Make a Wish – Teaser


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57 thoughts on “Make a Wish – Teaser

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  2. I’m getting all teary just from that snippet. I can’t wait to read this, I almost wish you to finish BatVB. I love your imagination. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Geez, straight to the heart you went with this one, didn’t ya? Firstly GREAT teaser! You got so much in it even if it was just a few paragraphs. Loved the emotional tone and ALL the possibilities it opens for awkward dates esp. if Eric is not as naughty as the early Eric in B&VB but just regular hardass Eric. My only qualm is that you have already made us fall in TOTAL love with this Hunter and it feels so sad that we may need to lose him. Can I make a wish that we keep him?

  4. This sounds so sweet! I can’t wait to read it, it’ll be bittersweet though cause that will mean BTVB will be done. 😦

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  7. A princess version. So cute and real. My 4 year old granddaughter is completely princess driven. She got a Princess version of Candyland for Christmas and loves to play it. I look forward to the next chapter so much.

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  12. I suppose it will embarrass her more for us to go on about how cute she was at 3. I bet she is a beautiful young lady. I’m gonna love your new character. Some of the new Disney princesses are great: Tangled and Brave are a couple.

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