Even the Dead Can Scar Characters

Thanks to Sephrenia for my banners!!!



Played by Alexander Skarsgård and Anna Paquin

These two are a combination of the book, movie and my own influence.  The care they have for each other is obvious from the start, Sookie just has a huge hurdle (Bill).  My Eric’s are pretty sweet – this one will be no different.



Played by Allan Hyde.  Eric’s Maker in this story.  They have a very close relationship and in this story; Godric has not closed the bond nor is he looking for a way to end his undead life.


Pam played by Kristin Bauer van Straten.  This is a good Pam (unlike my MAW Pam) – so you can all relax.


Played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This is NOT your typical Barry.  He’s got his act together and his telepathy is strong.  He’ll be a great ally.  You’ll see . . .

1 tissue

Played by Carla Gugino.  For this story, Thalia and Sookie click right away.  I’m planning to do more with Thalia that I normally do (and I’m pretty much always a fan of Thalia).


Played by Stephen Moyer.  Worse than your average Bill.  See the Trigger page for more detail.Eliane

Played by Karen Gillan (any Dr. Who fans out there)??  You pronounce her name:  Elly-Ahhnee.  It’s not a mistyped Elaine I promise.  You’ll meet her quickly and she’ll fit into our gang quite nicely.


Ginger?  Yes, Ginger has a big role right in the beginning.  Played by Tara Buck.


Roman Zimojic played by Christopher Meloni.  Well, seeing that I never saw True Blood when Roman was a character, I’m just using the concept of a Vampire Council Head and using the actor.  I’ve got no idea what Roman is supposed to be ‘like’ so I’ll just use him as I like.



We’ll meet the Mickles at one of Eric’s properties.  Played by Liam, Luke Samantha, Chris Hemsworth.

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