Chapter 25 – Unbreakable Bond

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For those of you wondering about Amelia’s glamour – you finally get to know the scoop.

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Chapter 25 – Unbreakable Bond

Reminder:  Trouble = vandræði

Since the breathers had decided to sleep in, it was almost 1:00 PM before the first of them made it to the common room of the suite. Patuk was the only exception. He’d gone to bed early to guard the suite during the day. When he heard Alcide making coffee, he entered the common room. “I was asleep when everyone returned last night. What did I miss?”

“One hell of a talent, that’s for sure.” Alcide shook his head. “I knew she was a telepath, but seeing her in action was something else. We’re going back tonight to get more information.” He motioned for Patuk to join him at the table. “Let me fill you in.”

By the time Amelia rose, Alcide had shared the details from Sookie’s discoveries and their plan for the night. “So we’re all ready to go for tonight?”

Alcide confirmed for Amelia. “Yeah. We’ll head over after first dark.”

“Good. Ooh, the coffee pot finished. Can I get anyone a cup?” Both Weres nodded and she walked over to the kitchenette in the suite. Little did they know she was starting to chant while she was standing behind them. When she finished the chant, both Were’s had fallen over and landed on the floor in a heap. Amelia ran across the hall to Maria’s room and said the chant through the door to put the Were out.

Now she only needed to wait for Sookie to wake, she sat and sighed. Since she’d received her call with Andre’s recorded voice triggering her to act the glamour he’d input, Amelia had struggled. Now that she could think about the situation, she wished she could figure out a way to save her mentor without harming Sookie. Andre had made it clear that Octavia, he mentor and friend, would be killed if she didn’t go through with the plan to break Sookie’s bond with Eric. The Queen’s second had been quite clever with his plan, he’d added a block to her so she couldn’t think about the tasks she’d be given and she couldn’t execute on them until she received a trigger message from him. What she wanted to do now was write a note about them. The best she could figure, once Andre triggered her to start on the plan; the shield on her thoughts was gone. Before she lost her ability to recall her instructions, she grabbed some hotel paper and outlined what she could in a note, folded it and placed it in Alcide’s hand.

An hour later, she heard Sookie moving in her room so per her glamour, she called Charles Clausen to head up to the room. The Were was to wait in the hotel lobby until he received a text from Amelia and she would leave the door cracked for his entry. As soon as Sookie woke and came from the bedroom to the common area, Amelia started screaming about Alcide and Patuk. Of course, Sookie panicked and ran to the men on the floor, not checking anyone’s thoughts first. While Sookie was focused on her friends, Amelia started chanting and by the time Sookie realized what was happening, everything went black.

Sometime later, Sookie heard Amelia’s thoughts and slowly opened her eyes. She was in the back of a cargo van and attached to a sidewall in chains. Before anyone detected she was awake, Sookie listened in to her captors’ thoughts. Amelia was next to her and screaming in her head about someone named Octavia – at the same time she was crying out loud. Charles, Debbie’s fiancé was in the passenger seat thinking about the engagement party planned for later and another Were was driving. The driver was focused on the money he would be collecting tonight for his part in her kidnapping. The good part she heard was that both Weres were leaving right before dark for the party, so it would reduce the fighters when Eric arrived.

Finally, Charles turned to quiet Amelia and he noticed Sookie was awake. “Ahh, sunshine is awake.” He turned to the driver. “Pull over so we can take care of the spell.”

While the driver maneuvered the van into a parking spot, Amelia started apologizing. “I was forced to be part of this. They have my mentor and are planning to kill her. I have her spell for breaking your bond. It’s going to hurt Sookie, I’m sorry.”

The bond! They’re going to break my bond with Eric! They can’t, I can’t let them do that.’ Knowing the plan made Sookie determined to fight and she tried to escape from her bindings. After a moment she realized her restraints were too tight. Now that they were parked, Charles got out of the front and joined Sookie and Amelia in the back. Charles laughed while she cried behind the scarf he’d tied around her mouth to serve as a gag.

Meanwhile, the witch started pulling together her materials while she explained. “Andre glamoured me to not think about my task until I received a call earlier today. Alcide, Maria, and Patuk won’t wake for hours. As soon as I break your blood bond, you’ll be taken . . .”

“ENOUGH TALKING! Do your job and stop explaining.” Charles slapped Amelia on the side of the head as he yelled.

“Alright alright! Don’t hit me again.”

“Start with your preparations, I’ll confirm them against the spell instructions I was provided.”

There were some strange smelling items on the floor of the van and Amelia started mixing stuff in a bowl while she spoke in Latin. The Were, Charles, watched every step Amelia took and confirmed it against a document he had in his hands. After a few minutes, the witch moved behind Sookie to prick her finger and let Sookie’s finger bleed. Amelia was silent but her thoughts were going crazy. Knowing from Amelia’s mind that the painful part was about to start, Sookie braced herself as Amelia held a string over the bowl and cut it. A few seconds later, Amelia was wondering if she’d done the spell correctly since Sookie wasn’t suffering. For some reason, Sookie guessed, the spell didn’t work so she figured she’d better fake it. The Latin chanting continued and Sookie cried out in pain for her small audience. When the chanting stopped, so did Sookie’s actions. It worked; Sookie faked being nearly passed out while Amelia pronounced the spell as complete. Sookie knew she only needed to wait for the sun to go down; she’d felt Eric rise while she was doing her fake reaction to the spell and she sent him all the fear and panic she could.

The spell hadn’t impacted the bond at all.

The van started moving again and they drove for a short while. From the thoughts of her captors, Sookie knew they were being brought to some Mississippi Sheriff’s house; a friend of Lorena’s. When the van doors opened, the captive telepath was pleased to see the sun was still up; Bill wouldn’t be awake. Unfortunately, Lorena was older and Sookie didn’t know if she could wake early or not. With a sigh, she moved when ordered and figured she’d find out soon enough.

In the house, she was carried to a room with a window and tossed on the bed. The window was a good indication that she’d be safe until the sun fully set. She closed her eyes and reached out with her mind. Amelia was close – she was screaming in her head as usual. Continuing her survey and reaching out for vampire brains, she counted five. There were two Weres when she first scanned, but now she felt them moving away. That could only mean the sun was setting and the guards weren’t needed for the resting vampires. She braced herself.

She didn’t have to wait long before Bill and Lorena walked into her room. Sookie didn’t recall ever seeing such a predatory look on Bill’s face before. She prayed that Eric would get there soon.


Eric rose and could tell Sookie was not near as she should be. Her anger and fear were strong enough to wake him briefly earlier and now he knew something was terribly wrong. At least he could still feel her through the bond. From his light tight bedroom he listened to the common room and could hear two heartbeats, but calling and pounding on the door did not yield a response. The common room did have light tight panels that could be lowered but he had no way of knowing if they were and the sun had not yet set – it was something that vampires could instinctually feel. He called to the front desk. “This is Eric Northman. Something occurred in my suite today and I need assistance.”

“Mr. Northman? Aren’t you a vampire?”

“Yes, this isn’t a secret. Can you . . .”

“But you’re awake and the s. . .”

“This is an emergency. I need someone to check the common room of my suite; I believe something happened to my friends.” He chose not to use the word guards since the man on the other end of the phone would probably want to have a conversation about that.

“Sir, can you describe the condition of your friends? I’ll send someone to the suite.”

Eric sighed. “I’m currently trapped in my light tight bedroom. I don’t know their condition.”

“Sir, if we don’t have an injury, I can’t let myself into your room. The hotel has very strict rules about vampire rooms.”

The idiot on the phone wasn’t going to get him the help he needed, and he didn’t have time for anything else. “Get me the hotel manager! NOW!”

Ten minutes later, the manager entered the common room and secured the light tight panels. Having heard the panels lock into place, Eric ran out and checked Alcide and Patuk. They were both alive but unconscious. While he kept the information to himself, he could smell magic in the room. The manager was about to call for emergency assistance and Eric glamoured him to wait; he wanted to try his blood first since it would be faster. Selecting Patuk as his first attempt, he pricked his finger and put the end in the Were’s mouth. It worked so he revived Alcide next and released the manager after glamouring a version of events that included the men waking after Eric tried to revive them.

“What happened?” Alcide asked Eric.

“I was hoping you’d tell me.”

Alcide shook his head and looked to Patuk who shrugged in response. “One minute I was chatting with Amelia while she got up to pour coffee, the next I woke with you looking at me.” He brought his hand up. “Whoa, what’s this?” There was a crumpled piece of paper addressed to Northman.

Eric quickly snatched the note and opened it. The writing was barely legible and was a series of thoughts; some of them not complete:

E –

Glamoured at the palace – it was hidden until a trigger call today

Octavia Fant is being held and will be killed unless

I have to break your bond

At Sheriff’s house

Bill there


“We need to go. I’m getting in the coffin, you’ll put me in the back of the SUV, and I’ll tell you what direction to drive.” While he was pleased Amelia told him where they’d taken Sookie, it didn’t do him any good. He’d met the Sheriff, but didn’t know the address.

“Where are we going?”


Alcide jumped to his feet. “She’s been kidnapped!?”

“No more talk, let’s go!”

“We need to check on Maria; she can stay and guard Thalia until the sun rises.”

“Thalia is awake, she’ll be fine. We need to get going; I’ll text Thalia to have her wake Maria when the sun sets.”

As Eric instructed, they loaded him into the back of the SUV and drove based on directions Eric gave via his bond with Sookie. In between giving directions as needed and texting for some additional support, Eric focused on the bond. When his lover first woke, he felt her sending fear and panic mixed with love. He believed that meant she wasn’t in immediate danger but she needed saving. He sent love and assurance in return and was thankful they’d spent part of the flight to New Orleans the other night playing with the bond – as Sookie called it. At that time, playing was the correct word since they mostly sent lust and mischief to each other. He wished they never had to use the bond as part of a rescue mission again. Of course, he realized, that was a futile wish. Joining the Council, while the safest move for them, didn’t mean their lives wouldn’t have risk. At that moment, he decided to ensure that Sookie had some defense training so she could be better prepared for other situations. To an outsider, it might look like the best thing for Sookie would be to cut ties with Eric and all vampires, but too many knew of her by now and she would forever need to live in hiding. That wasn’t a life for his little fairy so he’d work to prepare her as much as possible.

The sun set after they’d been on the road for thirty minutes so Eric got behind the wheel to drive the rest of the way. He considered flying but decided he might need the two Weres to assist with Sookie’s rescue; and while he could feel her location, they could not. “Call Thalia with an update on our direction.”

Alcide nodded and called her. “She and Maria will be with us shortly.”

Shortly after the sun set, Sookie’s fear turned to terror and Eric felt pain across his face. No doubt she was with vampire of the unfriendly sort since the pain didn’t start until the last rays of the sun were gone. Luckily, the house they’d arrived at was secluded; that would help with their need to be stealthy. “She’s here, very close.” He told his guards as he pulled the car up under a large tree. “I’m parking here, out of sight and we’ll approach quietly.” He pointed to the back of the SUV. “Grab some weapons. You have gloves, right?” The men both nodded and did as instructed.

The three advanced to the house using the shadows from other trees as cover. Eric refrained from growling every time he could feel that Sookie was being hit. He also tried and failed to ignore that Sookie’s neck and ankles had been restrained. He knew because her captor had made them unnecessarily tight. As they were getting close, he told Alcide and Patuk to hang back while he gauged the situation.

What bothered him the most was that he couldn’t hear her. When they first started walking, he faintly heard her yells and screams and that had stopped. Another fifteen feet and he could hear her whimper; honestly, he couldn’t decide if that was better than silence or not. Then he heard Compton and his blood boiled.

“Aww, the meek innocent virgin. You have no idea how hard it was to pretend like I cared and take it gentle on you. Not this time. I’m going to fuck you in two and when Lorena gets back with our travel needs, I’m taking you where your precious Northman won’t be able to get you back.” His smile turned sinister, “Actually, maybe I’ll let Lorena enjoy you once before we leave too. You need to be taught discipline and she’s the perfect vampire for the job.”

While Bill spoke, Eric assessed Sookie’s exact location in the house and the shoddy construction: wooden studs, vinyl siding, probably a layer of wood and some insulation. Nothing in that wall would prevent him from getting through. The trick was to get through quickly as a surprise and without hurting Sookie. For his plan to work he needed to know where she was; he had to glance in the window. The room containing Sookie was on a dark side and as far as they knew, they hadn’t been discovered yet and they needed to keep it that way. To prevent being spotted, he floated up and approached the window while hanging upside down. The bed was about ten feet from the outside wall – that was good news. As he floated to the ground, Thalia and Maria arrived and Eric quickly moved them away from the house to review the plan. It took only a moment to dispense his orders and they moved into action.

After retrieving a large fallen tree about a quarter mile from the house, Eric and his rescue team walked as quietly as possible to the house. Eric stopped them suddenly though; a car was pulling in the driveway. At least it had arrived from the direction opposite from where Eric had parked their vehicle. He paused and listened, a few feet away from Sookie, but not yet able to get to her until he was sure of the situation. The driver of the car was now in the room with Sookie: it was Lorena, Bill’s maker.

“Getting comfortable Bill?” Lorena spoke to her child. “Why is she not handcuffed?”

“I prefer the collar restraint. Plus, since she’s tied down otherwise, I want her to fight back.” He turned back to his work, removing Sookie’s bra. “She’s so modest, I’m enjoying undressing her and ogling her body as it becomes exposed. So many ways we can break her master.” He paused to lick his lips. “So many delicious ways.”

“Speaking of delicious, I think I’m ready for that first taste of our little telepath’s blood.” Lorena kneeled on the bed where Sookie was shackled and tugged at the straps of the ball gag. “I know you don’t like to hear screaming Bill, but I do and we’re secluded here. The Sheriff is waiting his turn as payment for the house tonight too. The screaming will excite him.”

With the gag off, Sookie started yelling. “Get away from me you bitch! My blood belongs to my master and bonded; Eric Northman.” She could feel Eric’s presence and it gave her the confidence to speak out.

“Feisty! You were right about her my sweet William.” She turned and smiled. “She will be fun to break! What a treat.”

After smiling at his maker’s approval, Bill corrected Sookie. “Amelia broke your bond. You no longer belong to Northman. You will belong to me in a moment.” He leaned close to her face and spoke sternly. “I’ll be your master, for a while at least.”

Bill had Sookie’s collar attached to the bed and Lorena removed the device to rub her nose against Sookie’s now exposed neck. “So many tortures and punishments await her.” Her fangs dropped to feed but she turned to Bill, “How long did your Queen say we could take to train her?”

“Two weeks.”

A menacing smile formed on Lorena’s face. “We’ll savor every cry, every beating, every feeding, and every fuck until we return her.”

Eric was right outside the wall with the tree, poised to break in. With a final signal to Thalia, he heaved the tree back to use the leverage and thrust the trunk in to the wall. As the tree made contact and the house broke away, they were startled by a bright light and a scream. Eric dropped the tree and ran into the room through the hole he’d just made. Bill was on the floor next to a pile of ashes, and Sookie was sitting up in the bed staring at her own hand like it belonged to someone else. After ordering that Bill be restrained, he spoke Sookie’s name to break her out of her daze. While helping her into his coat to cover up, Eric was able to quickly assess that she was bruised, but otherwise fine.

Sookie’s curiosity as she rubbed and stared at her hands was dominating the bond but they both remained quiet. Given what he knew of Fairies, he was pretty sure his little bonded had fried Lorena with light since there was no stake or tree branch in the pile of ashes. That was an interesting development, and he decided right then that Compton would need to die with the information that Sookie could shoot ‘light’ from her hands. Hopefully Roman would help.

The sound of footsteps making their way to the room stopped Eric from checking Sookie further and in fact, he needed her insight to prepare. “Lover, how many?”

“There are only three other vampires in the house. One is the Sheriff of the area.”

“They are not a problem my love. I’ll be with you in a moment.” He knew the Sheriff, he hadn’t lied. These men were not a threat to him and Thalia.  “Can Maria sit with you?”

She nodded. What she wanted to do was break down and cry in his arms, but he needed to focus.

The shocked look on the vampires that entered the room was almost comical. Eric wanted to play with them for their part in Sookie’s abduction, but he curbed those desires so he could get Sookie back to the hotel and healed. The first vampire was beheaded quickly by Thalia using her bare hands while Eric used a branch from the tree in the room to stake the other. The Sheriff, Andy Pickner, was barely 300 years old. He put up a pitiful fight and was secured in silver chains with the help of Patuk and Alcide in under a minute. The only problem left was Bill’s screaming about his toasted ‘mommy’, Lorena. Eric wished that the ball gag Bill had used on his Sookie was silver, but it still worked to quiet him.

Though a silver gag would have been much more fun.

Now that the threats were handled, he returned to Sookie. “Do you need a moment before we head out?” She shook her head and he lifted her from the bed. “We’ll head back to the hotel.” Finding a place that wasn’t bruised, he gently kissed her face. “Do you want blood now?”

“No, I can make it until we are alone. I’m not taking your blood in front of anyone.” She held her hands up in front of his face and with a shaky voice, said “Eric.”

Immediately he knew she was asking about what she most likely did to Lorena. “I know vandræði, I know. We’ll talk more at the hotel.”

The Mississippi Sheriff spoke up. “Northman, you have no jurisdiction in this state.”

“I’ve been sent by my Queen to rescue Compton. She can explain it to your King. In the interim, you’ll be held until this is all sorted out.” He nodded to Patuk who pulled on the chains. “You were part of the kidnapping and attempted rape of my bonded. Bonded laws cross state borders.”

“She doesn’t smell like you and my understanding is that the bond was broken.”

“She’s been covered in a potion to hide her scent. Make no mistake about it; we’re still bonded.”

Andy glanced at Compton then back to Eric. “I have information.”

Eric thought the Sheriff’s actions were pathetic; to turn on an ally so quickly. In this case he kept his judgements to himself since the Sheriff’s testimony might be needed. “I’m sure you do. We’ll talk more later. Now, I’m getting you both into a nice coffin in my car.”

Eric turned with Sookie to get her to the car and she called out, “Wait.” Eric stopped walking. “Amelia’s still here. I can feel her in the basement.” She pointed to one corner of the room they were in. “That direction.”

Alcide expressed his opinion on Amelia. “The witch can rot.”

“She was forced.” She added to make sure Eric didn’t follow Alcide’s opinion. “At the least she can provide information about her part and how Andre glamoured her.”

Eric ordered Alcide. “Get her.”

Alcide grumbled out a ‘Fine’ and headed out of the room.

“OH! We need to get the Were’s that were part of it.” She paused. “They’re at Club Dead tonight.”

At first Eric’s mouth opened in shock, then he turned to address Sookie. “Are you done strategizing? I want to get you healed.”

“Do you want loose ends?”

“No but I’ve got plans in place for the clean-up.” He nodded his head to Patuk. “Get the car.”

With everyone loaded into the two SUVs they headed back to the hotel. In the first minutes of the trip, Eric behaved as expected and Sookie found that she was becoming accustomed to his attentions: he seemed to almost catalog each bruise and scratch growing angrier at every new discovery. At first his excuse was that he needed to photograph her injuries, so she remained quiet. When he put the phone down and continued to look even more closely, she put an end to it. “Stop.” Pointing to her body from head to toe, she continued, “You’ll fix all this. Focus on our next steps with Compton and getting Pam away from the Queen.”

“This should never have happened. . . “

“With the way Amelia’s glamour was established or loaded – whatever you guys call it – she couldn’t provide any clues, not even in her thoughts Eric. The first thoughts she had were from the trigger she received via a phone call.” Since it appeared that he was still focusing on how she was hurt, she forced him back to strategizing. “Can we get to New Orleans by morning? If so, we can have Pam back at first dark tomorrow. Come on Sweetie, get into planning mode.”

With a reluctant nod, he picked up his phone to organize their next move by calling his assistant. “Barry.” Eric began. “Can you coordinate a flight to New Orleans to arrive before dawn?”

“Yes Eric. I’ll call immediately for a plane and text you the details.” He could hear Barry breathe in. “Sookie, she is well?”

“She will be soon. We got her in time.”

“That’s good. Mr. Zimojic’s assistant has already been in touch to coordinate his arrival to the area.”

“Any problems?”

“None. I only need to coordinate his arrival in New Orleans instead of Mississippi.” Sookie looked at Eric with curiosity and he mouthed later to her. “Do you want me in New Orleans as well?”

“Yes. Leave for my house as soon as you can.”

Before they arrived at the hotel, Eric had a text back from Barry. “Everyone, our plane will be ready for us by midnight. We need to leave the hotel two hours from now. We’ll arrive in New Orleans by with time to spare before dawn.” His final business was a call to the palace and schedule a meeting for the next night. In the background he could hear the Queen’s shocked reaction that he was returning with Bill already. The meeting was going to be interesting. He texted Barry the meeting details and shared it with the team in the car. “We’re scheduled for a 10:00 PM meeting with the Queen.”

“Good, then this whole ordeal can be over.” Sookie mumbled.

Eric barked a few more orders as they pulled up to the hotel then he got out with Sookie and carried her to the bedroom in the suite. He could feel her emotions bubbling up as they rode and knew she needed to unload. Honestly he was amazed she hadn’t given away any of the turmoil he knew she was feeling inside; he was damn proud of her. Before she could release her emotions, he wanted her healed. “I know you’re ready to explode, please take some of my blood first, Lover. Please.”

Her face screwed up as she tried to bravely hold in her tears and Eric unmistakably felt her struggle. Wasting no time, he bit his wrist and presented it. With great restraint, Eric focused on her healing only and not the standard sexual reaction he had when she fed from him. Now was not the time for him to make any advances. Given what he knew Bill and Lorena had planned, he wondered how long it would be until Sookie was ready to be intimate. Not that it mattered; he’d be there and wait for her as long as it took.

Sookie had attached her mouth to his wrist and took two gulps. At the moment, it was all she could take since she needed a good cry more than his blood. After licking the blood that dripped on his arm, she pulled away and tucked into him. Knowing his lover had held out as long as she could, he gave her the opening. “Let go. I’ve got you.”

For the next half hour, Sookie unloaded on Eric, literally. He was covered in tears and snot as she spewed words and broken phrases of what had happened while she was captured: all her fears about Bill’s plans, the panic about how she killed Lorena and the pain from her physical injuries came pouring out. Trying to help her settle, he rocked and spoke softly the whole time. When she was finally done, he shifted her on his lap. Sookie knew what was coming next: Eric would need to be assured that she was fine. To him, this was part of how he loved her and she knew it. Only after he was satisfied that every mark was gone, he pecked her on the head and offered, “You’re worried about what happened to Lorena?” She nodded shyly. “I know fairies can shoot light from their hands. Apparently that now includes you.”

“It seemed like I fried her and Bill saw the whole thing. What will he do?”

“I know he saw it and my plan is to keep him gagged until I kill him. I won’t let him divulge your secret. This is a secret for now by the way, until we learn more about fairies. When we join the council, they will need to be informed.” The face she put on was brave but the fear inside was nearly drowning him. “Do you trust me? I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him quiet.”

“I trust you. It’s Sophie-Anne and Andre that worry me.”

“I know Lover and I’m going to make everything right.” He hugged her to his chest again and she calmed as she breathed in his scent. After a moment, he offered, “I’ll pack. Why don’t you take a bath and relax?”

Given how suggestive Eric normally was, she was surprised that he didn’t offer to put her in the tub himself; or at least joke about. Suddenly, she realized he might be holding back for fear of her reaction. “I know we’re in a rush but can you bathe me quickly?” His face conveyed his confusion at the request. “I’m not saying it right.” She took a deep breath. “Eric, I want you to know that nothing tonight has me feeling broken or dirty. I need a few moments of connecting with you . . . physically.”

Softly, he smiled and approached her. “We have some time. If you’re sure, I’ll take care of you right now.” She nodded and he lifted her to head to the bathroom. “You know, I’ll help you through anything. Waiting for you won’t change how much I love you.”

“I know. That’s why I love you. What I’m telling you is that we don’t need to wait. If you back off from me because of what Bill wanted to do, that will hurt.”

The bond was his best guide right now since he could feel her honesty. He kissed her nose. “Then I won’t back off.”

“Thank you.” He placed her on the counter while he started the water. “You know, back in the Bahamas, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to stay in love after we left our bubble.”

“I remember.”

“You were right you know. What’s happening around us doesn’t matter. I still love you.”

“As I love you. I’ve been worried though, that you would want to hide away after this. Because of what being with me could mean.” He’d turned serious, sporting an almost pained expression.

He’d lowered her into the tub and started on her hair so she didn’t answer until he was done washing and rinsing. “Eric, you didn’t cause this. In fact, today showed me what you saved me from. Remember, Bill wanted to own me, in the worst of ways, before you came into my life. You are the reason I’m not with him or the Queen.”

“Others could want you.”

She touched his face and spoke. “And you’ll always come for me if that happens.”

“I will.” His face turned to mischief. “Then I’ll make you cum under me when I get you back.”

“There’s my naughty Eric.”


All of them were packed and ready to go at the appointed time. Patuk and Alcide took care of loading the limo with luggage and their transport van with the two vampires secured in a coffins. Once everything was handled, Eric returned to the suite where he’d left Sookie relaxing and scooped her up. “I can walk.”

“Not tonight. You’re getting pampered.”

“This is me, not arguing.”

They reached the door to the hotel hallway when they heard someone yelling by the elevators. “I know he’s on this floor, I’m seeing him. NOW!” Eric squeezed Sookie and clenched his jaw.

“And I’m telling you, we’re leaving to make a plane.”

“Exactly, you idiot, I mean to fly with him since he’s got one of my sheriffs.”

Sookie gasped. Russell Edgington was here to see Eric and he sounded mad. She knew from other conversations that Russell was ancient; she was immediately afraid. “Do not worry Lover. We are in the right.” While Eric’s voice was confident, he still placed her on her feet and moved to stand protectively in front of her.


“I am here your Majesty.”

Sookie watched as an older looking vampire with dark hair and a serious expression turned the corner and met them in the hall; Patuk was inches behind him in protective mode. Russell spoke. “Good, I caught you Eric. We need to talk.”

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