Chapter 29 – May I

Chapter 29 – May I

Agent Scott Lattesta arrived at the B&B to update Eric and Sookie on Bill’s arrest and to take final statements from them. He warned them that Bill was in negotiations for the information he had on DeCastro. In other words, he wanted to reduce his jail time by serving as a witness. Eric and Sookie did not like that at all.

“What are his chances of getting a deal?” Eric asked.

“Oh, he’ll get a deal, it’s just a matter of how good of a deal he will get. We’ve had agents trying to take DeCastro down for years. This is considered a huge break.” He paused and noticed the forlorn looks on both their faces. “I do have good news though.”

“Please tell us, we need it.”

“We identified the leak that led Bill and his thugs to your location last night.” He shook his head. “Turns out, he was working for DeCastro too. Not too bright, he kept traceable information on his phone –specifically texts to an informant on your location last night. He knew you guys were going in first to meet with Bill. Bill and his thugs thoughts you could be captured before the FBI moved in.”

Eric and Sookie shared a look, but it was Sookie who spoke. “Good thing we surprised them by fighting back.”

“No Love, you surprised them. I’m certain Bill had no idea you would take down TWO of them last night.” He turned to Lattesta. “Tom, thank you for all your hard work. We await the details of what’s going to happen to Bill.”

The upcoming weekend was the girls dance recital for the end of the year. Maura, Eleanor, Mena and Grace – were performing a ballet dance to Beauty and the Beast. In preparation, Sookie had tailoring work to do on their outfits. She was fussing with the straps on Eleanor’s leotard; they never seemed to stay up. She and Eric were in the family room.

“I’m ready to call Jason again, Eric. I want him to fly in for the recital, it’s Thursday morning, and I should be able to get him a last minute flight tomorrow. He is still in a cast so he’s not back to work.”

“How do you know that?” Eric spat out.

“I talk to Hoyt, as does Pam. I kept my promise; I’m not calling him unless you are around.”

Eric paused for a moment then said. “Sorry, I’m just touchy on the subject.”

“I know sweetie. Guess what though?” Sookie smiled.


“I love that you were OK using your angry voice at me, and it didn’t have any impact. Well, I don’t like it when you yell, but nothing more than that.”

“You’re right. I think we should have celebratory sex for that.”

“PERV! Don’t you have filming to do?”

“We’re filming later – dusk and night scenes remember?”

“Ah, yes. See me at lunch. Right now, I need to finish this costume and hopefully call Jason?”

“Ok, sure. I’ll be honest; I can’t say I want to spend time with Jason. I do know how important rebuilding the relationship is to you, so I’ll survive. You know, you didn’t have to ask me, he’s your brother, it’s your house. Where will he stay?”

“Thanks for saying that about asking, but it’s OUR life. As for where he’s staying – I don’t have B&B guests due to the recital this weekend. He can have one of those rooms. I’ll keep you guys separated as much as I can.”

“That’s probably for the best. I’ll see you in the office for lunch?” He asked with the trademark eyebrow waggle.

“Actually, meet me in room 4; we can dirty it before I prep it for Jason.”

“Remind me, what’s in that room?”

“Triple head shower with built in bench and grab bars and a bench at the foot of the bed. It’s at the end of the hall, and nobody is in the room next to it.”

“FUCK! Minx, that’s almost 3 hours from now.”

“You asked what was there! I’m innocent. But I’ll help you out. I should be done with this work here in an hour. Can you handle waiting an hour?”

“I’ll survive.”

Eric was waiting for her in room 4 when she walked in an hour later. “Did you come here early to do some planning?”

“No” ‘yes’

“I know that face, pure mischief… what have you been doing?”

“How about I show you?”

He led her to the shower and started the water to warm while they got undressed. “You didn’t tell me the shower heads were positionable.”

“That would have made you even more frustrated.”

“I don’t think I could have been any MORE frustrated.” He pushed her sundress down. “My my, Sookie, what do you have on under this sundress?”


Eric growled, “I see that.”

“Come, I took a guess at the position, let’s see how well I did.”

With all the shower heads on, he sat on the bench; then positioned Sookie on his lap. “Ah, I nailed it.” One of the shower heads was blasting Sookie’s sex while she sat; spread legged on Eric’s lap. He used his arms to hold her legs open wide. “Do you like that?”

Sookie moaned her response.

“And when I add my fingers?”

“FUCK Eric! I’m not going to last.”

“Then cum for me Sookie. I assure you, I have more planned for that bench at the foot of the bed.”

With that, Eric felt her muscles convulse while she cried out. He turned her to sit sideways while he kissed her until she settled a bit. After a few moments, he stood with her in his arms and walked her to the room, laying her on the towel he had already placed on the bed. “I’m going to dry every inch of you, then you are getting bent ever while kneeling on that bench.”

“Mmmm” Was all Sookie could get out.

He was spending time drying her breasts. “I love fucking you from behind Sookie, the only problem is, I miss your breasts. I’ll pay ample attention now so they don’t feel left out.”

“Unngh” Was her next reply as he bent over and started sucking her nipples.

Eric chuckled. “I believe what we have here is an example of ‘putty in my hands.'”

“Mmm hmmm”

Once dry, he picked her up and as promised, had her on her knees on the bench. Her chest was actually on the bed. She was already so wet, he just plunged in and started pounding. “Oh, this height is good. And I can touch MY pussy so easily. Do you like that Love?”


“Touch me, can you reach?”

Sookie responded by moving an arm to reach around and touch Eric as he moved in and out. His motions sped up and they both came, one right after the other.

Sookie recuperated for a few moments then said, “We need to use this room more often.”

Jason arrived on Friday afternoon with Hoyt. When they entered the B&B, Hoyt was greeted warmly while Jason was given only polite nods. Sookie had to give him credit. He knew he was coming into ‘hostile territory’ but he was doing it at her request. That thought warmed Sookie’s heart a bit to him. Having kept their visit a surprise, the girls arrived home and squealed at finding Jason and Hoyt waiting at the bus stop. She suggested that Jason and the girls play a game while she cooked dinner.

Hoyt stayed in the kitchen to give the girls and their uncle some alone time. “Hoyt, thanks for coming. It would have been pretty hard for Jason to travel alone with that cast.”

“Glad to do it Sook. I’ve always wanted to see your place up here. It’s nice.”

“I can give you a tour.” Pam said as she walked in. “It’s the least I can do for all the help you provided me in Louisiana.”

Hoyt moved to hug Pam and they kissed softly on the lips. “I was wonderin’ where you were, I didn’t see ya when we came in.”

“I had a meeting that just ended. How about that tour? We need to stay away from the older Barn, they are filming there; I can show you the new Barn and the pond.”

“I’d love to.” Hoyt asked as he extended his arm.

Mor and Sookie looked at each other. “What the hell was that?” Sookie asked.

“I thought she was a lesbian.” Mor said.

They both just busted out in laughter.

The girl’s dance was wonderful. Eric, Pam, Farmor and Farfar ALL had flower bouquets for the girls at the end of the performance. Maura and Eleanor just beamed. To celebrate, all the performers in the girl’s class and their guests were invited back to the Barn for an early dinner. The film cast and crew joined the party and requested a repeat performance, to which the girls willingly obliged. After the girls completed their dance and dinner was done, an iPod with dance music was started. Eleanor had her new favorite person up on the dance floor: Farfar. Russell was taking Akita for a spin, having discovered that she danced as well as Sookie. To everyone’s surprise, Pam, yes Pam, was dancing with Hoyt. Maura was dancing with Alcide, only by the grace of Maria Starr who had flown in for a visit. She was fully aware of Maura’s devotion to her boyfriend and was willing to share when needed.

Sookie was sitting at her table and looking around. ‘Perfect, everything is perfect right now. In two weeks, the girls are done school and we have a few weeks left of filming. We depart for the Bored to Death premier tour in late July and end with a vacation in Sweden before the girls start school in the fall. Eric has some meetings in LA through the fall, but he is not needed on the set of Meanwhile until the middle of February. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy all this.’

Eric saw the look of bliss on Sookie’s face while she took in the room. “Penny for your thoughts?”


“Your thoughts, you look happy.”

“I was just thinking about the rest of our year. It’s going to be wonderful.”

“You don’t think you’ll be sick of me?”

“Never. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He added a chaste kiss. “I need to warn you about something.”

“Uh oh.”

“Yes, uh oh indeed.”

“Alcide made plans for a late evening with Maria Starr tonight. They are leaving here shortly to go to Dan’s for a late supper. Sookie, he is proposing tonight.”

Sookie sucked in some air past her teeth. “I’m thrilled for Alcide and Maria Starr – but Eric, how long can we keep it from Maura, should we keep it from her. Yikes.”

“I know. I’m very happy he told us ahead of time. Alcide wants to tell her himself. I think we should do that in the morning tomorrow and if she is too upset, we can take her out for the day. Maria Starr is flying out on Monday morning, so we should be able to keep them apart until she leaves.”


The guests started leaving the Barn and Sookie, Jason, Holly and Felicia stayed to clean up for a bit. Normally not much of a kitchen helper, Jason was taking any time with Sookie he could get. He knew she was working to keep him and Eric apart as much as possible, so any alone time was good. “What’s Eric doin’?”

“He’s putting the girls to bed. Pam graciously allowed him to handle the whole bedtime since she and Hoyt were heading to Trooper Thorns for a bit. Is Hoyt saying anything about Pam? This is news to me you know.”

“I know they been talkin’, texting and emailin’ since y’all left. But I ain’t got no details.”

Jason left to grab more trays of food as Sookie was packing everything up. When he returned he started. “Sookie d’ya think we can move past ev’rything?”

“I know you want to Jase, I actually want to as well. I miss you. But Jase, this isn’t the same as when you raced my car and blew out a tire. Bill wanted to take me away from my life, from my girls. I told you repeatedly that I didn’t want anything to do with him. I, well I don’t want to go on – I’m just trying to say it’s gonna take some time. Now come on, you can carry the linens into the house for me. I’m pretty tired tonight.”

“Ok Sook.”

Once they reached the laundry they parted ways for the night. Sookie found Eric in the family room with Mor and Far. They were reviewing the pictures Eric had taken at the recital. She leaned over the back of the couch to look at Eric’s iPad where he was displaying the pictures. “Love, look at this one.”

“Oh Eric, it’s perfect!” Eric had captured the four friends perfectly, hands clasped, right before they took a group bow. “Can you post that to my facebook account, please?”

“Yes, dear.”

“I’m heading to bed.” She said and she kissed his neck.

“You OK?”

“Yeah, yeah, just a long day.”

“I’ll be there shortly.”

“K. Mor, are you going to Mass with us tomorrow?”

“Sure Sookie. Maybe we can convince these two to go.”

“Doubtful” “Not likely” the two replied.

Once they heard the water start for Sookie’s shower, they started their planning.

“The ring is sized. I have it in the top dresser drawer. Still planning for her birthday?”

“That’s in 5 weeks – no way I can make it. When do you leave Far?”

“Eleanor begged me to stay until the LA Premier of Bored to Death. Then she wants us all to go LA together.”

Eric chuckled. “Eleanor, eh?”

“Give an old man a break. It’s hard to change ways and admit when you are wrong.”

Knowing that was the best he was going to get for now, Eric replied. “Fair enough. Dad, you are here at Eleanor’s request.” Eric glanced at the calendar on his phone. “How about the 16th of June? I’ll work with Felicia to prepare something in the Barn for close family and friends. I’ll just say it’s a dinner for the end of the filming or something like that.”

“Does she have any B&B guests that weekend? What about Jason?”

“She does, but I’ll be sure that Felicia can handle breakfast. If I take her away after dinner, can you stay with the girls?”

“Certainly. You are avoiding the Jason question.”

“Mor, he leaves the 17th. He’ll be here, but I’m not spending time with him.”

“Very well. What can we do to help you plan?”

“There is this band that Sookie likes….”

Eric went to bed after finalizing some plans with his parents. Sookie was still up when he got into bed and he snuggled in behind her.

“Are Pam and Hoyt back?”

“No” he replied with a chuckle. “And before you ask, I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

“Then I’ll sleep dying of curiosity. Good night Sweetie.”

“Goodnight my Love.”

Alcide met Maura, Eric and Sookie in the kitchen. Alcide explained that he had asked Maria Starr to marry him and that she had agreed. Maura was quiet for a moment and stared at Alcide. Finally, she stood from her seat, turned to Eric and climbed into his arms. He hugged her for a few minutes and asked if she was OK. She looked up to Eric. “I suppose I was due a broken heart.” She sniffled. “I just wanted more time with Alcide.”

“Ahh Sug, I’m sorry.” Alcide said – his face full of guilt.

“I’m fine Alcide. Mama, can we get a puppy to make me feel better?”

They all laughed at her resilience and Sookie simply replied, “No.”

“No what?” Pam asked when she walked in.

“PAM! When did you come home last night? What’s going on?”

“Since when are you min Mor? Heck, even Mor wouldn’t ask me those questions at my age.”

“Oh yes I would.” Akita entered the room with her arms at her hips. Alcide saw she wasn’t in the best of moods.

He ran for it. “I’ll see you guys later.” Eric followed mumbling some excuse.

“Mor – good morning.” Pam said. “Why do you seem upset with me?”

Mor greeted Maura and asked her to wait for everyone in the family room so they could leave for church. She left and Mor turned to Pam. “Pamela.”

Pamela? Shit, what the hell are they upset about?’

Sookie interjected. “Akita, hang on, I was just being curious, I think you have more to say on the topic so I’ll leave you and Pam alone.” ‘I have to make a clean getaway, Akita is upset…damn Alcide and Eric for figuring that out so quickly.’

“Sookie, please stay. This involves your friend Hoyt.”

“Sure Akita.”

Akita turned to Pam and spoke. “I know you are a grown woman, and I really don’t want to intervene.”

“BUUUTTT?” Pam tartly commented.

“But, Hoyt is a sweet boy and has been nothing but very good to this family. I won’t see you hurting him.”

“We went out tonight – one time! He knows I’ve been dating women. Nothing happened. We’re currently just spending time together. Hoyt helped me in Louisiana. We bonded. Give me a break.”

“I understand Pam, just please remember he’s a really sweet boy.”

“Yes Mor.”

“Let’s get to church.”

Before they left the kitchen, to their surprise, Eric and Klaus came into the kitchen, dressed for church. Klaus spoke for both of them and said “We’re going; don’t rub it in with snide comments.”

Both Akita and Sookie put their hands up in innocence and said nothing as they walked out to get the girls.

The next two weeks passed quickly and quietly. Most of the cast and crew were in Philadelphia doing the location filming there. Eric and Alcide were commuting back and forth each day; the others were staying in town. They both left early each morning and some nights only came home to sleep, but Eric insisted he didn’t want to sleep in town. Even if he could only slip into bed to hold Sookie, it was worth the commute. Sookie used the time during the day to visit with Jason. Was their relationship healed? Not yet, but the visit was progress.

Hoyt and Pam spent much of their time together alone. Pam insisted that they both knew they were just enjoying their time and that nobody was going to be hurt. Sookie spent some time with Hoyt to be sure he had the same perspective and he did. Sookie did, however, witness quite a few passionate kisses.

On Saturday, Eric was taking the girls out to a late lunch. He booked a table at the Swann Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City Philadelphia. Pam had dressed the girls to look like Princesses in beautiful pale blue dresses. They were jumping up and down about their ‘date’ and Eric was all smiles when he helped them into the car. Sookie had been up early to serve her guests breakfast so she decided to read and maybe nap while they were gone.

Once Sookie was in her room, Akita, Klaus, Pam, Hoyt, Jason and Felicia got busy. They were all in on the plans and went to the Barn to set up for dinner and were greeted by Holly. “Holly, how are you here, has something happened to your job in Chicago?” Pam asked.

“I made Eric promise to call me when he was going to do this, figuring he would do it at the Barn. He flew me in last night and I’ve been hiding in an RV with one of the crew members since then. I already started dinner prep.”

The group was joined by a few crew members to set the tables while Felicia and Holly cooked. Klaus greeted the band members they could entice to come. It wasn’t the entire band, but he found appropriate folks to supplement as needed. After two hours of work, Mor and Pam returned to the B&B to ensure Sookie didn’t walk out to the new Barn and ruin the surprise.

At lunch, Eric and the girls were seated and had ordered. “Did you ever eat here with your Mama?”

Maura answered. “Nope, we’ve heard Mama talking about this place and others from when she worked in the city.”

“Your Mama and I drove by this place when we were here a while ago. Did she ever tell you about her lunches here?”

“Uh uh.”

“Well, your Mama and a co-worker, Caroline, would decide they needed a treat every once and a while. They’d call a cab to their office on the other side of the city to drive them here for a long lunch. Mama said they would indulge and even order dessert: always Vanilla Crème Brûlée with berries. She said they would do this a few times a year, and that the Four Seasons holds a special memory of her time working in the city.”

“Is that why you brought us here today?”

“Kind of Eleanor. You see, I want to surprise your Mama tonight, and after the surprise at home, I’m bringing her back here to spend the next two nights.”

“Like a sleepover?”

“Yes, a sleepover.”

“Well Eleanor, a sleepover with that couple time thing that Pam explained I bet.”

“Yes,” He agreed and quickly moved OFF the couple time topic. “So while I wanted to take you to lunch, I chose this place specifically so I could have some items delivered to our room for later. That’s the box I handed the gentleman when we arrived.”

“Oh, OK.”

“So, are you going to tell us the surprise?” Maura asked.

“Not really tell you, it’s something I need to ask you.”

“Ask us what?”

He paused as their food was delivered. He’d expected them to order the hot dog or PB&J, but he should have known better; they ate a great variety of foods at home. They dove into their grilled chicken and mashed potatoes (after he helped Eleanor cut the chicken). He probably should have persuaded them to get a vegetable, but he was not going to worry about that today. Eric’s Crab Gnocchi remained untouched as he continued.

“Are you familiar with a boyfriend asking his girlfriend’s daddy for ‘her hand in marriage’?”

“Eric, we watch enough princess type movies, we get that.”

“Well, I can’t ask your Mama’s daddy, and her Gran would have been the next choice, but she is gone too.” The girls had stopped eating to look at Eric. “So girls, I’m asking you for your Mama’s hand in marriage.”

“We’re gonna be a family for real?” Maura asked.

“That’s what I want, is that what you want? Can I ask your Mama tonight?”

Had he planned better, he would have realized that squealing in the middle of the Swann Lounge at the Four Seasons was not appropriate, and the girls did squeal. They jumped from their seats to get to Eric and they all embraced for a moment before he said. “Is that a yes? I can ask her?”

Maura spoke, “Yes.”

Eleanor added, “Can we call you Poppa? Farfar told us that’s what you called him when you were little.”

Eric had not anticipated this question. He was sure it was something he should discuss with Sookie first, but he simply nodded yes, unable to get past the lump in his throat to speak and hugged them both even tighter. They settled down after a few moments, and the girls returned to their meals. Eric took one bite of the Gnocchi so he could report back to Sookie that he tasted it as she noted it was her favorite. He would eat later once Sookie was wearing his Farmor’s ring.

Sookie woke from her nap at about 3 to a very quiet house. She headed for the kitchen to start dinner and met up with Pam. “Nice nap?”

“Yes, but now I’m behind on dinner. I was supposed to get dough rising already for homemade pizzas.”

“Let’s order in, you deserve a day of rest, yes?”

“I don’t’ know Pam, with Eric in the city, he doesn’t get to enjoy home cooking that much these days.”

“He’ll understand. He knows you’ve been tired, that’s why he took the girls out – to give you a break.”

Pam paused to let Sookie think about it then said, “Come, we have time before the girls get back, let’s do our nails.”

“You know, that does sound like fun.”

Once Pam had Sookie in her room for girl time, Akita grabbed the garment bag Pam had given her and ran it up to Sookie’s room. She hung the bag on the bathroom door, placing the shoes on the floor and laid out the undergarments on the bed. Eric would already be in his suit from lunch, and the girls were staying in their fancy dresses as well. Sookie would be the only one who needed to dress.

The guests were expected at 5PM. Eric had invited just the closest friends in addition to the family already at the B&B. Eric called Sookie’s in-laws, Bernie and Don, personally to discuss the evening and offered them the opportunity to attend. They graciously accepted and he was thrilled.

Finally, Pam and Sookie were finished with their nails and gossip and Akita came to Pam’s room. “Sookie, can I see you?”

“Wow Akita! You look fantastic!”

“Thank you Sookie.” She extended her hand, “will you come with me?”


Sookie was confused when Akita lead her to her own room, and even more confused by the dress and underclothes that had been placed there. “Akita?”

engagement front

“Eric has a surprise for you, he hoped you would wear this dress. Can I help you, are your nails dry?”

“My nails are fine, we gossiped for over an hour after the nails were done. What’s going on?”

“Surprise, remember?”

“You Northmans and your tight lips. Actually, it looks like I’ll need help with the zipper. Can you stay?”

Akita stayed to ensure that Sookie was perfect, even helping to put her hair up in an elegant twist. She handed Sookie the diamond and sapphire earrings Eric had given her for the Oscars. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you, I just wish I knew why.”

“You call us stubborn! It’s a surprise – enjoy it!”

“I hear him downstairs, I’ll see you shortly.” Akita said as she practically ran out of the room.

Eric appeared in the doorway and his heart stopped when he saw her standing there. “See something you like?” She asked as she spun around.

“Very much, but if we stay here, we won’t make our surprise.”

“Where are we going?”

“The Barn.”

“In these heels?”

He responded by scooping her up and carrying her bridal style. She started to fuss and he reminded her: “when we argued about your starting PT, you told me when you were better I could carry you anytime I had the urge. I have the urge.”

“I knew that was going to come back and bite me.”

He carried her all the way to the Barn and once they were inside near the stage he set her down while she took in the room. The tables were set with new pale blue tablecloths and sapphire blue napkins. On each table was a centerpiece of a perfect pale blue hydrangea. Gathered around the room were her friends and family. They had all stopped their conversation to watch Sookie enter the room. Holly and Felicia came out from the kitchen, both brightly smiling. As Eric had instructed when they were planning the day, Akita moved the girls to stand next to Sookie. Sookie heard a few gasps in the room. When Sookie turned to ask Eric what was going on; he was on one knee, a large jewelry box next to him on the ground. She gasped and started tearing up before he even said the first word.

hydrangea centerpiece

“Sookie, I thought I was happy until I met you. Now I know what it means to be happy. Now I know what it means to be loved and to love. Now I know true friendship and family. You, Maura and Eleanor are everything to me. I never want us to be apart, I never want us to doubt we are a family. So Sookie, my love, Eleanor and Maura, will you marry me? Can we live together as husband, wife, daughters, Poppa and Mama?” He reached for and opened the box next to him. Inside were his Farmor’s ring and solitaire charms for each of the girl’s bracelets.

ring 1 ring 2 ring 3

Sookie was speechless until Maura said, “Mama, answer him.”

She laughed and sobbed at the same time and said, “Yes, YES!”

Pam and Mor helped the girls with their charms while Eric placed the ring on Sookie’s finger. “It fits perfectly!” She said.

Nodding to him Mor he said, “of course, I had many elves helping with this. This was my Farmor’s engagement ring. Min Far brought it back from Sweden the week we met at the shore.”

The new family quickly hugged each other and their immediate family up near the stage. Sookie started crying again when she noticed Klaus had tears in his eyes as well. “Sookie, you are the reason we are all together. I’ll forever be grateful to you and hope that we can call you vår dotter, our daughter.”

“I would like that very much Far, Mor.” She replied as she gave a slight nod of her head to her soon to be in-laws.

Sookie watched as Eleanor tugged on Eric’s jacket. “Poppa, are you gonna have the band start playing?”

“That’s a wonderful idea min dotter.” Eric replied as he motioned for the band to start.

The band started to play May I and Eric took Sookie’s hand. “So, my beautiful fiancé, ‘May I’ have this dance?”

The group moved back to clear the area near the stage for dancing, and Eric took Sookie in his arms.

“So you’re Poppa now?”

“They asked me at lunch if they could call me Poppa. Apparently min Far told them that was what I called him. I know I should have discussed it with you first, but they surprised me and I was unable to do anything but nod a yes.”

“Eric, of course they can call you Poppa. And they knew at lunch?”

“Well, I had to ask someone for your hand in marriage, so I asked them.”

“Just when I think I couldn’t love you anymore, you do something like that.” They danced for a few moments enjoying the music and Sookie asked. “Eric, where did you get this band, the singer sounds just like David Hodges from Trading Yesterday. This is one of my favorite songs.”

“I know my love, that IS David Hodges.”

“You…You’re serious?”

“Yes, he lives in LA. Far’s manager arranged for this. We also were lucky enough to get Steven McMorran from the former band as well.”

“I don’t know if I can take any more surprises.”

“Well, I have one more; I’m whisking you away to the Four Seasons until Monday when I have to start filming in the city again.”

“THAT’s a surprise I can handle. We should greet our guests after this dance. Did everyone here know what they were invited to?”

“No, only a few people. Most just thought it was an extended family and friend dinner.”

They circled the room, greeting and thanking their guests for attending. Holly and Felicia put out dinner and Eric was finally relaxed enough to eat. He hadn’t realized how stressed he was from planning this event. ‘God, I hope the wedding is easier than this. It has to be, I won’t have the stress of wondering if she will say yes like I did all day today. Plus, Pam can work on all the details.’

Pam had arranged for a photographer, so she dragged the happy couple over for their formal engagement photos, some just with Eric and Sookie, some including the girls and some with the whole family. Pam had helped dress Hoyt and Jason since they had not packed suits, so they were dragged into pictures as well. Eric and Sookie were both so happy they didn’t worry about their Jason issues, they just enjoyed the evening. Pam kept her teacups with the photographer for some extra photos of just the three of them. She had purchased a sapphire blue dress to coordinate with their pale blue dresses and she wanted to have this combination captured. She spent a moment daydreaming about the wedding. ‘Oh the plans I can make; the wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses, and the flowers. I can’t wait to start.’

girls engagement dresses pam engagement dress

About 8PM, Eric asked Sookie if she was ready to leave. She had already confirmed that the girls were fine with Farmor and Farfar, Holly and Felicia would take care of the Barn cleanup, and Pam would see Jason and Hoyt off tomorrow. After completing that mental checklist she turned to Eric and said. “Yes, I’m ready.”

In the limo Sookie told Eric, “I know I should be worried about where we are going to live, where your career is going, what’s going to happen to the B&B. I’m shelving all that right now and reminding myself, just as a wise boyfriend told me several times before, those things are just details. As long as I have you, we can work through it all.”

You most certainly have me.”

Eric apologized that the Presidential Suite was already booked so we had to settle for the Royal Suite at Four Seasons Hotel. The weekend was wonderful, even with being in the smaller suite. How much space do two people need for two nights anyway? They did try out every surface for hanky panky. When Eric suggested the smaller entryway table be used, she drew the line. “It’s way too small and flimsy.”

“Yes, but there is a big mirror behind it, surely we can come up with something creative.” He just waggled his eyebrows.

“Oh Lord Eric.”

On Monday, Eric had a limo drive Sookie home since he had to stay for a day of filming. “I will see you later tonight my beautiful fiancé.”

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I love you and I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – May I

  1. I had a lump in my throat through most of it and squinted to still see the screen through the tears. Just beautiful.

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