Glimpses 4 – Surrounded by Females, Part 1

A/N: Indulge me – I normally put relevant pictures at the end of the chapters – but this one (and the next) I’m doing a bit differently. . .

May 2006

“Prom dresses? You want me to stay and help Frannie shop for her prom dress?”

“Yes Hunter, don’t you want to support your sister?”

“That’s a girl thing – no way!”

Eric sighed. “I suppose I can excuse you, but you’ll be bored. You can invite Danny over if you want.”

Hunter’s face brightened. “I know! Danny’s been wanting me over there for a sleepover. This is the perfect time!”

A sleepover – as in all night away from home? I don’t think I like this idea.’ To ensure Hunter knew he had his focus; Eric knelt down in front of him and responded. “Don’t you think you’re a little young for that Hunter?”

“Other kids have done it in my home school playgroup.” Hunter added for good measure, “All the normal kids do.”

“You are normal Hunter.” Eric insisted.

“Normal when I have to have a gang of guards at the playground or home school meetings?” He pouted. “The other kids laugh at me Daddy. I can’t do all the stuff they get to do.”

“I know Hunter, I know.” He was quiet for a while then made his decision. “I’ll make this sleepover work for you.” He didn’t know how he would since Danny was from an all human family and their house was going to be surrounded by vampires at dark and wolves once the sun came out – but he’d find a way. “Does Holly have Danny’s phone number?”


“’Yes’ you meant to say?”

“Yes sir.” Eric nodded his approval.

“I’ll call and discuss it. Don’t say anything to Mommy; she’ll probably get upset. I’ll handle it.”

“I’m going to Gran’s them – it’s safer.”

“Smart boy.” He added in his head. ‘Sometimes I wish I could hide at Gran’s.’

Hunter ran off to the farmhouse while Eric headed to his office. Sookie was napping, as she did frequently now that she was in her last trimester. She had a full six weeks left until her due date but she was a tiny woman carrying triplets – with Eric’s DNA – they weren’t small babies according to Dr. Finard. They were hoping to get at least another two weeks in and for now, Sookie was pretty much bedridden and miserable. After getting what he needed from Holly, he picked up the phone and had a very interesting call with Danny’s parents. At first they thought he was joking – that he wasn’t really Eric Northman – but after about 5 minutes of convincing them and making no progress, he called to Holly. She got on and since Danny’s mother had spoken to her before she finally believed that Eric had in fact called them. The discussion with Danny’s mother, Carla, was about the general idea of a sleepover which she knew Danny wanted. She agreed to his requirements for guards and knew that Hoyt or Holly would be calling with the details before Thursday. The call ended with his sincere expression of gratitude. “I can’t thank you enough Carla. Hunter is very concerned with being ‘normal’, in this case meaning not royal, and you’re giving him a great opportunity.”

“I know Hunter well and he’s a great little boy. Danny really likes him so it’s my pleasure to help out.”

Now to tell his Mommy that her little boy is going on his first sleepover. I should grab extra hankies. I’m definitely going in with one of her favorite puddings.’ Mustapha had found a local store that made fresh pudding every day and Sookie (and Moyra) devoured it – Moyra would call for ‘puddy’ as soon as she was placed in a high chair she loved it so much. Eric descended the stairs to the light – tight level to wait for Sookie to wake. He was surprised when she started moving and he was greeted by a smile; Sookie cried most of them time when she woke these days. At an attempt to be comfortable, getting Sookie to sleep usually required the assembly of what Hunter called a nest. It was a series of pillows in different sizes and firmness that were positioned to take pressure off her weary body. Frannie must have really gotten it right this afternoon since Sookie even felt well rested right now. “Hello min älskade.”

“Hi Sweetie.” He could see she was looking around – probably listening for the kids. “Where is everyone?”


“Really? I thought I was pretty good today.” She frowned but it changed to a smile when he presented the chocolate pudding and a spoon he’d thought to have with him.

“Frannie and Kaley are working on a project and they were afraid to wake you and Hunter needs me to talk to you about something.”

“He’s hiding? Hunter hardly ever hides from his pregnant Mommy.” Already worried for what Eric was going to say, she started biting her lip. “I can feel you’re worried, this must be bad.”

“It’s not, but I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it. Hunter will be at Danny’s on Friday night for a sleepover. He doesn’t want to be here for the prom fashion show.”

He felt the sadness he expected from the bond. “As in all night? My little man wants to be away from me all night?”

“Min kära,” He moved in to hold her. “It’s not about being away from you, it’s about . . . well he wants to be normal and apparently having a sleepover is part of that.”


“As in not royal my love. This is just a milestone for him.”

“How about Danny’s family? Will they accept guards, he can’t go without guards.”

“I already spoke to Carla; Hoyt will review the details but they know this means vampire and Were guards.” She was starting to calm down – thankfully she’d had a good nap. “I’ll ensure he’s protected and I’ll fly by myself after we pick the dress. This is just a longer play date at someone else’s house. My love, he’s very excited.”

“Ok. Ok.” She sniffled again. “My little boy. . . “

“Is still your little boy Mommy. I promise.”


“And your toothbrush?”

“And toothpaste and my pillow – I have everything Mommy!”

“But you won’t have me.” Sookie had started sobbing now as she was speaking to Hunter. The guards had arrived to drive him to Danny’s and he popped in for a quick goodbye but it was turning out to be anything but quick.

“Mommy. You have a full night planned with Frannie modeling the dresses that Pam picked. I love you very much but I want to have some guy time with Danny. He got a new video game and everything.”

Pam walked into the room and interrupted them. “Smurf, Thalia is ready for you. Get going so I can start putting dresses on your sister.” She rubbed her hands together. “This is going to be fun.”

“MOMMY – let me go so I don’t have to stay for any of the fashion show. It’s bad enough poor Christian has no choice and needs to be here.”

Pam retorted. “HUNTER NORTHMAN! I’ll have you know that Christian is planning to go into fashion so he WANTS to be here.”

That got Sookie laughing. “He’s eight months old and you’ve already decided for him?”

“Of course.”

Sookie rolled her eyes – now in a better mood (those mood swings were killers) and hugged Hunter one last time. “If you want to come home, just tell Thalia or call. I love you.”

“Love you too Mommy!” He scurried off the bed and started to run out. “Have fun with the dresses.”

Sookie could hear him yell into Frannie’s room. “Later Frannie.”

“Have fun Goof.”

Pam stood still for a moment longer then heard the front door close. “Ok crumb cake, do you want to move to your den or stay here?”

“Wow, the den would be wonderful Pam, but I need a human moment.” Pam looked horrified until Sookie calmed her. “No worries, Eric will take care of it. I know that’s just too much for you.”

“Yes, it was hard enough helping Amelia and the end of the pregnancy. I love you cupcake, but not THAT much – we never need to cross that barrier.”

“What barrier is that?” Eric had returned to the bedroom after seeing Hunter off and wanted in on the conversation.

“I need to pee and Pam doesn’t want to see it.”

“I should make her carry you in – or wait – I’ll grab the bedpan.”

“If that bedpan comes close to me, I’ll stake you as soon as I can move again.”

“Ahh my dear Sookie, you still have a few weeks before the Beans are born, the bedpan could easily be part of your future.”

She growled at him but kept her comments to herself. She’d hold it the whole day until he woke before her ass was sitting on that bedpan to pee. Plus, in a all honesty, she was worried she’d crush the damn thing she was so heavy right now.

A short while later, Sookie was settled on the couch in the den with her legs on Eric’s lap and Amelia was playing with Moyra and Christian on the floor off to the side. Everyone was trying to contain their laughter at the argument Pam and Frannie were having. Even though they were whispering, with all the vampire blood they’d had, even Amelia and Sookie could hear Frannie protesting the first dress. Pam took on her authoritative tone and simply said. “Your Daddy wanted white, he’s getting white.”

Eric beamed. He thought for sure Pam was going to try and piss him off with dresses that would raise his blood pressure were he human but it seemed she was going to behave. He could hear Frannie acquiesce and a moment later she came out. The smile fell off his face and before Frannie made it to the podium Pam had purchased for the occasion he started yelling at Pam in Swedish.

white prom

“Pamela! Hon ser ut som en hora! Jag ville ha vitt för oskyldiga, inte här!” (Pamela! She looks like a whore! I wanted white for innocent, not this!)

“Jag var helt enkelt visar att färgen är inte den viktigaste delen Mästaren.” (I was simply demonstrating that the color is not the important part Master.)

“I knew I should have kept Hunter home – he could be translating for me now.”

“Min kära, I simply told Pam that the dress on min Lilla was not what I had in mind.”

“I don’t think there was anything ‘simple’ about your dialog.”

“Why is that dress short anyway, I thought prom meant gown?”

“Sweetie, this is Jimmy’s Junior Prom – the girls wear short dresses and the boys may be in suits – but some won’t even be in a tie.”

“Jimmy will be properly dressed in a tie. Make that clear.”

“Yes Daddy. We already talked about it. Pam is going to select his shirt and tie to coordinate with my dress.”

“At least she’s doing something right. The dresses that come out next better be more to my liking Pamela!”

Frannie scowled at Pam and moved back to her room to try on the next dress. She wasn’t too sure about the neckline – or rather what should be called the ‘belly line’ since it was cut very low, but the length was quite modest.

Again, Frannie never made it to the podium before Eric stopped her. “NOT RED!”

red prom

She spun around and went back to her room where Pam already had the next dress ready. “Pam, this isn’t really my style.”

“Prom dresses aren’t anyone’s style – it’s not like a business type dress you wear to press conferences.”

“Still . . .”

“This is very cute. Come on.”

“I don’t think he’ll like it.”

“We won’t know unless we go out.”

She was only out of the bedroom by about a foot when he glanced that way and said. “TOO SHORT!” He even rubbed his face for a moment in an effort to compose himself. “She’s going to be dancing Pam.”


Frannie spun on her heel and glared at Pam as Sookie spoke softly to Eric. “Sweetie, Frannie is starting to get upset. You need to at least let her get out here in one of them.”

“Pam is doing this just to aggravate me. I never should have agreed to her help.”

“Sweetie, it had to be this way – I can’t go out right now. She’ll get her fun out in a moment I’m sure and we’ll see better options. Don’t let her see or feel how upset she’s making you – then she’ll stop.”

“I should just punish her for this.”

“Get over it big guy. Let your daughter enjoy this a little – your human daughter I mean.”

He gritted out a fine and waited for the next dress, keeping his hands on Sookie’s legs the whole time.

The next few dresses were a bit better – but still not what either Frannie or Eric wanted so she just continued to go in and out of the bedroom to try more on. Pam had tried a variety of colors – light yellow, green, and purple – but nothing was working for them. She finally came out in a light blue dress and while Eric didn’t like the style, he was very happy with the color. It was innocent – without being white.

too short light blue

“I like this color very much – it’s too short – but this blue is very nice. What do you think Lilla?”

“I like the blue Daddy. I agree.” Sookie nodded to Eric, she’d been checking on Frannie and she did in fact like this color. While she wasn’t as concerned with the length, she really didn’t like the bow.

Pam gave out a dramatic response. “Finally – we can work with this – I have a few more blues back there.”

The next dress was longer and Frannie liked the ruffly look down the front.

too much cleavage light blue

Eric even stood to check it out a bit more closely. “Again, I like the color and the length just barely meets my standards, but the neckline dips too low. Lilla, he could look down and see your breasts depending on your dance moves and position.”

“DADDY!” Frannie blushed. “DON’T TALK LIKE THAT!”

“It’s the truth. The first baby blue one was cut straight across the top – this one dips down slightly. It offers too many opportunities.”

Frannie was near tears at this point and she let everyone know just how upset she was. They were all shocked at the loud volume and forceful tone since Frannie was usually quite mild mannered. “You’re both ruining this! PAM! You just had to get his fur up with the first dresses didn’t you? And I let you talk me into walking out with them on. Now YOU Dad – you’re being unreasonable. We’re going to the high school with dozens of other people, chaperones and my usual TEAM of guards. Maybe the poor boy deserves a sneak peak at my cleavage. God knows he gets nothing else for the trouble of dating me. I know what he’s giving up – do you? We only get to sneak some kisses on the porch right now. You don’t give me more than a moment’s privacy with him. I’m almost 17 Daddy. I want more freedom!”

Eric was feeling cornered and Sookie knew this was not going to be good. Lord knew she couldn’t move that well to get in between any of them. Hopefully Amelia would help. “Amelia, could you take Pam and the babies upstairs for a bit?”

Amelia couldn’t move fast enough to get out of there but Pam didn’t comply.   She stood firm and Amelia simply looked at Sookie. “I’m leaving with Moyra and Christian.”

“Yes, go.” She added under her breath. “Save yourself.”

Eric finally spoke. It was low and spoken slowly. “Frannie. Go. To. Your. Room.”

Sookie could hear Frannie thinking of staying put, putting her actions where her words were, but Sookie knew it was NOT the time for that. She spoke softly to Frannie trying to convey her meaning without saying the exact words. “Go on Sweetie, I’ll have Daddy carry me in shortly.”

Frannie hesitated just for another second but Eric noticed. His posture, face and hand pointing towards her bedroom door left no room for argument. “NOW Frannie. We’ll talk about your outburst in a moment.”

Pam started talking right away – she did exactly what Frannie said – she picked dresses to get a rise out of her Master and now she was afraid poor Frannie was going to pay for her actions. “Master. Frannie is right. I did pick many of those dresses just to ‘get your fur up’. Please don’t take it out on her.”

“Oh, I know what you did and I’m furious. You know how I feel about objectifying Frannie. Get out of my sight.”

“I’d like to apologize to Frannie.”

“No, I’m headed there now.”

“Eric, Sweetie, can you take me to the bathroom first.” Sookie needed to buy some time. He was way too upset to see that Frannie needed leniency. He didn’t tolerate back talk or yelling in general and that’s all he could see had happened – he was completely ignoring his hand in it.

“Yes Sookie. Pam, that gives you a moment or so alone with Frannie, but I want you gone. I’m too upset with you right now.”

Pam nodded and moved to Frannie’s room. In her head she was trying to figure out how to fix this. What worried her most was that if Eric knew he was too upset to see her, he shouldn’t be reacting to Frannie’s words either. Right now, she figured the best she could do was tell Frannie to keep her mouth shut and take whatever punishment he came up with – then let Pam and her mother fix it later. She really hoped she would listen to the advice of her big sister.

Outside the door to Frannie’s room, she could hear the girl crying and when she entered, she almost sobbed herself. Frannie had literally placed herself in the corner, behind the rack of dresses and was curled up just sobbing. “I’m sorry Frannie. I did try to get your father upset as a joke but it really backfired didn’t it?”

“Go away Pam.”

“I’ll leave but just one thing before I do that. Frannie, take whatever he dishes out and don’t talk back now. He’s too upset. I’ll fix this when he’s calmer.”

“I already figured that part out Pam. He’ll probably forbid me from going to the prom, you know that don’t you?”

“I’ll fix this.”

She could hear Sookie and Eric exit the bathroom in their bedroom and she ran out knowing he really meant it when he told her to go. As she walked up the stairs, she did hear him try to leave Sookie out of the follow-up discussion with Frannie but Sookie stayed firm. “You’re too tired min kära.”

“Put me on her bed then. I’m going with you.”

“Stubborn woman.”

“And protective mama bear right now. You’re not going to hurt her anymore tonight.”

“HURT HER!? Did you hear what she said to me?”

“Did you hear what you said about all the dresses? Until YOU found one YOU finally sort of liked – you never asked HER once what she wanted. It’s not YOUR prom.”

“She essentially spoke back to me.”

“She was defending herself. I told you she was getting upset. Pam started it – but you did nothing to control the situation either. Your opinions of some of those dresses crushed her. Not the short and slutty ones, but there were other nice ones that you dismissed because you were in a bad mood at that point. She lives for your praise Eric and some of your words deflated her.”

He paused. Certainly he and Pam had been playing these games for years but never with essentially an innocent victim as they’d done to Frannie. “You’re right. She got caught in the crossfire and I don’t blame her for lashing out. I won’t have her speaking about Jimmy deserving such intimacies though.”

Honestly, Sookie thought Frannie had a point there as well but since he conceded on so much and calmed significantly she would keep that part quiet. Eric needed to be handled sometimes – and this was one of those times. “Pick me up so we can go.”

“She’s been crying.”

“I’m sure. She’s scared of your reaction. You need to be nice.”

“It will be fine.”

He carried Sookie down the hall and got to Frannie’s room. Since the door was open; he placed Sookie on the bed then went to find Frannie behind the clothing rack. His heart broke; she was in a tight ball and sobbing. “Frannie.” She turned even further into the corner. “Min lilla. Daddy is sorry.”

With her hormones out of whack, Sookie started crying from the bed and now Eric truly had his hands full. Before collecting Frannie, he took just a second to pray for patience and help from Freya. Frannie didn’t resist when Eric picked her up and moved her to the bed so he could hold Sookie as well. It took a few minutes but they both finally stopped so he was able to continue speaking. “Lilla, I know I let Pam upset me and I took that out on you. I very much want you to pick a dress that’s special to you. How would you like to select your dress?”

“I’m still going to the prom?”

“Yes, why would you think you weren’t?”

“I figured I was going to be grounded for talking back or something.”

“Once your mother got me alone she helped me realize you were defending yourself from an evening of being mistreated and I’m sorry. I never took your desires for a prom dress into consideration. I still have trouble not just ordering people to do what I want.”

“If you really don’t like a dress though, it’s important to me to know that Daddy.”

“I think the difference here is – you and I don’t need to both like the dress – only YOU need to like it. As your father though, I still have standards and you’ll need approval. Does that make sense?”

“Yes Daddy.” She grabbed some tissues from her night table and handed them to Eric so he could help Sookie while she cleaned her own face of her tears. “I think I’d like to just have the three of us look at the remaining blue dresses. Can we do that? Just us?”

“Do you want to wait until tomorrow or something? Maybe have some ice cream first?”

She laughed at his offer to improve her mood with ice cream. “No, I’m good. Will you help me pick the next one to try on?”

“In a moment. We have one more thing to discuss.” He put both hands on her face and she was looking right at him. “Lilla, I will work with you on some additional freedoms as you requested but never belittle the sharing of yourself – your time, your thoughts or any part of your body as you did. You are a gift to be treasured – not something to sneak a peak of. Do you understand?” A few tears leaked out of her eyes as he spoke but she nodded. “I’m not angry at you, I just want to be sure you know your full worth. Jimmy gets your time and attention – he is getting a great deal for ‘the trouble he goes through to date you’.”

“I understand. Thank you Daddy.”He wiped away the additional tears and kissed her forehead.

“Sweetie, can you go collect Moyra from Amelia please, I’m missing my baby.” It was an obvious ploy for Sookie to get Eric out of the room for a minute, but nobody called her out on it.

“Be right back.”

As soon as Eric left, Sookie patted the space next to her on Frannie’s bed. “You OK?”

Frannie positioned herself next to Sookie, getting as close to her for a hug as she could with the three Beans causing a huge problem with their connecting properly. “Yes Mom. Well, now I am. I shouldn’t have yelled.”

“You had every right to yell, I’m just glad I talked him down. Just remember that in case some time I can’t do that.”

“I get it Mom. I was hurt and lashed out without thinking.”

“I know you were honey, I know.” Sookie rubbed the girl’s shoulder – she couldn’t reach across to her back at all and they just relaxed until Eric arrived with Moyra. He was gone for a few minutes so Sookie asked. “Did you speak to your other daughter?”

He nodded stiffly. “We agreed to keep innocents out of our unique brand of fun with each other.”

“That’s for the best I think.” Sookie pointed to the rack. “OK Daddy, help Frannie with the dresses.”

Remembering what Sookie said about Frannie liking some of the dresses they put aside already he offered, “Lilla, are there any others you liked from before that we dismissed too quickly?”

“No, I just want to look at the blue ones now.”

Eric stood and pulled all the blue dresses out, laying them at the foot of the bed. There were two left after a few were eliminated right away due to the length or other unacceptable features. Frannie tried on both the when she came out in the second one – they all knew from her and Eric’s smiles that they had found the one.

It was sweet but still hinting at her maturing body. Eric approved of the straps and the length. “I never realized when I let Hunter out of tonight I would be overpowered by females. I’ll have to remember that for future dress shopping.”

ice blue prom

“I’ll tell you one thing Dad.”

“What’s that min Lilla?”

“Pam is NOT going shopping with me when I pick a wedding dress.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“What do you mean, you would want her there?”

“No, no. I mean, you’re never getting married Lilla.”

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28 thoughts on “Glimpses 4 – Surrounded by Females, Part 1

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  2. This was so funny. Eric really has his hands full. Poor Frannie, Hunter was wise to leave. I’m glad they found a dress. It is so fun to read and see how much Eric loves his daughter.

  3. Woohoo! A 2 chapter day!! That was great. Poor Eric, good thing he’s a vampire or else his hair would be turning grey right about now! And poor Frannie, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have him as a dad!

  4. Too, too funny! The Viking struck down by…girls! LOL! You’d think Pam would’ve broken him in, but I guess that’s a little different than a 17-year-old going to the prom! Reminds of me of my Dad until my brothers moved out; afterward he was left in house with 4 women, so he got his own room with a door to keep us out. Then two of us left & multiplied – girls, of course – and returned with them! The poor man then had 6 females in the house! He barely left the room.
    Eric and Hunter are going to need a man cave! I’m not sure who’s going to have it worse, Eric or his girls! LOL!

  5. Hah! Hunter escaped while he could! All the estrogen on the room had to be stifling. I just kind of think it’s funny that karma is biting Eric in the ass. I’m sure he quite remembers when he was a randy lad –and of course, an even randier vampire. Now…he has to protect his daughter from the likes of someone like him! Heh…

  6. As my hubs has said “She cannot date! I was young once and I know exactly what those boys are thinking!” and then I get to hear about all of his youthful exploits….

  7. What sweet dresses! I was pretty LOL at the cleavage on that red dress – Did someone actually let their daughter wear that to prom? My Dad would’ve killed me! But for a grown woman it is a killer dress 😉

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