Chapter 71 – Date

Chapter 71 – Date

October 8, 2004

“Daddy, you need to take Mommy on a date.”

Eric chuckled at Hunter.  “What makes you say that?”

“I remember when I first started going to Shreveport for sleepovers, you guys used to go on lots of dates.  You need a date.  I spoke to Gran and Pam, they’ve got me and Frannie covered for this Sunday.  You just need to plan something.  New Orleans is going to be busy, you need this.”

“Ok Little Dude, you make a good point.  I’ll ask Sookie for a date for this Sunday.  You, my son, are very smart.  A date WILL be a nice break before we head to New Orleans.”  He patted Hunter on the back.  “Thanks for reminding me.”

Hunter left Eric so he could get busy planning, he also told Eric he would stay away from Sookie for the next hour so Eric could surprise her just in case Sookie was listening to his thoughts.  He realized his very astute son was right.  They used to go on dates regularly – it was something they needed and he came up with an idea he knew would make Sookie happy.  A few phone calls later, and it was all set.  Now, he just needed to find her so he could ask her out.

She was just getting out of the shower when he found her.  “Hey.  I never got a shower before you got up and I was in the garden working on the soil.  I want everything ready for the bulbs I have planned.  Hunter told me he was busy with Frannie so I figured I had a window of opportunity.”

“Our son actually visited me not to long ago.  He reminded me of something.”  She simply raised her brow, asking him to elaborate without words.  “We haven’t been on a date in a while; we’re going to fix that this Sunday.”  Sookie was immediately thrilled.  They’d been busy for so long, then separated, then busy. . .  it just never occurred to her that they stopped dating.  The smile on her face told Eric she was just as excited as he was.  “I can see that you’re just as happy as I am about this idea.”  He grabbed a brush and she sat waiting for him to start working through her long locks.  This was something they’d both missed when he hair was short.

She moaned at Eric as he starting brushing through her hair before she answered.  “I am.  What are we doing?”

“It’s a surprise.  I’ll provide dinner. Apparently, Gran and Pam will have the kids.  I know Frannie’s old enough to take care of Hunter.”  He sighed a bit out of frustration.  “It’s the nightmares.”

“At least it’s not every night like the first week.”  She moved to hug her soft hearted husband.  “She’s improving Eric.  The guilt about enjoying her life with us is diminishing just as we hoped.”

“That is good news.”

Now that he’d brightened a little she moved the conversation back to the date.  “What should I wear?”

He paused at the quick conversation change and when he caught up he leered.  “Meet me in the bedroom and I’ll dress you.”

“So I should be naked when you rise?”

“Most definitely.


By the time it was Sunday afternoon, Sookie was just about to jump out of her skin with excitement for the date.  Just as they promised, Gran and Pam took the kids to the farmhouse and were keeping them until Eric and Sookie returned after first dark the next night.  A full day with Eric.  Oh, she loved the kids and everyone else in Bon Temps but she – no they – needed this alone time together.  When it was about thirty minutes until Eric normally rose, Sookie stripped and was about to slip into bed when she was attacked by her vampire.  She squealed out loud while he tickled her mercilessly.  “You’re up early.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to strip as promised.  I’ve been up for a while since you are so excited it pulled me from my daydeath.”

“Can we start the date early?”

“Hmm, we have almost two hours until I can leave the house.  We can do the date ending early?”

“You want your kiss goodnight, already?”  Her voice rose and squeaked a bit as she asked, trying to play with him even narrowing her eyes like she was making a suspicious looking face.  “How do I know if your date will be worthy of a kiss?”

“I want more than a kiss and you’ll just have to trust me on the date being worthy.”  He didn’t give her a chance to respond and instead moved to kiss her.  It was a kiss that conveyed hunger and a bit of wildness, likely due to the fact that they were alone in the house.  She immediately gave into his desires and moved to make room for him between her legs and used her feet to push his sleep pants down his legs.  The lack of finesse caused a hang up on the pants when his growing member got stuck on the elastic band.  Sookie giggled as she needed to make the proper adjustments.  “I’m glad you find my little problem amusing.”

“LITTLE?!  This isn’t little, Eric.”

“The better to fill you with my dear.”

“Should I also talk about your long, flexible fingers?”

“The better to tease you with my dear.”

“And your long, sharp teeth?”

He growled.  “The better to bite you . . . “

She put a hand over his mouth so he would stop talking.  “Then do it.”

“With pleasure.”  He started with his long flexible fingers and found she was wet from just their few minutes of banter.  “Is all this wetness for me Sookie?”

“You bet.  I’ve been walking around in this condition all day.”

“Let me check that out, could be a problem.”

He lowered himself down her body and stopped to greet Roo.  “Hello baby.  Daddy’s going to keep Mommy busy for a while.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it though.”  When he got to her legs, he pushed them back so he could have more access.  After taking his first lick, he groaned.  “You taste better everyday min älskade; I’m really enjoying this pregnancy.”  She could only moan in response.  After a few more licks, he pulled away for a moment, causing her to whimper.  “Patience my Sookie.”  He had parted her lips with his fingers and was blowing on the area.  She raised her hips up each time.  Her clit was swollen and red from the blood that had pooled there and he couldn’t resist taking it into his mouth and sucking hard on it while he moved his fingers to find her sweet spot deep inside.  Sookie really liked that if her grasp on the sheets and groans were any indication.  Her entire sex was so full of blood; he decided to try something new.  He again used his thumbs to spread the area wide and bit just around her clit.  Sookie screamed as she came.  If he wasn’t feeling the power of the orgasm, he’d worry that she was screaming in pain.  Her walls were convulsing harder than he’d ever seen or felt before and he released her flesh from his fangs to watch for a few seconds.  Wanting to feel some of the effects, he quickly positioned himself at her entrance and rammed into her with one hard and fast stroke; then stilled.  He didn’t need to move to enjoy being inside her since she was still convulsing and massaging his length using her inner walls.  Just as it started to slow, he began his thrusts as he also moved to sit her up; straddling his lap.  Since he hadn’t taken much blood from her clit, he decided to take a bit more and since those beautiful growing breasts were bouncing in front of him, he took full advantage.  He pulled on her now long again hair to get her chest to push out and attacked a breast.  As soon as he bit, Sookie came again and he followed up with a bellow that Sookie was sure they heard at the farmhouse.

Needing to catch her breath, Sookie’s chest heaved as she pulled in air for a few minutes.  Finally she spoke.  “Wow.  That was some way to start a date.”

“If that was just the kiss, what happens when we have sex at the end of the date?”

“You’ll need to revive me with some blood because I’ll be passed out.”


They got ready quickly and headed towards Shreveport for their date.  The fact that Eric was still driving them personally (while they were flanked in the front and back by guards) puzzled Sookie so she asked.  Turns out her thoughts were right, they would likely not have the luxury of driving themselves anywhere as soon as all the announcements were made and the dust settled on their monarchy.  In fact, Peter and Thalia had boldly argued with him about driving his own car to Shreveport.  It was a joy he wasn’t ready to give up.  Sookie just laughed at his pout.  “Don’t even try to seem upset over there pouty bear.  You know damn well I gave up driving on my own when I moved in with you almost a year ago.  Welcome to the club.”  Just as you’d expect from a king, he responded by sticking his tongue out at her.  She blandly replied.  “Maybe later, my ah . . . privates are still recovering from our pre-date ‘kiss’.”  She might have said she was recovering, but he still felt the wave of lust from her.  Lust was always good.

When they pulled into the driveway at the Shreveport house, Sookie was puzzled and Eric could feel it.  Hopefully she would enjoy the surprise.  After he helped her from the car, he guided her to the backyard, bypassing the house altogether.  She saw the tent and the fire pit – a large fire already going – and started crying.  “I love it.  It’s one of my fondest memories.  Oh, but we might be too cold in the tent tonight.”

“I have an electric mattress in there; it’s already been plugged in so it should be warm by now.  I know last time we liked setting up camp, but I wanted it to be ready so we could enjoy the fire right away.”  He was always conscious of her feelings of still being cold even though it had been a while since she returned from Vegas.  It wasn’t her actually body temperature, he realized, rather it was the memory of being cold that kept her feeling that way.  This was one of the reasons Claudine was scheduled for weekly hugs – at least for now.  Sookie was markedly better but some bad feelings still lingered.

They settled in their oversized camp seat near the fire, and he added a blanket over them just in case.  “Warm enough?”

“Yes.  This is so wonderful.  I love the fire.  Now I know why you just dressed me in casual clothes, I was puzzled for a moment.”

“I know, but you were a good girl and didn’t try to ferret out any information while I was dressing you.”

“What’s my reward?”

“Dinner.”  He nodded and a tray was brought out from the house and placed on the table next to them.  He waited until the waiter had retreated to the house before explaining.  “You’re not having hot dogs like the last campout we had.  I had a local chef prepare a platter of finger foods.  I’m going to feed you now.”

She took in the needful look on his face.  “You’ve been itching to do that since I’ve returned, haven’t you?”

“You’ve got that right.  I’ve pulled my hand back several times from reaching for your fork before you got to it.  I have scrambled eggs planned for breakfast and I’m feeding you again.”

“Well, by all means, feed me.”

He thanked her for allowing him the indulgence and he fed her all the canapés on the platter before he moved onto the chocolates.  Feeding her was always gratifying for Eric, but tonight it was especially so since his need to feed her and Roo was being satisfied.  He stopped several times for long kisses so he could enjoy the lingering flavors and when they finished the last chocolate, he could no longer contain his need and he ran with her into the tent for another round of date sex.

As he placed her on the mattress, her foot hit a bag.  Eric smirked.  “Oh good, they put the bag in I requested.”

“What’s in there?”

“I . . . spent time in the kitchen again.”  His eyes sparkled.

“Oh Lord, what did you find now?”

“Did you know there are all different kinds of vegetable brushes, all different textures?  I thought we’d try a few.  I have a corn silk brush, a mushroom brush, and a potato brush.  I think I’ll have you close your eyes and I’ll test each one on you.”

“OH NO.  I’m testing them on you.  Take your clothes off and close YOUR eyes.”

“Yes dear.”


The tent with the heated mattress was plenty warm for Sookie, so they stayed naked and tangled together to talk.  He loved having a family, but they didn’t have the chance for hanging around naked as they did before kids so he was enjoying it.  “Eric, I’ve been thinking about something.”

“What’s that min älskade?”

“We should come clean to Jason and the kids about how we really met.”

He was shocked at the idea.  They hadn’t discussed their first months together for a while.  Though he believed she was long over her first feelings of incarceration and injustice; that she was considering sharing the story proved his belief was correct.  “You’d be comfortable with them knowing the whole truth?”

“For the kids, I honestly believe it’s the right thing.  Telling Jason is a bit more scary or risky but I think we should tell him and let him keep the memory but you’ll need to glamour him never to share it.”

“I agree.  I must admit I’m surprised.”

“I feel that.  Did you think I still held resentment or anger?”

“No, not really.  I mean I haven’t thought about it to be honest.  I agree.  The kids need to know the whole story and WHY we’ve kept it quiet.  Jason will need to be glamoured as a precaution, that’s a good idea Sookie.  Do you think Hunter is too young for that story?”

“I think Hunter will be fine.  He’s the boy that rubbed your finger stubs every night hoping it would help with the ache, remember?”

Eric nodded at the memory; then asked.  “When should we do this?”

“After the coronation I think.  It’s just too hectic right now.”

“Is it too much?  I can get more help?  Suddenly having two kids and new jobs has to be overwhelming.  I’m sorry.”

“I’m not.  I’m home.  I’m happy.  I hated the thought of leaving Frannie and now I don’t have to.  I’m sorry she lost Quinn but I’m happy to take her in.  We do have Hoyt and Holly now as our assistants, so that’s be a big help.  I miss Potts though and Alcide.”

“I know, but sharing the leadership was an important . . .”

“Oh Sweetie, I agree.  I can agree with the decision and miss them.  Delegating Peter as your head of security was a good move, he’s ready.  You know, he has a daughter Frannie’s age.  She’s in the Packsters.  I think I’m going to try and foster a friendship there.”

“That would be good for her.  No boys though.”

“Yes Papa Bear.”  She giggled at him.

“We need something for Hunter.”

“Already on it.  I found a home schooling group that meets every Tuesday afternoon in Minden.  It’s to provide socialization for the kids.”

“But he’s not even old enough for kindergarten.”

“Yes, but I checked.  There are a few pre-school kids that attend since they have older siblings.”

“Perfect.  I would like him in music lessons as well and language tutors for both of them.”

“WHOA – remember they’re supposed to be kids.”

“Languages are more easily learned by the young.  This is especially important for Hunter.  They can have a balance.  I think Frannie’s teacher is a bit too demanding so I’ll speak to her about backing off on her curriculum so we can add a language.”

“Ok.  Better.”  They were quiet for a few minutes, just enjoying the closeness.  Sookie broke that by giggling.  “Wow, our first disagreement about the kids and we got through it easily.”

“Did you think we would fight about stuff like this?”

“US?  Fight?  Noooo.”  They laughed for a moment.  “I’m sure we will at some point, but we know how to deal with it.  Raising kids can be hard.”

“Speaking of kids.  We haven’t really had time to talk about Niall’s gift.  Do you want to have more children.”

“Well, I haven’t given birth yet and that could change things.”

“I feel a but coming.”

“Eric.”  She moved her hands to hold his face.  “I love our kids and I know you love them, but I want to have at least one more baby with Niall’s gift.”

“I want that too as long as you don’t think it will be a problem for Hunter, Frannie or Roo.”  Sookie loved that he continually thought of the children in their planning and actions.

“Let’s discuss it with Margo while she’s here.”

“Good idea.”  After feeling Sookie shiver a bit, he shifted their bodies a little so he could pull up a blanket.  “And since we’ve mentioned Niall and children . . . what’s going on with the idea you had for Fae after Claudine left the other day?”

“Well, I finally got time with both of them earlier today.  They poo-poo’d it as we figured, but it really was just ingrained in them to not reach out to humans for breeding.”

“Did they not see the difference?  You’re idea was for human surrogates to carry 100% Fae children.”

“It took a while and Finard and Ludwig really had to help me.  The end result was they agreed enough to take the details from Finard to Niall.  We’ll know more after they have that meeting.”

“You know, you thought that was such a simple idea but if that works – do you realize what you’ve done for the Fae, specifically the fairy race?”

“Eric, it’s not like surrogates was my idea.  They tried it themselves in Fae.”

“They tried it with other Fae women, not humans.  Their fear of Breandan’s backlash for such a practice kept them from even thinking about it.  Sookie, this could be huge.”  Sookie just shrugged at his comment, then yawned.  “And now my love, you need some sleep; it’s almost 3AM.”

“I’d planned to stay up with you.”

“You need rest to grow Roo.  How about a short nap and I’ll wake you in about an hour.”

“Let’s move to the chamber then.  Will you carry us?”

“I’d love too.”


The next evening, they arrived home with the guards and went straight to the farmhouse where the kids had stayed for the day.  As soon as they were out of the car Sookie panicked.  “Something’s wrong.  Hunter is very upset.”

Eric nodded.  “I can hear Frannie crying from here.”  He vamped into the house and found Frannie holding Hunter while he cried silent tears.  Sookie ran to sit with them while Eric started asking questions.  “What’s wrong?”

“We had a visitor today.”  He raised his eyebrow for Pam to continue.  “Bartlett was here, Gran’s brother.”

“How did he get through the gate?”

“He didn’t.  He was screaming so loudly that Gran went out to the gate to tell him to leave personally and that’s where things went downhill.”

She went on to explain that he arrived late in the afternoon but before first dark and started calling for Adele by the gate.  The guards were keeping him outside the perimeter but he wasn’t leaving and since he was Adele’s brother, they were afraid to use force.  Gran went out to try to talk sense to him.

Eric was confused.  “Why was he here?  Why now?”

“Apparently one of his nurses heard through someone in Bon Temps that Sookie’s become quite successful.  Seeing how upset Gran was, Hunter and Frannie walked out with her.  Hunter read his mind and that he was here only to try to cash in on Sookie’s success even though he was saying he was there to check on Gran’s health.”

He’d moved to sit with Sookie and the kids, wrapping a protective arm around them as best he could.  “Sookie, what are you getting, from Frannie.  I don’t understand what happened.”  When he moved to see Sookie’s face, she was just crying.

“Let me tell you Eric, it’ll be easier for Sookie.”  Pam interjected.  “From what little we got out of Hunter . . .  well once Bartlett saw the kids, he . . . um rather his thoughts wandered to his more depraved nature.”

Eric stood quickly at Pam’s words.  He was so livid he needed to speak through clenched teeth.  “DID.  HE.  TOUCH.  MY.  CHILDREN?”

Pulling him aside to quietly explain, Gran tried to soothe Eric as best she could.  “He didn’t Eric; we stayed behind the barrier the whole time.  But Hunter knows what Bartlett is.  He knows what he did to Sookie and Hadley and based on his reaction and his questions – he saw it all.  Frannie didn’t understand why he was so upset and she was trying to help him without knowing.  Eric, I told her, not details but in general I told her what Hunter had seen.  I had Peter remove Bartlett from the property; he needed to use some force.  I’m not sure if that’s gonna cause a problem or not, but it had to be done.”  She looked to Pam who had taken Eric’s position on the sofa.  “Pam had risen by then and she helped so you’ll need to get details from her.  Hunter and Frannie have been together on the sofa waiting for you guys to come home for about an hour.  We didn’t call you personally because we checked with the guards and they informed us you were heading home at first dark.  There was no point in having you travel home upset.”

He nodded absently as his mind whirred.  Sookie had told him before she didn’t want his vengeance against Bartlett, but the man violated his son’s head.  He couldn’t let that go and furthermore, he couldn’t let it happen again.  His mind made up, he turned to Adele.  “Gran, I know he’s your brother, but I can’t let this go.  I can’t have him showing up again.”

Gran sighed in resolution.  “I hate violence and I don’t believe in revenge but in this case . . . “

Sookie could hear their hushed tones and she moved to them to quietly finish for Gran.  She knew this would be Eric’s reaction and suddenly she felt OK about it.  “Do it Eric.  What Hunter saw?  I need Claudine back here to help him since you can’t glamour it away.  But this is just about eliminating the risk, not torture.”  She rubbed her face.  “I can’t have Bartlett back here with those thoughts Eric.  He didn’t just share my history; he was,” she took a breath to continue.  “He was interested in Frannie and Hunter saw that.  She does NOT know that so say nothing, please.  I know he’s in a wheelchair and can’t act on it but that doesn’t help Hunter much.  ”

If possible, Eric became even angrier at Sookie’s words.  “It will be taken care of.  Let’s call Claudine now to help Hunter.”  He turned to Gran.  “Should we call Margo for Frannie?”

“I already did.  She was just waiting for you to arrive first.”  Gran responded.  “She’s up at the main house or you can call her down here.  Wherever you want the kids.”

“We’ll go to the main house though you’re welcome to join us.  I’m sure it’s been an upsetting day.”

Eric settled his family in the den at their new house, Gran was giving Margo some history before she spoke to the kids and Sookie was on the phone with Claudine.  From what he could hear, Claudine would be over tomorrow for Hunter.  He believed that glamour was the best option for Frannie; he just needed to get Sookie’s buy-in.  She came in after she hung up and he was just about to ask her to join him in his office when they heard a loud pop.  The Ancient Pythoness was now in the den.  “Grandchild.”

Gran looked furiously at the old woman and she itched to strike her for all the pain she allowed to occur.  Sookie was surprised but stayed quiet allowing Eric to handle this unannounced visit.  Without even making eye contact, he addressed the crone.  “Can I help you?  We’re a bit busy here.”

“I know that is why I am here.  I can help if you will let me.”

“I don’t know if yours is the kind of help we need right now.”  When the Ancient Pythoness said nothing he continued.  “You really aren’t getting it you know.  After everything else you’ve done, I can’t believe you had Nan showing up right after we returned from Vegas – ON.  YOUR.  ORDERS.  We were in mourning.”

“I hired Nan to help and told her to schedule time with you.  She did the pushing on her own.  I truly do have the ability to fix this Bartlett incident today.”


“I have already arranged for Bartlett’s demise.  He will be killed on his way home very shortly, though his driver will not be harmed.  I did not want the issue of his death to ever cause doubt between you and Sookie or Adele.  As for your kids, you can glamour Frannie to forget your visitor today.  I can glamour Hunter.  There is no reason for either of them to recall Bartlett.”

“You can glamour Hunter?  I guess Sookie then as well?”

She nodded.  “I can glamour through his telepathy shields, Sookie too.”  She turned to her granddaughter.  “I just do not believe that is the best option for you since it is so much a part of you and you are long over it.  I can glamour you to be sure you do not think about it around Hunter.”

The offer seemed too good to be true so Eric questioned it.  “Why are you doing this?”

“I am starting to realize what you have been trying to tell me for weeks now.  Hurt is not just bruises.  I am not ready to say I would have done things differently but I am ready to apologize for what happened to Sookie and others.  I believe in the Council and the outcome that was reached.  Going forward I will strive to consider all implications of certain futures.  I also know I have much to do to receive your forgiveness.  I have lived my life without a family for thousands of years.”  Eric waited for the but and he got it.  “But even though I cannot explain it, I find I want to try to be part of your lives and I know I need to earn that privilege.

“This is an acceptable start.”

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  2. Awesome! Date night away from the kids? I wish I’d had that while mine were growing up! And Bartlett! Love that the AP sanctioned his death! It’s about time! So Sookie decided to grow her hair? I thought she was going to wait until after Roo arrived so she wouldn’t have an extra hairy baby? LOL!
    Thanks for another great chapter, mags!

  3. Hi there. I need date night too! Yeah – I needed a viable reason to end Bartlett AND have the AP do something nice – not that we’re all forgiving her so soon – just a start. The hair – GOOF – Claudine explained that it’s just for Sookie and won’t impact the baby.
    Hope you’re doing well. FINALLY got the decorations off the tree – hubby just needs to toss it in the woods now. I figured Jan 11 – it was time.

  4. Ugh Barlett is such a creepo. Have no compunction against his dying. His type should all be castrated and dumped on a deserted island. Poor hunter and frannie. Hmmm wonder if the AP is sincere or not?

  5. Wow! Wonderful chapter! I was waiting for that old bitty to finally get it, thankfully it’s sunk in just how different her way of thinking and actions have affected them. I’m looking forward to all them finally getting together with Roo in the world.

  6. What a wonderful night and then Bartlett shows up, yuk. figured he was dead. it was nice of the AP to suggest glamour of the two children to help them forget, i hope it helps. KY

  7. Ugh, Bartlette, I’m glad he meet his final end. Also, Eric and Sookie really should forgive the AP, it’s not like all of this was her fault…she was just trying to find a means to an end…with them suffering the least amount. It’s a very sad situation, one she really didn’t have too much control over. Yes, she can see a possible future, but altering that future could have raised even more problems or with more risks.

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