Nowhere to Now Here Teasers – Sequel

She ran to the house, after asking Russell to watch her girls until their bedtime.  She heard Eric speaking to Mor.  “I booked an 8AM flight tomorrow morning; the car will be here at 5:30 AM.  What needs to be packed?”

“I’m almost done.  Help your sister.  She is barely functioning over the crying.”

Having heard about Pam’s state, Sookie went immediately to Pam’s bedroom.  “Pam.”  She simply said and then enveloped her in a sisterly hug.

“Sookie, I have to get to Hoyt.  Jason called.  Maxine had a massive coronary.  They don’t know if she will make it.  He said Hoyt.”  She stopped to try and control a sob, “Hoyt can barely function.  He asked for me.  I have to go.”

Eric had entered the room as well, and joined wrapped his arms around both of them.  “Of course you need to go.  What else do you need?”

Pam looked up at her expectantly and inwardly Sookie cringed.  ‘I have to go.  She won’t ask, I can see that, but I can also see just as plainly that she wants me there.’

“Eric, start packing.  With the kids, we probably won’t make the same flight, but we’ll fly down as soon as we can tomorrow.”  She turned to the closet.  “OK Pam, what can I pack for you?”

A few hours later, they were all boarding a private plane.  Matty was wailing at being woken at the wrong time, the girls were rubbing their eyes from lack of sleep, and Eric was in command mode, getting them all situated for take-off.

14 thoughts on “Nowhere to Now Here Teasers – Sequel

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    • Hi.
      I have Even the Dead Can Scar to finish then MistressJess and I plan to rewrite some of the Nowhere to Now Here mistakes and flow right into the sequel. That’s the plan now. Thanks for reading.

      • Really looking forward to your sequel! I finally finished Nowhere this weekend. Couldn’t manage to comment when I got to the end cuz it was 2 in the morning and my eyes wanted to quit working- you crazy good ff authors keep me up too late!

        Great job! Really like all the ff and real life references/guest appearances.

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