Chapter 18 – All clear

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Chapter 18 – All clear

After administering dialysis treatments two days in a row to Sookie, Ludwig decided to test her blood on the third day to check the progress of the treatment. Though Sookie slept during treatment, she was surprised how tired she was afterwards. She was still able to enjoy some beach time with her friends and some lazing around with Eric, but she was too tired for much else. On the third day, she woke about 1:00 in the afternoon with renewed energy, and given the erotic dream she’d had starring a certain Viking, she had a plan. As she’d promised, she met with Ludwig for her blood test and received the good news: it took only those two days, two dialysis treatments, for Ludwig to declare Sookie’s blood free of silver and she wanted to celebrate with a surprise for her Viking. A quick call to the guesthouse had several others on board with helping her. Cory took Eliane shopping for necessities while Lala helped her arrange candles and other items they already had. Knowing what she was preparing for, Lala couldn’t resist teasing her. “This is a lots o’ fancy fors a lay hookah.”

“Hush Lala. This is special.”

“Special? Whats for?” He stopped for a moment with his head tilted when it suddenly dawned on him. “Oh, he’s yo new boytoy, you aints never?” She shook her head no. “Well whats dos you plan to wears then? Let Lala help you.”

A few hours later, she had the scene set and was waiting for sunset and the arrival of her Viking.


Since he had mentioned his love of hunting, she decided to give him a game of finding her. Eric rose to a note already in his hand with his first clue. The outside was labeled, “Open at First Dark.” Though alone, he smiled and spoke out loud. “What are you up to my little fairy? Now I have over an hour to wait.” He showered slowly in an attempt to kill time until he could open the note as instructed. At one point, he sat quietly at the top of the stairs to see if he could hear anything but that offered no hints. Finally, he could feel the sun had set and he opened the note:

Use the clues to find me
Then we get to play
The next one is the cold box
In the room where you spend your day

NOTE: I know you can hear my heartbeat – please use the clues only – no cheating!

“Game on my prey and too easy. The fridge it is.” He found the note attached to a chilling bottle of wine.

Now think of the place where
You whipped my cream the first time
And in case you didn’t guess
Please don’t forget the wine

Eric figured she didn’t want to make it hard so he’d find her faster. It’d already been torture waiting for the sun to set, so he appreciated the game going quickly. He grabbed the wine and headed to the main kitchen upstairs. There, he found an envelope tied to the handle of the basket; it was labeled “Lover” on the top. Inside were more directions for where to look in the kitchen.

Take the basket for the wine
And some very specific food
Hurry, my snack is shivering
And I’m REALLY in the mood

To himself in the kitchen, he growled. He guessed when he saw the first note she was feeling better since Ludwig didn’t do dialysis today.

He wondered how the blood test was but no matter, it seemed his fairy wanted to play tonight. Plated and ready for presentation were chocolate-covered strawberries for Sookie. “An excellent choice Lover; I love strawberries and I love chocolate. I can’t wait to taste this combination on your lips.” He wasn’t sure she could hear him or not, but he said it out loud anyway.

This place I haven’t used yet
It’s only made for one
And we both know for sure
Together it’s more fun

That stumped him for a moment so he thought of what they do together. Bathing came up quickly on the list and he recalled how much she liked the tub in her ‘bedroom’. A room she had yet to use except for the doors to the porch swing. The next note was rolled paper in a wine glass set on the edge of the tub as he expected. He added the glass to the basket and unrolled the note.

Her tub


Did I mention what I learned today?
My blood is silver-free
Hurry to my favorite place
For one more clue to get me

That clue was the easiest: the porch swing was her favorite place. In fact, she loved it so much he was having one built in his Homer, Alaska home. He had a room there that looked out towards the spit from a high vantage point over downtown. The swing was being placed so the view could be enjoyed while relaxing. He found he clue pinned to a white linen shirt.

Follow your nose my love
It’s time this game you won
Then we need to seal the deal
If you’re up for having fun

Oh, he was up for fun. He inhaled the shirt then lifted his nose to follow the scent. He walked using her perfume as a guide, and found another shirt, linen pants, panties and finally her bra. The bra was at the beginning of the walkway that led to her new beach tent, only he hardly recognized it. The pavilion tent had a bed now and was decorated with tea candles and island greens. While that was a nice romantic setting, it was his Lover that would have stopped his heart and stolen his breath, if he could breathe. She was kneeling on the bed, wearing only the necklace and earrings he’d given her. “Lover, I found you.”

“You did.” Her grin spread from ear to ear. As Eric sniffed the air, he caught the scent of her arousal.

“What’s my reward?” Instead of answering, she crooked her finger to summon him closer. Since she was already naked, he stopped to disrobe then joined her. “Good evening Lover.”

“Took ya long enough Viking.”

“My impatient girl.” Taking her face in his hands, he leaned in to give her a lingering kiss. “What’s all this for anyway?” He was pretty sure he knew, but he was letting Sookie lead their physical relationship; he wanted her to be clear.

“You can’t guess?”

“I want to be sure. I need to hear that you’re ready.”

“Fine Eric. I love you and I want everything from you; here, tonight. Now in fact.”


Exasperated, she let out a sigh. “To be precise since that’s what you seem to need tonight, ” she cleared her throat before continuing. “I want sex, intercourse, the horizontal mambo, fornication under carnal knowledge, fadoodling, making whoopy . . .”

He cut her off. “I completely understand but would like to make one offering of my own. I’d like to say that for us, we’ll make love.”

Her smile faded as she misted up. “You are so perfect. I love you Eric.”

“I love you too Sookie.”

“I guess you read all the notes so you know that Ludwig cleared me for your feeding.”

“I did. I understand your blood is clear, but how about the exhaustion from the dialysis? Anything today?” She shook her head to tell him no and he smiled in return. “And are you ready for that?”

“Ready? Been waitin’ you silly man. Get on with it.”

“Uh-uh. You lead.” She raised herself up to reach his face and devoured him. When she came up for air, he lowered her down to the bed and moved over her. Her legs opened to make room for his hips; she could feel he was happy to be with her. Though Eric was always cold, tonight for some reason, his touch was like fire. She never dreamed it could feel like this. It wasn’t lust (ok, maybe not only lust). What she needed was to connect with him; to use their bodies to express their feelings. Her realization as Eric was kissing her softly all over, was that while that other vampire had claimed to love her, she never felt loved before. Having his own thoughts, As Eric slowly explored every inch of her, he realized that he’d never taken the time to enjoy every aspect of his partner. The meaning behind that thought dawned on him quickly, and he stopped his attentions to share the revelation with Sookie. His gaze was intense as he admitted, “I realized I never had a lover before Sookie. I mean, I’ve fucked before, but I’ve never loved anyone like this.”

She smiled. “You’re very good at it; I’ve never felt so loved not even for . . . “

He knew she was talking about Bill and her first time but he couldn’t bear to hear it. “Don’t say it. This is our first time; the only first that will ever matter.”

She misted at the intensity he used to give his statement but composed herself quickly and agreed. Then she urged him on. “Please continue.”

“Are you putting me back to work?” She giggled as he leaned down and flicked one of her nipples at vamp speed. His touch was so light it tickled. “Actually,” he flipped them so she was straddling him, “let’s try this.” Nervously, she bit her lip at the change in position. “What’s wrong?”

Sookie had never been on top. For Bill it was missionary, a few thrusts and done. Right now, she was clueless. “I don’t have much experience Eric. I don’t know what to do.”

“Enjoy yourself. Touch me. Do what feels right.” He could see she was still hesitating, so he pulled her down to lie on his chest. “I love the feel of you. As long as we’re connected, the rest means nothing.” She finally smiled and moved to kiss him as he’d done to her.

They kissed for a while before his hands moved lower on her body. While keeping a watch on her face, he went past the luscious curve of her ass to feel her ‘lady bits’ as she called them before. The moan she gave when he made contact had him grinning. “You like when I touch you?” She moaned out a yes and he chuckled. “There’s so much more.” At his words, he could feel her getting wetter, clearly indicating she was excited but at the same time her blush grew. Though she’d been trying to get over her embarrassment with nudity, she still had some things that could make her blush. He hoped she’d never lose that. With a bit of mischief on his face, he tried to get the blush to grow. Ensuring she was looking at him, he took the hand that had been playing with her lower lips and brought it to his mouth, then made a big show of sucking off her wetness. “Delicious.” Yep, it worked; she went from pink to almost full red at his words and he loved it. He repeated his actions several times ensuring she was fully prepared for his size.

She rose up a bit from his chest and with lust in her eyes she informed him, “I’m ready for more Eric. Please.”

Since her breasts had been hidden against his chest for a few moments, he raised his head to capture one in his mouth before answering her. At the attention, both nipples tightened even more and he leaned back to blow on them purely to see the reaction. It only took a moment for her to start panting and begging for more. “That’s why you’re on top, Sookie. I’m bigger than average; I want you to lead so you can be comfortable.” That locked her up; she was motionless on top of him. He didn’t realize how panicked the idea of being in control made her. “Sookie?”

“I can’t . . . I have no idea, I can’t . . . I want to . . . I swear.” Instead of leaving her to worry or flounder, he changed his mind about giving her control. While she’d made it quite clear that she wanted to have sex, directing it was too much, so he would.

It was a task he was happy to take on.

With his hands on her hips, he guided her up and over his waiting cock. When he felt she was steady on her knees, he grabbed her hands and held them in his so she could use them as leverage while she lowered. “Take your time Lover; enjoy us.”

Sookie was nervous but she wanted to be with him at the same time, so she started lowering herself. Inch by torturous inch, she moved down on him at an agonizingly slow speed. Not that he begrudged her for torturing him like that; he had made it clear it was her own pace and he was large. Her expression was priceless as he filled her; her mouth and eyes were open wide and he was concerned she was in pain until she curled our tongue out to lick her upper lip and added with a moan, “Oh God Eric . . . so big . . . you feel so good.” She wasn’t exaggerating; she’d never felt such pleasure as having Eric fill her. Even as she moved and enjoyed the physical part of their joining, it was his eyes that drew her the most. He was focused on her, loving her with his gaze. That look coming from him brought tears to her eyes. As usual, he hated her tears but he somehow knew they weren’t for pain so he accepted them.

Up and down she moved slowly, both of them panting and gasping as she rotated her hips and they found new points of pleasure. Once she seemed more than comfortable with his size, he started moving with her, creating a rhythm they enjoyed. The sounds of their joining and the lulling whisper of the waves on the beach created a perfect atmosphere but Sookie wanted her lover closer. She tugged on Eric’s hands to have him sit up more so he could kiss and bite her but he surprised her by flipping them over instead. She let out a squeal that quickly turned to a moan when he lifted one leg to go deeper than before. Eric was surprising himself with how different sex was with Sookie. He’d never considered the act as anything but physical; nothing that meant more than cumming. With Sookie, it was an expression of their love and a gift to each other. For the first time, he reveled in a woman’s reactions because he cared so much about how she felt. Instead of being prideful of giving her pleasure, it was simply about wanting to pleasure her. In this new position, he could tell she was becoming more excited. Her walls were starting to flutter so he knew it would be soon; then she turned her head offering her neck. “Eric,” was all she said and he knew. Given how tired she’d been from dialysis, he had to give himself a pep talk about not taking too much – though he knew she was going to taste divine. What he forgot though, was to give his dick a pep talk about stamina; once he bit her, he came harder than he’d ever come before. Luckily, the bite brought Sookie over so he hadn’t left his woman neglected. He simply smirked at her when her breathing evened out and said, “Fadoodling?”

“Well I’m sure you know now what that means.”

“Lover I can assure you I knew what it meant. I was surprised you would know a term from the 1600’s. But then again, you do love to read.”

“I do.”

“But enough about reading, back to fadoodling and what I mean is – that’s one.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m counting to see how many times you can cum tonight my love.”

“Before or after I pass out?”

He waggled his eyebrows and answered. “I’ll revive you if you pass out.”

“I’m sure you will. Get on with it mister!”

A/N:  Reminder on my posting schedule, I’m still writing the next chapter (even though subsequent ones are done).  I decided to add in Sookie’s charity before we leave the island.  I’ll work on it as quickly as possible.

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  2. I love the treasure trail game. Poor Eric having to wait an hour to read the note, although it was likely the kindest thing. To know he had a treasure trail waiting to lead him to Sookie, but have to wait an hour? Hmm, yeah. Not knowing really was likely the kindest way lol.

    Love Lala. Not that he had to do much in helping her pick get nonexistent outfit lol.

    So sweety and Beautiful and lovely game of scrabble ;p

  3. Congrats on you win certificate. I did Nano once a few years ago. The chapter was lovely. Go Lala for helping. I’m so happy for them. Great chapter. If we don’t get another before Christmas, I hope yours is wonderful.

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