Chapter 18 – Hollywood Bitch

Chapter 18 – Hollywood Bitch

“Come on Sookie, you already said you would go.”

“I know, I know. Let me say goodbye to the girls and Eric.”

“Hurry, I’m twitching with anticipation.”

“Eric, we’re leaving!” Sookie yelled up the stairs.

“Be right down. Come on girls, let’s say goodbye to Mama.”

Eric and the girls ran down to say goodbye to Sookie. She reminded the girls to be good for Eric and that she would be back late.

Eleanor just giggled, “Yes, we know you will be late, you’re shopping with Pam.”

She turned to Eric “wish me luck?”

He snickered and kissed her goodbye. “See you later Love, and don’t worry about us.”

During the drive, Sookie reflected on the past few weeks since they returned to the B&B from LA. She and Eric had both a comfortable routine and plenty of spontaneity as well. Eric frequently attacked Sookie during a lunch break, or well, anytime he got a break. Pam had the windows measured in the office and the new privacy coverings were ordered, but had not arrived. So, Sookie frequently found herself being grabbed and carried to the bedroom that had shades on the windows. She smiled to herself at the thought.

Pam pulled her out of her thoughts by asking “What’s got smiling over there?”


“Bullshit. You were lost in your thoughts, thinking about your afternoon delights?”


“Oh, that’s it. I hit the nail on the head. You know, you two go at it so much, I’m surprised you don’t have rub burns on your thighs.”

“Keep it up Pam; I know where you store your clothes. I can have moths added to the storage container.”

Miraculously, Pam remained quiet for the rest of the drive. A half hour later, they were in Neiman Marcus and Pam had a dressing room full of clothes for Sookie. “Ok precious, let’s get started.”

“Pam, remind me why we’re doing this?”

“Sookie, Freyda arrives this week. You know Eric and I don’t feel this way, but she thinks of you as a country bumpkin. I want to give you every opportunity to shine.”

“And you think clothes will do that?”

“Sookie, I know we come from different perspectives here but do you trust me? I’m a professional stylist you know.”

“Sure Pam. I hate that we need to go through all this crap for that bitches’ arrival.”

“Sookie, enough stalling, start trying on clothes.”

Designer jeans and tops, everyday and cocktail dresses, casual and dressy pants, and shoes were purchased and being loaded into the back of the Escalade. The store had sent a helper to carry everything out. Sookie had to put the back row set down to fit it all.

“Well, now that the first load is done, let’s head back into the mall my living doll.”


“Sookie, we will make a trip to New York for some designers we cannot get here, La Perla for example, but until then, Victoria’s Secret will have to do.”

“Pam.” Sookie warned.

“Don’t start. You need good foundations for all the clothing we just purchased and some pretties for Eric.”

They headed back into the mall and found Victoria’s Secret. Pam again started grabbing and adding items to a dressing room. Sookie just sat back letting her fill the dressing room and waited until she was called to start changing.

“I’m all ready for you now Sookie. Would you like me to stay and help?”

“Uh, no Pam, you would enjoy that too much. Not to mention that you would flaunt it in front of Eric and I don’t want to be in the middle of that.”

“Sookie, you wound me.”

“Get over it Pam.”

Another hour and several bags later Sookie begged Pam to end the torture. “Can we stop and get some dinner, please?”

“Sookie, you just have no stamina.”

“Pam, I run 6 miles at least 5 times a week, I have stamina. My exhaustion is from lack of food and the mental concentration I need to keep up with you.”

“Sookie, I tax your brain? Well, that is a complement.”

Rolling her eyes, Sookie reminded Pam, “Food?”

“Fine, let’s eat.”

They got back the B&B at about 8PM and Sookie had time to play a quick game with the girls while Pam unloaded Sookie’s clothes into the closet and dresser. Sookie asked Pam to leave one item out in the bathroom; Pam smirked and agreed.

Once in their room (yes, it had become their room); Sookie went into the bathroom and Eric tried to follow, but she stopped him. “You go wait on the bed.”

Eric complied, growing hard with anticipation. She emerged and he groaned. Sookie was wearing a lace halter style baby doll in red with a thong. ‘Ungh, she hates thongs and she wore one for me.’ She crawled up the bed on her knees while he licked his lips in anticipation until she finally stopped when she had straddled him. She could feel that he liked what he saw. He ran his hands up her legs and then to her bare ass. She moaned at his touch. His fingers twisted into the band of the thong and he said, “I know you hate these Love, maybe you won’t mind if I rip it off” and with that, the thong was gone. He tested her and she was ready so he plunged in, keeping the baby doll mostly on. Yanking at the straps of the halter top he freed her breasts and she leaned down to him so he could suckle them. They both finished together, crying each other’s name and snuggled in to sleep.


The next few days passed quickly and soon it was Wednesday, the day before Freyda and Lala were arriving. As excited as Sookie was to see Lala, she was equally unenthusiastic about Freyda’s arrival. Still, she was a professional and prepared both their rooms as needed and would serve as the perfect hostess (unless of course, Freyda crossed the line first).

Eric knew she was anxious about Freyda’s arrival and the fact that with Freyda came many rehearsal sessions for the film. Freyda and Eric were a couple in the film, but other than hugging and kissing, no intimate scenes were in the script. That fact was going to help him get through the next few months of filming. He arranged for a date that night and was currently dressing. Sookie was with Pam getting dressed so she could help her with her hair. Pam, of course, was staying behind with her teacups. They had a game night planned with Alcide and Godric; the girls were even dressing up in fancy outfits so they did not feel left out when Eric and Sookie left. At the moment, Pam and Sookie were arguing, again. “When did you buy this?” Sookie yelled from the bathroom.

“When you were in New York. It was fantastic on you, but not fancy enough for an after party.”

“Pam, are there other hidden purchases?”

“Yes, of course. Now stop whining and get dressed. Do you need any help in there?”

“No Pam, I can manage.”


Eric went to ‘pick up Sookie’ at Pam’s room and she looked fantastic. Pam had told him red so he could prepare. Once she spun around to show off, he presented with jewelry boxes. “ERIC, gifts are not necessary.”

“I reserve the right to spoil you whenever you want. Please open them.”

Sookie was speechless at the beautiful ruby necklace and earrings in the box. “Pam, you may need to help Sookie, seems she is locked up.”

Pam helped Sookie into her new jewels and led her to a mirror. Eric stood behind her and nuzzled her neck. “You are beautiful with or without the jewels. I love giving them to you after all you have given to me.”

dancing at valhalla

“What have I given you Eric?”

“Sookie, how can you ask that? You have given me your heart; you have saved me from a meaningless life. I have never felt the joy I feel when we are together. Never question what you have given me; your love means more than any jewels I could ever give you.”

Weeping, Sookie replied, “Eric, you have given me your heart too, I also feel the same joy whenever I’m with you. You see, I don’t need jewels.”

“I want to give them to you. Please?”

“I will stop harping on it tonight. Thank you.”

Sookie quickly fixed her makeup and walked out with Eric. Pam had left them alone at some point and they found her in the kitchen with her teacups. Sookie and Eric said a final goodbye and headed outside. Eric had hired a limo. “You’re really spoiling me tonight.”

“Oh no, this is for me. I didn’t want to deal with driving. Especially when we have about an hour’s trip and I can focus on other things on the way home.” He punctuated his remarks with an eyebrow waggle.

“Perv! I’m not that kind of girl. Where are we going that takes an hour?”

“Valhalla in Center City. Alcide and I went our first night here. I thought you might want to go dancing.”


“Yes, really.”

They arrived about an hour later and Sookie was almost jumping with excitement. The club music sounded wonderful even from outside. When the limo door opened, Sookie was expecting to see a driver, it was Maxwell Lee. “Maxwell, I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Hi Sookie, Eric did not want to travel in Philadelphia again without an escape plan.”

“Ah, that’s my Eric, a plan for everything. Will you be joining us in the club?”

“Yes, but not to get in your way, I’ll be observing from afar.”

Under Maxwell’s guidance, they entered Valhalla. A few fans noticed Eric and shouted questions, but nothing more. Eric and Sookie were guided to a table in the corner by a Valhalla server. ‘Sneak, he even reserved a private table. I wonder how he did that since usually you cannot reserve them here.’

They enjoyed a drink from the bar and Eric stood, “dance?”

“Yes, of course.”

They danced to the fast music, enjoying each other for a while. A slow song started and Eric whispered into Sookie’s ear, “I’ll always love dancing with you or even just seeing you dance. The first time I ever saw you, you were on your stage in the Barn dancing with the girls and I was mesmerized. I wanted you right then and you ran off.”

“I did run off, I had to work extra hard that night to get the place in shape for the big wigs coming from Hollywood.”

Chuckling, Eric continued, “I walked the Barn looking for you, guess I should have barged into the kitchen. When you started dancing later with Russell, I was intrigued and moved to Bart to start asking him questions.”

“Yes, he told me later. Alcide has since told me how you were acting like a lost puppy looking for me.”

“See, I was a goner from the first moment I saw you.”

“Eric, I don’t know what to say to that. You say things to me that no one ever has. I have never felt so desired before.”

“Let’s get to the limo and I can show you as well as tell you.”

“Eric, I want you, but I just don’t know about a limo.”

“Trust me.”


Center City was busy, and they were stuck in some traffic when Eric said, we can walk if you want.”

“Walk, home?”

“Not home, to the hotel, I booked us at Morris House Bed and Breakfast.”

“Oh, the Morris House is beautiful, but it is several blocks away. Let’s just make out until the car arrives there. Wait, I have no clothes.”

“Pam packed for you.”

“She probably packed me thongs.”

“I’ll buy her a present if she did.”

Pam had packed a thong for the next day, but Sookie reluctantly dressed in the outfit Pam had picked and soon she and Eric were checked out and in the limo. Sookie had commented on the room and shared business cards with the owner and was now sharing her thoughts on the B&B. “Well the location is perfect and the rooms are beautiful, but I prefer having fewer rooms so I can spend more time with guests and provide more than a continental breakfast.”

“Was our night at the B&B all business for you?” Eric pouted.

“Certainly, I was doing research, how well the tub held up, the dresser, the bed, that cute settee at the foot of the bed. Now we need to go home and compare that to all my guest rooms.”

Eric growled at her. “Minx! You wait until the day we are filling almost every one of your rooms with the remaining cast to come up with that fantastic idea.”

“Of course, I have to come up with things to keep you when the film is over.”

That reality stopped the playful banter cold for Eric and he turned serious. “Sookie, we’ll talk about this soon, but I don’t ever want to be apart.”

“Eric, I didn’t say that to start anything, I’m not trying to bait you or even us into something.”

“I know, I’m just telling you about my feelings, I love you, I meant that. We will work out our relationship details before filming is over. I have already started informing my manager that I’ll be doing less films.”

Tears started to fall down Sookie’s face. “Really?”

“Yes, Really.”


“I told Pam before I returned to you in January. I told Victor when you and the girls were at Disneyland.”

“In January? We had not even started dating by then.”

“I know, but I was already falling in love with you. It was a train that was not stopping.”

“I know the feeling.”

“You do?”

“Kennedy called me out on it.”

“What do you mean?”

“She observed us together and approached me to talk. She could see our attraction and when I tried the ‘we are just friends line’ she called bullshit. Once I admitted what she was seeing, I also shared my concerns; well, she had to push me to share. Being a ‘lay’ person among all of Hollywood, she had some good perspective on my concerns. She convinced me to think about my feelings and wants for you, not the Hollywood baggage.”

“I’ll have to send her a gift for giving you that perspective.”

“I liked her; maybe we can offer a vacation in PA for the whole family, when the filming is over of course. I know a great B&B.”

“Speaking of B&Bs, we are home.”

Home, did he really just call my house home?’

“We are about to be attacked” Eric said as he nodded towards the girls running out the front door.

“Mama, you are on the internet dancing!” Eleanor exclaimed.

Eric looked at Pam to get an explanation. Someone at Valhalla had videotaped Eric and Sookie while they were on the dance floor and posted it on YouTube. Sookie groaned and Eric asked to see it. The video itself was fine. Sookie and Eric were obviously attached to each other, and nothing appeared inappropriate. “Eric, Victor is already getting calls from gossip rags and legitimate entertainment news organizations. This will just create more frenzy.”

“I will deal with Victor. We already have too much going on today to add that.”

“Yes.” Sookie agreed. “Let’s unpack then I can double check the rooms for our guests.”

The car pulled up too soon as far as Sookie was concerned. The bitch had arrived. Lala had driven Freyda since he wanted a rental car. Sookie had wondered how Freyda planned to get around, but decided that was Freyda’s problem.

“Sookie!” Lala yelled as he got out of the car. “Gives Lala some sugar.”

Sookie smiled and wrapped her arms around Lala. The girls ran after her and he knelt down to hug them each as well. “Sookie, yous home is beautiful. Ima n’joy staying heres for a while.”

“Lala, my home is your home. When will Jesus arrive?”

“He be here next week. Hims wanted me to get settled first.”

Their reunion was halted by a snide voice coming from the other side of the car. “You have got to be kidding me. THIS is where I will be staying for 4 months? What the fuck kind of hotel is this? Where is the bellboy; where is the other help for that matter?”

“Hello Freyda, welcome to Bon Temps B&B. May I remind you that my contract specifically includes a morality clause which includes, among other provisions, no cursing in front of my children? Let’s get your bag and I’ll show you to your room.”

“I can say whatever the fuck I want to say, whenever the fuck I want. You, you two-bit hick can do nothing about it.”

Hearing Freyda’s response, Sookie simply picked up her phone and dialed Kennedy. “Kennedy, it’s Sookie Merlotte, I’m so glad you picked up.”

“Hey Sookie, what can I do for you?”

“I need to report an issue with the morality clause. Freyda has been reminded of the clause, specifically cursing, and has chosen to continue using inappropriate language in front of my girls, two times since I reminded her. Can you call her manager and fine Freyda per the contract?”

“Certainly Sookie, I will make those calls right now.”

Freyda just stared at Sookie then turned to Eric. “Eric, do something about this. You negotiated the contracts. Get this cunt off my back!”

“Do something? I’ll start by calling Kennedy to tell her to add to your fine, since you just cursed again. You need to stop now. I suggest you listen to this next warning very carefully: Do NOT insult Sookie again. You WILL regret it.”

“Why, what is she to you?”

“More than you will ever be Freyda. Adjust.”

Sookie showed Freyda and Lala to their rooms. She had planned to help Freyda with her bags, but decided she didn’t deserve any hospitality. Once she opened the door to Freyda’s room, she turned and left. While walking Lala to his room she invited him into the house for a late supper, not caring if Freyda heard her or not.

Godric and Lala joined the rest of the group in the kitchen; they were enjoying some of Sookie’s cooking when the guest bell rang. Sookie rolled her eyes and went to stand. Alcide stopped her and said he would see to it. He left the door to the kitchen on purpose; the girls were upstairs getting ready for bed and he knew everyone would want to hear the interaction with Freyda.

“Freyda, what’s up?”

“Alcide, finally someone I can trust. Can you please do something about Sookie and Eric? I just received notification that I’m being fined $30,000 for cursing three times. I need that reversed and the ridiculous stipulation removed. I also need some dinner.”

“After hours food is available in the kitchen in the Barn, I can walk you over there while we talk about your fines.”

“I don’t understand I hear Lafayette in the kitchen. I won’t eat in a barn.”

“Yes, and Godric too, they were invited.”

“That BITCH! She cannot do this to me; I’m a guest in her B&B.”

“Freyda, let me clarify some facts for you:

*Sookie is not obligated to invite you to her private home within this building. Your food is part of the film’s catering service and that is in the Barn.

*You could have gotten an invitation if you had behaved when you arrived. Why would Sookie share anything with you?

*You are actually not a ‘guest’ in her B&B. The studio rented a room for you here. All your other accommodations are provided by the film budget, not Sookie. She does not even need to allow you into the B&B dining room or the living room. We really only did rent the room you are sleeping in.

*Finally, you are lucky the girls are upstairs, or I would hit you with another fine for cursing.

“I’m calling my manager. This discussion is only just starting. I have standards for my accommodations. I’m a star, not some backwater hick that has somehow trapped Eric into…”

“Freyda, what did I say about insulting Sookie?” Eric had appeared in the foyer. He was angry, but keeping his voice quiet. “Leave. As far as this house is concerned, use your room only and the B&B entrance. Do not come to this door; do not use the dining or living rooms. Your access has just been cut off.”

Freyda just stared, wide eyed at both Eric and Alcide. ‘What has she done to them to garner such protectiveness? Maybe she has trapped him by getting pregnant. I will get to the bottom of this and she will regret her actions.’

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  1. Oh my. She is quite the package! I love how you’ve made her so fiendishly profane & evil. Sometimes those characters are just the most fun to write!

    • So – have you noticed the addition of previous and next buttons? I got on that last night when I realized you were reading it through. I got a handful done – but not all, so when you get to a chapter where there is none – it’s not the last chapter.

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