Glimpses 3 – Daddy’s Woes

Glimpses 3 –  Daddy’s Woes

Enjoy some girl’s firsts with me:

April 2006

“Ba ba ssss mmmm mmmm sshh  sshh shoe.”


“I did Mommy – she said Shoe!”

Sookie pointed to Moyra’s shoe and asked her, “What’s that?”

Moyra responded “Shoe” Followed by a huge grin in response to the whole family smiling at her in anticipation.

“Eric – her first word.”

“I know min kära I know.  This is very exciting but we need to have a family meeting about this.”  He picked up Moyra from her co-sleeper (maybe she’d move to the crib before the triplets arrived) to place her on the bed where they had all been sitting watching her play and babble (a common occurrence for the Northman family).

“Dad.  Why do we need a family meeting over her first word?”

“Lilla, her first word was SHOE.”  He looked at his oldest child and her face only showed confusion.  “We can’t let Pam know.  SHOE – we’ll never live it down.”

Frannie laughed at him.  “Dad, it’s not like the first word was Versace or Dior.”

“You know she’s been working hard with Moyra every chance she gets to say anything other than Daddy or Dada as her first words.”

Sookie laughed.  He was right – Pam had been coaching Moyra on words all the while she would spend time with her own son, Christian, saying Mummy Mummy Mummy over and over again.  “If you let her know how much it bothers you – she wins dear.”

“Yes min älskade.  Still, there’s nothing wrong with a little family secret.”

“OY – you are impossible.  I’m supposed to keep this from Gran?”  She scooped up Moyra.  “Speaking of Gran, we need to get going since we’re having dinner there.”

“What’s she making Mommy?”

“I don’t know Hunter.”  With everyone following, she headed upstairs.  “Let’s walk outside, it’s a nice evening.”

They arrived at the farmhouse for dinner and greeted everyone.  Gran had invited Pam, Amelia and little Christian as well as Jason, Michelle and Corbett.  “There’s my Moyra!”  Gran moved to take Moyra from Sookie’s arms.

“Gran, she said her first word!”

“What was it??”


From behind Gran you could hear Pam yelling, “YESSS!”

Gran turned to Pam.  “Why are you so excited about that?”

Eric saw an opportunity and he took it.  “Yes Pamela, tell Gran.”  His smirk was wide since he was certain Gran would have something to say to Pam about this.

Gran just stared at Pam expectantly until she answered.  “Gran, why are you surprised that I like her first word?  It’s SHOE for goodness sake.”

“And there’s nothing more to this story?”

Hunter stepped in.  “Gran, you see Pam’s been spending time coaching Moyra on a variety of first words so she wouldn’t say Daddy or Dada first.”  Pam glared at him for ratting her out.  “Meanwhile, she’s been coaching Christian to say Mummy as much as possible.”

“But Christian’s not close to speaking yet.”

“I’m just being proactive Gran.”

“So you really hoped her first word would be something other than Daddy?”

She whined.  “Gran, Eric’s got three kids and three on the way.  Amelia and I are done with one.  Everything my Christian does has to count for extra.”

Gran’s hand flew so fast to the back of Pam’s head she didn’t even see it coming.  “Don’t let me hear anything like that again.”  She nodded towards the extended kitchen table.  “Dinner’s ready to be put out.  Pam will help me serve, everyone have a seat.”  Amelia giggled at Pam’s look of shock while she moved to the back of the table.  Sookie needed an end seat because at just over 6 months pregnant with triplets, she needed the extra space.

Pam quickly moved the dishes to the table and the family dug in.  Eric had Moyra on his lap, since that took up less space in Gran’s kitchen then a high chair and with this crowd, they needed the space.  Gran had made baked ziti and soon Moyra was covered in red sauce and since Eric was helping her, he was coated too.  Gran started up a conversation about the triplets.  “So, you’re really stuck on not knowing the sex of the babies?”

“That’s what we said at the 20 week ultrasound.  Just because I have one to check on things next week doesn’t mean I’ve changed my mind.  These Beans are going to be a surprise to all of us.”

Pam rolled her eyes and asked, “And how does anyone decorate a nursery without knowing?”

“Pam, Moyra’s nursery is perfect for boy or girl – we can do the same thing for the triplets.”

Gran interjected.  “I don’t know what y’all are even arguing about.  None of these babies,” She waggled her finger at Corbett, Christian and Moyra, “Sleep in their nurseries.  I know for a fact y’all have the babies in bed with you.  I don’t really care either way – but then why create a nursery at all?”

“Gran, it’s a decorating opportunity that cannot be missed.”  Pam shook her head at the woman.

“Pam, do you use rest time to dream up more ways to just spend money?”

“It’s no effort Gran; this just comes naturally to me.”

Eric chimed in.  “She’s got that right Gran.  I’ve got the American Express bills to prove it.”

After the laugher ended Gran continued.  “And what are you going to do with Princess Moyra when the triplets arrive?”

“She’ll be in the bed with us I suppose.  I don’t know Gran.  I’ve got almost til the end of June.”

“Triplets can come early.  In the bed though – she can walk out that way.”

“Gran, she hasn’t started walking yet and she could escape now if she wanted anyway.”

Jason finally stopped shoveling food into his mouth to talk.  “Yeah, something wrong with Moyra?  She’s over a year old – she should be walking.”

“Jason,” Sookie screeched.  “There’s nothing wrong.  A year is AROUND when they can start walking – she’s barely 13 months.”

Gran laughed at what she was about to say.  “Maybe if you guys PUT HER DOWN every once and a while she’d be able to walk.”  She moved her head to gaze at each Northman individually: Eric, Sookie, Frannie and even Hunter.  “Does that baby ever leave anyone’s arms?”

“Gran, we aren’t that bad.  She’s started standing and kind of cruising along the furniture.”

“Well, any day then.”  She stood with her plate.  “Dessert anyone?”

Frannie glanced at the clock and Hunter saw it.  “Don’t worry Frannie.  It’s an hour before his appointment.  We have time for dessert.”

“What appointment?”  Pam asked.  Frannie just blushed from the top of her head to her toes and Eric grimaced.  “Oh, this looks interesting.  Hunter, what appointment?”

“Jimmy from the Pack is coming tonight to speak to Daddy.  I think he wants permission to ask Frannie out.”

“Interesting.  And how does Daddy plan to respond?”  She smirked at her maker and blinked her eyelids in amusement.

Frannie begged her older sister.  “PAM!  Don’t provoke him before Jimmy arrives, please!”

“Awwww, Frannie, you’re worried about your little boyfriend.  How sweet.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Yet.”  Pam added with a smile at Frannie’s direction and a waggle of her eyebrows.

Frannie let out a little giggle at Pam, it was better than the panic she was already feeling.  From the other side of the table, Frannie heard growling and she knew it was her Dad; her giggling stopped so she could yell at Pam again.  “Enough Pam.  You’re poking the Papa bear.”

They finished dessert quickly – mostly at Frannie’s insistence.  She wanted to get Eric home and calm before Jimmy arrived.  Sookie left Eric and Frannie in the office while she went to change Moyra.  As she walked out the door, Frannie was guiding Eric to a seat next to her on the couch; Sookie laughed when she heard Frannie first words.  “Daddy, you’re going to be nice, right?”

‘She’s pulling the Daddy card; she must really want to date this boy.’  Hunter drew her from her thoughts.  “Mommy, why is Frannie so scared?”

“Little man, she’s not scared as much as . . . anxious I would say.  She obviously wants to date this boy and Daddy said ‘no’ in January when dating Jimmy first came up.”

“Does she want to get married or something?”

“No honey, just going out and spending time with him.”

“Ok.  Are you going to this meeting?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”  Hunter smiled.  “Oh no little man, you and Moyra will be with Holly while this is all happening.”


“How ‘bout playing with me instead?”  A deep rich voice broke into the conversation.

“BUBBA!”  Hunter yelled while Moyra tried to throw herself at the vampire.  Bubba always sang to her and she loved it.

“You sure Bubba?  Holly said it was no problem to take the kids.”

“I love Hunter and Moyra time.  Let me have ‘em.”

As soon as she handed off her little ones to Bubba, she returned to the office.  Both Jimmy and his father, Ralph, were sitting in the waiting area and Jimmy looked green.  They stood and bowed to her while Frannie was walking out of the office.  “Hi Jimmy.  Dad will be with you in a moment.  I’m to wait . . . I’ll be in the music room.  Um . . .”

She looked to Sookie and she had mercy on her daughter.  “I’ll escort him to the music room when we’re done here – I do need you to run and get your father a new shirt first though.”

“Thanks Mom.”

Jimmy, in an effort to win both parents over, stood again and bowed, “Thank you your majesty.”

“You’re welcome Jimmy.  I’ll be right out for you.”

When she walked in, she could see that Eric had positioned himself behind his massive desk in his oversized chair and to complete his look, he wore a bit of a scowl.  She actually laughed when she saw him.  “Are you serious Sweetie?”

“I don’t like this whole thing.”

“Eric, she’s almost 17 years old.  Besides, this boy must really care for her to go through this just to ask her out.  And honestly, do you think he’d do anything to Frannie with you as her father?”

“Still don’t like it.”

“Ohh, Grumpy bear, if you’re at least nice or perhaps don’t look murderous I’ll give you a treat later.”  Eric’s one eyebrow went up and she licked it for good measure.  “Well, I can’t get on my knees, but I’m sure we can find some position that works for a blow job in the office – BEFORE the family rejoins us.”

“I agree to your terms.  I won’t kill him and you’ll give me a blow job.”

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID.”  Her head was shaking at his stubbornness.  “You have to be open to the conversation – not just let him live.”

“I’ll listen to the little squirt.”

“And change your shirt.  You’re wearing half of Moyra’s dinner.”

“I thought it was a good look – the red sauce could be viewed as blood.  Perhaps from the last boy that tried to date Frannie.”


“What?  I’m setting an atmosphere.”

“You’re changing your shirt.  I hear Frannie now let me go grab it.”

A few seconds later, Sookie was watching as Eric removed his tomato stained shirt and replaced it with the light blue one she’d found in the closet.  “I’m positive min Lilla sought out blue to make me look softer.”

“I’ve no doubt.  She’s very nervous about your reaction.”  Just then they heard her starting to play on the piano and Eric laughed.  “Don’t laugh at her.  She picked that piece knowing it’s one of your favorites.  She’s probably trying to soothe the savage beast.”

That caught him.  Did his Lilla really think he was going to hurt this boy?  “This is really important to her?”

“Eric, it’s important for all of us.  Do you want her to go away to college before she’s dated?”

“I don’t want her to GO AWAY to college at all.”  Sookie just rolled her eyes.  “But I will behave as best I can for this meeting.  Let’s get it started.”

“I’ll get him.”

“Sookie . . .” They’d this fight before, Sookie would ignore all layers of protocol and just greet every meeting attendee like a friend.  He thought they’d discussed that and she did agree to add a layer of formality to meetings and have guests introduced into their office.

“This isn’t a formal business meeting and you know it.”

“FINE.”  He gritted out.

When she peeked her head out, Jimmy was sitting in the same seat with his knee shaking up and down.  “You ready?  Ralph, are you joining us?”

The boy rose immediately and bowed before answering.  “Just me.  Dad said he scheduled the meeting but I was on my own.”

“Well come on in.”

Sookie walked in first and took her place standing at Eric’s side.  Jimmy approached the desk and bowed.  “Your majesty.”

“Jimmy, have a seat.”

“Thank you.”  He choked out his words while Eric and Sookie sat behind the desk.  “Thank you for giving me some time to talk.”

“What can we do for you Jimmy?”

He took a breath, just like his Mom suggested to help him relax and pulled his thoughts together.  “I’d like permission to date Frannie.”  There, he’d done it – he actually got the words out.

“Is this something Frannie wants?”  Eric was glaring at the boy – he really didn’t like anything about this but he knew he’d have to give in unless the kid was really an idiot or Sookie heard anything to concern them.

Jimmy was prepared for this question – him Mom really helped him out.  “I asked her IF I received permission from you would she be willing to go out on a date.  She said yes.  I have not officially asked her out for a date.  I’m well aware it will be only with your permission that I can ask.”

Eric was surprised; the boy was handling himself well – so far.  He was planning on granting permission with some conditions.  That didn’t me he couldn’t enjoy himself though.  “What do you mean by dating?”

“Sir, I’m unsure of the specifics of your question.  I’ll give you examples of possible dates if you like?”  Eric nodded.  “Dinners out, movies, mini golf that sort of thing.”

“So Jimmy, why do you want to date my daughter?”

With his mother’s help, Jimmy also planned out the answer to this question.  He only hoped the king would hear him out.  “Sir, my answer will surprise you, so I ask for you to let me finish.”

Eric raised both eyebrows at the boy and offered his agreement.  “I will not speak until you tell me you are finished.”

“Thank you.”  He took a breath and adjusted his legs.  “I met Frannie shortly after she joined the Packsters and I will admit I was physically attracted to her right away.”  Eric growled but said nothing.  The fact that Sookie was rubbing his arm MAY have helped with that.  “Even though I was attracted to Frannie’s looks, I consciously worked to ignore those feelings since . . . ah honestly, dating the King’s daughter would need to mean more than just dating a pretty girl.”  This conversation suddenly became very intriguing and his respect for the boy rose, a little.  “I discovered from getting to know your daughter that she is in fact, not just a pretty girl.  She’s kind to everyone.  She’s smart – it’s not often I find a girl that reads as much as I do.  She works hard when we have our community service days, no that’s not it – she believes in the community service days.  Frannie is the whole thing your Majesty.  I’m quite taken and I know that she is worth this very uncomfortable and frankly scary meeting.”

Eric glanced at Sookie and nodded her head yes – they’d planned for her to read the boy just in case and from her action he knew the boy’s answer was the truth.  Given what they’d just heard he decided to have mercy on his daughter’s suitor.  Jimmy had done well against his questions and his ever present glare.  “You may ask Frannie out with the following conditions.

One:  All PLANNED date details will be verbally told to my assistant, Hoyt, at least one week before the date.  Do not leave a paper or electronic trail of your planned activities; do not discuss your plans with anyone.  This is for security and it’s very important Jimmy.  The easiest method will probably be to have your father inform Hoyt when they see each other at work.”  The boy nodded and Eric continued.  “You will be informed of whether the date is approved or not within a day of sharing your plans.

Two:  All dates will include a security detail.  You will be collected at your home in one of my fleet cars by a security guard and driven here so you can properly pick up Frannie for these dates.

Three:  Your dates will be true dates.  Now that I’ve given permission, you will appreciate my daughter as she deserves.  Dating is not ‘hanging out’ together with friends.  Though I know that may happen sometimes; those are not dates.  Am I clear?”

“Yes Sir.”

“What do you do for money Jimmy?  How will you afford dating?”

“I have a part time job at Kendrick’s stables.  I will be paying for dates on my own.”

“Very good.  Now back to the conditions.

Four:  You may call Frannie and speak to her on the phone for no more than 30 minutes once a day.  Texting will be permitted unless I see it’s a problem.  Note that Frannie is not permitted to have her phone during family times.

“Yes sir, I’m not either sir.”

With an approving nod he continued.  “Five:  This one is VERY important Jimmy.”  He stood at his desk to loom over the boy.  “My daughter is a lady and you will respect her.”

Jimmy swallowed – hard – before answering.  “Understood sir.”

Eric returned to his seat slowly and gave a small smile at the boy.  “Well Jimmy, you may go now and ask Frannie out.  Please have Frannie introduce you to Hoyt after you’ve made your plans.”

“Thank you your majesty.  I will respect and cherish your daughter.”

Not able to resist, Eric leveled one more stare at the boy then he finally commented.  “I know you will.”

Jimmy had to control himself from running out of the room but he refrained, especially since the Queen promised to escort him to the music room.  “Come on Jimmy, I’ll take you to Frannie.”

Sookie delivered him as promised to the music room and she left them alone with big smiles on their faces.  Sookie knew Kavan was in the room anyway so it was safe.  Before she walked out, she asked Frannie to take over for Bubba with Hunter and Moyra when she was done with Jimmy.  “Your father and I have a meeting – so can you take them for a short while?”

“Sure Mom.”  Frannie started running to Sookie.  “Wait.”

“What’s wrong honey?”

She just wrapped her arms around Sookie.  “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.  Be sure to get the big guy later – after our meeting.”  She leaned in and whispered.  “He might need some of that Daddy treatment.”

“Sure Mom.”

Sam saw Sookie headed for the office and stopped her.  “What’s going on Sookie?”

“Hi Sam.  Is there a problem?  I thought the budget meeting was at 3AM?”  Sam had taken over the role as Eric and Sookie’s CFO, turning over Merlottes and the hotel’s day to day management Lala.  Lala wasn’t ready to grow-up, but Sookie convinced him.

“I had to pick up something from Hoyt.  Saw that Jimmy kid here.”

“He came to ask permission to date Frannie.”

Sam grimaced for a second before covering up.  “I guess the King said no to that.”

“No, no he didn’t.”

“She’s too young!  She’s been through too much.”

“Protective mode much Sam?  Seriously, you and Eric should hang out at a bar and fret over this.  She’s almost 17; I want her to have some dating experience before she leaves for college.”

That just set him off again. “You’re going to let her leave for college?”

Sookie just laughed at his shocked expression.  “Sam, I’m late for a meeting.  Go have a beer and relax.  There’s some in the fridge.”

Eric was ready for her when she returned.  He’d kept his promise and he wanted his reward but a little different then she had planned.  With her growing baby bulge, he just couldn’t get enough of her so he cleared off his desk with the idea of putting her up on it spread wide for him.  “Ahh, you’re back.  Strip.”

“You don’t waste any time do you?”

“It’s been hours since I’ve seen your skin.  Why aren’t you stripping already?”

She laughed.  “Give a fat girl a chance.”

“You’re not fat.  You’re more gorgeous every day.”  He approached her to help.  “I’ll get these pants out of the way while you work on your top and that bra.”

“You want the melons loose?”  Her face showed her shock even while she obeyed and took her maternity shirt off.

“Oh yes.”

“For a blow job?”

“I changed the plan.”  She was out of her clothes now so he patted his desk.  “I’m hungry.  I want that squeezable ass right here with your legs spread and that baby belly right in front of me.”

“Well I won’t deny your wishes.”  She tried to get into position but needed help.  Eric noticed right away and lifted her into position with ease.  “Thanks Sweetie.”

“I’d carry you the whole 9 months if you’d let me.”

“No way.  Now get busy.”

He did just as she ordered and spread her, holding her legs for her and proceeded to suck, and lick and nip at her pussy until she was dripping but he would not let her come.  Min Älskade, you taste so good.  I love you pregnant.”

“Stop talking, finish your job.”

He pulled back altogether.  “Nope.  Not that way.  I want to be in you when you come.  I want to feel you squeeze my cock.”

“I’ll come again, finish here first.”  She was panting and having trouble speaking.  “ERIC!”

“Since you asked so nicely.”  He continued to bring her close to her reward then pulled back three more times before he finally let her go over.  All the teasing had primed Sookie for a very powerful release and Eric could feel it and hear it:  She screamed.  Good thing the office was warded for privacy.

He didn’t give her a break and pushed into her right away.  Sookie realized he was quite in the mood – almost a bit of bloodlust feelings were coming through the bond.  She didn’t know where that was coming from nor did she care.  The desk was moving with every thrust and she swore she could hear wood creaking and at one point an actually cracking sound but she was so lost in the sensations it was only a passing thought.  Thankfully he was tall enough to lean over and reach her neck and he bit.  With Dr. Ludwig’s approval, they still exchanged blood regularly.  They both came from the bite and he pulled out for a moment while she caught her breath but that was all.  Just when she could focus her eyes, she heard him say, “Again.” And he was right back in, pounding away.  Vampires DID have excellent recovery time after all.  “Sookie. Move your arms back to hold onto the desk.”  She did as he asked and he pulled out to eat her out again.

He switched between the two until Sookie was begging him.  “Eric, please.  Too much, I need release.”

“Then you shall have it but first” He pushed in with a snap of his hips.  “Who do you belong to?”

“You Eric, you.”

“Who is the father of all your children?”  Again with the deep hard push and snap.

Ahh, possessive Eric, nice of you to come out and play.“You Eric.  You own all of us.  We belong to you.”

“Damn right you do.”

With a finger to her sex he helped her move along and let go himself.  Sookie was heaving while trying to calm down.  Then she noticed the time; they’d been locked in the office for quite a while.

“OH MY GOD!  How will we explain our extended absence?”

“I’m pretty sure we don’t need to explain it to anyone.  It’s good for everyone to know that we’re still as in love as ever.”

“We could prove that in other ways.”

“Maybe, but this is the BEST way.”  He waggled his eyebrows at her.

In response, she rolled her eyes.“Just help me get dressed.  I want to hear about Jimmy asking Frannie out.”

“I don’t.”

“Don’t pout Daddy.  This is the right thing.”  He helped her off the desk.  “You go in there and be happy for her.  She’s very excited.”

“Will you give me another treat if I’m nice?”

“Good lord, if I treat you again tonight, I’ll go into premature labor Eric.  I need recovery time.  I’m growing THREE kids in here.”

“But I figured out a good position for that blow job.”

“If you’re behaved with Frannie, then we’ll make time for that before bed.  Will you be good?”

“Yes dear.”

They joined the kids in the playroom and Eric was ready to dive into the ball pit to catch Hunter when Frannie ran and jumped on him.  She squeezed him tightly and said.  “Thanks Daddy.”  Enjoying the hug, Eric’s upset at the whole dating discussion somehow vanished and he knew he was fucked; Frannie knew how to play him and he was the one that taught her dammit – the kids were going to be the death of him.  He’d worry about that later though.  Now it was playtime so he levitated with Frannie and dropped them both into the ball pit.


The following week, Eric was fretting in his office.  Sookie was helping Frannie get dressed for her date and Hunter and Moyra were playing with him – and he really was trying to distract himself with his little ones but it wasn’t working.

Hunter was creating a Lego city using some of the newest Lego pieces to include all species.  At Eric’s insistence, the Lego Company created Vampire faces on pale colored figurines and additional Legos that could transform figurines from standard human form into Weres and other shifters.  Eric funded the project since Lego management didn’t see it as a good investment – but they were wrong.  Wanting a world of tolerance won out and the line took off.  Parents, teachers and churches added the new pieces into their Lego collections to teach the value of being different.  Right now though, Hunter was struggling with the mountain he was trying to create so Eric left Moyra in her section of the office with her favorite stuffed toys to help his boy.  He could zoom over quickly enough if she started to escape.

Moyra was fine for about 5 minutes before she wanted Eric back.  He spoke to her trying to appease her since he was holding Hunter’s creation while his son tried to boost the foundation pieces.  Moyra, as they all suspected would happen, had her mother’s fire and she was NOT happy.  She was doing her angry face that also caused her to turn red – Eric couldn’t help by laugh when she did that.  Even though she was mad, she was still safe so he watched as she pulled herself up on the ottoman in her little area.  He wondered if this could be it and he whispered to Hunter to call Mommy.  Sookie and Hunter had worked out something akin to an intercom with their telepathy.  They were shielded most of the time, but they could also alert the other to open up for a message.  Sookie said it was like someone flicking their finger on her head.  “Message received Daddy, she and Frannie are running for it.  Let go of the Legos.  This is way more important.”

Eric thanked Hunter with a smile and moved towards Moyra, but not too close and started calling to Moyra to come to him.  Sookie and Frannie made it just in time to watch her giggle as she tried to reach Eric on her own two feet.  She got in three steps before she fell but everyone was yelling and laughing in excitement.  They played with her trying to get her to walk some more for a short while.  The door was open so all the supes working for Eric and in the house were well aware of what was going on.

Hoyt hated to do it, but Eric had several vampires – including a few Monarchs – coming in for a meeting tonight and they had arrived from the Bon Temps Hotel.  “Eric.”  At Eric’s request, Hoyt and Holly stopped referring to Sookie and Eric as your Majesty.  “Stan, Benito, Bubba and your Father are in the formal living room.”

Eric’s smile grew and he got that mischievous look at that news.  “Are they . . . ah ready Hoyt?”

“They’re ready, and with a few modifications, several of us humans will be ready too.”

“And the front yard?”

“Done to your specifications.  You’re still taking your meeting on the front porch?”

“Oh absolutely.”


“Nothing dear.”

“If you’re not up to something, why did you hide the fact that Papa is here.”

He was quiet for a moment until he decided to ignore her question.  “You should finish helping Lilla get ready.  She’s not going out in a yoga pants I’m sure.”

“She was just out of the shower when Hunter called me; it was the first thing she grabbed.”

“I’m taking Moyra with me to meet my guests and perhaps she’ll walk for us.”

“You’re just showing off.”  She started to walk out but turned around.  “If Papa is here, what about Godric Jr. and Cecelia?”

“They’re with Gran –as is Toni.”

“I will learn what you’re up to.”

Eric did show off his little girl while he met with his friends.  They ignored protocol and just enjoyed catching up.  Stan announced that he and Liz were expecting their second child in 7 months; their first, a girl, was just 10 months old.  Benito was just absorbing everything since his first child, also a girl, would be arriving within the next month.  He had NO CLUE how to be a father and had been calling Eric weekly when he panicked or for tips.  Godric enjoyed his Pop-pop time with Moyra and Hunter while they waited.

Hoyt joined them with a few friends from town and the vampire monarchs just burst out laughing at their own version of the planned fun and games.  Hoyt just smiled.  “I ordered these when I ordered yours.  Actually, these are the originals; yours were the ones that needed to be modified.  Got a modified one for Hunter as well.”

“Ok, but why is Jason wearing one?”

“Cause I might be in the same predicament in about 7 months.  We’re pregnant again.”

That ensued a round of congratulations for the group and they settled down again to wait.

“Sookie’s calling me.  I’ll be right back with my other Princess.  Father, do you want me to take Moyra?”

“No, I’m good.  You focus on your Lilla.”

Eric entered the family chamber a few minutes later.  He was shocked to see his Lilla in jeans.  They were designer and ridiculously expensive, but jeans.  “Why aren’t you in a dress?”

“What?  I thought I looked nice?”  She started to mist up.

Eric regretted his words immediately and moved to embrace her.  “I’m sorry Lilla, you do look nice.  I just thought you’d be in a dress for a date.”

“Dad, it’s dinner at Merlottes and then playing pool.  Do you want me in a dress playing pool?”

“Absolutely not – a very good point.  Shall we go upstairs?  I received a text that Jimmy is on his way.”

Since Frannie had had his blood, he could detect that butterfly feeling she just got about this boy as she put her arm through his to walk upstairs.  Sookie was just snapping pictures the whole time.  When they reached the main floor, Eric made a quick excuse.  “Oh, let me grab something, I’ll meet you in the foyer?”

“Sure Dad.”  Frannie answered but he could hear Sookie mumble ‘up to something’ under her breath.

Eric joined his comrades and quickly changed his shirt, then led the group of men to the foyer.  Frannie had been smiling until she looked at her father and all his friends.  They were wearing mostly identical tee-shirts:

bite shirt

bite bro dadd

Frannie’s face was priceless as she looked at her father in horror.  Her mouth hung open as she tried to formulate a response and for a moment she truly couldn’t say anything.  Even her brother – her beloved Hunter – was in on it!  “Daddy, please.”

Sookie smirked.  The master manipulator, her husband, had taught Frannie well – so well that it backfired on him.  She’d been pulling the Daddy card ever since her grounding was over.  It was how she got her phone back, how she got permission to have Kaley join them on their ski trip in February, and how she was trying to get Eric to stand down on his little prank.  Sookie waited to see if her father would give in; she didn’t think he would – Eric was enjoying this far too much.  She had to hand it to her husband and Hoyt, this was a good one.  Yes, her husband had gathered all his ‘Daddy of daughters’ friends and some extra folks for flare to pull off quite a joke.  Hoyt had called Ralph from his patrol to witness his son’s arrival as well.  They all turned as the Mercedes with Jimmy pulled up the long drive.

The driver, Peter, stopped right where Eric had instructed him and Jimmy couldn’t help but see the lawn right outside the car door.  A grave had been dug and a shovel was poked into the pile of dirt next to it.  The image had the opposite of its intended effect.  Jimmy started laughing.  He knew the King wasn’t going to kill him (unless he did something to Frannie, and he did NOT plan on that).  He laughed even harder when he saw the legion of vampire kings and other friends gathered on the porch.  He’d heard many times that King Northman could be really fun and this was obviously one of those times.  He bowed at the bottom step, “Your Majesties; Council Head Godric.”

Then he approached Frannie directly and held out his hand.  “These are for you.”

“Lilacs are my favorite!”

“I know.”  And he winked at Sookie, causing Eric to glare at her for aiding the enemy.

“Are you ready Frannie?”

“Yes.”  She turned to her mother.  “Mom, can you put these in water?”  Sookie nodded.  “OK, let’s leave this – I don’t know – what do you call a pack of insane men?”

“I think they’re just people that love you Frannie.”

Sookie and Frannie both melted at the boy’s choice of words and Eric grumbled about the boy sucking up to his wife.  “OK, let’s go.”  She leaned up to hug and kiss Eric and Sookie.  “Goodnight Dad, Mom love you.”

“We’ll be waiting for you here, at 11PM.”  Eric said.  The rest of his group broke up and headed into the house again leaving Eric just staring at the driveway watching his Lilla leave him.  It hurt something inside.  “My Lilla” he whispered to himself.

“Come on Papa Bear.  Let’s have an impromptu party to distract you.”

“No, I want to . . .”

“You’re NOT flying to Merlottes to spy!”

He sighed and turned to her.  “You know me too well min kära.”

“I know you’re hurting that she’s already a young lady – but Eric – we knew we’d only have her to ourselves for a few years.”

“I acknowledged that before I was so attached.”

“Come on.  Let me yell at you and your friends properly for trying to embarrass your Lilla.”

“That’s not what we were trying to do.”

“I know – but your plan to intimidate Jimmy didn’t work did it – the boy LAUGHED.  I think they’re a good match.”

“We’ll see.”

“So, did you really have business with everyone that you invited or was this just for fun?”

“For Fun.”

“Are you done having fun?”

“I have one more surprise for Jimmy when they return.”

“Care to share?”

“I wouldn’t have called it a surprise if I was going to share.”

She was just about to yell at him in advance for embarrassing Frannie again when they heard a loud bang from the office.  They went off to investigate.  When they got to the office, Hoyt was standing there in front of Eric’s desk that had the two front legs broken off.  It was tilted forward and his PC, phone and papers from the desk were all over the floor.  Sookie was immediately concerned.  “Hoyt, are you alright?”

Eric’s assistant stood there with a stunned look on his face for a moment so she called to him again before he responded.  “I was just putting this bag Mustapha dropped off from Best Buy today on the desk – I think it’s just new phones for some guards – anyway, it’s not that heavy but the desk came tumbling down.  A crowd had gathered, since they had so many extra folks in the house for Frannie’s send off and they were all puzzled too.  Hoyt bent over to inspect the desk.  “It’s like maybe it was already cracked somehow and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Sookie gasped and went red – even though that action was the thing that gave away the secret of the cracked legs.  Eric took one look at her and bellowed out loud while the rest of the room snickered.  Holly was the only one confused in the room so Hoyt whispered to her – not that that helped.  “Don’t you remember last week when they were in here for a couple hours but they really didn’t have a meeting?”



At 10:30, the Mercedes with Peter, Kavan, Jimmy and Frannie pulled into the driveway and Eric was, as promised, waiting on the porch with his wife.  He had something in his hand and Sookie couldn’t wait for the explanation.

Sookie rose first to greet them.  Jimmy started bowing and the Queen put her hand up.  “The King and I spoke, all this bowing will be too much Jimmy so if you bow when you first arrive – if you’re here for Frannie – then that’s it for that visit.”

“Thank you your Majesty.”  She didn’t correct the language; the title would have to remain.  It was already a fight with Eric on the bowing.  That she had trouble understanding.  Eric HATED bowing but he wanted this boy to bow each time.  He finally caved after a good thirty minute row.  Sookie recalled the make-up time from the fight as more than enjoyable.

“Jimmy.”  Eric finally stood.  “Are you familiar with a courting candle?”

“No sir.”

“Allow me to explain then.  I recognize,” he stopped to glare at Sookie, but she just smiled, “that with guards, you really don’t have a chance to . . . just be yourselves with each other.  To rectify this, I’m offering you some private – well semi private – time when you return from your dates.  Tonight, since it’s nice out, you may spend your private time on the porch.  We always have guards on patrol, but Kavan will join us in the house for a while.  How long you have depends on this candle.  Before I go, I will light the wick and when it reaches the metal, your time is up.  I will be setting the height of the candle – as you can see,” he moved the wooden block up and down, “I can adjust this candle based on my mood or my opinion of you.”  He glared at the boy.  “It would be in your best interest to stay on my good side.”

“Yes sir.”

He took Sookie’s hand.  “We’ll leave you to your . . . visit.”  He adjusted the block in the middle, thinking that was a fair start, lit the wick and took Sookie into their home.

“You did good Papa bear.”

“I still don’t like it.”

“Yes, but she loves you for it.  She was over the moon when you were talking about giving them time.”

He absently nodded as Sookie led him away from the windows and into the den.  There, he made a beeline for Moyra, picked her up (causing giggles and smiles) and told her.  “You’re not dating Moyra, ever.”  Then he leaned into Sookie’s tummy.  “And Beans, if any of you are girls – that applies to you too.”


“I’m the King Sookie.  My word is law.”

She smirked at his serious face and retorted.  “I’m the Queen and I’m telling the King that something really stinky happened in that diaper there and since you want them to stay babies forever, it’s your turn forever.”

candle 2

IDEA CREDITS:  Padore – she wrote a review to She’s a Teen that inspired two topics here – first is the dug grave and shovel – but the other was the link to the DADD shirts (THEY EXIST – the ones that say Shoot the first one do).  I created the bite the first one and brother version for this chapter.  See – I read reviews – I do!  THANKS PADORE!!

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35 thoughts on “Glimpses 3 – Daddy’s Woes

  1. Pingback: The stories you told me . . . | magsmacdonald

  2. Exactly how I would have expected this 1,000+ year old dad to act when his daughter wants to date. Too funny. (the t-shirts were inspired).

  3. So funny. I was laughing so hard. Eric is so funny with the shirts and the grave. It is beyond cute how protective he is. Great chapter, loved it!!!

  4. Excellent! Eric & Sookie’s negotiations were hilarious! Just the thought of Eric Northman having a teenage girl is funny enough, but having a teenage girl who’s dating? Belly-laughing funny, and the addition of the t-shirts? I’ll be laughing all week! Thanks for the comical chapter, and I can’t wait for more! Padore, your ideas were fabulous!

    • Why, thank you! My husband insists that when our daughter is old enough to date he will be on the front porch cleaning a shotgun with a hole dug in the yard and a shovel stuck in the ground….LOL

      • My dad would say that about me & my 2 sisters. My ex said the same about our daughter… It’s a Daddy thing! It never happens! They end up just sitting there much like Eric in the story wondering “how could this happen?” LOL! I guess it’s because they KNOW how they were…it was OK for them, but now it’s their little girl…different story! So silly!

    • I enjoyed writing it too – it’s even better that folks got a laugh out of poor Eric’s pain. More for this family will be a while – I need to really prep hard to write about triplets. There’s just so much opportunity – I don’t want to waste it. Got some stuff planned already. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  5. This is karma coming back to bite Eric in the butt. In all his centuries, rutting like a stag, how many fathers do you think he’s angered? Hah He’s just afraid one of his girls will end up with a boy just like him! Love the boomagrang effect this is having. He would never admit it, but you bet that’s on his mind.
    Cute shirts!
    As far as Moyra’s frst word being “shoes” –not too unusual. My Kelly’s first word, when she was six months old, was “dog”. My parent’s dog, a cockapoo, guarded her like she was the crown jewels. So, whenever we visited, our “little black shadow” was always around. My mom was in the kitchen with Kelly in her arms. Kelly spotted Gretel and said “dog”. My mom raised her eyebrow, and I told her, “eh, she’s been saying that for about a week now.” And, she turns 40 next week. And doesn’t shut up. And…true to the Bill Cosby curse, “may you have children just like you”, my daughter has two chatter boxes that hardly take a breath. When she complains I just laugh…and laugh…and laugh…..

    • Karma – yep. Shoes was my oldest child’s first word and I just thought it would work perfectly here.
      Love the Bill Cosby bit – my mother laughs from heaven everything my Josephine drives me nuts (she’s a mini-me – and not in the best ways).
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

    • Padore gave me the idea for the shirts and that idea inspired the whole chapter.
      The candles are sold all around me – amish country.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  6. That was wonderful. Jimmy has a sense of humor, which will help him a lot. I figure most of those vampire daddies will act that way with their baby girls. They are very old-school. Jimmy also has to understand that he and Frannie will always need guard because of who her parents are. It’s the way it is in their world. Thank you for a delightful story.

  7. Oh, Mags thanks for using my crazy thoughts. I thought those shirts were hilarious when I saw them – coincidence that they popped up on my sidebar before I read your chapter!! Funny – my little girl came home about two or three days later (she is 9) and told us that a little boy in her class asked if her could “date” her LOL She said “I told him that we don’t have boyfriends at our house until I am told that I can.” Good answer! Then she asked me to “please don’t tell Dad” Oh, the fun we have ahead of us! Excellent chapter! Loved it!

    • Thanks for the inspiration! And funny timing with your daughter being asked to date. At our middle school – that means they sit at the ‘couples’ table for lunch. It hasn’t happened in our house, personally. Soon I guess.

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