Low Road aka Flamin’ Cheeto

IT’s TRUE!  I take the low road – PROUDLY.


It’s way more fun.

Speaking of fun, have you noticed that MistressJess and I sometimes have a lot of it by picking on each other – publicly?

NO?  Do you live under a rock?  Here is an example – and she asked for it (go see her current post).  I send my dear friend a Flamin’ Cheeto:

DSCN3953 DSCN3952

Yes – those are my girls – Jr Pyros.

Mags – is there a purpose here?  Yes, yes there is.  First – Jess, I needed that tonight and it means the world to me that you picked on me via a post.  Nobody (SOB) has ever cared sooo much.  HUGS

Also – I wanted to share my one-shot from Seph’s writing challenge.

It’s called Until It’s Gone

Make a Wish returns this weekend.


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