Meany meany poopy head!

Yes  – Meany meany poopy head is what one of you (coughPatcough) called me for that cliff hanger.

I did WARN everyone . . .

Admittedly some people noted they knew it was a cliffhanger but still weren’t prepared.

Why did I call this chapter the window?  It’s for the one I left open in the original story (and based on comments, one of you found it.  One of you ALSO guessed another part – we get that tonight.)

To be sure there is no confusion – we don’t resolve this ah situation for another chapter (currently in edit – maybe even later tonight).

So – repeat after me:

Cliff Hanger Coming:


Did you repeat it?  Ok, then click on the cliffhanger image above for your chapter with more information but no resolution.

HEHEHEHE  Oh – did I just evil laugh out loud?  Yeah, I did.


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Will write for comments, please help . . .

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