Glimpses 9 – The Window

We learn more – but everything is not resolved.  We need the next chapter for that.  I’m editing now – hoping to post before I go to bed tonight.

Remember, I beta for this one on my own and oh – I rushed to get it out.  Not my usual three reads so it’s rough.


Glimpses 9 – The Window

With a panicked look on his face, Eric was the first to arrive in the courtyard, having felt Moyra’s fear then worse – nothing – as her blood left. The Were guard was crouched on the ground next to Frannie so Eric ran there to revive the teen. “Where is Moyra?” Eric asked the guard when he took Frannie into his arms.

The guard was scared of Eric’s reaction but replied. “It was fairies. They popped to the courtyard, took her and popped out. Sam managed to hitch a ride.”

Eric pricked his finger to give Frannie blood and while she woke, Claude arrived on the scene. He looked puzzled while he explained why he ran out. “I felt fairies here but Claudine and I were the only ones invited.”

Eric looked at Claude while he stood with Frannie in his arms. “Two fairies kidnapped Moyra. I need Niall’s help.”

Claude nodded seriously and closed his eyes. He was silent for a moment before announcing, “He’ll be here shortly I’m sure. I’m able to call him similar to how you call someone with a blood bond.” Claude asked the Were and Frannie. “Were they tall blonds, very thin but muscular, man and woman?”

Frannie locked down her desire to cry so she could help; then nodded. “They looked like twins, but you know a boy and a girl. The woman had a wave tattoo on her arm.”

Claude grimaced. “Followers of Breandan’s: Neave and Lochlan. I didn’t know they were on Earth.”

Eric was seething. “What are they doing alive? I thought all of Breandan’s followers were killed.”

Niall’s voice joined the group. “Most of his followers were killed. Neave and Lochlan are the last I believe. We haven’t been able to hunt them down yet.”

“Why was I not advised?” Eric shook his head. “Teleporting enemies is information my security team and I need to know about.”

Niall tried to explain. “It was my understanding that they were trapped in the Fae realm. Since portal travel requires permissions and we have guards at all portals, I had no idea they were on Earth.”

“I don’t feel Moyra at all. I take it they can get back through the portal easily.” Niall nodded. “They’ve been spotted already in Fairy. Sam made it. He was holding Moyra.”

“And why haven’t they been captured?”

“They teleported as soon as they were through the portal.”

Frannie and Eric were joined by the rest of the family and friends at this point and they started asking questions. Worried that Sookie might collapse as Frannie had, he handed his Lilla to Lala so his hands would be free for his wife. As he guessed, Sookie became hysterical and started crying for her baby immediately. “No! Roo. My b . . . baby is gone. Get her back Eric. Get her back now.” Sookie continued while Eric held her in a futile attempt to calm her.

Frannie’s resistance to crying didn’t last once Sookie was there. On top of crying, she began apologizing for losing her sister. “Frannie!” Eric touched her trying to get his daughter’s attention through all the crying. “This is not your fault. How could you possibly protect your sister from teleporting fairies?” When she continued to sob and speak of being at fault, Eric knew the best thing would be to get them back to the house quickly and plan. As Niall had traveled with several Royal Guards, he requested help with teleporting everyone home. Between the Fairies and two Britlingens, they had everyone home in one trip. Eric had Ludwig give shots to both Sookie and Frannie to calm them down so Eric could focus on planning.

Once his wife was asleep with Frannie attached to her side, and Tara told him that she would ensure everyone would be cared for; Eric left his family to rescue Moyra. A large group had gathered in Eric’s office while he was settling Sookie and he was pleased with the turnout of resources: Desmond and his nieces, Alcide, his more senior guards, and several fairies. One person was missing, and given the time of day he knew logically there was nothing he could do about it, but it didn’t change that he wanted his father. Godric was currently locked in his coffin, and wouldn’t rise for hours, so Eric was surprised when his phone rang and it was Godric. “Father? I . . . I need you. How are you awake, how did you know?”

“Your Amma called me. I know about Moyra.”

Eric bellowed. “Why did she not call and prevent it?”

Eric could hear the sigh before his father replied. “She did not see the kidnapping until the fairies popped to Earth. After she saw them grab Moyra, she tried to see more, but nothing came to her. She believes Moyra was taken to Fairy since her sight does not work there.”

“She was; Niall reported that they were in Fairy and Sam as well.”

“What is the next step?”

“I’m in my office meeting with a rescue team to plan.”

“Can you get me some fairy blood?”

Eric ended the call and sped to his father in a guarded and secure location on the property. Godric wasn’t surprised at the desperation he saw on his son’s face. Forced separation from his family brought his vampire son to his knees. Eric’s panic was a problem. “You will need to focus on the mission and not your despair my son. Concentrate. Every second counts.” He put his hand on his son’s shoulder to ensure Eric was listening. “If this is a problem for you, I will retrieve Moyra and you can stay with Sookie.”

Eric’s head was shaking before Godric finished speaking and he affirmed. “I will block my feelings. Can you lead the strategizing?”

Godric agreed and they were back to the meeting quickly with Godric taking command. “Niall, will Eric be able to feel Moyra in your realm?”

“It’s never been tested, but I don’t see why not. Our bigger problem is the sun. It never sets in Fairy.”

Eric offered. “I have two weeks’ worth of fairy blood I’ve been saving for a family vacation. How does that work?”

“I don’t know. Time moves differently there so what you have may last the whole trip or only minutes.” Claude glared at his Grandfather, but Niall ignored him and kept talking. “Perhaps you can go through the portal and give us the location then leave.”

“ENOUGH!” Claude barked. “You can fix that part of the problem permanently and you know it! He won’t be able to point to their location on a map and leave you to find them.”

“Claude!” Niall had turned to his grandson and barked, “Say no more.”

“No old man, it’s time to fix this – they are your family! I know if Neave and Lochlan crossed your path you would have killed them but you haven’t actively searched for them this whole time. You knew they would try something like this! You owe them.” He turned to Eric and Godric. “Niall can give you the sun – permanently – and he’s been holding back. Why? I don’t know.” Eric’s eyes were wide and he didn’t know how to respond so Claude kept talking or rather threatening the Fairy Prince. “You will give this gift to Eric, Godric and Pam – and any of the vampires they make that are your kin. If you don’t, Claudine and I will cut our ties with you, forever.”

Godric entered the conversation. “I do not mean to interrupt an important discussion, but we need to do something, quickly. They did not take Moyra to play tea time with her.” He moved to Niall. “You mentioned time works differently in your realm. How long have they had her?”

“It’s been about an hour here, time is slower in Fairy.” He looked up while he thought. “That’s about a minute in fairy.”

“That is a small relief but one minute is already too long for them to have my granddaughter. Either provide enough blood to withstand an extended stay in Fairy or fix my son and I now. I have heard of these fairies before; we must get to Moyra and Sam immediately.”

With a final scathing look at Claude, Niall chanted something in his native tongue and he began to glow. Claude instructed Godric when Niall put his wrist out. “You’ll need to drink from him now. One large sip should do it. Then Eric can drink.”

The room watched as Godric took in the Fairy Prince’s blood and began to glow. Niall moved to Eric right away and Eric did the same. The glowing stopped after a moment and Niall asked. “Is Pam awake now?”

Eric responded, “Yes, likely due to feeling Amelia’s panic over the capture of Moyra. She’s in her house.”

Niall and Eric returned quickly with a battle-ready Pam. Godric had gathered weapons while Pam was being fixed from the sun and he handed iron swords and other weapons to them.

With a nod to Niall, Godric offered, “I thank you for sharing your essence with us.”

“I had my reasons for keeping that to myself.” Again he turned to Claude. “My grandson was correct that for today it made sense.” He put his arm out and Godric, Eric, and Pam placed their hands on it. The rest of the rescue team took hold of other fairies to teleport to the portal.

Niall waited with the vampires for the others to arrive at the portal. “We should make our plans here where the minutes are mere seconds in Fairy.”

Eric nodded. “Agreed.” He was quiet until the last of the group arrived then he started planning. “I propose we go through the portal and I’ll give you a direction. Each of you,” he pointed to the fairies, “can determine a teleport location from there and we’ll re-group, adjusting as needed.”

Hoyt spoke first. “How big is fairy? How far can the kidnappers have gone with Moyra already?” He rubbed his face. “Seems like that can take too long.”

Eric moved to stand near Hoyt. “Hoyt? Why are you here? This is a dangerous rescue operation.” He glanced around his assistant and saw Lala. “Lala? Both of you will remain here. Sookie will have my head if you’re hurt.”

Lala made a negative mumble and shook his head, “mmm nnn yo majesty. Not gonnas work. We’s told Jason to keep his ass home. That’s the best yo gonna gets. Yous don’t has the time to argue.”

“Fine. Niall, Hoyt did ask a good question. Any suggestions to my plan? How far can they have gotten?”

“Fairy is smaller than Earth but it’s still large. This could take time but it’s the best plan.” He paused before adding. “We need to discuss another factor for the battle. I’m certain they’ll have silver weapons and Neave has silver capped teeth.”

“I appreciate the information; I’m still going for my baby and will deal with silver poisoning if needed.” Eric turned to Godric. “Perhaps you should stay back so you can feed me if needed after the fact.”

“I am the fastest of all of us; I will not be staying behind.” Godric continued speaking. “Let us divide our groups so we can cover multiple sides or entrances of whatever building they are using to hold Moyra.” They all nodded and Godric assigned groups and leaders. It only took a moment to create four groups; each with a combination of species.

Niall spoke next. “We don’t know what other fairies are involved and what talents they have. I’d like to provide some tips for dealing with teleporting fairies.” Eric nodded for him to continue while additional weapons were packed for the trip. Niall informed the group that using iron would prevent any talents from working and emphasized that the most challenging talent would be teleportation. “The iron dust you each have will work for this. Please be sure these fairies,” he pointed at the fairies standing in the group, “Aren’t in the direct area when you let the dust loose.” The group nodded in agreement and Niall continued to explain the tactical training given to fairies on teleportation in battle. Niall knew he was sharing fairy secrets but he felt the situation justified the breach.

“Thank you Niall. Anything else?” Niall shook his head ‘no’. Eric looked at the group once again; then pointed his arm at the portal. “We should go then.”

Niall gave a stiff nod. “Agreed.”


“Hand her over.” The female fairy demanded.

“Over my dead body.” Sam held Moyra close to his chest. The girl had been hysterical when they first entered fairy and was given to Sam so she’d calm down. They teleported four times until they reached a small cottage and stopped moving. Thankfully, Moyra had fallen asleep.

The female licked her lips and responded. “Your dead body can be arranged. Actually, we have no use for you so let’s take care of that now.”

“Back off Neave.”

Sam looked to the left, away from the two fairies that had kidnapped Moyra and gasped. “Jason? What happened to you? What’s going on?”

The new fairy in the room laughed at Sam’s words. “I’m not Jason, but I’ve been told I look like him. Guess it really is true.”

“Then who are you? What’s going on here?”

The man ignored Sam’s questions and turned to the kidnappers. “How did you capture a shifter as well as the child?”

The male fairy answered. “He grabbed my leg as we teleported. He became useful to quiet the brat while we moved. He’ll be in the way now. Let my sister have a bite.”

“No Lochlan. We’re trying to draw the rescuers here. We need to be prepared to capture Niall, not be playing with your prey. When we have the Prince, you can have your fun.”

Sam knew that gave him some time to plan; minutes or hours, he had no idea. Given what he’d heard, his survival was in doubt but not for a second did he regret grabbing one of the fairies to stay with Moyra. It was only a split second, but he saw the look of horror on Frannie’s face when the baby was snatched up and that face broke his heart. He’d do anything for Frannie; he loved her. It was something he knew he needed to get over: he didn’t envision that ‘Daddy’ would be too keen on Sam at 35 dating eighteen year old Frannie. Somehow knowing his desires would never come to be didn’t stop the feelings. He’d felt protective of her since the first time they met in Vegas and when she started coming to him for college course advise, his feelings had only grown. In the past year, he’d stopped dating and silently pined for Frannie.

Startling him out of his thoughts, Moyra shifted in his arms and he knew he needed to focus on their plight. Though he would do it again, hitching a ride with the fairy didn’t guarantee he could save Moyra from her captors. He wasn’t stupid; he was a single shifter against an unknown number of fairies that wanted Niall for some reason. At least the baby was sleeping in his arms and not one of the deranged siblings in front of him. Sam looked over at the abductors and sneered. At least the three were reviewing some papers on the table and ignoring him for the moment.

A thought suddenly occurred to him. This Jason look-alike had to be related somehow (unless fairies had a limited gene pool and similarities were common). “How are you related to Niall?” He asked the fairy. “You can’t look that much like Jason without a blood relation.”

“He’s my father.”

Sam was taken aback by that information and stared at the fairy in shock until he asked, “Why would you capture his great-great-grandbaby then?” He looked at Moyra still thankfully asleep in his arms.

“He killed my leader; it’s time for him to move on so Fairy can have a new Prince.” He made a face of disgust. “This mingling with humans has gone on far too long! Now we have fairies moving to Earth so they can have children, then they return with the unclean beings!”

Sam shook his head. “The surrogate program uses fairy eggs and sperm. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?”

“They are born of filthy animals; Weres and shifters like you!” He smiled at Neave and Lochlan. “I decided it’s fortuitous that you had an accidental traveler. We can make an example of shifters as part of our message.”

“Do what you want with me. Put the baby back on Earth, please. She has nothing to do with your quarrel.” He meant every word; saving Moyra was his priority.

“That monstrosity has everything to do with it! She’s a purposely created hybrid – the worst! It wasn’t an unplanned pregnancy. Sookie, her brother and all their children will be killed by the time we are done.” He looked off at nothing and added. “When the worlds are clean of hybrids and fairies born from animal wombs, I’ll take my own life as the last living hybrid.”

Believing Eric would protect his family, he offered one more option. “Then let Moyra be with her family when that happens. Put her back on Earth.”

“NO. She will be used to draw Niall and then Sookie to us.”

Neave bared her silver tipped teeth and nodded towards Moyra. “The screams she makes when I kill her will be the only screams of hers I’ll enjoy.”

Sam tucked Moyra closer to his chest and started pondering the animal he could shift into to best protect her. A large animal would be best for fighting, but he’d need to put her down. No bird could fly with her weighing almost thirty pounds. ‘Think Sam, think! Something has to work.’


The rescuers were gathering at their third jump location. As soon as Eric got his bearings, he knew they had to retreat. “We went too far; need to go back.” Eric had been setting a direction; then the fairies would select a location they all knew about 300 miles out. While it was slower than Eric flying directly for Moyra, it was necessary to travel with the larger group in case of a fight when they got to Moyra’s location.

Eric looked to Hoyt. “How long have we been here?”

“Almost three hours.”

Eric did the math quickly in his head: a Fairy minute was about an Earth hour. “A WEEK IN EARTH TIME! Sookie must be losing her mind.” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “Niall, have you picked the next location?”

“We have. Let’s go.”

Two more jumps occurred and Eric finally smiled. “My baby is near.” In his head he thanked the Gods again that he’d given all his children his blood. Well, not the triplets, since they were of his own DNA, he could feel them like a bond without them taking his blood. He pulled his sword from his back and nodded to a section of trees, “that way.” As the house came into view, they saw three fairies standing at the front entry, ready for battle. Eric raised his sword giving a battle cry.


“Why aren’t they back? How long can this take?” Sookie sobbed quietly from her bed, the dog by her side. She’d spent the almost the whole week in bed with Tara seeing to her needs. Holly arranged for the triplets to be occupied as much as possible in between their visits to Sookie. Tara, Holly and Gran took turns forcing Sookie to eat; using the other children as leverage to get her to accept any food. Holly and Tara were exhausted from the week, not that they’d complained once, but even the dog had felt Moyra’s absence and she needed extra attention as well.

Tara spoke softly and tried to calm Sookie, again. “From what Claudine told us, that’s about three hours for them. Remember?”

Petting Lacy for comfort, Sookie stared at Tara as tears streamed down her face. “No. I ca . . . can’t keep that straight.”

“Come on Sookie, let’s get you showered.”

She shook her head. “Frannie is sleeping, I won’t leave her here alone.” Frannie was staying in bed with Sookie for comfort since the teen was filled with guilt over Moyra’s abduction. Not one person thought she was at fault; she couldn’t be convinced.

With a nod to the door, Gran walked in. “That’s why Gran is here. She’s going to stay with Frannie. Come on girl. You need a shower then we’ll get you outside to play with the triplets.”

That was the wrong thing to say though. Sookie panicked. “NONE OF MY CHILDREN CAN GO OUTSIDE. They ALL must stay within the house. Promise me you haven’t been taking them outside Tara. Please. We talked about this – that I can keep straight.”

“I haven’t, you told us before. I thought it would be a good idea though. The property is warded.”

Frannie woke from the yelling and Sookie grabbed her in a hug like she was a life preserver. “We aren’t going outside until Eric is home.” She nodded. “That’s final. Now let me rest with Frannie – I don’t want to get out of bed today.”

Tara and Gran shared a look as Sookie settled into the bed and started crying again. With a nod from Tara, Gran stepped in – Sookie had survived so much; now wasn’t the time to give up and Gran had had enough. “Sookie, you have every right to be upset and nervous, but you don’t have the right to wallow. Your man will find your baby girl. You know what he’s capable of in battle and he brought plenty of help. What you need to do now is focus on getting yourself together so you can help Moyra when she gets back.” With her hands on her hips, she added. “I’ll be back in ten minutes. Can you get yourself together by then so we can start planning?”

Gran waited patiently while Sookie took a few breaths. Sookie knew her Gran was right and she needed the kick in the pants. Finally, she sat up and responded with a, “Yes Ma’am.”

Gran nodded then moved to pull Frannie up. “I need a moment alone with you, Frannie.” The teen allowed herself to be led into her bedroom. Once they were seated together on her bed, Gran started. “As of right now: No. More. Guilt! Moyra’s capture wasn’t your fault in any way. Besides, you don’t have time for guilt; you have your own preparing to do.” Gran waggled a finger in her direction. “We don’t know what kind of shape Sam will be in when he gets back and he’ll need you.” Frannie pulled back a few inches with a look of shock on her face. “Don’t even try to deny it. You both have feelings for each other. Right now, his age or species doesn’t matter. That man jumped into the unknown with a fairy for this family. Your Daddy won’t have a problem with him and if he does, he’ll hear from me.” Frannie leaned into the woman for a hug and cried. Whether she was crying for her secret being out, the guilt she continued to feel, or the loss of her little sister, Frannie didn’t know. What she did know was that she was needed to prepare for everyone’s return; that would be her focus now.

While rocking Frannie to calm her down, Gran recalled how she learned that Frannie and Sam both had feelings for each other – the source was Hunter.

FLASHBACK, March 2008:


“Yes Hunter.”

“I’m confused about something.”

“What’s that honey?”

“Why aren’t Frannie and Sam dating now that she dumped Jimmy?”

Gran had to hold back a laugh. “First Hunter, don’t refer to Jimmy being dumped. If he hears that, he’ll be hurt and Frannie would not want that.” The boy nodded. “Second, Frannie and Sam dating? Why do you think that?”

“Well,” he looked down. “I know I’m not supposed to listen, but after Jimmy and Frannie broke up, Sam looked too happy. I couldn’t resist.” He twisted his hands together while he thought of what else to say. Gran nudged him with an ‘and.’ “Then one day, Frannie and Sam were going over some stuff for Daddy’s company and she was looking at him the way Mommy looks at Daddy.”

“And you listened in?” He nodded. “Hunter, I’m glad you didn’t ask either of them about what you heard in their thoughts. Situations like this are . . . delicate.”

“Why? They wonder if the other one feels the same way. Wouldn’t it be best if I clued them in?”

Gran threw her arms up like she was stopping him. “NO! That’s not for you to do.”

“Why not?” His face was so screwed up in confusion, Gran thought he was going to bust something.

“Hunter, I promise I’ll help them somehow when Frannie’s school year ends. Will knowing that I’m going to do something help you keep this secret?”

He considered her offer seriously before agreeing with a, “Yes Ma’am!”


Frannie’s crying had tapered off so Gran pulled her away from her chest and asked, “Now, you ready to stop it with the guilt?” Frannie wiped away some tears but nodded her agreement. ”Good. You work with Holly to get Moyra’s room done up with a spare bed so Sam can be close if needed. You know your mother will have Moyra with her for a long time after this. I’ll go back to your mother to be sure she’s getting her butt in gear so she can be ready for her baby’s return.”

With a satisfied smile on her face, Gran returned to Sookie’s room. It was better to keep everyone busy until Eric returned with everyone. She made it to Sookie and asked, “So what are you going to do while we wait?”

Before Sookie could answer, the women heard some commotion from upstairs and then what sounded like a herd of elephants coming down the stairs. It was Lala and he ran into Sookie’s room.

“Eric sent me back. Let’s me tells yous, riding air fairy that far – whoo baby.”

“LALA! What did Eric say!?” Sookie was on edge and didn’t try to hide her frustration.

“Day’s found yous baby, she’s alive. Theys going in now to rescue her.”

Frannie had heard the noise and came running into the room. Gran held out her hand and the girl took it while Gran asked, “What about Sam?”

“Sorry, we don’t know yet.” He’d turned to address Gran directly then focused again on Sookie. “Yo hubby sent me to gives you an update hookah – well and to get me out of the fight.” Lala shook his head. “He wanted Hoyt gone too – that man stood firm – he’s one hell of a loyal ‘sistant.”

Sookie was concerned about Eric and the other vampires while they were in fairy – she’d heard before that fairy had no night. “How are the holding up to the sun? Do they have enough fairy blood?”

Lala cocked his head to the side before he realized Sookie didn’t know what happened before they left. “Sookie, they’s fixed. Yo great granddad made them daywalkers. Forever.”

“What?” Sookie’s mouth hung open and her eyes went wide.

“No more sunburn for Eric, Godric or Pam.”

“I need a minute. Wait, I don’t. Why now? I mean if he could do it all along?”

Lala shrugged his shoulders. “Yo Granpappy said he had his reasons. Claude chewed the old man’s ass out – in fronts of all of us – Nialls gave in.”

“How long til we know more Lala?” Sookie asked while she hugged Hunter, he’d come in the room since he heard Lala making noise.

“I don’t knows Sook. ‘Member, ‘sonly been ‘bout three hours for them.

“So we’re back to waiting. I don’t know how long I can hold on.”

Gran got in her face. “We just talked about this. You’re going to plan for your baby’s return and stay strong.”

They stared at each other for a moment; Gran ensuring Sookie had gotten the message. Finally Sookie spoke. “You’re right Gran; we’ll stay strong while my husband kicks some fairy ass and returns with my baby and Sam.”


Back in fairy, Moyra woke and started fussing, pulling Sam from his planning thoughts. The poor thing was shivering since she’d wet through her underpants and tights. “Hang on Moyra. Sam’s gonna help you.”

“Wan Mommy.”

“I know but you got me for the moment. Can you try to be a brave girl for me?”

She shook her head and her whole body moved with it. “No. Wan Mommy and Daddy.” She sniffed and added, “Wan acy.” Tears and some whimpering accompanied that request and Sam sighed, she was justifiably upset but it could piss off the captors if she got loud like when they first arrived in fairy. “Wan puddy Sam. I hungry.”

Sam was desperate and felt horrible for lying but he needed to get her calm. “Ok baby girl. I’ll tell your Mommy how good you were with Sam and ask her to let you have puddy for dinner when we get you home.” He touched her nose. “Deal?”


“I promise. Now I need to get you out of these wet clothes.”

“No wan home now!”

Sam sighed. He knew she’d agreed too quickly for it to be that easy. “As soon as I can get you out of here, I will.”

“Wan home, puddy dinner, Mommy, Daddy and acy. Now!” Mimicking her mommy, Moyra crossed her arms across her chest to show she was serious.

“Hang on baby girl. I know someone is coming for you soon. Won’t it feel better to get out of these wet things?” When it looked like she was resisting, he added, “Your Mommy will be mad at me if she knows I let you stay in wet clothes. You don’t want Sam to get in trouble do you?”

“Otay.” She was unhappy but stopped talking about going home. Sam was relieved; it broke his heart when she said she wanted to go home.

Course he was clueless on what to do since he didn’t have anything dry for her to wear. His dress shirt seemed to make the only sense so he stripped off his jacket and shirt and wrapped up Moyra’s bottom. At least the fairies were leaving him alone at this point. Once she was dry, he wrapped her in his jacket. Then he lifted her up again to hold her close since as a shifter, he was warmer than a human and that heat should transfer to the girl. While he held her tightly, he heard something that made him smile. It was a sound he’d heard before when he was in Vegas: Eric’s battle cry.

All three fairies had heard it but it was Dermot that spoke. “What was that?”

Sam smiled. “You’ll know in a moment, but I’m guessing you didn’t think there’d be vampires in your realm, did ya?” The fairies’ faces fell and Sam enjoyed their look of panic for a moment.

Knowing Eric was close, Sam now knew what he had to do. He quickly jotted a note to Sookie using the back of her graduation program (still in his pants pocket) and secured it to Moyra. Then he turned his mouth to Moyra’s ear and told her with confidence, “Everything’s gonna be all right baby girl. Let’s play a game.”

NOTE: I did not re-read the books to determine if Claude was Niall’s son or grandson (my old-fart brain forgot). I did a search and found more websites that listed him as grandson, so I went that way.

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  2. Sam is doing awesome and hopefully Gran won’t have to set Eric straight about him and Frankie, but it’ll be hysterical to hear her do it! Can’t wait to see Daddy save Moyra, can just hear the war cry!

  3. So excellent. Love Lala’s return to update and Hunter’s listening in on… Sam & Frannie! Oh! Moyra’s fictional, but I still want her! She’s adorable. Love the plans & Yay for immunity to sunlight! (greedy Niall, the old bastard) Gran’s the best! Yes, Claude is Niall’s grandson. (Email me for canon; can’t remember where I left my glasses, but SVM canon? No problem!) Now it’s time for some Viking Vampire revenge, sunscreen and fangs included. 🙂

  4. I decided to wait to read this one. Glad I did because I have the next one to go to. When Sam thought about Frannie, I knew he was her secret love. I keep imagining him shifting into some huge bird of prey or giant wolf. Too bad he doesn’t know what any of the fairy predators look like, except the twins. I hate to see Dermott so evil.

  5. great chapter, Claude was a grandson(son of Dillon) and Dermot the son of Niall, twin with Fintan. loved all the happenings and curious what Sam is gonna do. I figured he would turn into a Kangaroo and put Moyra in his pouch and fight with a kick or two. oh the Viking is pissed. KY

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