Chapter 5 – Dawn

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Chapter 5 – Dawn

Translation: min modiga man = my brave one

Godric stopped telling yet another story about his life to inform Sookie about what he felt. “Eric is close Sookie, I can feel him.”

“What will happen?”

“I believe he will likely be caught and brought to us.”

“But how? How did they get you?”

“Farrell worked with the Fellowship to craft a new vampire weapon.”

“Farrell did what?!” Godric nodded and continued. “Farrell has been working with the Fellowship for about a month. I understand his desire to end his existence. It happens often with older vampires.”

“Has that happened to you? To Eric?”

“Yes though we have had each other to weather those times. Now he also has Pam.”

“That’s good. You all have me now too – well for my lifespan.”

“You are a very remarkable woman Sookie.” To himself he thought how her fairy heritage would keep her alive longer than the normal human lifespan and even without that he had a feeling that Eric wouldn’t allow her to die.

“I’m a barmaid from a backwater town Godric, I don’t know about remarkable but thank you. Now tell me about this weapon please.”

“You are sure you want to know?” She nodded. “The weapon is a taser that could incapacitate someone from 15 feet away. Prior to Farrell’s suggestions, normal tasers were a nuisance to vampires, nothing more. Under Farrell’s guidance, the Fellowship added silver to the electrodes changing the impact to vampires. One taser would still hurt but not take a vampire down; if three or more guns were shot at once, a vampire is brought to his knees and vulnerable enough to be chained in silver.” Sookie was near panic thinking this would happen to Eric in just minutes but there was nothing they could do. In typical Sookie fashion, tears welled in her eyes.

“Is that the silver you have in you, from the taser?”

“No. Luckily for Eric, the taser does no lasting damage. The Fellowship injected liquid silver into my veins when I arrived.” Godric watched as more tears fell down Sookie’s cheeks. “Please do not cry for me. I do not even feel the pain any longer.” Surprising Godric, she wrapped her arms around him and he returned the gesture. He wanted to be around to watch the relationship between his son and this woman unfold, but he knew that was not meant to be. All three of them would not make it out of this situation alive.

Agonizing pain stopped his thoughts for a moment and as soon as Sookie realized what was happening, she held him tighter – for both her comfort and his. It lasted a few minutes and Godric calmed. “He has been caught. I closed the bond for now so I can be steady to help him when he arrives. Sookie, he will need to feed.”

“Of course. Whatever he needs.” Her face went still and Godric realized she was listening to the people above them. “There are four of them carrying him down.”

“Sookie, since you have been listening, do you have any indication if they can hear us down here?”

“They can’t. I heard one of them thinking how pissed they are that they didn’t put any surveillance devises here. The idiot forgave himself though by remembering the original plan accounted for only you being here.” She paused and listened again. “OH NO! They are just going to . . .” The door opened and Eric was tossed down followed by the men who had thrown him. “ERIC!”

“He cannot hear you my dear. He will likely be put in here since it is the only cage.”

Sure enough, Sookie watched with a grimace as Eric was pulled roughly across the floor towards them. She backed up when they ordered and he was thrown in. “Enjoy your reunion. We’ll be back to dress you in your ceremony outfits. Too bad we don’t have anything for the big one – but we’ll accept his surprise appearance as a gift from God.” The men turned and laughed their way up the stairs.

Even before their captors left, Sookie moved to Eric and began unwinding the silver. Once he was free, Godric moved close. “I’ll bite you and you put the wound to his mouth. It won’t take long. He’s not unconscious from that much silver.”

Godric was right. After a few drops hit Eric’s tongue, his eyes opened and he took only one full draw before he was fully conscious. His focus was only on her with his eyes darting around checking for any injuries while he sniffed to see if she had been cut. His actions caught Sookie off guard and at first she even tried to stop his inspection. “Sookie! Are you alright? Your face.”

Before she answered his first question, he removed his own shirt and started to put it over Sookie’s head. He hadn’t liked finding her exposed as she was. She didn’t catch on right away or was too surprised to react so he had to ask her to put her arms through. “That’s better.”

“I’m fine but you know that now. Eric, stop examining me and look who I found.” She moved to the side so Godric could be seen. Godric was both touched and amused at Eric’s behavior. Normally Eric would ignore anyone in the area and drop to his knees in front of him, but not now. Eric’s emotions at seeing the telepath nearly knocked his maker over. His son was relieved, happy then protective and concerned all in the blink of an eye. It was during Eric’s full body scan and sniff he gave Sookie that had Godric stifled a chuckle. Eric was ensuring her well-being while Sookie was batting his hands away and rolling her eyes. Godric believed they were perfect for each other.

Now that Sookie had moved and made Eric look at something beside her, his son started to move to his knees. “Forgive me for not acknowledging you Master.”

“Eric, stay. You need your strength for our plan.”

Eric grinned. “I knew you’d have a plan.”

“First, did you come in a car?”

“No, I flew but called Stan when I arrived. He’s sending reinforcements but they won’t have a clue what to do since I’ve been captured.”

Sookie closed her eyes and offered, “I can hear some Weres arriving. Oh, one is Jon from before. Glad he’s not hurt. Eric, you’re right though. They can’t find you and are just settling back a bit and staying on guard.”

As if confirming the blow by blow discussion, Sookie closed her eyes then reported back. “I see more from one of their heads. A man arrived and he seems to be in charge but even he doesn’t quite know what to do since it’s so close to sunrise. They’re figuring on staying put for the day now, waiting to hear from Stan tonight. They don’t realize we don’t have until tonight.”

Eric went on alert. “What do you mean?”

“Eric, they plan to tie me to Godric and put us outside to wait for the sunrise. They’ve added you to that plan as well.”

“Where is Farrell?”

“Last I heard from someone’s head, he was hanging out with Newlin.” With a hopeful smile Sookie asked, “Are you guys busting out of this cell?”

“No Sookie,” Godric explained. “The silver on the cage walls is too thick and the moment we made contact we would weaken and not be able to break it. Even if we did, they would taser us again. We have to wait for dawn for my plan.”

Sookie grimaced. “This already sounds like a terrible plan and I won’t like it. The part about them tasering you is right though, there are four men stationed at the top of the stairs.”

Godric frowned. “Neither of you will like the plan but it is our plan and Eric, as your maker I command you to listen to me entirely and execute on my instructions. You will be free to voice your complaints after I give you permission.” Eric immediately feared the plan his maker was about to propose but he could say nothing; the command had settled in.

They had about an hour and a half before dawn so Godric spoke quickly. He had been correct, neither Sookie nor Eric liked the plan and Sookie was quite vocal about that. Since he couldn’t command or glamour Sookie, Godric resorted to begging her to let him finish; she reluctantly agreed. As she leaned back into Eric he wrapped his arms around her and they both listened as Godric continued. In her head, Sookie kept thinking that Godric was wrong. She didn’t ‘not like’ the plan; she despised it. What Godric was sacrificing was more than she could accept. She didn’t even care that Godric told her she was supernatural herself; a fairy to be precise. What she really hated though, was that she couldn’t come up with an alternative that Godric would accept. Eric was going to drink deeply from Sookie close to dawn, she would feed from Godric for strength and due to Sookie’s fairy blood, Eric would last at least a few minutes in the sun to fly just the two of them out of there. The first suggestion Sookie made was that she should feed both of them – who cared if she passed out from blood loss? Godric countered that he couldn’t even stand right now. Flying, even with Sookie’s blood, wasn’t going to happen. Then Sookie tried to say Eric should be able to carry both her and Godric so he should still feed from her. Godric simply stated the time it would take to remove any restraints from Godric could take longer than Eric had in the sun – especially if he only had half the blood by sharing with Godric. The extra time would put Eric at risk for being tasered before he could get them away. Godric was clearly sacrificing himself for the two of them; to Eric, it was infuriating.

After laying out his plan, Godric told Eric he could speak and he tried several counter arguments as Sookie had. Much to Sookie and Eric’s dismay, Godric could not be swayed.

Their talk was halted when they heard the door open and two men came down the stairs.

“Get changed into these clothes. We’ll be taking you upstairs next.”

“Can I have some privacy?” Sookie asked the Fellowship man in front of her.

“Whores don’t need privacy.” Eric growled but Sookie put her hand on his arm to stop him from doing anything further. “We’ll be back in twenty minutes. At that time you will give us your decision about how you will be heading to your death. We have eight of those tasers: Four for each of you. They will be aimed at you the entire time you head out to be secured to your post. If you fight us, you’ll be unconscious; if you go willingly, you can hold your head high as you burn. It’s your choice.” He gave a taunting chuckle. “And since we’d prefer that you are conscious, one of us will escort your slut and you can be sure her last moments will be filled with pain if we need to carry you at any point.”

As if protecting her from the words, Eric wrapped his arms tightly around Sookie and responded. “We will not fight you.”

“Good choice.” With that final statement, they headed back up the stairs leaving Eric, Sookie, and Godric with two white outfits.

“I guess I don’t need your shirt now, so you should put it on – just in case we need the second or two of extra protection.” She started to lift the shirt off and both Eric and Godric turned their heads out of respect. Sookie’s first thought was, ‘and they aren’t just acting like gentlemen either, they are gentlemen. Take that Bill Compton.

While they were turned, Eric assisted Godric with his outfit as he was still very weak from his silver poisoning. Eric moved the shirt Godric had been wearing and brought it to his face. The scent of his maker clung to it and he folded then hid the garment under his own shirt. In the days to come, he knew he would find comfort in that scent.

Sookie spoke while they changed. “I’m sorry I’m here. Well, I mean I’m really sorry I’m here but I mean right now. I wish I could give you some private time like you both deserve for these . . . “ A sob came out while she tried to finish. “. . . last few minutes.”

Godric responded. “It is fine my dear. I will still say what I need to say to Eric and he can speak freely to me. There are some specific instructions I need to give Eric and we will speak in Swedish. I do not want to offend you . . .”

She put her hands up, even though she wasn’t facing them. “Godric stop. I understand. Please, speak as you must.”

“First, I have something to say to both of you so if you are dressed, let me know.”

“I am.”

They all shuffled in the small space to face each other. Godric smiled when Sookie reached out for Eric’s hand. His son took hold of her because he needed the support to get through the conversation. From the stories Godric shared, she knew he’d been turned when he was only 20 years old. Right now though, he looked every one of his over 2000 years. He even sighed before he spoke. “Sookie, I must ask you to help Eric after today. I know you have your own burdens and I should not ask this of you, but it will be hard for him.”

“Your blood will remove my burden and I thank you for that. I promise to stay by Eric as long as it takes to help him. You didn’t even need to ask.”

He smiled at her. “Sookie, you are simply fascinating and I would have loved the opportunity to get to know you more; the little time we have had has been intriguing. I wish I could help you explore your heritage as we discussed, though I know Eric will share all that he knows with you. I regret leaving after having just met you.”

“I feel the same Godric.” Sookie leaned over and gave him a hug that he welcomed and returned. Then she sat back and took both of Eric’s hands into hers knowing he would need the comfort.

“Eric. My son. . . . My only child. I have loved you for 1000 years and I wish we did not need to part but we do. Please tell Pamela to behave for you and that I was proud to call her my grandchild.”

“I will Father.” Eric’s voice broke slightly causing Sookie to start rubbing circles on his hands.

“I ask that you ensure Sookie’s safety not just today but always. It is a small way to repay the risks she took to find me.”

“Of course.”

Godric continued. “Eric, ge Sookie kontroll av det schweiziska Gerlund konto. Det är hennes nu.” (Eric, please give Sookie control of the Swiss Gerlund Account. It is hers now.) Eric simply nodded. “Ni båda behöver eash andra nu. Tryck inte bort henne, låt inte din stolthet hålla dig från det som ditt hjärta vet redan.” (You both need each other now. Do not push her away; do not let your pride keep you from what your heart already knows.)

Eric interrupted. ”Vi är bara vänner.” (We are just friends.)

”Nu är inte tid att argumentera min son. Du vet att jag har rätt; du älskar henne. Ge henne tid, ha tålamod och hon kommer att inse att hon älskar dig också. (Now is not the time to argue my son. You know I am right; you love her. Give her time, have patience, and she will realize that she loves you too.) Eric looked at him in shock and Godric nodded. “Det är sant. När jag föreslog att du skulle bli sårad om jag ringde dig, försökte hon stoppa mig. Hon ville inte att du skadar. Jag tror att när hon tar mitt blod, kommer jag känna det.” (It is true. When I suggested you might be hurt if I called you, she tried to stop me. She did not want you hurt. I believe when she takes my blood, I will feel it and can confirm.)

Godric paused for a moment and put his hand out for Eric’s, Sookie relinquished her hold on one the hands she had tightly in her grasp. “Lova mig att du kommer att fullfölja detta.” (Promise me that you will pursue this.)

While he answered Godric, his focus was on Sookie. ”Jag kommer Pappa.” (I will Father).

Having finished the discussion about Sookie, he returned to English. “Please know that I have always been proud of you my son. You often kept me going when I felt like I was only existing. You brought me back to life when you accepted my offer to become a vampire. I thank you for the most wonderful 1000 years of my life.” He reached behind his head and removed the chain with a bronze raven claw from his neck. “This represents my fondest memories, Eric. Please keep it for me.”

With shaky hands, Eric tried to take the necklace from Godric but Sookie took it and clasped it for him. With his hand over the pendant he offered. “I tha . . . thank you Father for giving me this life.” Eric was clearly struggling to keep his composure at this point but he needed to be strong for Godric and for Sookie.

“Use your time well. Care for each other.” He leaned forward and put his empty hand out to Sookie, she took it. “And live.”

“We will Godric.” Sookie answered for Eric.

“Now my son, feed deeply, I hear them coming.”

“Wait, Godric, shouldn’t you feed me first – then I won’t get as weak?”

“I have too much silver in my system. Eric cannot feed from you after you have my blood.” He focused on Eric. “Get her to Ludwig as soon as you can after this.” Eric nodded. “Now drink Eric. Sookie hang on. You will start to feel strange, but as soon as you have my blood you will be better.”

Eric didn’t hesitate. He positioned Sookie in front of him and bit. He drank until he could feel her heartbeat slow, as that was the plan, and he pulled his fangs out. Now that he finished feeding from Sookie, he pulled her back to a partly reclining position and Godric moved his bloody wrist to her mouth. Since she was so lightheaded, he needed to help Godric feed her. Eric could smell the instant that his maker’s blood overrode Bill’s. Sookie was free. The only problem was he couldn’t really be happy about that right now because as soon as the sun rose, his maker would meet the True Death. And it was all to save Sookie and himself. He wished they had more time to come up with a better fucking plan. He wished his maker hadn’t commanded him to go through with this. He wished he’d never sent Sookie to check out the church during the day. Godric spoke, breaking him out of his thoughts and he looked to see that he’d re-opened his wound and told Sookie to take more. She complied and drank until they heard the Fellowship men coming back for them. While Sookie fed, Godric captured Eric’s attention and nodded. It was a confirmation of Sookie’s feelings. Eric understood and acknowledged the meaning of the nod as he sat back in shock at the revelation. Sookie loved him; it would be slow but he would build on that after this was all over. Godric was pleased to feel Sookie’s love for Eric. Knowing his child would have someone after he was gone gave him great comfort. Even though he’d only just met the tiny telepath, he knew she was just what Eric needed. Her words broke him out of his thoughts and further proved his opinion of her. “Godric, I will pray for you if you don’t mind.”

“I’m surprised you would do such a thing. I’m not sinless Sookie; 2000 years is a long time.”

“But you have love here,” She touched his heart. “None of us are sinless Godric. Recognizing that we have sinned it what’s important. My God – or whatever he or she really is called – will accept you.”

“You believe that? I thought your God judged.”

“He forgives.”

Wanting to face his final death proudly, Eric helped Godric stand. With the Fellowship men growing closer, panic set in for Sookie as they approached the cell. Newlin was with the group and he jeered at Sookie. “It’s too late to cry for your soul you whore.” Normally Sookie would taunt someone back but her grief was in control and she turned to embrace Godric with Eric working to hold both of them up. “Look at how she cleaves to the spawn of the devil. You deserve to burn in hell harlot!”

The three ignored Newlin as Eric whispered to Sookie. “Be strong min modiga man (my brave one), I need you to be strong for all of us.” He kept his mouth near her ear so he could talk her out of her panic. It took him a few minutes, but she’d stopped crying. One of Newlin’s men opened the cell and pulled her out into his grasp; then he signaled for Eric and Godric to come out. As promised, silver modified taser guns were aimed at each of them as they walked out of the church to the courtyard. Eric estimated they had about fifteen minutes before the sun rose as they approached a stage complete with two posts that had been crafted for the ceremony. Farrell was already standing freely on the stage. Eric wanted to comment to the vampire, but he kept his mouth shut. His focus needed to be on helping him maker up the stairs.

Once they were outside, Sookie looked around and was sickened at seeing the children – toddlers and infants – in attendance. The whole ‘ceremony’ was disgusting but that was over the top. While she knew Eric would save her, Farrell and Godric were going to burn – live and in front of the little ones. For the sake of the kids, she spoke out. “Newlin. Remove the children please!”

“Silence her!” Newlin ordered and Sookie was gagged with a cloth of some type.

“My faithful followers.” Newlin started from the stage while Godric, Eric, and Sookie stood to the side under guard. “Today, we prove to the world that the vampires that have invaded our world are the creation of the devil himself. We know this because they cannot live in God’s Holy light. The woman that just shouted out is a sympathizer, a whore who has given her soul to these creatures of Hell. Do not let her apparent caring for our children sway you. She is a sinner and needs to burn. I asked you specifically to have your children attend so this lesson will be remembered for many generations. Do not shield your children, our children, from the truth.” The preacher droned on for a bit more while Godric looked around. He was pleased to see that the thin chains they’d used before were set out to bind them to the posts on the stage. Eric would burn a bit from the silver, but he would be able to break them easily. The next thing he heard pleased him again. Newlin had approached them for a few last words. “Farrell graciously offered that you, Mr. Northman, will take longer to burn than Godric. I have therefore decided to tie the whore to you so she suffers as long as possible. Your maker will be tied to Farrell.” Godric had counted on that and was relieved. He had some backup plans but this would make the escape easier.

Eric sneered. “I thought Farrell was here willingly.”

“He is. We both decided that he would be tied to the post as a precaution.”

This confused Eric as he was sure Farrell would know the thin chains wouldn’t really hold them down. He wondered if Farrell was planning for a last minute escape but as far as Eric knew, Farrell couldn’t fly. He raised a brow at Farrell and to his surprise the vampire responded. “I welcome the pain of the chains that will hold me down as part of my repentance.” With that, he eyed Sookie and Eric believed he understood. He was trying to give Sookie a chance. That didn’t make up for what he’d done already but he gave Farrell a tiny bit of credit for the action.

“Yes, Farrell already demonstrated what happens with silver so we know your last moments as you wait for the sun will be painful. Too bad.” Newlin taunted.

Godric watched as Sookie and Eric were tied together facing each other. Sookie’s crying had returned but it wasn’t the level of panic she had before. Eric was torn, he continued to look towards the side to see Godric but would turn back to face Sookie and whisper words of comfort or kiss her head.

When they came for him, Godric didn’t hesitate and moved as needed so he could be bound with Farrell. With his superior eyesight, he could see that Eric had already broken the chains in front of him and gave them to Sookie to hold. They were down maybe ten minutes now so he closed the bond. Even with that action, when he actually ceased to exist, Eric would feel some pain, but it would be reduced – he couldn’t have him falling out of the sky.

Sookie’s thoughts were interrupted suddenly by someone’s voice in her head. ‘Sookie, I’m Neal, the local Packmaster. Stan told me about your telepathy and I hope you can hear me now. I have no idea how to get you out of here without causing more bloodshed, but we’re here. Can you hear me?’ Sookie nodded. ‘Good, I saw that. Do you have a plan?’ Another nod. ‘I have a light-tight van across the street from the doors of church, will that help?’ Sookie nodded and let out a sob. It really seemed like they were going to live, but that’s not why she sobbed. With a rescue vehicle so close they could have made it with Godric.

Eric noticed the change in her right away. “Did you hear something?”

She leaned in to whisper. “The local Packmaster has a light-tight van across the street – across from the church front doors that is.”

“That’s good.”

“Can you grab Godric? Maybe we can all make it.”

Eric turned to look at Godric and wasn’t surprised that he’d heard Sookie; his maker was already shaking his head ‘no’. Even though Godric spoke quietly, Eric heard him loud and clear. “No. My command stands, you will execute the plan. Go now.”

Eric’s face was grim. “What did he say Eric?”

“Get ready.” He looked around and saw no Fellowship were close to the stage now.


“Drop the chain.” Three things happened almost at once: Sookie dropped the chain in her hands, Eric pulled his legs apart, breaking the chain around his legs and he took to the air.

The crowd gasped as Eric reached the top of the church roof. A few seconds later he landed on the front lawn as the sun rose and he took a moment to feel the pain: Godric was gone. Steeling himself against the grief he wanted to feel, he looked for the van and ran for it. He really didn’t want to be seen flying in the daylight if he could help it. Having so many from the Fellowship see it was already a problem. The fact that he was now out in the sunlight didn’t even occur to him between the need to get Sookie to safety and the loss he was already feeling.

Neal, the Packmaster, met them at the van with his mouth open. When Sookie confirmed there was a plan, seeing a vampire in the sun was not what he thought would happen. He guessed there were sympathizers in the Fellowship crowd that were going to help them. “How the fuck are you in the sun?”

Eric responded. “Can we get in the van first?” Sookie was full on sobbing now and he had no idea how long her blood would last. Part of him wanted to stay out and enjoy it but his suffering overrode anything else.

“Yeah, yeah.” Neal gestured to the open doors and he climbed in with Sookie. “I’ll drive you to the underground garage at your hotel and have Weres guard the van for the day.”

“Agreed. Thank you.”

They drove off to the hotel without speaking; the only sound to be heard was the occasional sniffle from Sookie. Eric was a tornado of emotions though: despair, anger, guilt . . . over and over again. Once they were parked, Neal handed the keys into the back of the van and reiterated that guards would be in the area for the entire day.

Eric and Sookie sat in silence for a while. “Eric, don’t you need to rest yet?”

“No, I am normally up for a while after the sun rises. I just can’t be exposed to sunlight.” He repositioned himself away from Sookie a bit. “Why don’t you go to your room and sleep?”

“I don’t want to see Bill.”

In truth, Eric needed to be alone right now. The loss of his maker, his father, a man he knew for over a thousand years was eating at him and he needed to process his feelings alone. Conversely, Sookie was feeling the need to connect to Eric and she adjusted herself to be right next to him again. “Bill moved to a new room, a floor above.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know.” He didn’t want to hurt Sookie by telling her about Lorena. At the moment though, her presence was bothering him. It wasn’t logical or rational but it just was. “Sookie, please go to your room and sleep. You’ll be more comfortable in a bed and I . . .” He stopped mid-sentence and there was silence for a moment.

“You what?” She stared at him for a moment. “You don’t want me here.” She deduced and offered almost in a whisper. In her head, she realized what Eric was going through and tried not to take it personally but it still hurt and to cover up she responded in anger. “I get it. I’m no longer needed now that my job is done.”

Given the situation, he responded just as angrily. “Right, your job. That’s all this was to you.” His anger was now leading his other emotions. “I’ll see that you are returned home.”

“You aren’t going to travel with me?”

Eric wanted to wallow in his grief. He wanted to wrap himself in the feelings of sorrow and forget the rest of the world. Of course, he didn’t explain that, he simply answered. “As part of your compensation for your job, I’m only obligated to get you home, not accompany you.”

She huffed and started to move to the doors. “Forget your fucking obligations Eric. Don’t even bother to pay me. I failed anyway . . . that’s pretty damn obvious.”

“You’re right. And you know, if you weren’t with Godric and I didn’t have to worry about you, I might have been able to save him.”

Her response was a noise combining a gasp and a sob. “Well I’m sorry I was there Eric. Truly sorry. Goodbye.”

The door slammed closed on the van leaving Eric alone, just like he wanted.

A/N:  Yes, I know many of you were hoping for all of them to get out of there alive, but Godric’s death was planned from the start of this story (warnings did include that characters would die).  Healing comes after they get the hell out of Dallas.

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  15. I Cannot believe Sookie went straight to that place! Oh wait, yes I can, she’s Sookie. It is still upsetting that I don’t ever get the actual chance to hit her with a frying pan though. You keep teasing me with frying pans, but I never get to actually whomp her upside the head. Can’t wait for more. Hopefully, they both take their heads out of their asses quickly.

  16. First I’m gonna say I’m lovin this story. Eric and sookies friendship is very cute and heartwarming. Ok. Now that I’ve told you how much I like it I’m gonna yell. I Can’t Believe You Killed Godric! I want to beat him and eric and Sookie (for the end of the chapter) and you with the frying pan. (Of course I never would cause then you couldn’t write anymore wonderful stories)

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