Chapter 39 – Yeah

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Chapter 39 – Yeah

“Compton? From the Queen’s court?”

“He didn’t exactly say he’s from the Queen’s court – he was about my height but with a really bad haircut and mutton chops on the side of his face. Dark hair, brown eyes.”

“There just can’t be two Bill Comptons with mutton chops. What did he say? Actually wait and let me get you on speakerphone.” Eric put the phone in the middle of the table then clarified what Sam first said. “He literally asked about Sookie?”

“Said he came back to claim his estate and was wondering what happened to the Stackhouse’s across the cemetery. Then he specifically mentioned looking for Sookie Stackhouse by name.”

Sookie gasped. “He’s THAT William Compton – from the cemetery? Never came back from the Civil War. The Comptons have owned that property for years.”

Eric nodded. “The timing would be right for his turning.”

“Jeez, Jesse Compton died 3 years ago – and he never came back for the funeral and now he’s finally checking it out? House is just about to fall over.”

“What did you tell him Sam?”

“Far as I know Sookie left town after her bankruptcy. Same story you glamoured just about the entire town to tell.”

“Did he leave?”

“He left, but I shifted and followed him. He stopped where Sookie’s farmhouse used to be, lingered only for a moment then went to his house.”

“Anything else?”

“Well, what are you planning to do with your trip down here for the wedding? What if he’s still around?”

Charles spoke up right away. “I don’t know everything that’s going on but I can tell when Eric is not happy with something and right now he’s not. We’ll postpone the wedding or just have it here.” Maxine grabbed his hand and nodded; he smiled at her in return. “It’s settled. Whatever this Compton risk is – we’ll avoid it.”

“I’ll keep a watch out and call you each day with news.” He hemmed and hawed over something then spoke up. “He won’t be able to track them, right?”

“No, officially they have new names, and now that we’re married, those fake names were changed to my last name. Someone can discover that I married if they think to look, but I don’t think the Queen will suspect that of me so she won’t investigate.”

“Guess you aren’t telling me their fake name just in case?”

“Yeah, no offense . . .”

“None taken.”

“Thank you Sam. Hey – any word on Jason?”

“He’s been behaving. What did you do for his glamour?”

Eric looked at Sookie and they shared a chuckle. “Indira is quite skilled. In addition to the glamour that prevents him from speaking about Sookie – other than the messages she planted – Indira put in some more humorous instructions for certain thoughts.”

“This I gotta hear. Something to do with sneezing I guess is one.”

“Yes. If he has bad thoughts about Sookie – Indira has the details of that – but if he does, he has sneezing fits.”

“I’ve heard the sneezing. He was planning to go to the doctor.”

“There are other glamours – I don’t know all the details. She’s been charged with keeping him in line.”

“Does she guard him?”

“No, we believe the glamour keeps his more hostile nature under control.” He kept the part about his plans to eliminate Jason to himself. Sookie knew and was growing to accept it, but the rest of the family he was keeping in the dark.

“Well, like I said, I’ll keep you up to date. I’ll call tomorrow.”

“Thanks again Sam.”

“My pleasure.”

The folks in the room all looked at Eric after the call was ended; it was obvious they wanted more information. “I don’t know what to tell you. He could just be in town to settle the estate, he could have lost favor with the Queen, he could be investigating things in my Area on behalf of the Queen since I’m gone.”

“Could he be after Sookie?” Hoyt didn’t mince words. He and Eric spoke of the general threat to Sookie and Hunter many times.

“I can’t dismiss the possibility though I also can’t connect the dots on how he found out about her.”

“What do you know about him?”

“He was turned during the Civil War and really has never been happy about it. His Maker is a lunatic and has gotten Bill into trouble many times among our own kind. She likes to ah . . . mistreat humans and had ordered Bill, or so he claimed, to participate. The Queen actually got him out of some of the latest punishments so he’s indebted to her and must do her bidding.” The room knew there was more from the way Eric shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “His position at the palace is the Queen’s Procurer.”

Charles was not understanding why this could be a problem. “What does he procure? Artifacts? Antiques . . .”

“Humans Charles. He procures unique humans for the Queen. Using any means necessary. Once she has them, she parades them around then sometimes sells them to the highest bidder, rather her oldest child does – the Queen abhors slavery but she turns a blind eye to what Andre wants. Spicy blood, unique genes or other special talents.” Eric stopped speaking as the room slowly realized what he was saying. At this point, everyone knew about Sookie and Hunter’s fairy background and telepathy; it was obvious the Queen would want these humans. “The glimmer of hope here is that the Queen actually stopped this practice before the Great Reveal – it was part of a new code of conduct for Vampires so possibly Bill no longer has this particular position. Rumor was that she stopped it for the new rules but because she also found a pet that seemed to keep Andre and her quite satisfied. I don’t know the specifics but this pet came to them via another vampire and she was willing to stay with them.”

Maxine’s face showed disgust. “Pet Eric?”

“Yes, Maxine. When a vampire has a human, they are considered a pet. Before anyone gets upset, that’s not what Sookie and I have.” They all nodded in understanding. “Anyway human’s are treated without any respect to point that I never even met this pet or heard her name.”

Hoyt was appalled. “That’s degrading.”

“And why I’ve never done it.” Eric continued to tell them what he could about the situation at the palace when he was finished they were all disgusted and worried about Compton. “This is why we left. I’m not having Sookie and Hunter as part of the vampire world.”

“Agreed Eric. Well I agreed before knowing all this – now it’s just been reinforced.” Charles rubbed his face showing his concern. “What do we do? We need a plan.”

Eric patted his back. “We do need to plan. He’ll be wary of Karin so I can’t send her to him. Let’s see if he checks in with her during his two week period.”

Sookie yelled. “TWO WEEKS means we can’t go to the wedding.”

Charles moved to put his hand on hers as it rested on the table. “Sookie. I meant what I said before. We’ll avoid the threat and marry here. The most important people are already here.”

Sookie was relieved but sad for her friends at the same time. “Charles, is there anyone we can fly to Pennsylvania?”

“Well, Reverend Collins just went back after your wedding, so I doubt he’ll want to fly up again to officiate.”

“You know,” Eric chuckled. “I am ordained by the Church of the Loving Spirit, I can perform your wedding.”

“I think I like that idea. What do you think Charlie?” Maxine asked.

“I agree, Maxine. We’ll get married here and Eric can carry out the official duties.”

Eric didn’t need to say a word to Bobby when he turned to him. Bobby started speaking right away. “I’ll meet with Maxine and Charles tomorrow and take care of everything.”

“I’m pleased that we have a plan for my Mama’s wedding but you distracted us from the threat – I think we should get back to that.”

“Yes Hoyt, it wasn’t an intentional distraction.” Eric took a breath – never a good sign for what was to come. “I have to operate as if he is a threat yet at the same time ensure that our reaction to him does not CAUSE curiosity.”

Charles narrowed his eyes. “And how do you do that?”

“I’ll make some calls and do some planning after the kids are in bed.”

Maxine gave out a big yawn. “Speaking of bed. We waited up to greet you, but it’s getting too late for the old folks.”

Standing to take Maxine’s hand, Charles spoke up. “My fiancée has spoken. We’re off to bed.”

Everyone bid goodnight to Charles and Maxine. After a bit more visiting, Hoyt, Jessica and Bobby also left for bed. Eric collected Hunter from the den and met up with Sookie and Celia in their lower level. “Well little Northmans, are you ready for bath time and bed?”

“I don’t think so Daddy. Celia is just as awake as me.”

“Let’s do the bath routine anyway and see what happens.”


A few hours later, Eric and Sookie finally had the kids to sleep and Sookie was getting a shower to wash off the ‘travel stink’ while Eric made some calls. His first was to Godric; he needed the connection to Rasul. Godric agreed to speak to his child and have him call Eric when he could. Eric also called Karin and they decided to engage a more unassuming vampire to spy on Compton. Karin would track Bubba down and appoint him for the task. Bubba was a very well hidden vampire secret: He was the King of Rock and Roll who was dead for a bit too long before he was turned. As a result, the turning process was problematic and Bubba was simple minded. He did, however, like Eric very much and was capable of following simple orders perfectly. Karin called back before dawn to confirm that Bubba would travel at first dark to Shreveport and take direction for his new task.

Shortly after sun rise, Rasul called Eric. He left the palace for his own offsite and secure resting place to speak in privacy. “Rasul, thank you for the call.”

“Godric informed me you were very concerned about something.”

“Bill Compton showed up in Sookie’s home town looking for her. Do you know anything?”

“He told me he came into some property. As far as I know that’s why he left; though he did say he planned to return. I figured he was just settling some family business and would be back. He is the Queen’s procurer so I can see why you would be concerned. I’ll see what I can find out tonight and get back to you. Though it might take a few days for me to call back; I usually rest at the palace and going to my own home too many days in a row could raise suspicion.”

“I understand. Thank you Rasul.”

Believing he had done all that he could on the Compton situation, he got into bed with Sookie and Hunter, grabbing Celia from the crib on the way and just stayed simply still until the day took him. He knew Sookie was going to kick his butt for taking Celia out of the crib when she wasn’t even awake, but he needed the closeness of all of them. Hunter hadn’t slept with them the entire honeymoon and he’d missed it. It was a security feeling for him and he wouldn’t deny himself the comfort of his family.


“What’s the latest Sam?”

“I didn’t see him tonight. I checked around the house and there’s no movement. I met with Bubba, he’s going to stay close as Karin instructed. He’ll report anything to me. Maybe Bill really did just come into town to take care of paperwork.”

“Let’s hope so. I’ll let Eric know – he’s out flying with Hunter.”

Sam chuckled. “That’s one lucky kid.”

“He is – but his health is the real blessing.”

“Amen to that Sookie. I’ll check back around his property and check in with Bubba after I close the bar and call Eric’s mobile since it’ll be late.”


After ending the call, Sookie turned to Celia. “Well baby girl, let’s go up and help in the kitchen. I know someone upstairs said they were making banana pudding. I think I’ll let you try that.” Celia just gurgled her approval of Sookie’s suggestion as they climbed the stairs. Genny was busy mixing something when she entered the kitchen. “I smell bananas.”

“I made a huge bowl of it – I hope Hunter likes it.”

“He loves bananas now that he can have them – so I think there’s a good chance he’ll like it. Same with little miss here. I’m planning to let her try some too – you know just the pudding part.”

“Won’t be too long ‘til it’s ready – but I know your husband – I won’t let you try it on Celia unless he’s back. He loves to give her the new stuff so he can see her face.”

“Daddy’s minion has spoken baby girl. We need to wait for Daddy to come home before I can let you taste it. We’ll go play while we wait.” She started to leave the kitchen but paused. “Wait, you said a huge bowl that we need to eat. Are Jess and Hoyt all moved into their new house now – like not coming back tonight?”

“They’ll be here tomorrow. They wanted to get Johanna acclimated to the bedroom there. It’s amazing how accustomed we all got to the extra people. It’s quiet.”

“Genny, Hunter’s still out. The volume will pick up shortly.” She paused for a moment. “Actually within moments.” She looked at Celia. “I feel Daddy coming back. Let’s go outside and see if you can spot him.”

“She’s not going to understand that people can’t fly.”

“I know! Or live their lives mostly awake during the day.”

Sookie settled on the back deck waiting for Hunter and Eric to arrive. The night was quiet – well considering how far they lived from the road, all their nights were quiet. Celia was content to just sit with Sookie, babble a happy song and pull on the buttons of her Mommy’s shirt while they waited. The feeling was what Sookie would describe as heaven and she rested back on the chaise with her baby still enthralled by her shirt as she listed for the boys. Hunter’s laughter was the first thing she heard, then Eric’s. They were having a good time. Then Sookie noticed it was oddly silent – too silent and as she was just beginning to suspect they were up to something, Eric landed quickly with a whomp and scared Sookie so much she screamed. Celia saw right away that it was Daddy and just started laughing. “I hope you enjoyed that. I’m gonna need help getting my heart under control.”

“It was his idea.” Eric said and pointed to Hunter.

Her son didn’t even try to deny it. “Yep. You looked too comfy. I was afraid you were falling asleep.”

“Too comfy? I didn’t think there was such a thing. In any case, come on, we’ve got banana pudding to try.” She looked at Eric. “And an update from Sam.”

“Banana pudding! Yumm. Race ya to the kitchen.”

Eric and Sookie just laughed as they watched Hunter run for his Mima and food. Eric hoped nothing would come of this Bill Compton problem: Family life was too much fun.


Several tense nights passed while they waited for news from Sam or Rasul. Bill hadn’t been seen again, thankfully, but they weren’t going to relax until they heard from Rasul. The family was all in the upstairs den making final arrangements for the upcoming wedding when Sam called. “What’s up Sam?”

“Eric, Jason’s missing. You don’t have the tail on him anymore, do you?”

Sookie looked accusingly at Eric and he mouthed ‘not me’. “Not since Jess and Hoyt got here.” Unconsciously, Eric’s hands ran through his hair. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t keep the family safe. Putting the phone on speaker he continued. “Is there something we missed? Some way he found out where we are?”

Sam tied to guess at the potential leak of information. “Who knows about the new wedding location?”

“Nobody. Like you, everyone got the cancellation notice but due to security nothing about where or when it would be held.”

“Can our communications be tracked?”

“You’re using the phone I gave you, right?”

“Yes – did anyone from there call anyone here using a house phone?” Eric looked around the room; everyone was shaking their heads ‘no’.” He glanced at Sookie for an extra second and she quickly scanned and found no thoughts of using the phone. It was easily checked anyway – just to be sure. The entire Northman group had untraceable mobile phones that were switched out continually.

“Sam, nothing like that happened. Maybe he’s just off fishing?”

“I’ll keep checking around and get back to you.”

“Thanks Sam.”


Over a week had passed since they heard anything concrete from Sam or Rasul. Actually Rasul had nothing to offer and he’d been trying to snoop around as much as possible. Jason, meanwhile, hadn’t been to work and his truck was gone. The family met before the wedding and agreed to live life as normal: Sookie started her summer class with Lala, Eric started his cooking classes with Genny in tow, and Hunter started swimming lessons with Daddy at Godric’s pool since their pool wasn’t ready. Godric was very accommodating to offer the pool and keep donors and others away for their scheduled lesson time.

Tonight the family was celebrating Charles and Maxine’s wedding. Eric was officiating; Hoyt and Jessica were Best Man and Matron of Honor and of course, Johanna was a flower girl with Hunter as the Ring Bearer. The kids were now well practiced from the wedding just a few weeks prior. While everyone joked that they should just wear the red dresses again, Maxine’s theme was blue and Eric had Himalayan blue poppy specially procured for the event. She had heard about them during one of their trips to Longwood (one of the few gardens that actually cultivated the flower in the US) and she fell in love with them. It had become Maxine’s favorite flower and whatever Maxine wanted, Eric ensured she had.

The couple chose an all traditional wedding and vows and it was a short ceremony but filled with tears of joy. Once Eric proclaimed them as husband and wife, the small group cheered wildly as Charles and Maxine kissed. Music started immediately at the back of the pavilion as Charles led his new bride in their first dance.

“They look so happy together Eric.”

“They do Genny. Are we going to have another wedding anytime soon?”

“You are so nosey, you know that? Ryan and I are dating. The man NEVER married – well that’s not true – he’s married to his job so don’t be pushy.”

“Yes Ma’am.” They clapped for the new couple as the dance ended. “Would you like to dance?”

“I would Eric.”

The party continued for a few hours until the newlyweds took off for a honeymoon.


While Sookie and Eric were having their night alone time, they talked about the threats. “What do you really think happened to Jason?”

“Honestly, I think he got himself into some trouble – an angry husband or a bar fight.”

“That sounds like Jason.” She tucked into his side more as they sat in the den. “Do we really just keep living with the unknown of Bill’s plans or Jason’s location?”

“Yes Sookie. We have our guards in place; we live life as we planned.”

“I’m scared but I trust you.”

“Do you trust me on something else?”

“Do tell.”

“It’s about Hoyt and Jessica. . . “

Later that night, Hoyt found Eric in the laundry room, a sight that still caused him to chuckle. “You laugh, but I know you and I could compare stain treatments tips at this point.”

“Fair enough Eric.”

“Kinda late for you isn’t it?”

“I needed to talk to you. No distractions.”

“Let’s go to the kitchen and sit.”


Hoyt started in right away. “Eric, I’m worried about going back to Louisiana.”

“I agree. I’ve been making some plans for when you return in August – significant security enhancements. Even with all that in place, I’m still worried. My instincts are telling me that Jason’s disappearance is not a coincidence. You could be used to get to Sookie somehow since you’re family. You, Jessica, Johanna would all be at risk. ”

“And the baby.”

Eric thought he knew what Hoyt meant and didn’t hide his smile when he asked. “Pardon?”

“The baby, Jessica is expecting. That means Mama will want to be down more and Charles . . .”

“The risk grows – but let’s stop for just a moment. Congratulations!” He leaned over and patted Hoyt’s back. “What’s the due date?”

“End of the year.”


Hoyt gave Eric the raised eyebrow and asked. “You guys thinking about more?”

“We might adopt.”

“I know you can’t get Sookie pregnant but . . .”

Eric decided to confide in Hoyt and ensure that this conversation never happened with Sookie. “Hoyt, Sookie can’t have children. She and Hunter have the fairy spark, but there’s no ensuring she would have a baby with the spark.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Jason’s personality is the result of being a fairy hybrid without the spark.”



“All that nastiness, all these years. Dauumm.” Hoyt was deep in thought for a few minutes before he spoke again. “That’s why Sookie didn’t want you to kill him. In a way – it’s not his fault.”

“Hoyt.” That’s all Eric could get out. Hoyt had obviously cut ties with Jason but that didn’t mean he’d like what he was about to say. His mouth actually opened a closed a few times before Hoyt spoke for him.

“He’s going to die, isn’t he? I mean, even though it’s not his fault, he can’t be left open as a risk whenever he’s found.” Eric just nodded.” Sookie know?” Another nod and this time Hoyt nodded in agreement. “That’s what was wrong with her cousin too. I only met her a few times but I heard stories.”

“It is; same problem. So you see why Sookie wouldn’t want to have a child. We’ve discussed an egg and sperm donor. Right now though, we’re just enjoying Hunter and Celia.”

“I get it.”

“So does Maxine know about the baby?”

“We told her right before she left. She cried happy tears then started crying sad tears ‘cause she wanted to spend so much time here. She’s torn.”

They were both quiet for a moment while Eric thought. “Hoyt.”


“Why go back at all? So Jessica can teach until December? Then what?”

“At this point, we were planning to return to PA when she starts her family leave and stay for the rest of the school year. We’ll return so she can work the following fall.”



“Just move here. Jess can home school Hunter and Dylan, then Johanna when she’s ready. You go to school or do whatever.”

“Eric, we have to have jobs . . . “

Eric interrupted him again. “Hoyt.”


“I repeat, just move here. I was planning to hire four people to keep you safe in Louisiana. I think I can handle paying Jess to be a home school teacher and taking care of all your needs. Just move here.”




“One thing though.” Hoyt looked at him expectantly. “I’m building your mother her own home. She and Charles are ah . . . loud. I know that’s why you and Jess high tailed it outta here when your place was done.”

Hoyt’s eyes crushed closed as he said. “Eric.”


“Shut up.”

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