Glimpses 16 – Growing

Time jump:  Fall 2012 Frannie 23, Hunter 13, Moyra 8, Triplets 7

Where the hell were we?

Frannie and Sam got married in June of 2011.  Sookie and Eric decided on more kids.  

This is ROUGH!  I haven’t written or edited in months.  It’s a shorty so a good way for me to get back in the grove.  Please be kind.  If you eagle eyes out there find anything horrific, add it to comments and I’ll get to it ah . . . someday.


Chapter 16 – Growing

“How much longer!  I can’t stand this waiting.”

“It takes as long as it takes Dad, you know this.”

“It’d be easier if I could be in there.”

Hunter shook his head at his father.  “That’s not what she wanted and it wouldn’t be easier.  You’d just be yelling at Dr. Ludwig.  Now come on, you promised we’d look through these college programs.”

At thirteen, Hunter was finishing his final months as a High School student and was planning to start college next fall.  Science was still his predominant interest and he had offers from several respected universities.  He hadn’t made a decision yet.  Eric was using the – if I don’t look it’s not happening – approach to the decision: all the universities were out of state.  Security wasn’t a problem as the Ancient Pythoness had already provided several additional Britlingen guards for the family.  Seems her estimate to provide one Britlingen for the trips and Moyra wasn’t accurate.  The trips and Moyra’s interests were too different and they were going in opposing directions at all times.  Once she saw how Eric struggled with spreading the guards across all the kids, she arranged for one guard for the trips, and another for Hunter as he prepared to move away for school.  Moyra didn’t need a Britlingen though.  Given her powerful spark and healing ability, Claudine had arranged for members of the Royal Fairy Guard to provide security for the girl.  They too could become invisible and help Moyra with her abilities.  It was a perfect fit.

Eric sat with Hunter in the upstairs den and tried to concentrate on the offers, amenities, and educational programs from each of the universities, but he kept hearing the noises down the hall.  It was too distracting.  “Hunter, I can’t do this now.”

“Let’s take a walk.”

“WHAT!  I can’t leave now.  What if they need me?”

“We aren’t leaving the property.  Take your phone.”  Hunter watched as his father grumbled for a moment but did as his son requested.  “We’ll go as far as the barn.”

Eric grimaced but stood to leave the house.  “Let’s go.”  They made it to the back porch before he saw his minions with their teacher.  “Are you guys done your science lesson for the day?”

Their leader, Jarl answered.  “Yes sir, we’re coming in for lunch, then we’ll have a math lesson.”

Eric knew something was up, Jarl was being too proper.  “You aren’t trying to take advantage today, since your mother is pre-occupied are you?”

Like they always did they were up to something, they smiled innocently and shook their heads.  Pammers added, “Of course not Daddy.  We know what’s going on.”

“I will be very unhappy if I have to take time out today to deal with your antics.”  Another nod, this time with a serious look.  Hopefully they meant it.  He had one more standard check before he let them into the house.  “Empty your pockets.”  Why they didn’t sew their pockets closed and be done with it, he didn’t know.  The three had a proclivity for keeping souvenirs from their days in their clothing.  Last month, they stole slices of bacon at breakfast (they were huge bacon fans).  Then the three forgot about eating their snack.  Everyone’s laundry smelled like bacon until they replaced the drier.

From the looks on their faces, he knew they were trying to sneak something bad into the house.  He put his hand out to collect.  Addy started and handed him a container of lactose from the chemistry lab.  That wasn’t too bad.  Jarl stepped up next and handed over para nitroaniline red.  Eric’s eyebrows raised in question while their teacher started fidgeting.  While the first two offered their items quickly, Pammers did not.  That was a dead giveaway that it was her plan.  The worst ones usually were her brainchild.

With a deep sigh, he handed the contraband already collected to their science teacher and faced all three of them.  “No sparring for two weeks.”  Jarl and Addie looked heartbroken but Pammers stiffened her upper lip and faced him down.  GODS! She could be the wickedest out of the three!  “If I have to reach into your pocket myself, you’ll also lose your turns at flying with Daddy for a month.”

Pammers loved to fly with Daddy and her fallen face showed he had her.  Reluctantly reached into the large pouch pocket from her sweat shirt and pulled out a container of potassium chlorate.

Eric turned to Gazali Desani, their science teacher and had planned to ask what the chemicals could make, but guessing by the horrified face she was making, it was going to be bad.

Hunter was the one with the answer though.  “With those ingredients, they can make red smoke bombs.  I made them with Professor Desani but the trips were told that they weren’t old enough.  Guess they wanted to try them on their own.”

He wanted to rip his hair out.  “The two weeks of no sparring still stands but I’ll add to that when I’m less angry.”  He knelt down to face them eye to eye.  “It’s in your best interest to be . . . actually, not anything like your usual behavior.  Be good instead.  You don’t want to anger me further.  Am I clear?”

They tried nodding and he gave a stiff shake of his head and stood waiting.  The three chorused out a yes sir and he left them with his teacher.  He knew Gran was preparing lunch for everyone today.

The only good part about running into his little fiends was the distraction they provided.  He and Hunter resumed their walk to the barn and he started grooming one of the horses.  His mind wandered and worried with the quiet time to think.

Hunter saw the frown return to his father’s face, so he decided to help.  “So the goats.  Are you planning to say yes?”

Eric chuckled.  “What do you think?”

“Permission to speak freely?”  They both laughed and Eric nodded.  “I don’t think you can deny Moyra anything, so we’ll have goats on the property soon.”

“And why is it you think I can’t say no to Morya?”

“Pfft.”  He waved his hand.  “Moyra isn’t materialistic with her requests, they’re more . . . wholesome?  Well, except for her obsession with chocolate puddy, but that’s Mom’s fault.”  He rubbed his chin as if he was thinking something through, then added.  “I think Moyra got all the sweetness and the trips were born under the influence of the dark force.”

“Do you think I can get Luke Skywalker to help me?”

“I think I’m going to miss lots of triplet antics when I leave for school.  I also think that Uncle Russell is right.”

“About what?”

“You getting grey hairs.  They’re coming for you, I’m sure.”

“HA HA.”  He moved to the other side of the horse and began brushing again.  “So any thoughts on your school?”

“You really don’t care what school I attend?”

Eric did care and he knew Hunter was trying to prod him into a discussion rather than fretting.  “Of course I care.  I want you to attend the closest school and knowing that makes me the wrong person to help you select.  You need to choose based on academic fit and your happiness.”

“You’d invent something to keep all your kids young if you could, wouldn’t you?”

Eric smirked.  “In a heartbeat.”  He stopped his brushing suddenly.  “Your mother is calling me.  I must be needed at the birth.”  He was off in a blur with Hunter trying and failing to keep up with him.

Eric raced through the house; stopping to take a sobbing three-month old Adrianna from Gran’s arms (she wanted to nurse and was making it known).

He reached the door to the birth room and stopped.  Knowing how the women on the other side of the door felt about this birth, he knocked before entering.

“Come in.”  Frannie called.  He’d only made it two steps into the room before tears formed in his eyes.  After handing his youngest, baby Adrianna, to Sookie so she could nurse the wailing little one, he moved to the bed.  There was his Lilla, glowing while she held a tiny babe in her arms.  Sam was sitting beside her with a grin so large Eric thought his face might split apart.  Eric’s heart swelled at the image of the growing family.  It was Frannie’s voice that drew him from his thoughts.  “Daddy,” she raised her arms up with the baby.  “Meet your grandson, Quinn Samuel Merlotte.”

He took the bundle from her arms with ease.  Before greeting the baby, he leaned over and kissed Frannie on the forehead, then checked that she was doing alright after the birth.  Once he was satisfied with Frannie’s health, he focused on his first grandchild.  “Hi Quinn.”  The baby’s eyes opened briefly and Eric smiled at him.  “I’m so happy to meet you.  I’m your Pop-pop.”

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26 thoughts on “Glimpses 16 – Growing

  1. Delightful. The triplets are definitely going to try his patience. Working together they may be able to take over the world! So pleased that Frannie is happy, and in love. Thank you, I so have enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast story and stories.

  2. So very happy to hear that you are victorious in your battle!!! I lost my Aunt to cancer in 04. All I can say is Fuck Cancer!

    Thank you for posting this short. I love these characters and enjoy hearing from them.

  3. Aww that was sweet. And I love those trips!! I am so sorry to hear of the awful time you’ve had. I am really happy to hear you are recovering and cancer free. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

  4. Welcome back and congratulations on beating cancer. My mom is a survivor too 🙂 Great addition to the series can I just say aaw to Eric becoming a Pop Pop

  5. Kicking cancer’s ass – check!
    Writing a delightful chapter complete with the trips planning world domination- check!
    Having you back healthy enough to write – priceless!
    Take care of yourself

  6. Welcome back and congratulations on beating cancer! Heartfelt wishes it stays away from you forever now. Loved the little visit with this family! I see the trips haven’t changed a bit, although I really hadn’t expected them to, lol. Poor Eric having to think of Hunter moving to college! And Wow! Sam and Frannie are now parents…although Eric as pop-pop cracks me up (any grey hair or not). Welcome back!!!

  7. As one survivor to another, WELCOME, WECOME BACK! I see that your sense of humor is still intact! Quite an update to the Northman Family Saga –Can you just picture a handsome “forever 25” year old being called Pop Pop?? Yeah…neither can I……
    and the triplets –Pammers is SO aptly named…..
    Continued blessings!

  8. That’s just so much awwwwwwww!
    Welcome back! You kicked cancers ass! 🎉🎉

    Eric – “And why is it you think I can’t say no to Moyra”
    Teeny tiny error. You’ve spelt it Morya. Teeny tiny… 😋

  9. So good to read an update on my favorite little vampire family. Truly glad you are on the mend. As a caregiver to a survivor, there were a few dark days, but things a looking up and reports are good. Take care and don’t be afraid to let your help (family and friends) help.

    I hope you keep sharing these glimpses with us as your time allows. Thank you!

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  11. I’m so excited that you continued this story! I loved BVB and appreciate the family updates. I’m glad you’re feeling better too. You’re an extremely talented author and I love every story you’ve ever written.

    • It’s sitting in my head, there’s about 5 words in some circles on a piece of paper too. I don’t think I can get it to you to have during Irma. And no, I’m not going to explain the circles. Stay safe! And yes, I know Ms. Buffy says not to start sentences with and.

  12. ‘and’ is fine with me… it is how we speak when we talk to one another, okay i will ‘let it go’ for now but i will be waiting …. so far so good but the worst is yet to come…. KY

  13. I don’t remember reading this chapter, and I try not to miss anything you write. I love seeing Eric’s interaction with his children. Now he is a Pop-pop. That gives me the feel-good shivers.

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