Chapter 16 – Damn lemons

Chapter 16 – Damn lemons

Tissue – check out the warning contained within the chapter:  lotso tissues

Frying Pan  –  You’ll want to beat me and Jason with it I’m sure:  frying pan no words still

The next night Eric received a report from Mustapha on the accident:  It was simply bald tires on wet pavement.  Sookie had swerved to miss a squirrel in the road and lost control.  He was relieved since he was worried about foul play.  It also caused him to reconsider guards for Sookie.  As always happened when he had this internal debate; he believed anonymity worked in their favor.  She’d have a better car shortly and for now that would have to suffice.

After joining Sookie and Hunter at the hospital, they spent time discussing fairies with the boy so he could be better prepared for Ludwig’s visit.  It hadn’t even occurred to Sookie that the doctor would be discussing topics related to fairies so she never thought to prepare him.  Hunter was a bit more excited to discover he wasn’t entirely human than Sookie was.  He called it cool.

Once Hunter was sleeping Eric lifted Sookie back to her hospital bed and reminded her about the side effects of taking his blood.  He also told her that since he licked her wounds what they had was actually an exchange.  “What does that mean?”

“If we exchange three times, it will create a blood bond.  It’s permanent; we’d be tied together via our bond forever.”

“So we just have to talk more about this before an exchange occurs again.  I don’t know if I’m ready to talk about forever right now Eric.”

“I understand.  I want you to know, I have no worries about our exchange.  I love you and would do it again – and again.”

“Three times ey?”

“Yes, all three times.  But we’ll set aside time to discuss it once you’re healed.”

“I do want to talk about it but I have no worries either.  If I was conscious at the time, I would have agreed.  I thank you for making the decision and saving me.”

He had been a bit worried about her reaction and was relieved that she was simply thankful for his healing, not upset at all.  What he didn’t realize was the discussions she’d had during the day with Maxine and Theresa about how damn scary her accident was.  The fact that she was near death removed any of her concerns about side effects or the bond – she’d likely be dead now if it wasn’t for Eric.

The one side effect that caused the longest discussion was dreams.  “You will likely dream about me now.”

“Too late.”

He laughed and replied.  “While that pleases me, you may find that the specifics of the dream will be more intense and could cause a reaction.”


“Lust Sookie.  The dreams will be sexual.  I wanted to warn you since Hunter is a telepath and I guess he could potentially see a dream?”

“Well, I’m not that concerned.”  He raised a brow.  “I’ve already had the sex talk with Hunter.”  When shock crossed Eric’s features, she further explained.  “He’s a telepath.  He’s seen sex in people’s heads, he’s heard every curse word; I needed to explain it.”

“I hate that.  While I believe there is nothing wrong with sex, for him to see it randomly and out of context I would guess is similar to a violation.  A loss of innocence.”

“It is what it is.  That’s why I explained it so early though, so he could understand more than just the physical bits he was seeing.  I know, for example, he knew what Alcide and I were doing when we got together.”  He growled at the words and she pinched his side.  “Stop growling.”

“Stop talking about him.”  He changed his scowl to a leer.  “Tell me about your dreams.”

“You won’t think I’m an angel after I tell you what’s been going on in my head.”

“Now I REALLY want to hear.  When we get another opportunity we can reenact them.”

“You’ll need a Viking outfit.”

He started growling again.


With no concerns for Sookie taking blood, Eric gave her more on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Ludwig’s approval, and her bones were fully healed.  After one of the nurses cut off the casts, she was able to walk and move around as needed.  Sookie had hated staying in bed for the two days, but she did.  So when he was excited about her moving so well, Eric bundled her up and took her for a walk outside.  Little did she know it was to her new car.

They got to the parking lot and he walked her to a new Volvo station wagon (he thought it was the perfect Mom car) and pointed to the license plate:  HNTZMOR.  “Sookie.”

She was starting to get a clue and clenched her teeth.  “Yes Eric.”

“Did you know that Mor is Swedish for mother?”

She was exasperated.  “That’s what you have to say?  What is this Eric?”

He held out keys.  “This is your new car.  Nonnegotiable.”

Well that just pissed her off even more.  “You don’t nonnegotiable me.”

“I do when you got in a car the other night with practically bald tires and drove in a storm – AFTER you already skidded that day.”  She was quiet so he continued.  “Do you know how scared I was, how scared Hunter was?  I was ready to go fly and find you and he did not want me to leave – even though it meant finding you.  I spent time trying to determine if I could take over the care of Hunter if Gods forbid, you had died.  You were so hurt I could not heal you all at once.  My blood is 1000 years old Sookie, it is very powerful.  You almost died.”

At his words, she backed down immediately and replied meekly with “I know.”

“If you know that, how can you deny that you need this car?  It is already paid for; I bought it about two weeks ago.”  He pocketed the keys and took her face in his hands.  “I cannot go through that again.  I cannot worry every waking minute that you are going to get in an accident because your car is not safe enough.”

His stare was so intense, she closed her eyes and it pushed the tears that had formed out.  With his thumbs, he brushed them away and kissed her face.  Through their blood tie, he could feel her warring with this decision:  Anger, warmth, fear, shame (shame?), resolution.  He moved back a few inches to give her space and waited for her to speak.  A realization came to Sookie as she processed her thoughts and emotions.  In some ways, her stubbornness was selfish.  Her pride could cost Hunter and now Eric her; her life.  She recalled again what she learned about her accident not just from Eric but from Ludwig and Theresa:  She had almost died and that scared her.  “I appreciate this.  I’ll accept this gift even though a small part of me is bothered because people will think I’m sleeping with you for money.”

“I was wondering where your feeling of shame came from.  Sookie, who thinks that, Maxine?  The nurses here?  Jessica?”  She was shaking her head no for each question.  “Then what is the problem?”

Her lips pursed and she stilled for a moment while she thought more.  “I’m being stubborn, I’m sorry.”  She reached into his pocket and grabbed the keys.  “Thank you.  Will you show it to me?”

He smiled.  “Gladly.  We’ll take it for a spin –you drive though.”

She got in and adjusted her seat, as did Eric.  Once it was started she began laughing.  “What’s so funny.”

“A station wagon.  I gave up my Ducati for a station wagon.”

“With all the stuff you lug around I thought this was best.  Was I wrong?”


“Do you regret being a mother?”


She pulled out of the parking lot and he told her to drive to the nearest Sonic for her favorite treat.  She didn’t argue.  She’d barely eaten the past two days while she recuperated and she wanted something yummy.  While they drove, she decided to bring up something about their little spat over the car.  “Eric.”

“Yes my Sweet?”

“Is it possible that when you offered me this car, the fact that you started with nonnegotiable could have gotten my fur up?”

He was quiet for a moment then answered.  “Yes.  You’re probably right.  I had gotten myself so worked up over giving you this car and being sure you’d say no that I think I just jumped right into Sheriff mode and ordered it.”  He took her hand.  “I will endeavor to not do that – at least not at first – going forward.”

“And I’ll try not to start with getting my fur up.”

“Fair enough.”

“You know when you’re upset you drop your contractions?”

“I’ve been told.”

She drove around Shreveport a bit before picking up her treat and heading back.  As they were pulling back into the hospital parking lot he talked about their schedule for the rest of the week.  “So Ludwig will be here in an hour to check you out and discuss Hunter.  I don’t know if you want Maxine there for that or not?”

“I’ll give her the choice . . . Wait – we could get into fairy stuff, right?”

“Yes, I’d rather not need to glamour her.”

“Agreed.  Call for her car please.  We’ll use my improved health as a reason for her to go home and rest.”

“That’ll work.”

“Then, I need to work the whole weekend.  I can only stop by each night.”

“It’s my own fault for having you to myself for three nights in a row isn’t it?”

“It’s not your fault – but that’s the reason.”  Sookie had pulled into a parking spot and stopped the car.  “Want to make out in the car for a few minutes before we go back?”  He was waggling his eyebrows at her.  His smile faded immediately when he felt something almost like disgust coming from her.  “Sookie?”

“A car is not a place for me to do anything like that Eric.”

“You are disgusted by me?”

“What?  No, don’t read my emotions and jump to conclusions.”

“You’re right.  I think that’s also what happened before.  I could feel you getting angry about the car so I responded in a bossy way to just end it.”

“Or so you thought.”

He chuckled.  “Yes, so I thought.”  He took her hand.  “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.  I just figured making out I a car was part of going steady.  I’m sorry.”

“It’s nothing for you to be sorry about.  It’s a part of my history that you couldn’t possibly know.”

“We have a few minutes, Maxine has Hunter and Doctor Ludwig isn’t here yet.”

“It’s not easy to talk about but I will.”  She hated the memory but Eric had shared some pretty difficult stuff with her after all.  “You need to promise me something first.”

“I’ll listen to what you want me to promise then decide.”

“You can’t retaliate against the people who are part of the story.  One of them was truly innocent and the others – well you just have to ignore it.”

Her request was a surprise so he spent several minutes considering it and he finally spoke.  “That’s a tall order Sookie.  I won’t go after the people you speak of over THIS incident.  Will that work?”

She thought about it for a moment, nodded ‘yes’, and took a sip of her drink while she stared at the ceiling of the car to gather her thoughts.  “I didn’t date in high school.  Well once.  I was pretty much an anomaly:  A high school senior and a virgin.  It was the telepathy.  I was really good with shields for general social situations, but the one date I did go on – well once we started kissing, I couldn’t keep shields up AND . . . ah be in the moment.  That was the end of dating – once and done.”  She shook her head at the memory.  “Anyway, that’s how I was when I began my last year at school.  By now, Jason had already started working on the road crew and was pretty miserable in general.  Then I got my scholarship and he was pissed.  For some reason, he and some other old high school buddies thought it was time that I give up the v-card.  I’d been teased about it for years – and Jason being such a lady’s man added to the well – almost stigma if you will.  There was another guy, sweet and a little on the dumb side who also hadn’t taken the plunge.  They gave us some drug in a drink, basically dragged us out of a high school dance, and put us in a car together.  That’s how I lost my virginity.  They tried to take pictures but Hoyt came with a Lala and they beat the guys away.  They were too late to stop . . . well you know.”

“Why didn’t you press charges?”

“JB and I were both victims and mortified.  Maxine knew since Hoyt brought me to his home and she called Gran.  It was the final straw for Hoyt – he and Jason had been best friends but drifting apart and this incident was the end.  At my request, nobody spoke of it again and JB and I held our breath until we knew I wasn’t pregnant and swept it under the rug.”

“I want to kill your brother.”

“You promised.”

“I already wanted to kill your brother.”

“He’s in jail and no killing Eric.  Not for me.”

He chose not to respond to that comment, if something happened that warranted death he would kill for her and ask for forgiveness.  “Speaking of jail, how did the prep work go for testifying?”

“It was actually good timing.  Donald didn’t mind working with me while I was in a hospital bed and we got through a mock cross examination three times.  He was pretty tough but that’s realistic.  Jason’s lawyer won’t take it easy on me.  I think I’m in good shape for the trial.  We plan to meet again to be sure.”

“Tough, how?”

“Well, turning it around that I stole from Jason:  The house and the guns.  Trying to trip me up that I egged him on.  I just don’t get it.  He still hit me, left physical evidence.  The DA has the hospital records!”

“I know but he also has the sentencing factor.  Maybe he’s looking for leniency.”

“Donald also thought they were going to try for 3rd Degree Assault and Battery instead of 2nd Degree.”

“What’s the difference in sentencing?”

“2nd Degree – max of 3 years and $2500 fine; 3rd Degree – max of 30 days and $500 fine.  He could be out right after the trial is over if the judge wants.”

“But he had 2 counts.  Bobby’s assault has to be 2nd Degree – if not 1st.”

“Oh well on that – Donald thinks that Portia is still going to try to have Bobby’s charges thrown out since he had no injuries – well lasting injuries.  I’m sure she and that Bon Temps judge are both pissed that his dismissal was overturned by Shreveport.

“That’s precedent setting in terms of healing and vampires.”


“And she thinks she’s the one to make that happen?”  Sookie just shrugged.  “Anything else on the trial prep?”


“Shall we go in and see to getting Maxine on the road?  I just saw her driver come in.”

“You’re so sweet to her.  She told me about the cleaning service.”

He walked around to help Sookie out of the driver’s side.  “SHE offered to come two times a week so we could have dates.  She’s my best ally.  And don’t tell anyone that you think I’m sweet.”

“You are.”


A short while later, they were sitting in Hunter’s room when Dr. Ludwig popped in.  “Doctor Ludwig.”

“Sookie, Hunter, Eric.  How is everyone tonight?”

“We’re doing well and very anxious for your visit.”

“Well, we’ll start right away.  Have you had a chance to go through my questionnaire?”

“Yes.”  Sookie handed the papers to the doctor.  “Some sections – I don’t know the answers.”

With a quick glance at the papers, she saw the section on Fairy talents that Sookie had left blank.  “We’ll talk through the possible talents.  It’s possible you both have gifts other than just telepathy.  We can test for them at some point.  You may also want to test every few years again as gifts can appear at any age for fairies.”

“That’s overwhelming.”

“You may have no other gifts.  Don’t waste too much time on it.”

“What gifts can I get – what can my brother get?”

“Your brother?”

“Yes Dr. Ludwig, I have a brother, Jason.”

“Sorry, I’m aware of your brother, but why would he get any fairy gifts?  Only hybrids that have the essential spark get fairy gifts.  In my investigation, I arranged to see your brother in jail, he won’t remember of course – I had help.  Anyway, he has no spark.  It’s amazing that hybrids even live without it.  Their bodies are always in conflict.  Addictions, psychotic behavior . . . haven’t you always wondered about him?  I mean, I gather he was a difficult child and an intolerable teen.  Prone to violence, obviously.  From what I learned, seems he’s addicted to sex.”

“OH.  MY.  GOD!  Why did Fintan not warn Gran?  And Hadley – same thing.”

“I don’t know.  Maybe he was thinking he could do something?  Hadley is Hunter’s biological mother, right?”

“Yes.  Sounds the same to me though – addicted to drugs from when she was a teen.  She was always so mean.  And to think it wasn’t their faults.  Can you do anything?”

“I don’t think so Sookie.  Let’s focus on Hunter first.”  Sookie nodded and Ludwig returned to the questionnaire.  “So I can prep for his admission, he has no middle name, it’s blank here?”

“No.  I’ll update you after I adopt him.”

Acknowledging Sookie with a nod, she flipped through the pages.  “You listed no allergies?  You mean beyond lemons and iron?  I guess you’re problem isn’t really an allergy but . . .”

“Lemons and iron?  What are you talking about?”  Sookie was clearly confused.  “I’m allergic to lemons, but Hunter never showed any signs of an allergy.  How do you know that anyway?  Since I had the allergy, we tested him specifically, Gran and I did I mean.”

“What happens to you?”

“It just hurts if I try to eat lemon, like someone took a knife to my mouth.  Well that’s what I remember, I obviously haven’t tried one or even juice since I was a child.”

“And Hunter?”

“No problem.  He ate lemon wedges when he was young.”

Dr. Ludwig’s eyes grew wide.  “He’s been ingesting lemons all this time?”

“You’re scaring me.”

“Sookie, lemons are fatal to fairies.”

Sookie started crying out of fear.  “B . . but he never reacted.”

“You reaction isn’t really an allergic reaction, it’s the lemon going after your blood and it hurts.  Who knows what it’s doing once it’s inside him and repeatedly.”

Sookie put her face in her hands and started balling.  She was muttering things like I killed my own baby, why didn’t anyone tell us over and over again.  Eric was trying to calm her but it wasn’t working.  Then he felt something in his stomach and chest but didn’t really know what it meant.  Sookie was out of her chair like a bullet and in the bathroom.  He followed right away to find her retching into the toilet.  Now he knew what that feeling was in his stomach.  He moved to kneel with her and hold back her hair.  Ludwig hooked Hunter up to his wires and joined them in the bathroom.  “Sookie, I can give you something to calm you.”


“You can’t afford to make yourself sick like this.  You’re still my patient and I’m not above giving you a shot without your consent unless you get yourself under control.”

Sookie stood and moved towards the elf.  “HOW.  DARE.  YOU!”  She wiped herself with a towel and continued.  “You have no right.  I need to be alert to care for my child.  If I didn’t need you to figure out his problem, I’d kick you out.”

“No need for the drug.  I see getting you angry can actually stop the tears.”  Sookie gasped as the doctor laughed at her.  “Clean yourself up so we can talk about next steps.”  The doctor left them in the bathroom together.

“Do you want me to stay?”

“I’ll be out in a minute Eric.  Can you check on Hunter?”


Sookie came out a few minutes later and took her seat.  “So what can we do?”

“I need more tests.  Specifically, I think I need to check his bone marrow.  Some of his older records from Good Sheppard had bone marrow results – but they were looking for cancer – multiple myeloma which can cause kidney failure.  I need to look for, well fairy dust.  I need to see if lemons have created a buildup of fairy dust – essentially clogging his kidneys.”

“F . . . fairy dust?”

“It’s what happens to a fairy when they die, they turn to dust.”

“I’m not prepared to think about that statement.  If I remember, the test you want to do isn’t quick like a blood draw.”

“No.  We need permission and specific equipment to do it.  OR.”  She looked around.  “We sneak him out.  Can we use that nurse, Theresa?”

“Yes, she can be trusted.  She’s dating Mustapha now too.  That helps.”

“I thought I smelled him on her.”


“Sookie, just his Were scent from even hugging.”

Ignoring their side chat, Ludwig returned to business.  “So Eric, Sookie.  When can we get him to my hospital?”

“Monday, I want to be there.”  Eric offered and Sookie took his hand.  “I can heal him right away from the procedure.”

Ludwig nodded her approval.  “I think it might be good for the boy if you glamoured him to relax and stay still.  Anytime I don’t need to give him drugs is a good idea.”

“So Dr. Ludwig.”  Sookie started.  “If you find fairy dust, then what?”

“I don’t know Sookie.  I’ll have to find some fairy contacts to see if there’s something like chelation therapy but for fairy dust.  I do know this though.  If you’re planning to donate a kidney like you’ve got on this form, you need to gain some weight and get your strength up or I won’t put you under the knife.”

“I’m fine.”

“You must be 20 pounds underweight and honestly should add even more than that.  It’s not up for debate.  I won’t do the surgery with you weighing what – 100 pounds?  At your height, for a medium frame you should weigh over 120 pounds.  Don’t bother arguing with me little girl.”

Sookie’s mouth opened and closed a few times but she said nothing.  Hunter started laughing.  “What’s so funny baby.”

“You got yelled at.”

“I’m glad I can make you laugh Hunter.  I’ll be on my way.  I’ll make arrangements at my hospital for Monday for about an hour after first dark.  Eric, you’ll handle Theresa and transportation?”


“Dr. Ludwig.”

“Yes Hunter.”

“Before you go, can you tell me what you know about fairies?  You seem to know lots.”  She nodded and he began his questions – both of Ludwig and Eric.  Some were easily answered others, like meeting other fairies, were not.  Knowing Hunter couldn’t easily go out and find a fairy, he chose not to scare him about the risk to hybrids by some groups – specifically the Water Clan.  Instead he glossed over the topic insisting that fairies that did live on earth were few and far between and not too fond of vampires.  That started a conversation about how much vampires enjoyed fairy blood.  Dr. Ludwig was pleasantly surprised at the frank discussion Sookie and Eric had with the boy.  They were both clearly comfortable with his knowledge of vampire feeding habits.  If they were going to live as a family, something she suspected Eric wanted badly, the boy needed to be informed and comfortable with Eric’s lifestyle.  With Hunter’s telepathy and his illness, she guessed correctly that he was mature for a four year old and able to handle topics well beyond his years.  His acceptance of the blood discussion proved her theory.  The boy even joked and said, “So you think Mommy is yummy?”

Eric laughed.  “At this point, I’ve only had Mommy’s blood from when I healed her.  It wasn’t the best circumstances.  I’ll let you know.”

THAT shocked Ludwig even more – they were clearly in a relationship and he hadn’t even started drinking her blood?  She stared at Eric for a moment before shaking off her astonishment and decided to ask about that later.  She packed her bag and said her goodnights.  “I’ll see you all on Monday.  In the interim, I’m going to look up my fairy contacts.”

“Can you contact the realm?”

She smirked, “That’s where my contacts are.”

“Ok baby.  You need a bath.”  She looked at Eric as he stood behind Hunter and he leered.  Eric had been kind enough to help Sookie with a sponge bath last night (they waited for Hunter to be asleep, of course).  He was obviously remembering it.  She mouthed for him to behave as she went to the bathroom to start the water.  The hospital shower had a small area in the bottom she used for Hunter.  It wasn’t truly a bath, but now that he had some occasional freedom from wires, it was nicer than sponge baths and easier to control how wet they got the connection pieces still left on his chest.

Once the small area was full, she went to get him undressed and almost bumped into Eric who had gotten him ready for her.  “You’ve had a rough night, let me take care of him.  Go relax.”

“You’re sure?”

“We’ll be fine.  I should have done this last night.”

“He’s not too stinky; we had other things going on.”

She relaxed on Hunter’s bed and listened to them though the cracked bathroom door.  Eric had to help with the washing since Hunter could get some sprinkles on his wires, but he couldn’t get them soaked.  They were laughing together and Sookie smiled.  After Hunter’s hair was washed, there was less water noise and she could hear Eric telling Hunter about how he bathed as a human.  Hunter was silent and that told her that he was enthralled with the story.  She closed her eyes for a moment and was surprised to open them and see Hunter asleep next to her and Eric spooned behind her back.  “What happened?”

“You fell asleep.”

“You could have woken me.”

“You obviously needed it.  The past few days have been difficult.”

“Well, now I need a shower.”  He stood, held out his hand and helped her up.  “Why don’t you hook Hunter up?”  He raised his eyebrow.  “I need someone to do my back.  You can listen for anyone coming close, right?”  He grinned and nodded.  “Then let’s go.”


WARNING:  This section warrants a ‘case of tissues’ warning.  You can skip it and I’ll just tell you the plot points just after END OF WARNING

lotso tissues

The next afternoon, Eric rose in a panic:  Sookie’s emotions were damn near choking him.  He thought he was pulled out of rest early, and he was but only by about 15 minutes.  She was very upset about something, and he had over an hour that he was still stuck in his chamber.  When she didn’t answer her phone, he tried Maxine but she knew nothing.  It was the call he made to the nurses’ station, his fourth call, that he finally got some answers:  Marjorie had taken a turn for the worse.  Since he was stuck he took the time to get showered and dressed then made a most difficult call to Pam.  He’d already ignored Fangtasia on Tuesday and Wednesday and had promised he’d be in tonight but Sookie needed him.  As he had predicted, Pam was pissed and still cursing at him when he hung up.  For this instance, he couldn’t blame her too much since he had promised but he was still upset at the lack of support she was showing (not that he’d explained himself).

At sunset, he took to the air and pushed himself to fly as quickly as possible.  When he arrived at the hospital, he found them balled together in the bed, both sobbing.  “Sookie?  Are you alright?”

Instead of answering, Sookie just put her arms up and he moved to the bed to envelop both of them in his large frame.  Sookie just cried; she couldn’t get any words out and she was so loud, it didn’t matter if Hunter could.  Finally she calmed and spoke out.  “It’s Marjorie.  It’s . . . it’s the end.”

“Did you go see her?  I didn’t know you were scheduled for that today.”

“I got a call from her mother.  This all just happened in the last two hours or so.  Eric; we’re trying to get out there tonight.”

“We’ll all go.”

“I thought you had to work?  I want your support but I don’t want you to be upset at missing work.”

“I’m upset that Marjorie is dying; not about work plans.”  He turned specifically to Hunter.  “You want to go?  You’re not just going because you think you should?”

Hunter appreciated that Eric was blunt and gave him options but he did want to go.  “I’m ready.  I want to see her one last time.”  He added with a whisper.  “I want to see if I can hear her.”  Eric nodded in understanding and felt proud of Hunter’s bravery.  This trip wouldn’t be something a typical four year old would or probably should do but Hunter was special.

Just then Mustapha walked in with Theresa.  “You ready Hunt?”

“Yeah, Eric’s going too.”

“Ok, well let’s get you in your chair.”

Eric helped Mustapha and Theresa coordinate Hunter’s move to the wheelchair van while Sookie cleaned up as best she could.  The van had room in the back for everyone so they drove together:  Theresa sat with Hunter to distract him while Sookie tried to keep it together in the back bench with Eric.

The mood was somber at Marjorie’s house – as expected.  Sookie went to her mother and the two clung together for comfort while Eric stayed with Hunter to visit Marjorie.  The girl was unconscious when they arrived but after 20 minutes her eyes opened briefly and she smiled at Hunter.  He smiled in return. Other guests had popped in and out just saying goodbye – but Hunter remained, strengthened by Eric’s presence.  Eric asked if he wanted to leave and he whispered no, and pointed to his head; Eric rightly guessed he was listening.  When Marjorie’s father left the room, Eric asked Hunter what he heard, knowing he could glamour the nurse with no problem.  Hunter smiled.  “She can hear everyone that visits her.  She’s happy we’re here, though she wishes we could play a game.”

Eric spoke to the girl since Hunter confirmed she could hear.  “I wish we could play a game too Marjorie.”

“She’s got a question for you.”

“Go ahead Marjorie.”

Hunter translated.  “Did it hurt when you died?”

He was taken aback and wondered when he would truly realize the maturity and in this case lack of fear these kids had.  “No Marjorie, for me the bite hurt but after that it was just like I went to sleep.”  He answered her honestly, the girl deserved it.

“She said thanks and she’s not scared Eric.”

“That’s good.”  Moved by the events, Eric reached out to hold one of Marjorie’s hands.

Hunter spoke to his friend.  “Marjorie, me and Eric talked.  We both believe you’re going somewhere great.”  After a moment, he turned to Eric.  “She said good and cold hand.”  Her eyes opened again for a second then closed.  After a few minutes, Hunter declared, “She’s not thinking anymore – well little things pop in but not whole thoughts.”

Again several quiet minutes passed.  Eric noticed the girl’s breathing was slowing down so he figured it was time for her parents.  He quickly glamoured the nurse to forget Hunter’s comments about hearing Marjorie and suggested they leave so Marjorie’s Mommy and Daddy could stay with her.  Hunter leaned over and kissed his friend on the head and told her he would miss her.  Eric held Hunter to his body, proud of the boy for his bravery and sad for his loss.  Hunter grasped Eric for strength:  His head was tucked under Eric’s chin and his arms and legs banded around him as tightly as possible.  When he reached the living room, he sat next to Sookie and pulled her close while they waited.

They didn’t need to wait long – and they’d given Hunter the option of leaving if he wanted, but he stayed firm.  “She’d stay for me,” was all he said.  Meanwhile, Eric was ready to find a sedative for Sookie.  He even asked if Theresa had any – which she didn’t.  Dealing with this death was too much for his fairy and he wasn’t sure how she would handle the upcoming days.  While he was worrying about that, Marjorie’s parents came out and practically fell into the other family members that had gathered; it was over.  Now all Eric wanted to do was get Hunter and Sookie out of there so he signaled to Mustapha and they moved quickly.  He knew Hunter was staying just in case he ‘heard’ anything more but there was no reason to belabor the suffering.

The location change didn’t really help.  He tucked Sookie and Hunter into bed back at the hospital and tried to soothe them both to sleep.  He offered to glamour them and while Sookie was wary of this, she agreed given the condition Hunter was in (not to mention she wouldn’t mind taking the edge off).  “As long as this is a small bit of glamour and not something we do regularly.”


He started with Hunter but Hunter only wrinkled his brow in confusion.  “What are you doing?  It tickles.”



“Let me try your mother.”

“Yeah Eric, that just tickles.  Were you trying hard or did you tone it down too much based on my comments.”

“That was the full thing Sookie.  Apparently your other talents make you glamour resistant.  Though I wish I could help you tonight, in general this makes me very happy.  You are less vulnerable to other vampires.”  While Eric was puzzled over this – and determined to keep it a secret – he was relieved that the whole failed glamour attempt did distract them for a few minutes.  Enough that they’d both stopped crying.  He figured more distraction would be good.  “I know this may seem the wrong time, but how about a movie?”



1) The discovery of Sookie and Hunter’s resistance to glamour

2) The loss of Marjorie

Sookie agreed so they snuggled in to watch Flushed Away; one Eric had never seen before.  It was already pretty late so both Sookie and Hunter were asleep before it was over, but Eric stayed put in the bed.  His thoughts turned to the night’s events and what it all meant.  First he was more determined now to alter Hunter’s fate.  He simply refused to accept the boy would die.  If he had to, he’d break through every damn Fae portal himself to find anyone with answers about removing the fairy dust from Hunter’s system.  Gaining confidence that Ludwig would be successful he thought of the future; a future with Sookie and Hunter away from the confines of the hospital.  He knew that future could not include the daily upkeep of a bar and the title Vampire Sheriff.  Pam’s behavior had made it so he could not turn things over to her so he considered his alternative.  She wouldn’t be happy, but she’d had hundreds of years on her own and had been vacationing now for decades.  Yes, it was time to call his older child, Karin, back to him and turn things over.  He thanked the Gods that he’d had the foresight to put such a condition into his contract when he signed on with the Queen.  Once everything was turned over, they would need to leave the area for a while – just until Hunter was older – but they would be free from the politics in this state.  A smile formed as he made his plans; he knew just where he wanted to go.  Turning to his love as she slept fretfully by his side, he wondered if she’d agree to his plans.  They had time though.  He’d give Karin three months to get here so he could discuss it with Sookie slowly.  This was the woman who had difficulty accepting a car, he reminded himself and laughed, getting her to accept a move to another state would be like pulling teeth.  It was a fight worth having because they were a family worth having.  As dawn slowly started its approach, he kissed them both softly and readied to leave for the day knowing Maxine would be arriving soon to take care of them.

He whispered to both of them, “Goodnight min Röðull, goodnight Fidget.  Love you.”


Meanwhile, at Fangtasia that same night, Pam was seething.  Her maker had informed her quite suddenly that she would be running the bar on Tuesday and Wednesday nights without him; then after he promised to be in tonight, he again bailed out saying it was an emergency.  He’d better get his ass in for the weekend.  Since she was originally supposed to be off on Wednesday and Thursday, she was quite unhappy with his last minute change.  He knew it had something to do with his human, and it just pissed her off.  As a result of her spike in anger, she kicked the human that was crawling towards her on the floor.  He was now bleeding and several vampires turned their heads but she just didn’t care.  Her maker, the person that was supposed to care for her was abusing her now.  Firing her for no reason, making her get her own day help – and then suggesting she use Ginger since Pam had already ruined the woman for any other work, TAKING AWAY HER CREDIT CARDS.  He never did hit her but he’d proven he could mistreat her just the same.  After his own experience with an abusive maker, you’d think he’d strive to be more caring.  It was all Sookie’s fault.  His sanctions didn’t start until he met her – he was lying when he told her it was a coincidence.  He was trying to push her away – likely so he could be free to create another child.  That realization hit her like a freight train.  She was about to be replaced and she needed to stop it.

In her own misguided thinking, she believed her thoughts to be true; Eric was abusing her and it was all Sookie’s fault.  To her, this required action – both to secure her position in Eric’s life and to save him from the weakness he’d been displaying as a result of his affection towards a human.  She sat back in Eric’s throne and thought through her options.  An idea formed in her mind causing an evil smile to appear on her face.  Patience for a vampire was almost inherent and now it would serve her well.  Time meant little to an immortal so she would work at being Eric’s dutiful daughter and simply monitor the situation.  When the time was right; she would strike.  She was so lost in her thoughts of her plans for Sookie and her child; she didn’t realize there was scurrying going on in front of her until someone hit the stage.  She looked up in shock.  It was a police raid.  She wasn’t worried.  They wouldn’t find anything.  After a quick check to her perfectly manicured nails, she rose from the throne to approach the police officer in charge; he was writing frantically on his clip board.  “Pamela Ravenscroft.  How can I assist you officer?”

“You can pay your fine:  $10,000 for finding a vampire feeding on a human in the ladies room.”  He tipped his hat.  “Have a nice evening Ma’am.”

FUCK!  He’s really going to be pissed at me now!’

Secret’s page updated – SECRETS is not teasers – it discusses what thoughts I was having when I wrote the chapter.  If you haven’t read the chapter first – then it’s a spoiler.  I only post secrets for chapters that are published.

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69 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – Damn lemons

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  2. I don’t think I have a big enough frying pan for Jason and then have to use it on Pam as well … I guess I will have to go shopping .. LOL ….. The passing of a child is a delicate matter and you handled it with great care … Thank You ……

  3. Hopefully Eric has learnt, giving orders is baaaaaad! Lol. Glad they calmed down, and that Sookie took the car.
    Poor Marjorie! Hope Hunter got the answers he wanted, although hopefully he won’t be needing that info any time soon! He eats lemons???
    Very glad Ludwig is on the case!

    Hopefully Karin will be able to wise Pam up! Cos that girl is delusional, and needs a huge slap of reality to wake up. Equating Eric to Appius? Dang! So wrong!!!

    • Yeah – he’s accustomed to – just do it – and that’s NOT gonna work here. I think it was a good interchange for them to have and learn a bit about how they communicate – especially if he’s got the one-sided blood tie and can feel her – he needs to not react.
      Yes – Hunter ate lemons – and here we are. Ludwig to the rescue.
      I haven’t written Karin yet – she’s got time – but I don’t want her being another Pam, he’ll be able to depend on her.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  4. I need two frying pans to sandwich both Jason and Pam’s heads between. Jason has reached a new low. He basically had his sister raped cause he’s too dumb and self involved to take a bit of flack. If Eric can’t kill him can he at least break a few bones?

    Yep, I dislike Pam more and more. What a selfish, arrogant bitch she is. I think I might dislike this Pam more than my Answer to the Master one. And that’s saying something.

    Marjorie’s death was handled beautifully. Kudos to you for that.

    I love this story more and more every chapter.

    • YOU ARE SO RIGHT – I need a double fry-pan warning!
      Dislike her more than AttM? YIKES! That was the inspiration you know.

      Thanks for the comments on Marjorie’s death – I really struggled with writing that.

  5. Over the moon because you updated twice this weekend!! A Volvo, a good Swedish car, very appropriate choice.
    Pam oh Pam, what is she up to? And is she smart enough to put one past Eric? I can’t see it happening. And Karin, will she be like Pam or more mature and supportive of her Maker? Let’s hope so!

    • Thanks! I thought the Volvo was a good choice here. Pam – you’ll just need to wait on that one. Karin – haven’t written her yet – but she’d doing to be supportive of Eric – the anti-Pam.

  6. Wow! You were right – lots to absorb in this chapter. Before I go any further – and you may have already told us and my short term memory kicked in – is Eric’s maker still with us?

    The fairy dust factor….never could have could up with that!

    The whole Marjorie situation – so sad- but it shows such a wonderful depth to Eric and Hunter.

    Jason – I cannot like him. I tell my oldest son that it his responsibility to love and care for his sister.He might not always like her – but she is his forever. Jason (no spark or what) would have ended up seriously hurting if not killing Sookie if Eric had not come along.

    Pam – geez! I normally adore Pam and her snarkinesss. She is so shallow and selfish. She would hurt Sookie thus destroying Eric and not think twice about it. Eric is going to come unhinged over this last fiasco.

    Funny – and this is one of those stupid thoughts that flash in your brain…Eric wanted to make out with Sookie in the car….around here some people call that “sparking”….LOl Sookie has the spark! Giddy with stupidity today – must be the fumes from cleaners as I attempt to tackle the hoarders paradise!!

    • Fairy dust – was a shower inspired idea. My Mom had mutiple myeloma so I had a SMALL idea of what can happen to kidneys – but I needed a supernatural thingy for it (thingy – still calling me genius?)
      Marjorie – hard to write – but I did want to show Eric stepping in just like he promised Hunter.
      Grrr – Jason – ’nuff said.
      Pam – more to come.
      Never heard it called sparking – that IS funny!
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    • I didn’t answer your question about Appius – he’s gone. He wanted Eric to kill Pam so Eric fought loudly about it – his Were guard heard and killed Appius while rescuing him and Pam. He told Sookie the first night he brought her to the lake on his property – Chapter 7 Smitten.

  7. Wow you had a crappy week, then gave us a present of another chapter… and an awesome chapter at that. Loving this story, this Eric, this Hunter….all of them. Thank you

  8. You are such an amazing writer. This was a really good chapter. I can’t believe Jason would do something so horrible to his own sister. No wonder Eric’s comment set her off. I’m glad Hoyt disowned him as well. I hope Jason get the harder sentence.
    I can’t imagine Sookie’s pain when she realized the lemons were most likely the cause of Hunter’s illness. This fairy dust plot is very creative. I’m glad Hunter will be moved to Dr. Ludwig’s hospital. I’m excited about Eric’s plans for the future. I hope Eric can see through Pam, I fear what she will try to do to Sookie and Hunter. Another incredible chapter!

    • Thank you Mindy. Jason stuff is a few chapters from here. He is a jerk (well, worse than that even).
      I feel badly for Sookie – she even ‘tested’ Hunter – but because she was never told the whole story – she never realized what was happening. The fairy dust idea was a shower AHA when I was trying to figure out how his kidney’s got ‘clogged’.
      We have lots of stuff happening before Hunter is moved – lots of chapters – to come before that. Hope you like where I go.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  9. Looks like you needed a double frying pan warning. I love how in this story we hate Jason and Pam, but love Bobby and Maxine! Love this story!

    Love ya!

  10. Jason needs to be smacked with the frying pan, and Pam deserves to be fried in it. Marjorie’s death was terribly sad and I definitely needed those Kleenex.

      • Those are great ideas for the use of the frying pans! I’m just don’t think smacking Jason would have any effect on him. He’s probably been hit with a frying pan so many times that he’s got permanent dent in his head anyway. Frying Pam in one? Excellent…now you’re getting evil, lostinspace! Be sure to add to silver!

  11. Awesome chapter. It’s looking like a reason for Hunter’s illness might be discovered. Poor kid’s probably been fed lemon and iron all his short life. I’m hoping he’ll recover without surgery when that stuff is taken out of his diet. Pam. Pam. Pam. She’s as bad as Jason. At least Jason has an excuse now. It would be better if he never fathered a child. What he and his cronies did to Sookie and Hoyt is criminal. I’m surprised Hoyt could perform if they were drugged, but lust finds a way I guess. As always, I look forward to more, especially at Dr. Ludwig’s clinic.

    • Dang, I can’t believe I didn’t say anything about Margorie. That was terribly sad, but you wrote with sweetly and tastefully. I cannot imagine losing a child. I was one of my worst fears as mine grew up. I still pray that I do not outlive them.

  12. Stunning chapter. Marjorie’s passing was written with such tenderness between her and Hunter. Her questions for Eric were pretty much what I’d imagine a child might ask, and his answers were honest; kids need that. The part where Hunter and Marjorie “talk” didn’t have me sobbing as I thought it might; it was just a quiet goodbye between two friends. It’s really all it needed and it was splendidly written.
    Ugh. Onto ugly things. Jason…I need a shower after that shock. Disgusting is too polite to describe him in this story, and, sorry, frying pans ain’t gonna cut it this time! Something really, really, really bad and horrible needs to happen to him…like Lorena Bobbit bad ’cause he’s such a ladies man. Then send him to prison where he’ll be so popular cause he’s just so pretty. I think that’s a great punishment for what he did to Sookie. Shivers of disgust running up my spine (ya done good making me not like him, now I hate him!). Onto to the other ugly one, Pam. She’s just out of control and I still think it’s all the shopping. Addiction, Pam! Admitting you’re powerless is the first step! She’s come up with an evil plan though that probably has something to do with draining her Maker’s “current distraction” so she can go back to draining his bank accounts. She’s beyond selfish. I can imagine her thinking up something as simply eliminating the competition in order for her undead life to return to normal…as soon as she figures out a way to explain that fine. Eric’s going to need Karin much sooner than he realizes. Is there any way Indira can arrange for Pam to trip onto a stake slathered in silver? Maybe arrange a date with Bill Compton to bore her to true death? Submerge her in a barrel of salt water to play “Where’s Waldo?” (ya done real good making me not like her too, but she’s fun to dislike…unlike the fugly brother)
    All else? Spectacular! Love the car & vanity plate and the barely-there argument over it. This Sookie isn’t quite as stubborn as she pretends. She’s a bit beaten down, but things are looking up for her, aren’t they? Lemons, huh? Who would have guessed? Just like all mommys, she let her baby eat them because he loved them…who ever heard of real faeries? I love Dr. Ludwig; leave it to her to discover the problem!! Fairy dust! Damn Tinkerbelle. Never caused anything but trouble! There was so much in this chapter that was great! Viking fantasies, Sookie not freaking over the blood bond (WOW!), Mustapha & Theresa, maybe the possibility that Hunter can be cured, Viking fantasies…
    Thanks for the extra chapter, Mags! You’re awesome!

    • This one: Maybe arrange a date with Bill Compton to bore her to true death? – had me laughing – down my legs – as one of my friends and I say (the post giving birth problem some women may have. . .
      Thanks for your kind words about the writing for Marjorie’s passing. I had more written – the funeral – but I read it once and said – not needed. I only wanted to close that out (I honestly didn’t think I could get away with all these terminal kids and suddenly have everyone healed).
      Sookie’s stubboness – does show up again – so be prepared (Can’t have her perfect. Our viking – HE can be perfect however – and isn’t he just???) Oops – I digress.
      Viking fantasies – liked that ey? I’m not big on writing lemons – so I don’t know that we’ll ever actually see it here. I’ll try for you.
      Thanks as always.

      • The lemons you write are perfect as they are. Sometimes leaving things to the imagination are just as it should be… Not that I’m opposed to a little raunch here & there, it just wouldn’t fit in this story…fun to imagine on occasion but my mind quickly drifts as it’s addled! It’s more fun to read that this Sookie’s imagining her perfect Viking, and yes, he’s perfect!
        As always, you are welcome. It’s one of my greatest pleasures to find your chapters in my inbox! Have a great Monday!

  13. thank you so much for the extra chapter it was great I cried for hunters friend that must of been tough to write I also want to smack the crap out of pam and Jason that boy needs a come too jesus

    • Marjorie was tough to write – but we needed the closure – like Hunter did. It also gave Eric that chance to step it up for Hunter – and he did.
      Yep – everyone’s hating on Pam and Jason.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    • SO SORRY! But the truth is – I always wanted a white Volvo station wagon when I was in my 20s. Then when I test drove one – I guess I was in my late 30s – I hated it! But I couldn’t resist here. She is driving laundry and stuff around and I didn’t want her in a bigger than needed SUV (cough – yet).
      Since it gave you the willies – I’ll warn you it is mentioned again in the story. I need a willy warning in addition to lemon, tissue and frying pan, What the heck symbol will I use for that???
      AND – I write this beautiful full of content chapter and all you read was blah blah blah STATION WAGON blah blah blah . . . hehehehe
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  14. OK so thanks for the tissue warning on the death of Marjorie, I needed it. Great job by the way, very sensitive and nicely handled. And I’m very proud of Eric for realizing how much he wants to protect Hunter, that he will stop at nothing to get the healing he needs desperately. As for Jason, yep I think he need more than a frying pan–perhaps an electric griddle!!

  15. Hee hee – Thanks for making it clear that Sookie’s car wreck really was an accident and not a nefarious plot by Pam. Poor Marjorie; Hunter was sweet to stay with her and talk to her, and Eric did good telling her that death didn’t hurt. New car for Sookie – Yay! Pam getting raided and fined LOL. I still don’t know how you’re gonna get her to shape up and become less selfish.

    • It took some serious braincells to sort out Pam’s story line. Lots of chocolate too. It’s still not done in my writing – so while i have an outline – the whole thing isn’t written yet. At one point, I seriously considered killing her off she was getting so bad and I couldn’t come up with a plan but I think I have the ticket (though no promises).
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  16. great chapter, we knew Marjorie was going soon and you did her well in writing her death peacefully… thank you … As for the frying pan, first Pam is not right and i am hoping once her big sister gets here she will notice Pamela is off and help Eric fix her delussions… but she is not going to be a happy camper… Jason, grr what a prick once i started reading it I knew what direction you were headed in and i just shook my head, fucker… as for Sookie and her new car/station wagon love it. i figured an SUV but i see the SW too… and finally Ludwig, i think she is going to be a champion for all of them, seeing she knows how the viking feels about Sook and Hunt and how she has figured out something anout Hinter’s illness, looking forward to more. KY

    • Cause we needed more of a reason to have Jason . . . We really didn’t but I needed to show a longer history of true assholery (new word).
      We have a bit of stuff before more of the Pam story line plays out – hang on for that.
      Ludwig – I love to write that grumpy doctor as someone who loves Sookie (deserving Sookies) and Eric – even if she’s grumpy to everyone else.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  17. Yes, agrees with above, you wrote Marjorie’s passing scene with skill and care, well done. Having lost an infant sister at age nine, you really hit the mark between caring, sensitive and real, a masterful writer! I hunk Karin is hugely supportive of Eric and will help his cause. I hope Jason gets fried or has a life craning experience that shows him his malicious ways. Love the plate and the Volvo, sookie needs to get over her stubbornness when it can cause danger to them all. Thanks for the updates!

    • Thank you. I’m sorry about your sister.
      Karin will be much better than Pam but I haven’t written her yet so even I don’t know the details.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  18. Fantastic, as usual. Can’t wait to see what Pam is plotting, and Eric’s reaction to it. She really needs a damned good spanking. Selfish little Daddies girl !!

  19. Excellent chapter!

    I like this/your version of Eric. As much as he relishes his life as a vampire, he misses the love of his human family. Meeting Sookie and Hunter awakened those long forgotten human emotions. I’m enjoying every minute of his re-awakening!

    The death of a child is beyond painful. I cried as I read about Marjorie (I’m a Special Education Teacher who has worked in a hospital setting. I’ve seen the amazing strength of children and youth). I feel your take on her death through the eyes (and feelings) of Hunter and Eric was beautiful. It was a comfort and a joy all the way!

    Frying pans are too good for Jason and Pam! Need to think about a more fitting deterrent…

    Good luck with your job. I feel your anguish!

    • Thank you – glad you’re enjoying the re-awakening.
      I appreciate your kind words about the death scene – it was hard and I was nervous about putting it out.
      Frying pans – yeah – someone suggested a griddle.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  20. As always that was fantastic. I think you did wonderfully with Marjorie. You handled her with such care..I’m sure everyone can appreciate that. Thanks for the extra chapter.
    I’m so so greedy that I’m already hoping for more. 😉

  21. WOW What an incredible chapter! So many FEELINGS!!! Marjorie’s loss wasn’t any less hard just because we knew it was coming but I loved how you wrote it. Esp. that Hunter wanted to be there, listened to her and had Eric’s support. I am sure it all meant a lot to Marjorie too. As did Eric’s help letting her spend her last days at home and have visitors etc. I loved how you are showing that although Eric is providing significant material improvements to the lives of Sookie and Hunter (very much needed too!), it is the emotional support and the little details that are making a huge difference.
    Then the lemons (not the nice ones) and what they may have done to Hunter. Quite the reveal and the addition to the mythology in this story (I do not think I have seen this plot ever) and obviously making me even madder at whoever knew about the fae ancestry and told Sookie nothing…
    In spite of what we learnt about fae heritage when there is no essential spark (ie you turn out an a-hole), I am still horrified by Jason’s encouragement and participation in organising what amounts to her own sister’s rape even if JB was himself the victim too (that just make it a double rape in my books). I have no issue with Jason being a libertine, sleeping around etc. To each their own but to make that happen to Sookie is unforgivable, criminal and totally disgusting.

    • It is the emotional support – and she / they are doing the same too for him. Thanks for your kind words on Marjorie’s death. It wasn’t easy.
      Onto the lemon business – I don’t think I’d seen it either – I hope that’s really the case. I wanted something different.
      Jason is just horrible isn’t he?
      Thanks for reading and ALWAYS reviewing – I appreciate it.

  22. Ok so this is how I see it… Our dear Pammykins is going to get her fangs pulled, silvered and then staked. Jason will end up as someone’s prison b-/:ch. And, the fairies will send Claudine, and she will be useless. Ok now to a positive, go Sookie and get some of that Eric goodness!

    • You’ll need to wait for the Pam story line – a little bit at least. Jason – I haven’t even really started on where he ends up – it’s in my head – just not in letters on my PC yet.
      Claudine – hmmmmm.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  23. Need a large frying pan for Jason for his part in what they did to Sookie and JB. What kind of brother does something like that to his own sister??

    So happy Ludwig is on Hunter’s case and hope if he has fairy dust blocking his kidneys, they will find a way to treat it.

    Was so sad to see that Marjorie is gone, but glad Hunter was their to say his good bye to her.

    Eric is going to be so pissed that Pam was not doing her job again and cost them 10,000.00 in fines. Can’t wait to see what will happen when she finds out he is bringing Karin in to take over his sheriff duties..
    Love the story.. 🙂

  24. oh I cried so much…my heart breaks for Hunter losing his best friend 😥 AND then, I wanted to bind Pam with silver!! is she seriously comparing her “abuse” (a freakin joke) to the abuse Eric had to live with for 300 years?! ARGH!!!!!
    I am seriously worried with what she’s going to try to do to Sookie and Hunter – when she finds out about him. I have a crazy feeling that Eric is going to have to end her for her stupidity *smh*

    • Pam is delusional! Pam’s story takes a few more chapters to play out – so hang on for that ride.

      Hunter was very brave though – I don’t know that I could have done that.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing.


  25. I don’t think there are good enough words to describe your story, but I can say it is beautiful and heart wrenching. I hope you have plans to finish it. I can’t wait to read more:):)

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