Chapter 30 – OUTTAKE – What you can find in a kitchen

Chapter 30 – OUTTAKE – What you can find in a kitchen

***NOTE: There is no plot or story lines in this short chapter. This can be skipped if you don’t want to know about the fun Eric had with Lorena and Bill. Now, I don’t actually describe the torture fully, but Eric and Pam describe the tools they brought to use. I also wrote it with some humor where I could. I hope everyone chooses to read it because one of my favorite lines from the story so far is the end of this chapter. I know for sure, I’ll never look in my kitchen drawers the same again. Everyone can thank Duckbutt for wanting the details – that’s why I added this outtake to the story.***

Eric descended the stairs to the dungeon level at the palace with Pam. Pam had not yet had the opportunity to ‘visit’ Lorena and Bill and she was quite happy to be here now. She was even humming Barry Manilow’s Copacabana in anticipation. She’d created a loop of Barry Manilow and Barney songs to be played on continuous loop for her two victims (on headphones for them to hear only, of course). The air smelled of blood, fresh blood so they weren’t surprised to see Rasul walking out as they approached the hallway that contained Bill and Lorena. He was smiling and covered in sprays of blood. “You left us something, right?”

“Only warming them up for you Eric, Pam.” He smiled and he checked out the blood on his fingers. “You have a good time now.”

The ‘toys’ Eric had shipped directly to the palace for the evening were waiting for him outside the cell. Eric proceeded to open the box while Pam greeted their victims.

“Whorena, Bill! How lovely to see you.” Pam smiled as she spoke. They were both tied to a post in the room, their hands behind their backs, a strap around both their necks and stomachs and their feet in shackles. All clothing had been removed by Eric their first night and hadn’t been replaced. There was no need for clothing while being tortured.

“Just get it done.” Lorena grumbled.

Eric gave a nasty grin. “Oh no, we’re staying all night and returning to Shreveport tomorrow, no need to rush.” He reached into his box. “You know, I’ve started doing some cooking since I have a human to care for.”

Lorena had the nerve to interrupt me with a comment. “Moron.”

Instantly, Eric was had her neck and was strangling her. “You will be quiet, or I’ll cut out your tongue.”

When he released her she screeched. “You only have permission to remove one hand Northman.”

“Not true. Bill needs to keep both his hands. I spoke with the Queen and you both will be without certain outer body parts during your 38 days. I’ll save twisting your hand off slowly for the end of your sentence so it has no time to re-grow while you’re here.” He let out a sinister laugh and added, “I’m forward thinking like that you know.”

After donning gloves, he carefully checked out the implements in his box while he spoke. “As I was saying, I’ve spent some time cooking and therefore exploring all the tools humans use in the kitchen. It’s amazing what a world that has opened for me. With a few tweaks to common kitchen tools, I’ve created a whole new line of ‘toys’. You’re our first test subjects. Guinea pigs I believe is the phrase that’s used for this. If tonight works out well, I’m planning to market and sell my toys. I have a metal crafter who will have a share in the business and he’s very anxious to hear how this all works out.” He motioned to Pam as she set up a tripod for a video camera. “We’ll be taping the session for use in marketing or tweaking the products. I’m sure you don’t mind.”

He reached in and held his first tool up. “This was created in the fashion of something called a garlic press. I had to change the mechanics a bit since it needed to open at the end like a clam shell. This way I can place, oh, I don’t know something like a TOE in to be pressed and then ripped off. In it’s traditional use, the garlic would be squeezed through the holes on the press. I’m hoping that with the sharp edges I requested for each hole and my strength, your flesh will come out through the holes before the bone breaks and I pull to remove the toe entirely.” He held it up and admired the tool. “I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to try this out.”

He placed the toe press to the side and picked up a long metal implement from the box. “This is a microplane or rasp grater. I have several versions each with different size graters. Look at it closely. The razor-sharp stainless-steel teeth allow grating in both directions. I actually didn’t need to have this altered at all. We’ll try it just the way it is.” He winked at Lorena and placed each of the graters on the table.

“Now this was newly made. It was inspired by a combination of a guillotine and a mandolin. You see, I wanted something small enough to hold against your head. Something that would slice the outer ear clean off, but be more fun than a knife. I had it made in silver so just holding it in place before releasing the blade would burn first.” A mischievous grin crossed his face as he turned to Bill. “I checked by testing this with a sausage and that didn’t work. It has to be flatter, like the outer ear that I mentioned. Don’t worry though; I have something for your sausage that I think you’ll like.”

Turning his attention back to the tools in the box, he picked up a small knife like object. “This Bill, is a shrimp deveiner I had made out of silver. It works on shrimp to just put a small cut in the shrimp to remove the vein. I thought we could try to remove the large vein on your cock. And considering how small you are,” he glanced down at Bill’s manhood. “I think a shrimp deveiner is perfect. Of course, now I’m concerned you are almost too small to make the most of my nutcracker, but I brought a few sizes so hopefully we’re covered.” After he mentioned the nut crackers, he removed them from the box to show off his creations, both made of silver. Then he placed them on the table.

He looked back into the box. “AHA! I’d actually forgotten this one.” He turned to show them the large syringe. “This is a flavor injector. Like the graters, this is without modification. You see, the needle isn’t that sharp and it’s large, so if I had it remade into silver, it may have gone into your flesh too easily. Can’t have that. I have colloidal silver for the chamber when we’re ready for that.”

“Well, I’m sorry to say we’ve come to my last tool.” He pulled it out of the box. “It’s a peeler that’s also got this little scoop at the top. I did need this one made in silver with a razor edge as the edge of the original scoop wouldn’t be sharp enough to cut cleanly – and I want perfect little gouges on your skin.” After placing his final tool on the table he moved to the side and gestured for Pam to start.

“While Eric enjoyed the creation of new tools, I have always enjoyed the classics. Shall I begin?” She looked between Lorena and Bill as she put on her pink leather gloves. “So rude Eric, they won’t even answer me.” She reached into her own box, also shipped ahead of time. “Lorena, I’m certain you were feeling left out while Eric described the nutcracker and shrimp deveiner. YOU. DON’T. NEED. TO. WORRY. I’ve got you covered.” She had an object in her hands at her back. “TADA!” She yelled as she moved the object to show them. “You know what this is, right?” She waited. “Again Eric! So rude! Well, it’s a Pear of Anguish. I had it made in silver. It’s been a favorite of mine for years. See, I turn this key and the four sections of the silver pear open. Course I just can’t decide whether to shove it up your cunt or your ass. Maybe both if we have time.” Lorena actually looked ill for the first time. “Wow, Eric. I win. I got the most reaction so far. Wait til I show her the breast rippers.”

“YOU BITCH! You would do that to another woman?”

Eric stepped in. “Make no mistake about it, you live only due to the work your child needs to do for his Queen. You should be finally dead because you committed a blood offense with your idiot child against my bonded human. I want you to WISH you were dead before the 38 nights are up.” Eric was seething as he spoke to the woman. He picked up the peeler. “Enough talking for now. It’s time to get busy.”

They finished their session with about 2 hours left before dawn. This was planned specifically so Sophie-Anne could hold court very early in the morning. Eric and Pam had just bowed to the Queen and moved to the side where each of the other Sheriffs from the state were in attendance. “Eric, Pam, did you accomplish what you needed to tonight?”

“Yes your Majesty. If it pleases you and the court, we would like to share our results.”

“Yes of course. They’ve been put on something for transport so they won’t soil the palace?”

“Yes. I have a Brazen Bull that’s been transported from Shreveport. It’s large enough for both of them and lined with short silver spikes.” The doors opened and he gestured for Rasul to wheel the bull in. “As you can see, I had the bull crafted from fire rated glass so it can withstand up to 1000 degrees AND we can see Bill and Lorena once they are placed inside.” The glass bull was moved to an area in the center of the room near a fire pit. The area surrounding the pit had been covered with a fireproof carpet.

“Ingenious Eric. Would you share this bull?”

“Certainly my Queen.” He glanced at the door. “And here come your special guests now your Majesty.” They both looked as the Berts rolled Lorena and Bill (both gagged) in on a cart. All the wounds from the night’s torture were clearly visible to all in attendance and Sophie-Anne asked Eric to describe his methods. He spent about 30 minutes explaining how each wound was made, showing his tools at the same time. The vampires in the room all nodded in approval. After the wound display was over the Berts moved both Bill and Lorena into the Bull and rolled it over the now started fire.

Sophie-Anne continued to hold court for the next hour while muffled screeches could be heard from the bull. With only 30 minutes before dawn, the Berts removed the prisoners from the Bull (with gloves on of course) and court concluded.


Pam and Eric rose the next night and readied to leave New Orleans. Sophie Anne had been generous enough to loan them her plane so they could get back quickly. A quick flight and drive from the airport later, he was at the farmhouse and Sookie greeted him warmly. “Did you have fun?”

“You know I did.”

“Yeah, you had the bond open several times. It woke me up.”

“I’m sorry min älskade. When we go back down in a few days it’ll be more fun since I you’ll be available when I finish.”

“The full effect?”

“We’ll be there a few days we’ll work up to the full effect.”

“Care to give me a preview?”

He couldn’t hide the surprised look on his face. “We don’t need to see go and see Gran?”

“She’s already asleep; the move to the rehab center wore her out today.” She started pulling his shirt off as she walked backwards to her room. “We’re all alone Sweetie.”

He ran back to the door. “Let me grab my bag.”

“Why do you need your bag for sex?” He reached in and grabbed a pastry brush and silicone turkey ties. “I’m assuming you have those for sex fun and games, but they don’t look like you bought them from an adult store.”

He waggled his eyebrows and said. “You’d be surprised what you can find in a kitchen.”

A/N: Whorena comes to us courtesy of The Vikings Succubus – she just writes the MOST COLORFUL reviews.

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  2. OMG! Hilarious! You’re right! I doubt I’ll ever look at some of those utensils again without laughing! You have a great hubby too! I can only imagine the fun you two must have had coming up with the torture implements! LMAO!! And “Whorena?” Perfect.

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