Chapter 59 – VIA

Chapter 59 – VIA

August 8, 2004

In Vegas, life for Sookie had become quite routine and she was thankful for that.  Frannie was a welcome addition and although Quinn had returned, he left her to handle Sookie’s needs most days.

When Sookie arrived for her daily visit to Dr. Finard’s office, she went right into the bathroom he had, as was her daily routine.  She almost fell over when she realized she was sharing the space with Dr. Ludwig.  “Oh my God, what are you doing here?”

“Finard pleaded in his written report yesterday for my presence.  Seems your bonding sickness is really a problem.”  Ludwig switched to thinking at Sookie.  ‘There isn’t a bug in here, but if we’re too loud, they can still pick it up from the other room.  Finard has been instructed to make noise with Frannie so we can talk.’

Sure enough, the two started having a very vibrant discussion in the other room and Sookie allowed herself a bit of freedom:  She hugged the diminutive doctor and cried on her shoulder for a few minutes.  Finally, Ludwig told her they had work to do and Sookie backed up.  Even with the noise, she still thought the details to Sookie.  ‘I have several things to review that we can do out in the exam room, for now though, know your husband is building his army and we are all trying to help as best we can.  Frannie is also going to add small sticks – slightly bigger than an orange stick into the spikes of your shoes that will work as stakes.  Soon, every pair of your shoes will have stakes so you’ll never be without a weapon.  You’ll need to make sure you know how to take the heels off quickly.  Practice in your bathroom.’

Sookie cut off her thoughts and whispered.  “My bathroom is bugged – including a video camera.”

Ludwig’s eyes closed; clearly disturbed by this information.  “Is that why you aren’t eating or showering?”

“It’s why I don’t shower, the food is the reason I don’t eat.”

“We’ll discuss that later.  I’ll see what I can do at court tonight.”  She returned to thinking.  ‘Yes, I’ll be at the fealty ceremony tonight, as will Alcide, Potts and Rasul.  I’m not sure who else you know.  I’m jumping around a bit to tell you everything.  Little Michael and Angie are doing well at the farmhouse; I checked them before coming here today.  Eric’s fingers are growing nicely and Pam recovering quickly.’  Sookie made a confused face.  ‘She had silver poisoning.  While they were both resting when I was there today, Hunter took me in to examine both of them.  The farmhouse is bursting Sookie.  Hunter must remain hidden as well as Michael and Angie, so they are all sleeping there with Gran, Pam and Amelia.  Hunter and Eric are sharing a room since Hunter declared Michael a bed wetter.

Sookie giggled at the news from home then turned serious.  “How is he – besides his fingers I mean?”

Alcide has needed to rebuild the home office before he got his anger under control.  But he tries to reel it in, at least according to Gran.

“Yeah, I felt that one night.  We don’t always have the connection open, it hurts too much.”

Pam and Alcide keep him in control and focused.  He needs that with the planning.’

“Tell him I’m surviving.  It’s not good here, but I have hope and I will do what I need to.”

I will.  He didn’t know I was coming, but I understand Alcide has memorized a message for you. . . ‘

Her last thought was interrupted by a loud pounding on the door, followed by the guard entering.  “Out of the bathroom, NOW!”

“Stay put Sookie.”  Ludwig turned and exited the bathroom.  “Get out.  This is a private doctor’s appointment.  We needed to go in the bathroom so Sookie could describe her symptoms and issues in private.”

Finard could hardly believe the tiny doctor standing up to the Were guard.  He also couldn’t believe when the guard changed his demeanor a bit and explained.  “You’ll need to explain that tonight then.  I’m under orders to keep the appointment on camera as much as possible.  I gave you time, you’ve been in there almost 15 minutes.”

Sookie heard the whole thing and realized the Were was afraid for himself if they didn’t leave the bathroom, so she stepped out.  “We’ll stay out here.  She needs a sample of something and I’ll go back in for that, but nothing else.  There is no reason for you to stay in the room if we’re out here and on camera, right?”  Sookie knew Finard would keep her covered for an exam, but she didn’t even want the stranger in the room while anything like that happened.  She didn’t think she needed an exam, but who knew what Felipe was ordering of Finard and Ludwig.

The Were left and Ludwig started back in on the food.  “Explain the eating situation.”  When Sookie described the food, Ludwig was upset and the extreme diet, but felt Sookie may have been exaggerating a bit.  She could easily slip into not eating when she was upset.  “Sookie, are you sure it’s as bad as you say?”

Frannie jumped in.  “It is Dr. Ludwig.  I’ve delivered several meals; anything but the veggies would be inedible.  The meat is overcooked, and she only gets veggies as sides.  She won’t be able to survive on just veggies and the bowl of oatmeal she eats in the morning.”

“Very well, I’ll talk to Felipe about the cameras and the food.”  Figuring Sookie had something to discuss with her, based on the sample comment she made earlier, she said, “You think you’re ready to give me that urine sample now?”

“Sure doctor.”  Once they were safely in the bathroom again, Sookie whispered, “Be sure to tell Eric that it’s not just Felipe here.  Appius seems to be pulling the strings.  He’s Felipe’s maker.”

“Holy Fuck!!”  The doctor exclaimed before she could catch herself, she quickly changed to thinking while Sookie worked on the sample they needed to produce.  ‘You’re sure.’  She nodded.  ‘Is he here all the time?’  Sookie shrugged.  ‘We need more information – whatever you can get.’

“Working on it.”  She whispered.  “This whole thing is personal Doctor.  It’s not Felipe just wanting a telepath.  Appius must have a grudge.”

“A grudge?”

“You’ll need to ask Eric and Godric, I won’t say anymore.”

“Understood.”  She pulled out a fetal heartbeat monitor.  “Now, let me listen to Roo.”  A few seconds later, she handed Sookie the earphones.

The relief for Sookie was evident on her face at hearing Roo.  With a smile on her face, she only listened for a moment fearing that the guard would return about them taking too long.  “We have to get out of here.  Here’s my pee.”

“Ok girly.  You can relax.  I’m going to check out your helper here.  I understand she has some infections that weren’t treated from her wounds.”  Sookie looked puzzled.  “Dr. Finard did start treating them, but his specialty is not wounds so he wanted a second opinion.”

When they were out of the bathroom, Sookie lightly admonished her new friend.  “Frannie, you didn’t tell me you were hurting.  You should be relaxing, not waiting on me.”

“I’m fine.  Really.”  ‘It was help you or stay in the cage.  They only wanted people they could completely control close to you.  Quinn gets hurt if I do anything wrong and visa versa.  He told you I have a tracker, well, he has one too.’

They finished their time with the doctors and Sookie returned to her room while Frannie went off to get her outfit for the night at court.  They both feared what she would find when her young helper met with the palace laundress to collect the outfit for Sookie.  It was still in the white opaque bag when Frannie arrived back at Sookie’s room so they opened it together.  Frannie was horrified, but honestly, Sookie didn’t care at this point.  She actually thought the ‘ribbon outfit’ from the other night – which she later found out was referred to as a monokini (though not a topless one) – was more revealing than the bikini in her hands – even if this one was sheer black.  The vampires she knew would respect her, and those she didn’t would likely be killed by her husband shortly.  She was too excited to get the message from Alcide to worry about nipple exposure.


The vampires that had been acquired by Felipe were being brought in first so they could pledge their fealty; then the assets would be moved into court.  Sookie was told she was last in line and Felipe had selected someone of great honor to lead her in.  Even in her mind she deadpanned the words, ‘I can hardly wait’.  She was being kept in a waiting room but could hear Court starting since they’d left the door open canceling out the privacy ward; each vampire was giving their pledge so it was taking a while.  Sookie was glad it wasn’t EVERY vampire in the states, just those in Sheriff or other official positions.  FINALLY, that part was over and the assets were walked in.  She could hear the asset’s thoughts of disgust as they were lead to the floor in the full submissive bow.  After the asset names were called, she was joined by one of her least favorite vampires:  Victor Madden had left court so he could walk her in personally.  When they hit the door of the courtroom, she could hear the gasps out loud as some attendees she knew personally took in her appearance.  She wanted to put up her shields as there were a few other humans that were assets who were thinking unfavorable thoughts about her but she didn’t want to miss Eric’s message via Alcide, so she hung tough.  The first part of his message came quickly.  ‘I have a message from Eric, but I will keep it until we are out of court.  It’s my understanding that there is a small reception after the formal procedure.’  Up went her shields as soon as he was done.  At her usual place, Sookie moved to her completely submissive stance and as he loved to do, Felipe kept here there for a while.  The room grew silent as they waited – even some of the vampires becoming uncomfortable.

He finally gave her leave to rise and then he stood to take the leash from Victor.  “Victor was given the honor of leading our last asset as he was so instrumental in helping procure her via the takeover.  I publicly thank him now for his part.”  Victor nodded and moved to his position:  Standing behind Felipe’s chair while Felipe secured Sookie’s leash and she knelt.  Surprising Sookie, he leaned over and said, “raise your head incubator.”  He waited for her to obey.  “Look at all the powerful vampires here – pledging their fealty as your bonded did.  Most of these vampires control one of the many areas in each of my many states.  Under them, they have dozens of vampires who have pledged their fealty.  Nobody would dare to move against me.  So all your concerns for me, being attacked or put to trial for our work here – you have nothing to worry about.  You just grow me the babies and we’ll get along just fine.”

She recognized the speech as a caution that she was never going to be ‘rescued’ by Eric but she ignored him.  He hadn’t asked her anything.  Still he wanted to have her call him that special name in front of all those present, some of them vampires she knew personally.  “Don’t you want to express your awe at my power Meez Northman?”  He emphasized the Miss even more than usual to send a message that her marriage was not recognized.

“You have many fine soldiers your Royal Supreme Sovereign.”

He laughed out loud.  “I do human, I do.”  He changed to a more serious face and exclaimed.  “We have a few items on the agenda for court tonight; then we can enjoy the reception.  First up is my daily report from Dr. Finard on my incubator.  Tonight he is joined by Dr. Ludwig as she was called in to assist with some broader health concerns.  Doctor, you may begin.”

Ludwig walked up, ignored the bow to Felipe and began.  “I have several concerns about her health.  If you want her to be able to conceive, I suggest you listen carefully.  I’ll include a summary with Dr. Finard’s written report as well:

*Her diet is too extreme from a healthy perspective.  I have spoken to the cook and she was instructed to overcook the meat.”

“Yes, that was due to concerns about eating raw meat.”

“Your majesty, do you not hire the best servants?”

“Well, of course.”

“Then the cook you hired should be able to prepare meat without the risk and without turning it into shoe leather.  Let her do her job.  She has also been denied fruits. . .”

“Yes, for the sugars in the fruits.  She is too fat.”

“She is not overweight in any way.  Fruit sugars are natural, and you are missing some key vitamins and other nutrients if you remove fruits.  Back to my points:

*You must remove the cameras and bugs in her bathroom.  The details on the concerns I have are in my report.  But she will become too sick to conceive as she is starving herself as a result.”

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s in my report.  I won’t get into the details in open court.”

*She needs fresh air and time in the sunshine.

*Finally, and most importantly, she will continue to be sick and actually worsen with everyday she is without her bonded.  There is no precedent allowing you to keep a bonded couple apa. . . “

“There has never been an asset to a state that was also bonded.  I need no precedent.  Her asset contract gives me permission to keep her here as part of the ‘emergency designations’ – meaning the takeover.  She will stay as long as it takes to produce children; then the choice to stay will be hers.  I’ve heard enough, unless Finard is going to announce the she is pregnant already, I’m ready for my next update.”  He waved his hands so Ludwig and Finard backed away from their places in front of the dais.

Next, Octavia arrived and was joined by another man standing next to her.  “Octavia, update.”  For Octavia, Sookie immediately lowered her shields.

Sookie, I’m sorry about this but.’  “Well, you’ve assigned me this witch, Ahmed, to assist me.  We’ve received texts from New England and I have your books, but so far, the other monarchies have not responded.  We have begun searching and as of yet, nothing has been found on the spell you assigned to us.  ‘Sookie, if something is found, they will force my hand.  Ahmed knows enough to know what we’re reading, but he’s not strong enough to execute this type of spell without me.  I will stall as long as I can.

“How many texts do you have?”

“We have 34, and have reviewed 12 of those in detail.”

The vampires in the room grew confused.  Obviously Felipe wanted some unknown spell, but they were keeping the details quiet.  They listened intently for clues.

“Do you have any witches in your coven that can also work on this?”

Ahmed answered first, “I have 4, but remember, your majesty, that we need to work in pairs to ensure something isn’t conveniently missed.”

“Yes, I don’t trust Octavia to turn a blind eye to the spell if she see’s it.  How many in your coven Ms. Fant?”

Octavia didn’t want any of her coven here, certain they would be used as leverage if the spell was found and she refused to execute on it.  She had no choice though – well not exactly no choice.  She would leave Amelia out of this.  “I have 3 I can call upon.  One is very new and he wouldn’t be of much help.”  ‘Yeah, Bob was proving to be a disappointment.’

“I take it you mean Bob is too new?”  Her eyes widened as she knew what that meant.  “Yes, he was always a spy.  He is really part of Ahmed’s coven and has shown great promise.  Per his notes on your coven, you had a 4th available to you?”

Recovering over her shock quickly, she answered the king.  “Amelia is missing.  She often spats with her father and leaves town.  I have not heard from her since before the takeover.”  Her face gave nothing away as she gave her answer.  She prayed that the cloaking spell she’d placed on Amelia before Amelia headed out was still intact.  It wasn’t perfect:  People could still see her, but they needed to be close.  It was a compromise – a full cloaking spell wouldn’t last as long as this lesser one would.

Felipe kept quiet.  She was telling the truth as Bob had mentioned the fights between the wealthy developer and his daughter.  While he still believed Octavia knew where her other witch was, he didn’t want to damage any possible relationship with her father, Copley Carmichael, so he let that comment go.  To Bill he said, “gather the names and addresses of her witches and have them brought here.”

“Yes your majesty.”

Felipe turned back to Octavia and glared at her.  “I want your task complete as quickly as possible Octavia.  I’m sure we can discuss incentives if this goes on for too long.  Do you understand?”

“Yes your majesty.”

“Now, I believe we are done with the business for the evening and our refreshments are being brought in.”  Sookie looked up enough to see that a group of donors were being led into the room as well as a small table of human drinks and snacks.  She had no idea what would happen next.  Certain she wouldn’t be permitted to mingle, she stayed on the floor attached to Felipe’s chair and waited.

Unsure of where or what Alcide was doing, she lowered her shields.  Finally she heard Potts’ voice.  “Hello Sookie.”  In a blink she was looking at her friend who had lowered herself to the floor to be on Sookie’s level.

“Is it safe for you to be near me?”

“Felipe is feeding and really, I’m not touching you or anything, what can he do?”

“I . . . I’d rather not find out.”  Potts could see the fear on Sookie’s face and her heart broke.

“OK Sookie, we’ll move on, keep the shields down for a minute though, OK?”

“OK, and Potts, it’s really good to see you.”

“Same here Sookie.  Everyone asks about you and they send their love.”

She wiped a tear from her face as she saw Potts stand.  Only a second later Alcide’s thoughts came in.  ‘Hey Sweets.  We’re working night and day on our plans to get you out of here, but for now I have a short message from Eric.  Can you handle that right now?  Scratch the back of your hand if you can.’  He saw her acknowledge his request so he continued.  ‘Min kära, I WISH I could be with you right now.  I have heard about the insults and injuries you have received while in Felipe’s captivity and will make him pay for each one.  Know that I am keeping eyes on you at all times, and cannot wait for the day that I have both Roo and you back in my arms.  Until then, put on a show and survive.

It was simple and sweet and even though Alcide’s thoughts delivered it, she had no doubt it came from Eric.  If only she could get word back to him.  Luckily Sookie was looking down in her usual slave position and could hide her tears somewhat.  She didn’t notice at first though that Alcide, while he had his back to her, had used others ‘in the know’ to form a small blockade in front of her.  When she did look up, she could see not just Alcide and Potts, but Ludwig, Octavia, Rasul and her Uncle Desi standing in a group talking.  None of them turned to her, giving her as much privacy as possible.  In fact, she had long gotten over her reaction to the message but they remained.  Far enough away to not appear to be ‘including her’ but close enough to stop any gawkers from coming near, and they did prevent anyone from getting near her until she was approached from behind.

“Miss Northman,”  Victor sneered.  “Your friends are hiding you.  We can’t have that – I mean, Felipe went to so much trouble having your outfit custom made.  How about a stroll around the room?”  He was unclipping her leash from Felipe’s chair as he spoke.  His wicked smile remained as he strolled around the entire room showing her off like a doll.  Again, her friends stayed close helping her through the display from Victor and she loved them for it.

The night ended without any further incident and Sookie returned to her room without having any time with her friends or allies.  She expected as much, but was still heartbroken.


In Bon Temps, Eric was on edge waiting for word from anyone in Vegas.  He had received a text from Rasul that simply said ‘NO’ and he was relieved:  At least Roo’s heartbeat wasn’t obvious but he wanted more information.  His spy had been invited to court so he wanted to read that update, but he mostly wanted to hear from Potts.  He knew she would be the one who would give it to him straight.  The phone rang about two hours before dawn and finally it was Potts, finally.  “You can talk?”

“Yes, Russell’s plane picked us up at the airport.  The pilot for the plane booked by Victor was beside himself that we weren’t boarding, but we knew you wanted an update.  This is secure.”

“Well, did you see her, talk to her?”

“I did.  Well, we all saw her but I spoke briefly to her.”

Alcide jumped in as they were on speaker phone.  “You’re sure we have to wait until after Russell’s thing?”

“With the Ancient Pythoness, I would normally say yes, but she has lost my trust.  At this point though, Niall is operating on the late September timeframe so we have to go with that or rearrange plans.  You have me worried.”

It was Potts that addressed the comment.  “She’s scared Eric.  That’s our concern.”

“Of course she’s scared. . .”

“I don’t mean in general.  I mean, they’ve started breaking her down.  We had moved from court to the reception part of the evening, and she was too afraid of the ramifications to talk to me.  I could see it in her eyes.  They might not be hitting her, but they’re getting through somehow.”

“I’ll think about that later.  Did you deliver the message?”

“Yes, and she did react but there were enough friendlies in the room for us to block anyone from seeing her.”

“How does she look health wise?”

Potts and Alcide shared a look.  They’d spoken about this before calling Eric and agreed not to lie.  Before either could answer, Ludwig barged into the conversation.  “She needs to eat.”  Eric was actually startled to see her in the living room with him, but quickly put the phone on speaker so Alcide and Potts could participate.  “She’s going to get sick or worse if she doesn’t eat.  I put it in perspective for Felipe to understand that she won’t be able to conceive if she isn’t eating.  We can only hope he listens.”

“What about Roo?”

“I listened to the heartbeat, everything sounds good.  Sookie really enjoyed that too – I got to see her smile.”  Ludwig even smiled as she spoke about it.  “Finard and I also planned the fake period for Sookie as that would cause questions.  We’re in good shape for getting her to a new ‘fake’ pregnancy.”

“How did you plan with Finard?”

“His bathroom has no bug.”

“You’re sure it’s safe?”

“Your Amma told me I could use that room.”

“She’s not my Amma; she’s just the Ancient Pythoness.  Family wouldn’t do what she did.”

Ludwig actually sucked air past her teeth at Eric’s coldness, but she knew it was deserved so she said nothing about his comment.  “Sookie did have some important information for you.”

“Go on.”

“Can you patch in your maker?”

“I can, why is that necessary?”


Eric called Godric and patched him into the now three way call.  “We’re all here Doctor.”

Without any niceties or setup, Ludwig blurted out the information she learned from Sookie.  “Sookie met Appius.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!  Did he do anything to her?”

“They’ve mostly been playing mind games with her.  It’s the connection that’s got her worried.”

Godric got it before Ludwig could continue.  “He’s Felipe’s maker.  This is personal.”

“Bingo.  That’s what Sookie thought, but she wouldn’t tell me how it’s personal.”

“Eric can fill you in.  Do we have any more information about Appius?”

Shaking her head no, Ludwig confirmed.  “Nothing at this time.  Sookie’s trying to learn what she can:  Is he there all the time, does he have favorite donors, those kinds of thing.”

“This is what Pythia meant; it’s bigger than you taking Felipe’s throne.”

“Much.”  Godric concurred.  “Felipe’s army.”  He mumbled almost to himself.  “You said he had multiple armies when he attacked Sophie-Anne.”

“Thalia and Rasul saw more.  I can grab Thalia now if you have time to talk.”

“Call me back in 15 minutes.  I want to see who I can get on the line.”

“I’ll move to the light tight chamber below Sookie’s room with Pam and Thalia.  Our little war group doesn’t know the whole story about Appius.  What do you want to tell . . .”

“I’ll tell them a short version.”

They hung up and Ludwig said her goodbyes.  “Well, I’m off; I’m not good with attack strategy, though I’d like to be informed of any timing so I can prepare.”  Eric nodded his affirmation.  “I plan to see her every week, so I’ll pop in each time with any updates I can offer.”

“Thank you Doctor.”

“My pleasure.  What little help I can do for her, I do gladly.”

“Alcide, Potts, can I call you back for the meeting?”

“Just one thing before you have a group on the line.”

“Go on.”

“We did get a picture of her.  I know you probably don’t want it – but Bon Temps folks should see it before they head to Vegas.  I’m sending it via the phone now, but you might want to wait to open it in private.

“Understood.  I’ll call you back in a few minutes.”

“We’ll be ready to talk.”

Eric quickly gathered Thalia and Pam for the meeting.  He had about 10 minutes to call in, and discovered Dario had sent him an email.  Perfect timing:  He could update everyone on Dario’s summary while on the call.

Another 20 minutes and he was ready to drop the Appius bomb on the entire group.  “Good morning everyone.  Sorry for the last minute call, but we have quite a bit of new information from the fealty ceremony and Sookie.”

“How is she?”  That was Russell asking and Eric appreciated that his old friend was mostly concerned about Sookie and not the war information.

“According to our sources, Felipe has been trying everything he can to break her.  Potts and Alcide are concerned, but Dr. Ludwig also got to spend time with her and they listened to the baby’s heartbeat.  While I’m certain they will try to hurt her, Dr. Ludwig promised that listening to Roo evoked much happiness in Sookie and that gives me hope.”

“Roo?”  Benito asked.

“A nickname for the baby since Sookie didn’t want to call it ‘it’.”

“Your doing all this human stuff first is only going to help Stan and me as we progress with our women.  Thanks Northman.”

“You’re welcome.  Now, back to the information so I can do all the ‘human’ stuff with my human wife actually here.”

“What do you have for us?”

“Our biggest news is startling.  Have you all heard of Appius Livius Ocella?”  They all grumbled into the phone:  Yes, unfortunately, no way. . .  and a variety of other expletives.  “Well, he’s Felipe’s maker and it appears he is pulling the strings behind this whole thing.”

Clearly confused, Benito commented.  “Don’t get us wrong Eric, Sookie as your wife is worth going to war for, but Appius is going to quite a bit of trouble for a telepath.”

“He isn’t doing this to have ‘A’ telepath.”  Frustrated with the circumstances, Eric rubbed his face with his hands.  “We have more information on their plans for Sookie and Appius’ reasoning.  First, for Sookie:  He’s trying to breed her with sperm he stole from Stan’s telepath.  We further discovered that he wants our fertility doctor, whom they kidnapped, to get Sookie pregnant with as many babies as possible so they could further. . . turn, feed from or breed those children.”

“That’s depraved.”

“That’s Appius.”

“What’s the other reasoning?”

Godric took over.  “He had had a grudge with me for 1000 years.”

“That’s a hell of a grudge.”

“He wanted to make Eric.  I stopped him.  He killed my human wife years ago. Now apparently, he wants more revenge.  I can’t be sure what he wants, his endgame if you will.  To hurt me?  To hurt Eric?  I just don’t know.”

“Well, I have some good news about the situation.”  Alcide added from his plane ride back to Louisiana.  Eric smiled suspecting the news.  “I have two bugs planted at Alhambra.  One in court and one in a small room behind the dais.  I was informed by Quinn that room is where Felipe and Appius were talking freely the other morning.”

“That’s good news,” Eric said trying to hide his disappointment but failing.  They’d planned to get one to Sookie’s room so he could hear her.

Alcide could hear the disappointment in Eric’s voice.  “Hang on old man.  The third bug for Sookie’s room should be planted during the day today.  At the latest it will go in tomorrow when Quinn is back.”

Eric’s smile grew.  Hearing her would be a gift.  He only wished she could hear him, but that would be a risk.  “Thanks.  I know that was a great personal risk and discomfort to you and Potts.”  Alcide nodded.  No need to talk about the fact that they’d smuggled the bugs into the palace using very private body cavities.

“While we are on good news,” Stan started. “Barry is ready to leave whenever we’re ready to help with messages to Sookie and surveillance.  We’ve selected his guards and he’s altered his appearance to match a new fake ID.”

“That’s great.  We’ll have to see if next week is a good idea, you know if Sookie had time to find out more on Appius.”

“Eric, he can go again.  It’s not a one time opportunity.”

“Thanks Stan.”  Eric turned to his laptop.  “I have an update from my spy to add to our information.”

“Eric, before you go on.”

“Yes Benito.”

“When this is all over, I propose we form a new government agency.”

Well, that was off the wall.  “What do you mean?”

“With all these sources, bugs, spies, telepaths . . . We could start the VIA.  The Vampire Intelligence Agency.”

They all laughed at the King of California’s suggestion.  Once the laughter died down, he paused only a second then continued.  “Thanks Benito, I needed that.  Back to my spy’s report:

*He updated me as best he could on Sookie’s physical and mental wellbeing.  He offered no additional information from what we’ve already discussed except:  He heard Felipe screaming at his favorite pet, Yvetta – for changes to Sookie’s diet.  Apparently whatever Ludwig said to Felipe embarrassed him and since the diet changes were Yvetta’s idea he took it out on her.  He’s also ordered some modifications.”

“Eric, what are you talking about?”  Russell asked, but the others chimed in with their confusion.

“Let me explain:  The changes were so drastic the food was unpalatable and Sookie has eaten only a small amount of food for two days.  Obviously this would be a concern no matter what, but with the baby.  It cannot go on.”

“That’s good Eric.  She needs to keep her strength.”  Potts offered.

“So back to my spy’s report:

*He’d heard rumors about Appius, but was not in court the night he introduced himself to everyone.  He, like Sookie, is hunting for more information.

*Quinn is offsite at a meeting for his events company so his sister, Frannie, is handling anything close to Sookie.  He made brief contact with her and she’s more than willing to help.  Though she and her brother are not fond of vampires, they recognize that their exposure has been skewed by the specific vampires involved.  He’s worked out a way for her to smuggle small wooden stake like implements into Sookie’s spike heels but she has yet to test quickly removing them for use since even her bathroom has surveillance and she doesn’t wear the spike heels to Finard’s so  . . .”

“Her bathroom is under surveillance?”  Bart interrupted not hiding the disgust in his tone of voice.

“Yes, with a camera and it’s caused some problems.  There is a funny side to this.”  He chuckled.  “Sookie is showing her stubborn side and has refused to shower even though she’s been told the vampires can smell her.”

Potts even laughed.  “Yeah, she smelled.  I’m surprised they haven’t threatened her with punishment for not showering.”

“Quinn overheard the rumor mill.  Apparently it’s a game.  They want to see how long she’ll hold out.”

“You aren’t losing her Eric, if she can still pull that shit; your little spitfire is there.”

“You’re right Russell and that’s what gives me hope.”

Godric was even laughing at his daughter-in-laws defiance.  “I never thought I’d be happy to meet someone more stubborn that Eric.  Not only did I meet her, but now she’s family.”

“Heaven help us when the children come along with those two as their role models.”  Potts moaned.

“No heaven help THEM.  Can you image little Sookies and Erics as teens?  I don’t know how Gran survived it.  I barely survived having Eric as a newborn vampire with his hard head.”

“Have you met Gran?”  Pam offered.  “Sookie is lucky she survived that woman’s wallop.  I still have bruises on the back of my head.”

Alcide rubbed his head from his seat on the plane and offered.  “We all do Pam, we all do.”

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 59 – VIA

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    • I hope to make you giddy with an update soon. It’s getting late here and I’m so far behind on responding to comments and reviews – and sometimes I need to do that for writer’s block (I have no idea if that makes sense or not).

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