Chapter 17 – Distraction

Chapter 17 – Distraction

Tissue warning – might impact some of you 1 tissue

Frying Pan – You might want to swing it at a few folks.  Not as bad as Jason and Pam though:  frying pan plain

Sookie woke to seeing Maxine in the room with her. “Hi little girl. How ya’ doin’?”

“I’ve been better. I guess you know?”

“Yes, at Eric’s request, Mustapha called Hoyt. It was late – that’s why he called him and asked if we could ensure you guys weren’t alone today. I called that fancy car service and a driver came and picked me right up this morning. I only need to call them about 15 minutes before I want to head home. Hoyt and Jessica will be here at dinner time and stay ‘til you’re asleep then Eric will be here when his bar closes. We do the same thing tomorrow.”

“I’d say that’s not necessary but . . .” She never finished. The tears were back and Maxine moved to comfort her. All the noise woke Hunter and he moved to be part of the hug. They stayed that way for a while just helping each other through the pain.

Bobby joined them after Hunter’s breakfast to fill Sookie in. “Sookie, Hunter, Mrs. Fortenberry, I’m sorry about your friend. I wanted to give you the details on the arrangements.”

“Oh Bobby, is it posted somewhere already?”

Shit, he hadn’t thought the visit through. Thinking he was doing the right thing by keeping Sookie informed, he left the funeral home and came straight to Sookie. He never thought of a reason WHY he would know the arrangements already. Sookie, of course, heard all of this but kept her mouth shut. “Well, the truth is, and Eric will be mad at me, I was there when the arrangements were made. Eric’s paying for everything so I have the details.”

“Eric’s not going to be mad because we’re all keeping the fact that you’ve told me to ourselves.” She looked back and forth between Hunter and Maxine. “Right?” They both nodded.

“Ok Bobby, what’s the story?”

“There’s a service on Sunday night – just at the funeral home. I’ve already arranged for Mustapha and Theresa to get you there with Sir Hunter. The Mass the next day is for family only.” He paused unsure how to ask. “Sookie, Sandra was hoping you would sing on Sunday.”

“Of course. Does she have anything in mind?”

Hunter blurted out, “That Christmas one – the Christmas Lullaby. Marjorie loved that.” Sookie’s eyes grew wide. That was one she didn’t think she could get through without breaking down and of course Hunter heard her thoughts. He was listening to Bobby and hadn’t replaced his shields. “I can help Mommy, I know that one too.”

She gave him a stern look – and he knew what for – but answered. “Hunter, Bobby didn’t tell us if Marjorie’s parents had something else in mind.” She looked back at Bobby. “Did they?”

She hoped the answer was yes and it was anything easier than that lullaby. “No, they said they would be honored if you sang and that it was your choice.”

“Ok Bobby, we’ll practice it – can you confirm for us?”

“Yes, I’ll handle all the arrangements. Do you need anything else today? Eric gave me no specific tasks, so I’m free for anything you need.”

“I appreciate that Bobby, but we’re fine. Thank you for your help with her services.”

“I’ll be leaving then. Call me if you need me.” Before he left he turned and took her hands. “I really am very sorry.”


Later that night Hoyt, Jessica, Hunter and Sookie were playing a game together which helped distract everyone from the grief. Once Hunter was asleep and the room was quiet, Sookie’s mood turned and Eric could feel her sadness.

He moved to the office to call her. “What’s wrong?”

“Hunter’s in bed, we just started a movie and it’s just quiet I guess. I started thinking.”

“I wish I could be with you but I have the bar and now I must speak to Pamela tonight.”

“I know you have obligations. What’s up with Pam?”

“She kicked a customer causing an open wound and then a feeding issue in the restroom here. She’s getting punished tonight: True Blood only for a month.”

“Yikes Eric. She needs some help with her anger issues.”

“I’d rather be helping you with your sadness.”

“I will be fine.”

“Put Hoyt on.”


“NO?” Being told no was not something to which he was accustomed so he was taken aback.

“You’re just going to ask him to stay until you can get here at 3, right?” Before he could respond she kept going. “There is no need. They’re staying til I fall asleep. There is no reason for them to sit here and watch me sleep.”

Gods! He hated when her stubborn side came out. He didn’t want to fight though so he just offered a stiff, “Fine.”

“Good. Go back to your throne your majesty.”

“Yes Princess.”

“Love you Sweetie.”

“Love you more min Röðull.”

Jessica squealed when Sookie ended the call. “You’re in love?” Sookie’s blush confirmed it. “I knew he was the one.”

“Hang on Jessica. Things are not that simple.”

“I swear to God Sookie, if you get stubborn about this and push him away I’ll kick your ass myself. I get why you didn’t want to be with Sam or Alcide, I do. THIS. IS. DIFFERENT. You guys love each other.”

“It’s only been a few weeks.”

“You know when you know.”

“Oh no!” Waving her finger between the two of them, she pushed back, “Don’t even try that one.”

“Sookie, you know damn well that we’re saving for our own house, that’s our delay. Love isn’t the problem. Looks like that’s the same for you and Eric.”

She glanced at Hunter so Jessica would see it. “I hear you. Right now I want to get back to our movie.”

Jessica got the message and deflated a bit. Sookie had more to think about than herself. “Ok Sook. I’m here if you want to talk about it.”



The following days everyone focused on getting Hunter and Sookie through the grief. It wasn’t easy. Their grief wasn’t just about Marjorie – it was pre-grieving and they all knew it. For Marjorie’s service, Eric joined them at the funeral home. Over the years, he’d paid respects to business colleagues and law enforcement individuals he’d befriended so a memorial service wasn’t a stretch for him. He was glad to aid Hunter and Sookie even if it was just his presence and an endless supply of hankies.

Mustapha asked to speak to him when they returned from the service. They moved to the waiting room at the end of the hall where the Were started his questions with his defense. “Eric, I want to have a conversation with you and I need you to understand my motives. I feel a strong desire to help you with Sookie and Hunter and that includes protecting them.”

“You have my interest.”

“What I may get is your wrath but I ask you to remember I’m trying to help you protect and keep them safe.”

“I will remember that. Go on.”

“They aren’t human are they?” This was a pivotal moment for the two men. Did Eric trust Mustapha with the truth or should he kill him at his first opportunity? The man obviously knew something so he couldn’t just ignore or laugh off the question. The silence stretched for a few seconds before Eric simple nodded. His decision was made; Mustapha would know. Honestly, his first feeling was relief and that puzzled him but he realized he suddenly had a daytime partner if you will for Sookie and Hunter. Mustapha had been doing much for them already it was time to formalize it.

“They are part fairy and their talent is telepathy.” Mustapha’s eyes went wide. “An eighth. Sookie’s paternal grandfather was part fae. Ready for this?”

“I don’t know. I’m already shocked that I’m not dead.”

Eric just laughed at that comment then proceeded with his other news. “Sookie’s grandfather was Fintan Brigant.”

“HOLY FUCK! When did you learn all this?”

“After I came back from the summit.”

“Jesus Fucking Christ Eric!” That comment was followed by a laugh. “You’re dating a fairy princess!”

“I am. This leads us to another conversation we should have had already. You’re going on my payroll. You spend as much if not more time on items for me, Sookie, and Hunter than Bobby and you haven’t invoiced me since this whole thing started.”

“You know I don’t need the money and I’m still doing investigative work for the police force.”

“I know your wife left you a sizable fortune, but it’s not right for you to give so much of your time.”

“I care for both of them. I’ll do whatever is needed.”

“And I have the information I need to set you up as an employee. Consider it done and the conversation over.” Mustapha actually tried to comment again and Eric cut him off. “Donate it to charity if you want, you will be paid. And I’m positive you know this, but sharing their secret will get you killed.”


Saying goodbye to Marjorie enforced Eric’s desire to cure Hunter and the bone marrow test was the first step. While he was nervous for Hunter and the test he was also excited to hopefully be making some progress. While he was hopeful, Sookie was more fretful; he could see it as they were getting him bundled up to go.

“You ready baby?”

“Yes Mommy.” Worry was all over his Mommy’s face. “It’ll be fine Mommy. You and Eric will both be there.”

To help, Eric reminded her, “Sookie, this is a good thing. We have something tangible to look for, Ludwig is quite skilled, and I’ll heal Hunter right away.”

“You can’t stop mommy worry.”

“I suppose not but I can still try.”

They arrived at Dr. Ludwig’s hospital and were greeted by the doctor herself and she took them back to her outpatient procedure room. Theresa had arrived early to review her role with the doctor. Since glamour wasn’t an option as they had planned, they decided to give Hunter a sedative. He wouldn’t be under full anesthesia but relaxed enough to endure the procedure. Ludwig would also numb the site for the incision and needle.

Sookie and Eric were given instructions on how to prep Hunter so they got to work. While he would be knock out, the boy was nervous so they felt having Eric and Sookie alone with him for as long as possible would be best. To keep the area as sterile as possible, Sookie and Eric both washed and changed for the procedure since they’d be staying with him the whole time. Sookie was going to sit at Hunter’s head and Eric was going to be further down to help hold him still. Once they began, the test took about 30 minutes and Hunter only cried out once when the needle was used for the Novocain. The look of pain on Eric’s face when Hunter was cried out almost had Sookie in tears; she was accustomed to how these things could go for Hunter – she didn’t like it, but she was more prepared – Eric wasn’t and you could see it bothered him. It just made her love him even more. Ludwig took both the fluid and then the tissue sample so there would be no need to repeat the test – or at least repeat it anytime soon. As promised, Eric used his blood topically to heal the area rather than needing stitches. Hunter thought that made the whole thing worth it.

Ludwig and Theresa left the room so Sookie and Eric could dress Hunter. “I’m very proud of you Hunter. You were very brave.”

Hunter smiled at Eric’s praise. “It helped that you and Mommy were there. Some tests at the hospital, they don’t let Mommy in.”

“I know. Dr. Ludwig is different.”

“I like her ‘cause she’s short and she talks to me just regular. Not like I’m an idiot kid.”

Eric laughed at his frankness. “You’re not an idiot kid.”

“Tell that to some of the doctors that meet with me, or the Rats.”

“He’s right Eric. You should hear some of the condescending tones and words folks use. These kids that have been around battling their illnesses deserve better than that.”

He’d picked up Hunter to carry him out at this point, but they continued talking. “I should glamour the idiots to use their brains and gage the conversation to the individual child.”

“Not worth the effort.”

Ludwig was waiting for them outside the room. “How long before we know anything?”

“Well, I haven’t reached anyone via a portal. I’ll just keep trying. Anyway, the problem I have is comparison. I was hoping to reach a medical contact in Faery to obtain a sample of fairy dust but that hasn’t happened.” She turned to Sookie. “I know this might be uncomfortable but I can probably create some if I expose you to lemon. I’ll start by taking some tissue and add lemon juice to it in a Petri dish but if that doesn’t work; I might need you to ingest some. Well, I have one other thing to try as well.”

“How bad will the reaction be?” Eric didn’t like this at all. “I know of a fairy in the area maybe we can persuade him.”

“Claude?” Eric nodded. “He’s so damn full of himself he’d do nothing to help I’m sure of it.” She paused as if to think. “I can try that first then if I’m correct and he doesn’t help I can get Sookie back here tomorrow.”

Sookie interrupted. “No, let’s do it now. We’ll keep the exposure minimal, right?”

“Yes. Can Hunter stay with Mustapha and Theresa? If so, Eric you can come in and prepare to heal anything right away.”

His concern showed on his face as he turned to Sookie. “There’s no talking you out of this?”

“You know the answer already. The sooner she has a sample, the sooner she can diagnose my baby Eric. It’s that simple.”

“Very well, let’s go.”

The test in the Petri dish failed, no dust was produced and Ludwig wasn’t surprised. Even though lemon juice and the tissue sample were mixed immediately after she removed the tissue from Sookie, it was still separate from the living being. The magic of the fairy blood was gone. “Now what?”

“I want to test using a toe – I’m hoping to prevent you from actually consuming any lemon now that we know the risk to your system. I’ll cut your toe, add the lemon juice, hopefully get a sample then Eric can heal it.”

Sookie wanted to get this done so she was removing her shoe and sock while Ludwig was explaining the procedure. “Go ahead.”

Sookie yelped when the lemon hit the cut on the toe – it hurt! But it was worth it to hear Ludwig yell, “GOT IT!” To stop the pain, Ludwig flushed the area with water right away and Eric followed up with blood.

“Well, now I have my comparison. I’ll start looking at the samples tonight and call you as soon as I know anything.”

“You’ll still keep trying to reach your Fae contacts, right?”

“Yes Eric. The portals aren’t exact so sometimes a few tries are needed.”

“We’ll wait to hear from you on next steps doctor.”

“Eric, this is new territory for me. It won’t just be a quick look and I have the answers.”

“Days, weeks?”

“Ten days, two weeks? Keep on course with the meds the hospital gave him for his heart and the dialysis of course. I’ll call Sookie every few days or so to check in.”



The next night was Tuesday and a Payroll week so Eric needed to be at Fangtasia. He called Sookie and Hunter to check-in and immediately started complaining. “I hate this bar.”

She just giggled at him. “You say that often. Did you get the payroll done?”

“The payroll is done. As far as my saying I hate this bar? Well, it’s true. It takes me away from you and Hunter. It’s filled with desperate, smelly humans vying for my attention.”

“It’s not their fault you can smell their body odor from a mile away.”

“You don’t have any.”

She deadpanned back, “Charmer. Sweet nothings about body odor.” He just laughed at her. “So no hints about tomorrow?”

He wanted to distract Sookie and Hunter as much as possible while they waited for the test results so he planned a surprise date for her. If he admitted it, he really wanted to distract himself as well. “Nope, you just be ready for me to pick you up. Can I talk to Hunter?”

“Of course. Here he is.”

“Hey Fidget.”

“Hiya Eric. Mommy’s real curious about tomorrow night.”

“She’ll just have to stay that way. Since I won’t have time tomorrow night to run to the movie store, I wanted to know if there’s something specific you want for our night on Thursday.” Eric had scheduled a girl’s night out for Sookie so he and Hunter could have their own evening. The boy was so excited when Eric told him his plans earlier that evening he squealed through the phone.

“I can’t believe you even need to ask. Don’t you read the upcoming DVD releases?”

Eric knew exactly what he meant but played dumb. “I don’t know what you mean. Oh wait – well Hope Springs just came out but I’m sure Mommy will make me watch that one with her – it’s a romantic comedy – a must for a date night.”

He whined. “Erriic.”

“Now wait.” He paused as if he was reading something. “Fidget, I’m positive that no matter how much you want to see the Yoni Netanyahu Story, Mommy won’t want you to see that. Too adult.” He could hear is buddy huff on the line. “Well, I also see the new Ice Age came out. Surely you’re not interested in that.”

“You think you’re funny.”

“I know I am. Just relax, I’ve already purchased it and can’t wait to watch it with you.”

“Good, ‘cause if you bring that old farts hope movie, I’m kicking you out.” Eric could hear Sookie admonish his choice of words in the background but he just chuckled at the boy.

“What’s Mommy going to see with the girls?”

“Some Bradley Cooper movie. Lala is apparently in love with him.”

“Silver Linings Playbook?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.” Eric heard some muffling then came back on the line. “Mommy wants you.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow Fidget.”

“Night Eric.”

“Hey Sweetie.”

“So Hunter says you want me.” He used the simple words but they were purred out.


“I have no idea what you mean.” He was pleased to have his other Stackhouse huffing on the line now. “What did you want min Röðull?”

“You just forgot to tell me if you’re feeding me dinner tomorrow.”

“Of course I’m feeding you. The most fattening thing I can find in fact.”

“OY! Broken record.”

“OY! Stubborn woman!”

“Go get on your throne. Love you.”

“Yes Ma’am. Love you more.”


The next night, Eric arrived, greeted Maxine and Hunter and swept Sookie out for their date. Literally, he picked her up and carried her out of the hospital, both with huge grins on their faces. “So where are you taking me.”

“You’ll know when you get there.”

“Am I dressed correctly?” Concern was evident in her voice. He decided to play with her.

“Not quite.” She gasped. “I’ll fix it when we get there.”

Her curiosity was really getting the best of her now – she even pouted in the car seat while they drove but he just laughed at her. “Min angel is misbehaving with her pout.”

“Ooh, maybe you’ll just have to take a firm hand with me.”

“Oh, I will.”

They pulled up to a large house after driving through some residential streets, past a security gate and down a very long drive. “Is this your house?”

“It is. Well, one of them.”

A puzzled look came over her face. “What’s wrong with my outfit then?”

He just smirked. “You’re wearing one.”

“You’re bad.” He moved to pick her up from her seat. “I can walk you know.”

“Good to know.”

“This home is beautiful. Craftsman style is truly my favorite. What are your other homes like?”

“The others I have in the area are just houses to use in case. I don’t go to any of them often enough to draw attention, they’re safe houses. Nothing worth noting. I do have a house in Sweden, a townhome in London, a cabin in Alaska and I still own that castle in Ireland though it’s currently being rented by a vampire friend.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“I’m 1000 years old Sookie. I’ve acquired some things and wealth along the way.” They were in the foyer now and he set her down, finally. “Can I give you the tour?”
“I’d love it. If it was warmer we could’ve stayed on the porch. That big wraparound is lovely.”

“I’ve enjoyed many evenings on that porch. Right now, though, I want to start with the kitchen.” He led her straight down the hall and towards the right to his kitchen. “I don’t have a formal dining room.”

“That makes sense.” She sniffed the air. “What do I smell?”

“I had Bobby deliver wild mushroom soup and duck ravioli from M&S.”

“Goody, we can both enjoy it.”

“Oh yes. Come.” He pulled a chair out from his table and she moved to sit while he pushed it in; then he ran to the kitchen to take her dinner from the warming tray and returned. As the night of their date, he helped Sookie eat by feeding her and kissing her properly throughout the meal while they spoke of nothing important and simply enjoyed each other. After her meal, he walked her through his home. He took the time to specifically point out that he did in fact have a laundry room since Sookie expressed disbelief that he’d done her laundry when they had their first date. Each room was tastefully decorated and when she commented on the shaker style wood furniture pieces Eric informed her that he’d made them all by hand. “I have a separate wood shop on the property. I don’t think we’ll make it there tonight though.” He waggled his eyebrows as he spoke and she blushed.

After walking both the main and second floor of his home, he led her to the hidden door for the secure chamber that spanned the entire basement level. “I never even noticed this niche when we were in the pantry. The whole set of shelves moves out?”

“When the security tests are met.”

“That’s cool!”

He smiled much like a child with joy. “I like my techie toys.” He nodded to the panel he’d pulled open. “I just need your thumb and I can add you to the system.”

“You’re sure?”

“Oh yes. You remember I rise earlier than the sunset. I want you to be able to join me – when your schedule permits of course.”

“I like that idea. More than liking it, I’m honored by your trust.”

With a sincere look and a hand on her face he responded. “Sookie, I’m thrilled I have someone I can trust.” He handled the entries into the security system and he led her down the stairs.

While everything was lovely on the main floor, it wasn’t until he took her to the lower level that she felt like she was in his home. “This is what I was looking for.”

“I could feel your curiosity and confusion when we were on the main floor. The only place I spend time up there is mostly the den where I mostly do some work.”

“This level is you. The wood carvings you have . . . oooh – is that your sword?” She ran across the room to the fireplace.

“It is. This case,” he pointed to a glass case with artifacts. “Contains items I was able to get from my homeland. Appius was cruel but he did go in stealthily and retrieved a few things for me. My sword, the treasure necklace and that toy duck carved from antler were from my home. I felt bad taking them but at the same time I needed them.”

“I understand.” She put an arm around his back while they spoke. “What’s a treasure necklace? It seems to be made of many different charms.”

“In a way that’s exactly correct – it’s like a modern day charm bracelet. We collected many colors of glass beads and the larger items would be items found or from raids. Anything we might treasure. It was not worn as a necklace you would wear. Rather the broaches are attached to each of the shoulder straps on a Viking Woman’s Dress.”

Sookie watched as he spoke; he was in the room with her and at the same time someplace else. She took a risk to see if he would open up. He’d been so willing to talk about his life before. “Will you tell me about your wife?”

He nodded and moved to the large sofa in the room and placed her on his lap. “She was betrothed to my younger brother. The union had been blessed by both families and they were planning to marry at harvest time. My brother never made it back from the raids that summer and to maintain the relations between the families I stepped in and married her.”

“Did you even really know her? Like her?”

“She had spent time with our family, a short time before the raids. I didn’t dislike her but even if I had it would have made no difference. The marriage was political and it was a fine marriage. My father had the approval of our chieftain for the union so we needed to see it through even though I was a substitute. It was simply the way.”

“Why was your younger brother chosen anyway – why not you first?”

“I was more interested in raiding and chasing skirts and my brother was ready to settle down. My father insisted that the first years of marriage were for having children so you didn’t raid for a few years as a newlywed.”

“Was that typical?”

“No, not typical but not unheard of. There was protection to consider and in our village – especially our family – adding to the population and protecting those young ones from others was considered just as important as the raids.”

“You just liked being a bachelor.”

“Most certainly. But for the family I set aside my desires and married Aude.” He smirked at her. “Besides, I had to like her somewhat, we did make six babies.”

“I have no doubt you were quite fertile.”

“I’m not fertile now, but we can always practice.”

“Is that why you brought me here?” She gave him a coy smile.

“It’s not the ONLY reason but it is one.”

“What were the other reasons?”

“Well, to feed you.”


“To show you my house.”


“To share my artifacts with you.”


He was quiet for a moment. “I’m pretty sure that’s it.” He looked up like he was thinking hard and even put a finger under his chin. “Yes, that’s it.” Before she could react he reached down and threw her over his shoulder and swatted her behind. “Now, I’m going to show you how a Viking uses a firm hand on his woman.”

“About time.”

“Ooh, sassy. You’re just asking for it now.” He slid his hand up her dress and felt her panties. “Is this all wet for me? Was it the sword? Tell me the truth.”

“It was your sword but not the one hanging on the wall.”

“I’ll be sure to show you how I can use it then if you like it so much.”

And he did.

They were resting in his bed enjoying the naked togetherness when Eric finally asked something he wanted to know and yet knew would bother him. “Sookie.”

“Yeah Sweetie.”
“I’ve heard bits and pieces about Sam and Alcide and their proposals. What really happened?”

“Are you going to growl?”

“I’ll refrain.”

“I started seeing Alcide when we met at Good Sheppard. His mother was there, she was dying of cancer. I had received some bad news one day and was upset and alone in a waiting room when he found me. He offered comfort and a smile and after I was calmer, a coffee. It didn’t take long for our chats of comfort to turn into something more. Alcide had an apartment across the street from the hospital – he rented it so he could be closer to his mom. He was nice and we had fun but it wasn’t love. At first I couldn’t hear him but the more I was with him the more that changed. After just a few months I could hear many of his thoughts if he was just near me and when we touched I heard it all. He was desperate for me but I really believe it was the grief. He started pushing for a commitment then he actually added money into it – not like I was a prostitute – but that he could take care of us; well mostly me. He had no hope for Hunter. I can’t blame him for not attaching himself to a dying child but he also can’t blame me for not wanting to marry him only for well . . . money.”

“You ended it?”

“I did. I had no plans to ever marry him and things with Hunter were getting bad. This was about the same time Good Sheppard cut us off and we moved here. The state was brought in at that point.”

“Yes, I have that information from Mustapha. When did Sam propose?”

“Shortly after I put the farmhouse up for sale. His was more blatant. I’ll give you the money for the hospital so you can keep your house if you’ll marry me.” Eric even blanched at the wording. “He really does love me or he believes he loves me. At the same time he knows I don’t love him romantically at all. To him, trapping me – and those were his thoughts – was the only way to have me. To say I felt like a whore at that point is an understatement.”

“Why not try to date you? Was it the marriage part that really did them both in?”

“No. I have nothing against two people who love each other getting married. It was that they knew I didn’t love them; that I’d be agreeing to a marriage for money. At least Sam cared for Hunter but like Alcide he didn’t keep hold of any hope that he’d survive his illnesses.”

“Sam has known you much longer than me and I already know you would never do that.”

“His love blinded him I guess. Alcide, like I said, was almost desperate from the grief. Besides like I said I started hearing Alcide’s thoughts from all the contact or whatever reason and once that happened I could hear Sam most of the time as well.”

They remained quiet after the chat, each in their own thoughts. At some points, Eric wondered if things were the same for Sookie and him, but he knew they were not. They were friends in love that shared a deep love for Hunter. Alcide, as Sookie said, had distanced himself from the boy.

“You’re thinking awfully hard over there Viking.”

“Just thinking about how we’re different.”

“Yes, you’re dead and I’m alive silly.”

“No I mean from your other relationships. We love each other.”

“Did my story worry you?”

“Worry, no. More like I just thought it through.”

“We are different. I love you.”

“That’s true – I can feel it. You know what though?”

“What Sweetie?”

“I love you more.”

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