Until It’s Gone

Story: Until It’s Gone (NOW a TWO – Chapter Story) – COMPLETE

Writer: Magsmacdonald

For: Seph’s Writing Challenge

May, 2014

Beta: MistressJessica1028

Banner: Banner 1 SVM/TB

Title Inspiration: Linkin Park – Until It’s Gone

 Until It’s Gone:

‘Cause finding what you got sometimes,
Means finding it alone.

‘Cause you don’t know whats you’ve got,
‘Til It’s Gone

– Linkin Park – Until It’s Gone

Chapter 1 – Revelations

35 thoughts on “Until It’s Gone

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  2. I loved it!! Too bad it’s not a multi-chap because after Eric and Sookie reunite some supe drama is gonna happen;) However, this HEA is by far the best even though I cried the entire first half thinking Eric was dead. Don’t do again please:….(

    • Supe drama? Never from me. . . . Don’t do what – make you cry? Uh – I’m not as bad as some but you should know by now – tissues are required equipment with my stories.


  3. I loved this story while I read it during the contest and as I commented before I would like to see you continue it Pretty please with a cherry on top!?? Take care Mags

  4. Loved it… I think may need one fix – you stated Felipe let Pam out of her contract due to grief. Since Eric was “killed ” for killing Felipe I think it should be Russell let her out – but I could be wrong I am tired. Either way, great short. Now get back to MAW

  5. Your captured Eric’s strategic abilities so well here, and made it utterly believable that he was in fact finally gone. Wonderful turnaround on that by the way. This is an HEA every Eric & Sookie fan can revel in.

  6. Yayyy! I love finding out who wrote my favorite contest entries…and this was definitely a favorite! 🙂

  7. I loved it! I wish you could continue it. I would love to read more. I cried, I laughed, I swooned, I got angry ( Bill). It was absolutely awesome. I love all your stories. This is another great one.

  8. Here i was about to plummet into the depths of despair and you yanked me out at the last minute. I was a little afraid Sookie might be ready to off herself. I love your solution to the so-called marriage with Freyda.

  9. OMG, you had me thinking Eric was really gone. I was ready to join Sookie by the head stone and reminisce with her and wish she had done things different. Loved how Bill thought she was going to save him, but she just didn’t want the mess in the house…LOL Loved it..

  10. Hopefully you are writing the final season of True Blood & this is a teaser for us. No. Damn. Its so what I want. Tears were shed while reading this. Well done!!

    • Pfft I don’t even know what happened after season 4 – actually I never even finished that! I’ve heard tidbits of course and it doesn’t seem like something that can be saved.


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