Chapter 1 – The Ultimatum

September 1979

New York City, NY

Eric’s eyes opened and he immediately heard his Maker. “You can come out, my child, the light is blocked.”

With that confirmation, he rose from his coffin to kneel before Godric, his vampire maker. “Master, it is good to see you. It has been too long.”

Godric reached for Eric to pull him up up from kneeling. “Yes my child it has. Let us visit while we wait for the sun to set. We will need to leave for the conference shortly after dark.”

Eric and Godric moved to sit together on the sofa in Eric’s room. Godric started. “How is Pamela?”

“She is well. She is in Minnesota right now. Once we are closer to the reveal, I plan to call her back to me. I want her close in case there are any problems. She sends her regards.”

“Yes, that is a good plan. Perhaps I will call Pamela directly to catch-up – I think that is the phrase.”

Eric chuckled, “Yes, I believe that is the phrase. You are always trying to adapt.” … “How is Isabel, your second?”

“As efficient as ever, I have no worries having left her in charge while we are meeting. Remind me, who is your second with Pamela gone?”

“Indira. She is a faithful servant and does all that I ask, but when Pamela returns she will gladly step down.”

“Are you enjoying your role as Sheriff?”

“You already know that answer. I hate being a Sheriff, but it’s the best way to maintain my autonomy without the full trappings of being part of the monarchy.”

“Ah, speaking of monarchy, how do you think the reveal will go?”

“I am certain many are concerned, those that like to be in the shadows.”

“Like DeCastro in Nevada?”

“He does like his donor pool.”

“Ah, if I recall, many are there unwillingly. Something your own Queen would never do.”

“My Queen is a bit soft when it comes to captivity given her own experience. DeCastro does have captives but I understand that he treats them well. Why do you appear displeased with his methods? They are just humans Godric. They are beneath us.”

“Eric, have I taught you nothing? No respect for others?”

“I respect other vampires. I don’t see humans respecting their cattle. What is the difference?”

“The difference is that humans did not start life as cows. The difference is the cows CANNOT have a conversation with humans.”

“Godric …. I don’t understand. You taught me to survive, to be fierce; to be selfish. You taught me the only emotions worthy of a vampire were hate, revenge and respect. I don’t understand what you are saying.”

“When we were first together we did need to fight to survive. We did need to keep our emotions contained. Things have changed, my son. The world has changed. Do you not see it?” He looked at Eric for a moment, hoping to see some understanding, but Eric continued to stare at him blankly. “I also taught you to adapt. I told you this when you made Pamela. I saw that you loved her and I praised that emotion. Do you not recall that?”

“We have not been lovers for decades. I care for her, respect her and will protect her with all that I am, but I do not love her. If I love anyone it is you.”

Sighing, Godric replied. “Eric, being lovers and loving someone can be two different things. She is your child, you love her as your vampire child, as I love you.”

“But Godric, we are lovers when we are together.”

“We don’t have time to continue this right now. We must get ready for the conference. I am heading back to my room and will meet you in the lobby in 30 minutes.”

“Very well.”

Godric considered Eric’s stubbornness as he showered for the evening. ‘Where did I go wrong with Eric? I know I taught him to guard his emotions in our first centuries, but the world changed, we need to change. We discussed this when he first made Pamela. I will need to discuss this with him further. He is so closed and anti-social he will not adapt to the Great Reveal. I fear many of our kind will not.’

He continued his thoughts as he dressed pondering on how to help his child. Knowing they had a great deal of business to get through, he finished up and left for the lobby.

Eric meanwhile was wondering ‘when did my maker become so weak? What is all this talk of respect for HUMANS, and love? He is broken and I will find a way to fix him.’

“Godric, the car is just outside.”

“Let’s go then.”

They rode in silence, each lost in their own thoughts about the other. The car stopped at the large private home of the Vampire Sheriff of New York Area 1, Thomas Welch. He was the favored child of the Vampire Queen of New York, Elena Ulanov, though they did not expect to see her Majesty in attendance this evening.

Eric and Godric exited their car and entered Thomas’ home. The dining room had been set up as a donor selection area and the conference would start after each representative had fed. Eric spotted his meal right away and moved towards the curvy blond. Godric chuckled to himself. ‘He has always been partial to curves and blonds. I bet he wants to bring her back with us tonight.

After they both fed, Eric asked Godric. “Would you mind if I brought a donor back with us tonight?”

Godric couldn’t contain his laugh. “I was waiting for you to ask. As soon as I saw you with her, I knew you would want her. You need to be sure she doesn’t belong to the Sheriff, otherwise, I am fine.”

“Godric, I know to check with the Sheriff. He has already agreed and he provided me with the address she needs to return to at dawn. She does belong to him as part of his permanent donor pool, but he has no problems sharing. You see, he knows they are just cattle.”

“I have a mind to deny your request after that comment, Eric. We have no time to debate now; they are calling us into the meeting.”

Eric scowled at his maker, but moved with him into the living room which had been furnished to host this conference. An over sized oval table dominated the room and was surrounded by large leather chairs. To the side, a vampire stenographer sat poised to take notes, and on the back wall was a table with a punch bowl fountain and glasses which would be filled with donor blood for their first break. Eric and Godric took their assigned seats and waited for the meeting to begin.

Once all the attendees were seated, Thomas stood and announced, “All rise.”

Eric barely refrained from rolling his eyes as the elected Chancellor, Fons Hermans, entered the room dressed in a ceremonial robe while a trumpet announced his arrival. ‘I hate pomp and circumstance and this idiot is over the top. How did he get elected to lead us through the Great Reveal? Oh yes, his pretty face and Belgian accent.’

Thomas then instructed the attendees to “Be seated.” Everyone took their seats and he continued. “We will now confirm the representative for each region. When Chancellor Fon Hermans calls your region, please confirm your Name and Title for the record.”

Eric struggled to hold in another eye role as the first region was called. ‘There are FOUR OF US in here plus the Chancellor and stenographer!‘ He screamed in his head but his facial expression remained impassive as the regions were called.


“Thomas Welch, New York, Sheriff of Area 1.”


“Eric Northman, Louisiana, Sheriff of Area 5.”


“Godric, Texas, Sheriff of Area 9.”


“Olga Krol, California, Sheriff of Area 2.”

The Chancellor rose and started the meeting. “This is the first meeting of the American Council on the Great Reveal. I have been elected Chancellor of this Council and all activities pertaining to the Great Reveal. Our first order of business is…”

The Chancellor droned on about the Japanese company’s work on synthetic blood, the key to the vampire reveal. Both anonymous investors in the company, Eric and Godric passed amusement to each other through their maker and child bond. The Chancellor was actually supplying updates on the company’s progress that were about 3 months old. Wanting to keep their involvement with the company private, Eric and Godric said nothing.

The Chancellor reminded the attendees that the blood was being researched and developed for human use when blood transfusions were needed, but in reality, the company was owned by a group of vampires who had their own interests in mind when starting the research. Human trials would still be needed once the formula was perfected, and they felt it would be almost 10 years before the synthetic blood would be ready.

Having completed the update on the synthetic blood, he launched into the purpose of the conference. “The synthetic blood is necessary for our reveal, but it’s only part of the planning. We have several topics we need to work on:

*Identifying the ‘face’ of Vampire for the reveal

*Writing policies for Vampire / Human relations

*Agreeing to changes to our current behaviors with regards to humans – in short, no hunting

*Establishing the announcement plans

*Determining what parts of our hierarchy we are revealing

and finally,

*Creating an action plan for dealing with any situations that occur after the announcement

Our goal for the next three days is to create some initial plans that you will take back to your regions for review. We will continue to meet via the phone during the year, and will then meet in person again annually, as needed, until we are ready for the reveal.” He stopped speaking for a moment while the blood fountain was filled. “Our refreshments have been brought in, so let’s take a break.”

After the break when the meeting resumed, they all received packets of information to review for the next night. The packets contained the current behaviors that would need to be altered at the reveal and the existing hierarchy organization charts in America. Eric groaned; the list of behaviors to be altered went against the core of what it meant to be a vampire. Vampire WERE predators by nature. ‘How can any vampire expect to control their innate need to hunt? I will need to discuss this with Godric before our meeting tomorrow.

“For tonight,” The Chancellor started, breaking Eric away from his thoughts. “We will discuss the need to have a face of vampire for humans.”

Two long fucking hours later, Eric and Godric were about to leave the house with the curvy blond. “Eric, introduce me to your friend.” Eric stared blankly at Godric for a moment and Godric said, “You don’t even know her name?” Then he turned to the girl and introduced himself. “My name is Godric, what is your name?”

“I’m Tiffany.”

Eric glared at Godric and raised his hands, palms facing out, at his side as if to say ‘with a name like that she is not expecting to be introduced.’ Godric turned from Eric to Tiffany and said. “I’m sorry to disappoint you but I believe Eric and I need some time to ourselves. We will see you again tomorrow night.” Then he grabbed Eric by the arm and led him out to the car.

“What was that about Godric?” Eric asked when they were in the car.

“We will discuss this back at the hotel.”

Eric respected his maker, but he was really pissing him off. He stewed on the drive back to the hotel, through the lobby, then up the elevator. By the time Godric opened the door, Eric was ready to explode. With the maker / child bond they shared, Godric felt all this and decided to just let his child yell it out. He was not disappointed. “I wanted that girl tonight. What the hell were you thinking? You are my maker and I respect you but you have no right to tell me who I can and cannot fuck. What is going on with you? You’re acting like….like a human. Where is this coming from?…”

Eric continued on for another 20 minutes while Godric sat in silence. He knew Eric’s emotions were in turmoil and that turmoil was not just because he prevented Tiffany from returning with them. No, he felt his anger and disbelief as he read through the behaviors that would no longer be permitted for vampire with the reveal. At about 1000 years dead, Eric was one of the oldest vampires in the states, most of the monarchs not coming even close to his age. Living as a hunter for that long would be hard to change. Godric knew this, being about 2000 years dead himself and he knew how hard he worked on his own to control his urges in the past few centuries. He knew Eric first needed to learn respect for humans, well really any species other than vampire. Only then could he start to curb his need to hunt. He sighed and decided to stop the rant.

“Quiet my child.”

Eric opened his mouth to speak again and Godric simply repeated, “Quiet.”

“Sit Eric, we need to talk about this.” Godric situated them across from each other on the armchairs in the room. Then he started. “Eric, you will need to learn control over your urges with humans. I felt your anger when you were reading our handouts at the meeting. You need to accept that these changes ARE coming and you need to prepare.”

“I will not live like that. I will find a way to maintain my way of life.”

“You. Will. Not.”

“You would command me?”

“That is not my wish. My wish is to teach you about the things you are missing in your life and have you understand yourself how life can be lived.”

“Godric, what are you going on about? Nothing is missing in my life.”

“Tell me about your days my son.”

“I rise usually an hour and a half before sunset and use that time to check and act on the investment and other business reports from my day person, Nathan. I shower and prepare for my day. One of my businesses is a nightclub and I use it to hold my Sheriff meetings until about 2AM. By the time I end my Sheriff hours, I will have selected my meal and fuck and had her sent to a room under the bar. I entertain myself with the human for a few hours before applying glamour then I return home. I read until an hour or so after sunrise, when I feel the pull. I admit the Sheriff duties can be tedious, but there is nothing missing from my life. Well except tonight when you denied me the blond.”

Godric stared at his child for a few moments, dissecting what he just heard. ‘Where did I go wrong? When did I change and not my son?‘ After a few moments, he finally responded to Eric. “And from where does your happiness come? What connections have you made to others? Who holds your regard? What are you building for yourself besides wealth? We have long since ended our need to rise each day with the goal of surviving. I know the survival instinct is important and still present, but we have an opportunity to do much more than just watch our backs and find a meal.” Godric paused to gather his thoughts. “I have failed you my son. I have taught you to survive, but not how to have a life of meaning. But dawn is approaching and we need to prepare ourselves. Stay with me this day. My bedroom has been made lightproof and my day man is a Were who will also serve as our guard.”

“Certainly Master. I only regret we have allowed our talk time to prevent other more pleasurable activities.”

“Agreed, we will be sure to save time tomorrow night.”

With that, they made themselves comfortable in the bed, Godric wrapping himself around his son protectively, and they died for the day as the Were entered the living room of the suite to serve as a guard.

The next evening, Godric rose before Eric and he spent the time thinking about their discussion the night before. ‘How can I teach him? He needs the connection that I made to a human. A human that I still love and miss to this day. He never met my Maria. It was her love that helped me tame the beast. Eric needs love, not vampire lust, but love. Yes, this will work.’ Smiling at his plan, he moved to take a shower and start his night.

Eric rose as Godric was drying from his shower. “Master, good evening.”

Godric was amused, ‘he’s trying to be in my good graces tonight. He wants that girl. He is going to be disappointed.’

“You need to dress so we can depart as soon as it’s dark.”

Eric nodded and headed for the shower. They each spent time reviewing some of their business reports until the sun had set then they headed for the meeting.

Once in the house, Eric went directly to the curvy blond from the night before and greeted her loudly so his maker could hear. “Good evening Tiffany, how are you?”

Godric shook his head. Changed at the human age of 24, 1000 years dead and he still behaves like a little boy sometimes, this time trying to curry favor by remembering the girl’s name. ‘He is not going to be happy with me, but it must be done. I will alter his attitude.’

After their meal, the vampire moved to the conference table to start their meeting. Fons arrived into the meeting again with pomp and circumstance and Eric groaned internally. After the meeting attendance was taken again ‘for the FOUR of us!‘ they moved into the topic of the night: policies for human/vampire relations. Eric started off with a suggestion. “Has anyone considered that as the stronger race, we should just take over and rule the humans?”

Godric, normally stoic, openly gaped at his child. “Eric, how could you suggest that?”

“I agree with the Northman.” Olga chimed in.

Godric looked around the room. “Surely, you don’t all have the same opinion?”

Fons and Thomas both shook their heads no, but it was Fons that spoke. “In the conference calls held with monarchs across the GLOBE, this tactic was already dismissed. Olga and Eric, you will work with the information already in your packets, meaning, establishing guidelines for living IN PEACE with humans and other races.”

When Eric looked to interrupt, Fons pressed on. “Eric, you are older than most vampires, have you not learned by watching the humans over your millennia that trying to oppress or remove an entire race never works? Your Maker Godric can certainly recall more. Genocides of Amalekites and Midianites, Ethnic cleansing of Circassians, The Holocaust… would choose to be a race remembered for the destruction of another race as with these examples?” Eric could only gape at Fons.

Godric was relieved by the Chancellor’s statement, and while he was still horribly angry at Eric, he wanted to move the conversation along. “Fons, I suggest that the topic of human relations crosses into the hierarchy we may need to disclose.”

“Explain your thoughts, Godric,” The Chancellor asked him.

“After the reveal, humans will need a representative for reporting incidents and coordinating with local enforcement.” He paused then made his proposal, knowing his own child would be infuriated. “I propose the Sheriffs we already have in place fill this role.”

Eric clenched his jaw and turned to his maker, fury clearly in his eyes. “You would expect us to deal with our own area vampires and whining humans?”

“I would expect you to do your job with the area vampires so you don’t have ANY human issues that require your attention. I believe this option allows us to keep the monarchy hidden while still naming contacts for every area. A win-win I think would be the phrase.”

“Starting to learn the pop human lingo already Godric?” Thomas asked.

“I believe we need to adapt to survive.”

They continued to discuss Godric’s proposal for several hours. Their discussion points were recorded by the vampire stenographer and would be distributed for further discussion within their own region. After spending several hours on the topic, Fons suggested they break and then move onto to the discussion about hunting.

Finally, I cannot wait to hear the other’s opinions on the ridiculous proposal that we stop hunting humans. Godric will realize he is wrong.‘ After finishing their bloods, they returned to their seats to begin. Fons started. “As I mentioned before the break, we now need to discuss the need to stop human hunting not just at the time we reveal but now, as we approach the time of the reveal”

NO NO NO NO’ was the screaming word repeated in Eric’s head as he heard Fons speaking about the necessity to stop hunting now. He had to speak up. “Chancellor, forgive me.” The Chancellor nodded his head and sat, relinquishing the floor to Eric. “Are you suggesting that we go against our nature? That we really stop hunting?”

“I am, and many of the monarchs have already expressed the need for this.”

“Humans are cattle; they are here to provide us food.”

“Whether I believe that or not, the bottom line is, those ‘cattle’ have managed to invent many methods and devices that will simply prevent our ability to hunt without ramifications. Remember, the monarchs globally have already deemed we will not go to war or take over the humans. As Godric already said, to survive, we must adapt and change our behaviors. That starts with the representatives in this room.” He turned to Eric specifically, “does anyone have a problem with that?”

When Eric saw that everyone in the room consented, he reluctantly agreed.

“Good, then let’s change this overall mandate into the specific regulations and decide when and how this will be disseminated.”

They spent another 2 hours on the topic before Fons closed the meeting for the night. Godric spent most of the meeting in reflection. ‘Eric seems more brutal in his attitudes that I recall from our last visits. Are all vampire like this? If so, I am not sure I want to be around for the reveal.’

Eric noticed his maker’s mood darkening as the meeting progressed. He suspected it was not the meeting that was the cause, especially with all the suggestions being made for ‘making peace’ with humans. ‘INSANE!‘ As soon as Fons closed the meeting, Eric left the room in search of Tiffany. When he did not find her, he turned to Godric. “I guess I don’t get my fuck again tonight.”

“No Eric, you don’t. I asked Thomas while we were on break to remove her from the premises.”

“So instead we are having the discussion AGAIN about how I am a disappointment because I choose to live as my nature dictates.”

“Come, we will go to the hotel, and you WILL leave your insolence behind.”

They left Thomas’ home and took a car to the hotel. Once in the room, Eric sighed. “When did I become a child that needs to be scolded every night?”

Godric sighed as well. “I don’t even want to try having this discussion tonight. I find I am weary after the meeting and I simply wish to spend time reconnecting with you. Come, let me pleasure you.”

Godric moved to the bed and reached for Eric. Recognizing that Godric really wasn’t going to talk about humans and adapting, Eric decided to ignore the comments he wanted to make to his master and join him in bed. He had always enjoyed coupling with Godric and his maker was the only man he had ever shared such intimacies. They met in the bed and started kissing while they worked to remove each other’s clothes. Eric especially loved Godric’s tattoos and he spent time touching, nuzzling or kissing each one of them as it was exposed. Godric felt his son was the most beautiful man he had ever met and he gazed at his child hungrily while removing each article of clothing. He moved down to take Eric’s significant length in his mouth and Eric groaned. In Eric’s opinion, no woman could compare to his maker’s mouth and he cried out when Godric sucked and then started tugging on his sack. Godric knew his son was ready to cum so he ramped up his attentions and started swallowing while Eric was fully down his throat. Just as Eric began to cum, he released his lover’s cock from his mouth. Wanting to use the cum for his next act, Godric put his hand in the stream and directed Eric to get on his hands and knees. Once Eric was in position, Godric used the dead semen to lubricate Eric’s puckered hole and pushed his fingers in to prepare Eric. Feeling his cock grow hard again, Eric turned and begged his maker to enter him and Godric complied. Godric pumped in and out while he firmly stroked Eric with each pump. In turn, Eric reached his arm around to touch Godric as he fucked him. Godric began to groan and swell and with a few final pushes, they were both cumming. Falling together onto the bed, they wrapped their arms around each other and entered their day death.

The final night of the meeting was more of the same, discussion, arguments and finalization of the information packets each representative would review with their region.

Godric and Eric were in the car returning to the hotel. They had spent the late afternoon in silence while they worked and prepared for the meeting. The silence between them continued while at the meeting. Again, Eric felt despair, disappointment, anger; all coming from Godric. The despair concerned him the most though. ‘I will talk with him after this meeting is over. Perhaps we need to spend some time together to renew our connection.’ Eric decided to end the silence when they returned to the room. “Godric, will you please talk to me?”

“Yes, we should talk.” He motioned for Eric to sit and when they were both comfortable he began. “Eric, I am conflicted. If your reaction to the reveal is typical, I am unsure I want to participate any longer.”

“I would prefer you remain on the committee for the reveal, but if it troubles you so, I am sure your monarch will release you.”

“It’s not just being on the committee. I don’t know if I want to be part of the reveal at all.”

“Godric, the reveal is global, what do you…..NO! I forbid it.”

“YOU forbid it? I hardly think you are in a position to tell me what to do.”

“Godric, I cannot go on without you. You don’t seriously want to meet the sun?”

“No I don’t, but I find I don’t want to see you resisting the need to change, to grow more. Two thousand years Eric. I have seen much, I have done much. You are my greatest creation, but I have failed you and I find I cannot live with that knowledge. I ask you to adapt or you will dishonor me in my death.”

Eric groaned, “Not this again. This cannot be about me.”

“It most certainly IS about you. I realize after these three nights that you have not adapted over the years. I have failed, and I cannot find a way to fix this. I can only hope my final death will have a positive impact.”

“A POSITIVE IMPACT? I will go on a killing rampage; my anger over your leaving me will never end. Is that what you want?”

“At least you will feel the pain of my loss. You will realize hopefully that feel that pain because you loved me. But, no, I don’t want you going on a killing rampage; you will be sentenced to the true death yourself. I will command you before I go to prevent that.”

“I will break that command if I have to, that is if I don’t find a way to stop you from meeting the sun.”

“Even if you could stop me, why would you force me to continue to live when I don’t want it? How could you be so cruel?”

“I am NOT the one being cruel.”

Ignoring the last comment, Godric continued with the business part of the discussion. “I spent my time before the meeting reviewing my affairs. I have left everything to you and Pam.”

“You are doing this NOW?” Eric’s shock and sadness evident in his voice.

“Yes, I am going to the roof in a few moments.”

Eric dropped to his knees in front of his maker and was speechless at first. Finally he spoke, “Godric, Master, FATHER, don’t leave me.” Bloody tears started falling down his face. “I cannot survive without you.” He stopped for a moment and looked up to Godric with a resolved look. “I will go with you.”

“No my son, you will not. I command you to stay here.” Godric started to move away but Eric stopped him by grabbing him around the waist.

He voice broke and he sobbed before he spoke. “I beg you, tell me what to do.”

“THIS is what it takes for you to follow a request?”

“Please, anything.”



“Love, I want you to love someone and be loved. Not vampire love, but a human girl.”

“I do not know how to love. Ask me anything else. Tell me to stop hunting and I will.”

“No, this is my request.” He stopped and appeared to be thinking further. “I will give you time to accomplish this, I give you 25 years.”

“And you will stay with me? You will not meet the sun?”

“As long as you work towards this goal, and you love and are loved by a human within the next 25 years, I will not meet the sun.”

“I do not know how to do this, but I will. I swear it.”

Resolved for now, Godric commanded, “Rise my child.” Eric clung to his maker for several minutes before Godric told him to wash before they went to their rest for the day.

Having been shaken by Godric’s actions, Eric asked quietly, “Will you come to the shower and wash me Father?”

“I will.”

With only a few minutes before dawn, Eric and Godric settled into bed. Godric spent a few seconds thinking over the conversation. He smirked to himself at Eric’s promise. ‘He is going to screw this up many times before he gets it right, I will need to keep a close watch that no woman are permanently harmed in the process. This has to work. This has to teach him that there is more to his existence than working, feeding and fucking. He will probably try to use the years to convince me I am wrong. Oh Maria, my Love, please hear my plea. Help me with my son. Help him open his dead heart to find love as I found with you so many years ago.’

Eric was also pondering the conversation. ‘I have 25 years to get him to see reason. Oh, I’ll try it his way; I will find some human to train. It has been many years since I trained a slave, but I can make a woman love me. But I will also work to show Godric his philosophy is wrong. We will move past this. I am sure of it.’ Satisfied with his plan, Eric fell into his day death with a smile on his face.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – The Ultimatum

  1. A challenge issued to Eric? This will be VERY exciting! On the other hand, it may mean Godric will leave him in 25 years…I love stories with Godric as Eric’s Maker. If there was anything Alan Ball managed to right, it was to change the character of Godric from that of a child-killing vampire to the enlightened and gentle Maker & teacher of Eric Northman.

    • I believe the whole thing is on fanfic – but there were some changes made – only on wordpress (plus the pics are on wordpress). The sequel – only the first two bits are on ff – the rest is wordpress.
      Glad you like it.

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