Why I pulled stories off fanfiction

To my readers coming from fanfiction and wondering WHY did I pull stories – there was an incident related to one of the writing contests recently.  The fandom is bouncing back, thankfully – but I still feel the same about fanfiction.

The post below was something I wrote in April of 2014 and never posted.  Somehow it popped into my head today after reading two other posts about fanfiction and flames.  I decided to share it with you now.  Items in italics are updates I made today.

I was looking at a possible new story today – – and I realized the wonderful and very important things I’ve learned from reading and writing Fanfiction:

NSFW – I had NO clue what this meant til I read one – at work – that had this comment.  I think it was Love with a Stranger – and it was NOT safe for work.  Thank God I work from home.  Hmm, I probably shouldn’t thank GOD in this particular instance, he might not approve.

Lemons – they aren’t just fruit.  THEN I had to explain it to my boss.  You know, the one who met – YOU KNOW WHO! (Click on the link in case you forgot).

 The ‘FORMULA’ is apparently horrible.  Let me explain.  Some folks are tired of reading similar plotlines:  Eric is a manwhore, Sookie is inexperienced, they somehow get together, an unexpected baby comes out of all this.  If you’re looking for an example, look at Nowhere to Now Here – it pretty much hits all the parts of the ‘formula’.  I’m not saying to read that – it was my first writing and OMG does it need work – but many of you love it and I love all of you for it!.

I think the ‘FORMULA’ works and here is why:  I never wrote anything but poetry, writing assignments and software documentation before I wrote Nowhere to Now Here.  I put the formula into new settings and other extras to make it different – but having a formula that I saw worked for others gave me the confidence to post.  If you’re writing and have used (GASP) the formula – post it.  Send me the link and I’ll read it.  Whatever gives you the courage to share that first stuff – use it!

On and, All In (one of THE Best fanfics ever) has it’s basis in the formula.  HORRORS!

Hurting Sookie is not permitted.  Uh, have you read the books (or seen the show) that’s the basis for all the SVM/TB Fanfiction?  If you’re really opposed to that – find fanfiction for – wait for it – Little House on the Prairie.  I’ve mentioned this before.  You MIGHT be safe there.

Fanfiction is somehow interpreted to fanreality or fanfact.  I’ll note an example – and I hope she doesn’t mind:  CaliforniaKat got some comments about a hot dog cart (I think it was a hot dog cart) in Central Park – how it wouldn’t have been there at that time.  Really?  WHO CARES?  Fiction means fiction – and while many of us try to research and get things as correct as possible – this is not our job.

 A few words can really hurt and take the wind out of your sails.  I love comments and reviews – but cursing directed at me, telling me how much you hate my story  –  that hurts.

Updated May 2015:  This has never been more true than the past two weeks.  I’m saddened by everything that’s happened.  One thing I’ve decided:  I’m taking my stories off fanfiction (I am leaving my profile with a link – and my reason for taking the stories down).  It’ll take me some time, but they are coming down.  I never liked the anonymous option at fanfiction and now I hate it and I won’t support the site that gives readers that opportunity.  I know it’s not the site’s fault in reality – but I can’t do anything else.  I also know that the current issues aren’t all about reviews – but again – I’m targeting that part cause with all the other stuff – there’s been enough words on all sides.  I won’t add anything there.

What am I talking about?  Couple of posts below.



A few words can have me floating on air.  Not just positive comments – but words that have helped me through some of the negative comments.  I had one reader who saw a negative comment and took the time to call that person out and build me back up again.  It’s one of those – wow moments.

Friends never need to meet:   I’ve forged many new friendships – people who are genuinely interested in how my week went when they knew it was going to be bad.  People I also think about am concerned with for their bad weeks – or happy for their good news!  Readers that I FRET over if they haven’t reviewed in a while – and a long time ago that morphed from ‘they don’t like my writing’ to ‘OMG – something horrible happened’.  One of you had me so worried I sent a message (love you woman!).

Sometimes I am lucky enough to meet those friends:

  • Like my trip to London last year – Kajsa and I spent two days together
  • MistressJessica1028 will be at my house to fix my gardens soon . . .  right?  Update May 2015 – we DID meet and hopefully she’ll drive up for my “No Children, No Husband, No Kidding party in June – my hubby and kids will be away.  Hey – if you’re close enough to PA (southeast), let me know.  You are invited.
  • MSBUFFY and I are just down the road from each other (Cause PA is such a tiny state).
  • Ok – so only one bullet point is an actual meeting – but you get the idea (Updated May 2015  –  two meetings)!

It’s possible to mourn someone you’ve never met.  I still miss Angela (ERICIZMINE) and all the characters in her stories.  I don’t care that the names were Sookie and Eric – she wrote HER Sookie and Eric so I mourn them as well.  I still miss that fangirl feeling (yes, I’m a geek and Angela knew it) if she replied to a comment I wrote on facebook.  It’s probably a good thing she didn’t read my stuff and comment – I would’ve needed smelling salts.

Updated May 2015 – sadly, I need to add Princess Brigant as well.  She passed away – from the same cancer that took my mom. 

So there you have it!  All I learned (no, I learned more than this list – but it’s a start.

The bottom line:  We have something cool here.  Please stop the words of hurt.  Don’t flame through reviews.  Follow the golden rule and treat others as you want to be treated. 


And if you don’t?  I still firmly believe that if we keep behaving badly as a fandom – Eric will drain us.


4 thoughts on “Why I pulled stories off fanfiction

  1. Saw your update(ish) post on FF and just wanted to say welcome back, hope your vacation was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.

    • HI THERE! Thanks for reaching out. I got back on to remove most of my stuff from fanfiction and explain here. I’m about half way through the next chapter of Glimpses. After that – I don’t know! I’m still trying to finish my originaly – I’d say I’m 2/3+ done and the first 15 chappies were sent out! Hope your summer is going well.

  2. Hi Mags,

    I’m Veronica from NYC and I am a new-ish SVM/TB addict. Truthfully, I never read the SVM books and only “discovered” the TB series a couple of years or so ago. After I binged (more than once) on the show, I started googleing about it and stumbled on ff.net and the wealth of stories there.

    You may be surprised to still be getting new readers, but I’ve been looking forward to reading your work for a while, and I was grateful for your mention of this site. It’s one of the reasons I registered to WP last year – I get to follow my favorites. Anyway, I just finished reading your posts (all the way to your very first one), and I thought I’d send a note to tell you that I found them lovely, funny and heartwarming. So my note before I get started with your stories is just to say thank you for taking the time to write and for sharing your work with us.

    I hope you and your family are well and safe.
    Thanks again,
    Your new fan, Veronica (ronnie0602 on WP)

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