”

“It’s not like that would break you, Eric.”

“That’s not the point!”

“You’re stuck here. If you appeal, the WHOLE story will come out, and on paper it will look like you killed a vampire for a companion.”

“A protected companion!”

“A companion we are keeping quiet about for now. Just pay it.”

“He’ll be suspicious if I just pay it, so I’ll send him $400,000, get the account information.” He ended the call with Pam to notify the palace. That call went a bit better since Andre completely understood the need to kill Longshadow for embezzlement. Since Eric had only called to report on Longshadow, he was ready to end the call when Andre asked for an update on the Soldiers of the Light situation. Another 20 minutes later and he was finally off his calls, but now he was quite worked up so he started pacing to calm down. Andre could just have that effect on a vampire. He wanted to return to Sookie in a more calm state, but this night was trying his patience. They needed to complete the bond so he could move forward with the asset contract.

After a few moments and a quick blood to curb his thirst exacerbated by his anger, he returned to his bedroom to find his little one, asleep in the bed. ‘Might as well finish my written updates on the Soldiers of the Light since she is asleep‘ he decided so he grabbed his laptop and settled into bed. ‘Tomorrow I want to help her move down here if she wishes. I never did show her the closet expansion for her that Alcide’s crew completed this past weekend.’


Sookie woke at about 1PM the next afternoon. ‘Augh, I fell asleep, we were supposed to exchange last night!’ She chastised herself mentally. ‘Nothing I can do about that now.’ She decided to start her day and get some schoolwork done, so she went to pick up her phone from the nightstand and found a note tucked under it and smiled.

Min älskade,

You had a busy night so when I saw you sleeping, I let you be. The good news is, I completed all my reports from our work last night, and we have extra time tonight before we have to go anywhere. I also booked our getaway, so you might want to ensure you have clothes ready to pack. We are going somewhere that has an indoor pool, so perhaps you can purchase a new LITTLE something for that. Yes, you can imagine that my eyebrows are waggling as I write this.

I love you,


She laughed out loud at his note and turned to kiss his sleeping face. “I’ll find something little for the pool you dirty old man.” With that, she started her day.

A few hours later, Potts found Sookie in the front garden. “You’ve been out here for a while.”

“And, I have another hundred bulbs to go.” She remarked to Potts as she delivered Sookie some tea as a break from her hard work.

“How many bulbs did you buy?”

“400. He’s got a huge property, so I’ll need to add more each year.”

“I doubt he intended for you to plant them all by yourself.”

“I’m accustomed to hard work.”

“Yes, but you also work for him at night, attend college and you and I have started your defense training. You need to be careful you don’t wear yourself out.”

“Yes, MOM!” She giggled. “You have class tonight, right?”

“I do, followed by a study group until later.


“I’ll be gone for several hours,” She looked at her watch. “Oh my, I should leave soon to make it on time.” She rose to leave. “You’ll have the WHOLE house to yourselves for a while. Whatever will you do?”

Sookie blushed and Potts saved her from more embarrassment by leaving her be. When she checked the time herself, she realized she needed to get in the shower. Eric would be rising in about 20 minutes.

Remembering how Eric liked seeing her in his shirts, she put on just one of his shirts and pulled her hair up in a messy bun. She’d waited too long to shower and didn’t have time to dry and style her hair. Next she wandered his chamber, trying to decide where to wait for Eric. The bed, she decided, was too obvious. They’d made out on the couch in the sitting area already. The kitchen was really just a counter with the appliances – nothing fun for sex. That left the library. She chuckled as she thought to herself; it was Sookie, in the Library with the man’s shirt like Clue could be made into a sex game. The desk in here was more of a writing table and was empty except for a lamp; but it was an armless wooden side chair that caught her eye. ‘I think I’ll just pose myself on this chair and wait for him to find me.’

It wasn’t long before he came striding into the library and found Sookie had turned his chair around and straddled it, wearing nothing but his shirt with several buttons undone and some spike heels. “Sookie.” He said in a husky voice and SHE smirked. “I want a picture.” She stopped smiling.

“WHAT! No, you can’t have a nudy picture of me.”

“No X-rated body parts are showing; you wear less in our backyard.”

“You said OUR backyard.” She smiled.

“I did.” He gave her back the same dopey smile. “Don’t distract me from my request to take your picture.” Then he tried his proven technique: Pleading face and “please?”

The face was irresistible. “You promise no nipple is showing?”

He smiled at his victory. “I promise.”

“Fine, go get your camera.”

He was back in a flash and started snapping away. “I will have these made into black and whites. I think the pose and the man’s shirt will be perfect for that.” He came and fussed with the collar and undid another button, pushing the shirt a bit more apart as he did.


“No nipple dear, just the luscious curve of your breast, I promise.” Of course, he took the opportunity to move his hand down further. His cock twitched and since he was naked, Sookie saw it. “You have nothing on at all under my shirt?”


“Last picture then.” The camera being placed gently on a small table by the door was the last gentle thing Eric did. “It’s been two nights since I’ve had you.” He said as he grabbed her from the chair and moved her to the writing desk. Her butt was on the edge of the desk while he sat in the chair and held her legs up. “We’re keeping that shirt on.” He moved one leg to a shoulder and kissed the ankle. “And these shoes.” Her other leg was up on his other shoulder now and he dove in. He attacked like a starved man and Sookie climaxed several times before he moved from his position. Sookie’s legs were moved to wrap around him as he stood and bent over the table. “Good evening min älskade.” He said and kissed her.

“Good evening, Sweetie.” She responded when he finally let her up for air.

Making sure her breasts were accessible and his arms were in place above her shoulders to hold her onto the table, he pushed in. Sookie was sure she would feel some pain, but there was nothing but pleasure and she gasped at the feeling. He waited until she relaxed a bit around his considerable girth then started to move, now holding her hips to keep her on the table. “God’s Sookie, so tight, so wet. I want to do this all night.” He kept his movement steady and Sookie’s hips rose to meet his thrust after thrust. Her breasts were moving with each of his forceful pushes and he was mesmerized by them. The flush of pink was moving down her body as it had the first time they made love, and he took one hand to trace it across her torso. He thought she looked gorgeous when she was excited like this and he planned to see it every night; many times a night if could. The hand tracing her torso now moved to her lower lips and he massaged them while he sped his movements. “Sookie, cum for me love.” Her body obeyed and she took Eric with her.

After her breathing evened out, she was curious. “I thought we were exchanging.”

“We are.”

“I thought we would exchange during, you know.”

“We will.”

“Just how much time do we have before we need to go anywhere?”

“Plenty enough for some more fun.” He picked her up and moved her to the bathroom. “I want to bathe with you Sookie. I’ve been teased too much with you and the shower or tub.” After he started the water in the tub, he moved to Sookie. “I want to see the water on your body and lick it off.” He undid the last button on the shirt. “I want to wash every inch of your skin with my soap covered hands.” He removed her shirt and tossed it to the side. “I want to trace the soap bubbles down your chest with my eyes.” He picked her up. “Then I want to fuck you so there’s no water left in the tub from our passion.” He stepped into the tub with her, and gently sat her on his lap. “And when you’re about to cum from my attentions, we will latch onto each other’s necks and exchange blood min älskade.”

Sookie was breathless from his words. In fact, she could only moan as Eric kept each of those promises, and then some. When he finally entered her, she was ready to explode from all the sensations, but she kept her senses at least enough to remember to suck on Eric’s neck where he had made a cut with a small blade. The exchange caused them both to orgasm and he held her while she calmed.

After a few moments he grinned and whispered into Sookie’s ear “did you like that?” She nodded. “We still have time. That was just the warm up.”

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