Canon and not . . .

As I mentioned on the front page of Even the Dead Can Scar, I’m picking and choosing what I want from TB/SVM.

Got Questions – look below:

Vampire Blood in a human = the Vampire owns the human.  Would be upheld by vampire law.  Can be erased by an older vampire only.  For a human to have vampire blood – it must be ingested (meaning, rubbing some on a scratch won’t do it).

Dreams sent to a human:  A human with vampire blood is susceptible to the vampire sending dreams of influence.  This can alter the feelings.  While in general blood enhances what’s already there – the vampire CAN take it a step further and use dreams.  These can only be sent while the human is asleep and the vampire is awake.

Blood manipulation:  A human with a large amount of vampire blood can also be influenced by the vampire – the vampire can send feelings.

Change to core feelings:  Neither dreams nor blood manipulation can CHANGE to root of a human’s feelings.  But enough manipulation / dreams can confuse the human to the point that they THINK they have different feelings.  Why is this important – when the blood is gone – the human doesn’t retain the false feelings.

The Bleeds:  I hate the idea of the bleeds – so messy.  Not using it.

Bonding:  Three mutual exchanges (blood on the lips of both at the same time to count as an exchange).  So – if Eric drinks from Sookie at 7PM and Sookie needs blood for healing at 10PM – it’s NOT an exchange.  Don’t know if I’m using this – it’s just an example.  There is no way to break a bond in this story.

Weres and Telepathy:  Sookie AND Barry CAN read Weres.  It can be a bit more difficult at times – but in general – it’s not a problem.

 Character notes:

  • No Jessica in this story.  Bill is not a maker.
  • Lala was NOT Eric’s prisoner.
  • I don’t watch TB ( I saw seasons 1,2,3 and half of 4) – so many TB only characters won’t be used.  Roman will be used (I’ve read of his character via fanfic)
  • I like Russell and Eric as allies
  • Nora has a different background/lineage (and I only know about her from fanfic)
  • Barry isn’t as inept with his telepathy – he and Sookie are pretty much equals with their talent
  • Nan is so irritating, I had to add her.




3 thoughts on “Canon and not . . .

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  2. I actually grew to like Nora on True Blood and then they gratuitously killed her off. So, I kind of like the stories where she is a dutiful sister and not a pain in the ass… I also like it when Russell is not the bad guy…

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