Chapter 23 – Cure

Chapter 23 – Cure

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Doctor Ludwig arrived for the planned appointment the following Monday evening and Sookie see on her face that she didn’t have good news. They’d gathered in a waiting room to talk at the doctor’s request. “How bad?” Sookie asked.

“We have to hope that Claude will work with me. The portals to Faery are closed.”

Eric was clearly surprised by this information. “For how long?”

“Forever. They’ve been closed from this side permanently. Some kind of magic per the contacts I made.”

Clearly confused, Sookie looked between Eric and Dr. Ludwig. “What does that mean?”

Ludwig shook her head. “I don’t know Sookie. I just don’t know.”

“I’ve had a tail on Claude since the theft at my storage unit. His sister, Claudine, is on earth. I guess with this news she’s here forever now.”

“Ok. What’s the plan to get to this Claude?” Sookie wanted to take action.

Eric agreed on wanting to take action so he offered the next steps. “We go see him tomorrow at his bar.”

“But Fangtasia . . .”

“I’ll close the bar. This is too important. We can’t go tonight since Claude’s club is closed as well. Mustapha will need to help contain him until I can join you in the bar. Being a fairy, Claude will try to get away from me.” His hands ran through his hair. Sookie had noticed he did this while he was thinking or upset. “Let me call Mustapha to see if he can meet us to plan. Hoyt’s here for a while, right?”

“Yes, he wanted to meet Dr. Ludwig and be here for Johanna’s exam; Jessica had a parent / teacher conference tonight so she couldn’t make it.”

Eric turned to Dr. Ludwig. “Anything else to discuss in private?”

“No, I want to examine Johanna. I have high hopes that we can use vampire blood to heal her. That’s still an option, right?” She looked to Eric and he nodded. “Don’t say anything to her father yet; I want to finish my exam before discussing it.” She looked at her notes. “That’s Hoyt Fortenberry, right?”

“He and his fiancée have applied to adopt her.”

“That’s paperwork; from what you’ve told me, he’s the father as far as I’m concerned.” Then, uncharacteristically, she turned to Eric and smiled. “Just like you’re Hunter’s dad.”

He grinned back at her. “That I am doctor.”

The tiny doctor gestured to Sookie’s hand. “I see a ring too, I take it congrats are in order?”

Sookie nodded and moved to hug Eric around his waist. “They are thank you.”

Ludwig had always liked Eric; now she also liked his family and she didn’t like many. The man was always gracious anytime they interacted and generous to those he cared about. She could see the attachment between the two – no she realized the attachment was the three of them when they were together. “Let’s go see these kids.”


Eric handled the introductions and Doctor Ludwig got to work on her exam of Johanna. Mustapha had already obtained a copy of the girl’s latest records and that combined with her visit had the doctor encouraged but she still needed to confirm.

While Ludwig and Hoyt were with Johanna, Sookie brought up another concern about the meeting tomorrow night. “Eric tomorrow is a payroll night. You can’t close.”

“I ah . . . have something for that.” She raised one eyebrow like he would to question his words. “I bought you a laptop with a hotspot so you can connect to the internet from here. We can actually go over the process later and you can do it tomorrow if you’re willing.”

“Of course I’m willing. How will I get the timecards?”

“Ginger can run them over tomorrow.”


A short while later, Ludwig had finished her exam. “Ok Johanna, I’m all done with you. Do you want me to have Eric put Hunter in bed with you for a movie so the adults can talk?”

“Ess pwease.”

“Eric, can you get Hunter over here and start a movie?”

Once the kids were both distracted by Despicable Me’, Ludwig had a frank conversation with Hoyt, Eric and Sookie. “I need Johanna at my hospital.” Before going on, she made eye contact with Eric and he nodded, they’d already discussed the possible next steps. “I think I have a good shot at healing her with vampire blood. At the very least I have a better chance at getting her a new heart. But she needs to be out of the foster system. What’s the latest on the adoption?”

“Eric has his lawyer, Donald Narvon, handling it. Jessica and I are getting married next Monday and according to Donald we should be able to adopt her shortly after.”

“That’s fast.”

With a nod towards Eric. “Helps when your friend is buddies with the local authorities, judges and others that can speed up the process. We’re also just having the civil ceremony to help with the adoption. The reception and a re-do of the ceremony for friends and family isn’t until later when Johanna is out of the hospital. Do you think my baby will be healed by sometime in February?”

“She can probably attend a ceremony, but if she does need a donor it may not be done by then. I can obtain donors faster than the standard process but it can still take time.”

He looked at Eric who had provided a little bit of background on Ludwig. “Do I want to think about any of that?”

“No. It’s not concerning, just focus on Johanna.”

Ignoring Hoyt’s concerns about her practice, Ludwig moved onto Hunter. “Is the same speed happening with Hunter’s adoption?”

“We’ve had some extra resistance since Sookie has already been denied before but I have the DA interested in the evidence Mustapha has already gathered on the case worker, the Rats and several other foster families. She’s agreed to help us with the right contacts for the adoption in exchange for the evidence – Mustapha showed her the details but didn’t give it to her. Police Chief Stanton is helping as well.”


“We’re confident we can time everything so we have Johanna and Hunter in our care in about two weeks, then those guilty of fraud can be arrested without worrying about the kids.”

Waving her fingers at Hunter and Johanna in bed she asked, “So late January/early February I can have those two?” Eric nodded and as soon as she had that confirmation, Ludwig turned to Sookie and gave her a stern look. “YOU NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT! I want you to add two protein shakes each day to your diet – IN ADDITION to – not instead of meals.” After scribbling on her pad, she handed the paper to Eric. “This is what she needs, have Bobby buy it by the case.”

Mustapha walked in while she was finishing her demands of Sookie and they asked Hoyt if he could stay with the kids while they talked down the hall. Not usually a tactician, Ludwig joined them to be in the know on the discussion and offer what limited support she could. Since she needed to work with Claude she had to participate in the meeting with the fairy. They finalized their plans and returned to the kids in time to see them both asleep while they credits rolled on the movie. Hoyt headed out and Eric got Hunter tucked into his bed sleeping; then he and Sookie finally had time to talk alone. She moved into his embrace as soon as he left Hunter’s side.

“Hi.” He kissed her nose.

She closed her eyes and sighed. “Hi.” After a moment she asked. “Payroll first or talk first?”

“Let’s get the payroll part done. I have your laptop in my backpack.” They only needed a short time on the payroll since Sookie was actually accustomed to doing more than just the payroll entries for Sam; she calculated the pay and taxes. This was simple in comparison. Eric was glad because he really didn’t want to spend their entire night on payroll entries. Tomorrow, she would easily get the payroll into the Viking system and then Bobby would join her to transition the work he’d been doing as the manager of the Adele Stackhouse fund. Sookie was excited to contribute.

With her laptop packed away in the closet, they resumed their favorite position: Sookie on Eric’s lap, and started talking. “You met your guard Tony?”

“Yes, he was very polite and stayed in the hall most of the time though we did invite him to the playroom with us. Hunter wanted him to play a game with the guys but he said he couldn’t. Can we talk about that? He would blend in better if he appeared to be a visitor. Don’t you think?”

“We can do that. It’s not just Tony, he’ll switch off with some other Weres but I’ll make it known they can be in the room more and play games. All the Weres I’ve hired have done security before so they know the tricks to staying alert while socializing. Right now, your security is a precaution and they can jump into action if needed. If we think there is a specific threat I’ll need to change it to a more detached relationship so they can focus on surroundings.”

“And you really think it’s necessary?”

With a heavy sigh he answered. “You’re too fragile for me to risk. I can’t live without you and Hunter. Sookie, please give me this.”

“You think something will happen?”

“This is preventative. If I thought something was going to happen you’d be surrounded by an army.”

“An army, the vampire definition of protection when overkill isn’t enough.” She rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’ll give you this.” They stayed quietly together for a few minutes while just touching and enjoying their closeness. “Have you made any decisions?”

He knew she was asking about Pam. He had made his decision, the question was could he go through with it. Worse was telling Sookie knowing how she would react. Still, they were to be married and he wouldn’t keep anything from her. “I have. I need you to understand a few things before I tell you though.”

“That bad, huh?”

“There is a part of my decision that you will not like. Sookie, punishment in my world is not simply being locked in a cell. This offense was very serious and she should be killed but as I said before, I won’t do that.”

“But she can’t get off with a light punishment.”

“No. It will be bad. Sookie, I’ve made a decision. I have to use corporal punishment, and it will not be mild.”

“I understand. You have to do that as Sheriff with others, it would be hard to ignore for your child.”

“Other Masters would have done this before with Pam. I regret that I held back, that I ignored my need to discipline her as part of her vampire training.”

“You really think it would have made a difference?”

“Yes. I had to punish Karin once for some attitude after she’d become more independent but still hadn’t left me. It stopped the behavior right away. The first time I ever laid a hand on Pam was the night she tried to glamour you. It was two strikes to her face, gentle compared to what’s coming, and that was a shock to her. She is not going to take this punishment well and I cannot offer her comfort after.”


“After Fangtasia closes next Sunday.”

“Will anyone else be there?”

“Thalia for sure. That reminds me, I need you to meet her since I will be working so many nights; I need an alternate for Indira. Thalia’s mean but completely loyal to me. We can trust her. There will be other vampires there; it will help to make it public to humiliate her.”

“I will be there with you then; not right where you’ll be with Pam, but at Fangtasia, ready to help you. You can hide me in the office.”


“It’s nonnegotiable.” She smirked using his words against him and he gave a small laugh. “So it’s settled. You’ll book a guard for here and I’ll be with you.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Neither do I, but would you leave me to face that alone?” He shook his head. “So what happens after?”

“She’ll be locked back in a coffin for a year. For now that’s at Fangtasia but Bobby is overseeing the construction of a new holding area in the basement of a warehouse I own. It will be fire and bomb proof – well very much secure. I’ve got some security measures at Fangtasia but until now, I’ve never needed to hold a vampire that I cared about.”

“But Thalia rests at Fangtasia.”

“She has a small and very secure room. She’s not one for comforts but she IS BIG on security. Over the years I have learned from her many times. The new holding area is actually a collaboration with Thalia and Bobby.”

“What about blood for Pam?”

“None.” Sookie visibly swallowed at that news but kept her mouth shut. Helping Eric through this was one thing but she had no right to discuss the punishment. Pam was Eric’s child. “If she betrays me again, I will kill her.”

“I understand.” She hugged him tighter. “She’ll learn from this Eric, I’m sure.”

“I hope so. I’ve failed as her maker by coddling her. It seemed right for the longest time. No, that’s not it; I enjoyed it for the longest time.” Sookie knew talking to him about the blame was pointless as well so she just allowed him the feelings; he already knew how she felt. “It’s going to be hard not having much time together.”

“It is but like you said, Indira or this Thalia will be with me at night, right?”

“Yes, until I can get away from the bar.”

“What about your friend?”

“I spoke to him. He’s agreed to relocate and will be here in two weeks.”

“That’s great. What’s his name?”

“Boudewijn van Breukelen.”

“That’s a mouthful.”

“It’s Dutch. He was turned about 500 years ago and lived in Habsburg Netherlands when he was a human.”

“Ooh, can I ask him about the Eighty Year’s War?”

He chuckled at her. “He was a vampire when it started but I’m certain he will have some interesting perspectives to offer. I love your interests you know.”

“Just my interests?”

“Are you fishing?”

“For you to tell me you love me? Always.”

“Then I shall endeavor to tell you more often. I love you Sookie.”

She simply replied with “Thanks.” He feigned shock and she giggled. “I love you too Eric. Hunter is totally asleep you know.” Eric knew that was code for kissing so that’s just what he did.


The next night Eric, Sookie, Mustapha, Ludwig and Bobby met about a block away from Hooligans Strip Club finalizing their plans for meeting with Claude. Eric was confirming what Sookie felt. “So two in his office?”

“Yes. Both ‘feel’ the same. I guess that’s what a fairy feels like. I can’t actually read their thoughts though.”

“We’ll find out. Bobby, did you get the extra handcuffs?”

“Yes let me run back to my car.”

“Do I want to know why he’d have cuffs in his car?”

Eric laughed at Sookie. “It’s not what you think, I asked him to get iron cuffs – several sets – for this meeting just in case.”

“Suuure . . . “

“Sookie my dear, you have a dirty mind.”

“And this is a problem?”

Ludwig rolled her eyes. “Are you two going to flirt through this whole operation? This is serious, we need Claude’s help.”

“Yes Dr Ludwig.” Eric answered but one look back and Sookie and they both giggled resulting in more eye rolling by Ludwig. Bobby returned and he and Mustapha approached the office door. With his connections, Mustapha had already procured a key. Sookie didn’t even want to know any of THOSE details. Sookie, Ludwig and Eric waited for the signal to join them after Claude had been secured. They watched as Bobby said something over a small bundle in his hand; then he nodded to Mustapha who opened the door and Bobby threw the bundle in. As was explained to Sookie, this was a spell that would temporarily prevent teleportation – a talent that many fairies had. A few minutes later Eric had a text from Mustapha. “Let’s go.”

Sitting in the chairs in front of a desk were two hand cuffed people. Both, Sookie observed, were gorgeous with dark curly hair, light bronze skin and deep dark eyes. She also noted that they were both quite angry and now scared since a vampire entered the room. A quick dip into their minds confirmed that she couldn’t read them. What concerned her most was what she saw in the room. The male’s picture was posted everywhere – vain seemed too little a word to describe it. He was on book covers made into posters that hung on the walls, framed photographs – of him in stripper outfits – covered the credenza, and there was a stack of black and whites on the desk. It appeared he was signing them when he was interrupted.

The male looked up at her and said, “Hello Sookie. You could have just called if you wanted to meet.”

Everyone was shocked at his words. “How do you know me?”

“We’re related – cousins.”

Being related to this person was a surprise but she focused on the purpose of the visit. “So we’re cousins yet you stole letters from me. If you needed something that badly, YOU could have just CALLED ME.” She had moved right in front of his face to make the statement and backed off a bit. “How are we related?”

“We share a grandfather – rather great grandfather for you: Niall Brigant.”

Ludwig’s eyes grew as big as saucers when she heard the name. “Sookie, you’re related to Niall? Surely he wouldn’t want his great great grandchild to die and that’s what this is about. Can’t he help?”

“What great great grandchild?” The woman asked.

Eric stepped in. “Perhaps we can back up, explain why we’re here and now also learn more about your being related.”

“Who put you in charge?” The man stated snidely.

He humored the man and responded. “I bought the cuffs. Ludwig can you explain our primary purpose?”

“Claude, we need your help.”

“So you cuff me?”

“I needed to make sure you wouldn’t run. Please let Dr. Ludwig continue.” Claude and Eric glared at each other for a moment until Claude finally nodded. “Thank you.”

“Your kin, another cousin I take it, has been poisoned by lemons. His kidneys have failed and I need to know how to remove the fairy dust from his system before we give him his new kidney. He’s four years old and right now he’s dying unless you can guide me.”

“I have no idea. As a fairy, I would die from lemon, not just have a build-up of fairy dust.”

Sookie was puzzled at his lack of concern for a dying child. “Does ah . . . I don’t know is this your sister? Does she know?” She looked to the side of Claude at the woman.

“No Sookie, I do not. You are correct; I am Claude’s sister Claudine.” The response was meek and she seemed fearful and her eyes continued to focus on Eric.

“Ah guys, Eric’s not here to eat you. He’s my fiancé and Hunter’s Dad. We’re trying to save our son.”

Claude was still grumpy and added. “Vampires make vampire children, they don’t raise human kids.”

“This one does. Can we please focus? If we’re related, don’t you feel any sort of need to help us? What about this Niall?”

“He’s on the other side of the portal.”

“Yes Claude, do you know anything about the portals’ being closed?” Ludwig asked.

“I closed them all. I needed to save my sister.”

Ludwig approached the girl right away. “What’s wrong? What can I do?”

Claude barked out, “You can take off her cuffs.”

Eric nodded to Mustapha and he removed them right away but she didn’t try to leave much to Eric’s surprise. “Claudine,” Ludwig asked, “Tell me what you need.”

“It’s a long story. I’m not ill now, Claude was just preventing problems or problems again I guess.”

Sookie’s compassion took over and she moved to Claudine. “What do you mean? How can we help?”

“Everything that can be done has already been done Sookie, but thank you.” Claudine looked at her with curiosity. “I’m an empath, that’s one of my fairy talents, and I can feel you’re genuinely concerned.”

“Of course I would be. I don’t like to see anyone suffer.”

“It’s all over now Sookie. Niall had been forcing me to mate and become pregnant but I lost the children over and over again. I couldn’t do it any longer.”

Claude stepped in. “I lost my sister Claudette when she finally killed herself last year after her 10th miscarriage. I couldn’t let that happen to Claudine.”

Eric still wanted answers about getting his son help so he interrupted. “How does her health have anything to do with the portal? If she’s fine now can you reopen it?”

Claude shook his head. “No, it’s closed forever.”

“How?” Ludwig really wanted to know.

“Cluviel dor.”

Ludwig gasped first then asked. “Where did you get that?”

Claude’s eyes flickered to Sookie quickly, but Eric saw it. “The desk. It was in the desk?” Claude nodded. “Then whatever this cluviel dor is, it’s Sookie’s.”

Sookie looked at Ludwig. “What is this thing anyway?”

“It’s a spelled object; or rather it is a spell that can pretty much do anything.”

She smiled widely and hugged Eric. “Well give it back Claude.” She looked at Eric. “Now we can save our son.” She was growing very excited. This Claude wasn’t very nice but Claudine seemed worth knowing. Not only did they find a way to save Hunter but she found family.

Eric smiled back. “Yes, it sounds that way min Röðull.”

They both heard a sigh from the elf. “Eric, Sookie I hate to tell you this but you can’t use the cluviel dor on Hunter.”

Sookie’s face fell immediately. “Oh, it doesn’t heal doctor?”

“It does. The problem is you can only use it once. If Claude used it to close the portals, the spell is spent.”

It took a few seconds to process what Ludwig said and once Eric understood, he was furious and loomed over Claude. “Explain. How did you know about this object and what right did you have to steal it?”

“The family knew that Fintan created the cluviel dor for Adele Stackhouse as a gift. It takes quite a bit of fairy magic to create and he needed to be healed after. The healing happened in fairy so the cause of his illness was not a secret. The cluviel dor is created out of pure love which Fintan had for your paternal grandmother Sookie. I was desperate to save my sister and when I tried to purchase the desk to obtain it, I was outbid.” He glared at Bobby while they dayman stood off to the side as a silent sentry.

Eric was puzzled. “How did you know it was in the desk?”

“I felt it when I was at the auction. I can’t explain it but as a fairy you can feel such an object.”

“Where are all my Gran’s letters?”

“At my home.”

“You owe me. I could’ve healed Hunter and you stole that. You WILL find a way for Ludwig to remove the fairy dust. You WILL contact every fairy you can until you do.”

Feeling cocky Claude countered, “I owe you nothing. You didn’t even know the cluviel dor existed. As far as you were aware, you were missing some love letters.”

Eric’s hand was wrapped around the fairy’s throat so quickly most in the room didn’t notice it right away. “You will find us help. I give you one week. You will be watched as will your sister.” He looked to Bobby and his day man nodded back as he started typing into the phone. The tail would be here soon. “I didn’t come here to kill you but I will if you don’t comply. Will you help us?”

Seeing her brother turning blue Claudine started screaming at him. “CLAUDE! Agree to help them please. We did steal from them. CLAUDE!” His sister was panicking now. “Sookie, call him off please!”

Inside Sookie was cringing at the violence but the mother in her stood strong. “Not until he agrees.”

It was tiny but Claude gave a nod and Eric released him. “We’ll be back next week to see who you found to help us.” He looked back at Mustapha and Bobby. “You’ll stay until the surveillance starts?”

“Yes sir.”

“Doctor, do you need a lift anywhere or are you using your own steam?”

“I’m good.” Knowing she didn’t need to hide her talent from those in the room, she stepped just outside the door, nodded and popped away.

“I didn’t know she could do that?”

“She hides it.”

“Then why did she go outside? Isn’t that more of a risk?”

“The charm must still be working that Bobby threw in.”

“Ah. We ready to head back?”

“We’re ready to go but I wanted to make a stop before we head back to Hunter.”

“Very well.” With a turn to her cousins she smiled and thanked them for their help – even if it was forced on Claude’s part. He sneered a bit but his sister hit him with her elbow. “Sookie.” Claudine started, “If it’s alright with you I’d like to come meet your son and spend some time with you.”

“I’d like that.” Sookie found a pad of paper on the desk and wrote out her cell number. “Give me a call.” They left and walked to the car they’d left down the street a bit. “Where are we going?”

“Your house is finished.”

“REALLY!?” He nodded. “Are we going?”

“Yes.” He pulled her closer and whispered. “And we’ll christen one of the rooms.”


When they walked up to the door, Sookie noticed the porch swing she had at the farmhouse. “That’s my swing!”

“We had it bolted into the porch roof so it should be secure from theft since we aren’t in your remote country setting here.”

“I’m so excited you thought to use it here.”

Eric was glad she was excited to see her swing because when he opened the door, she was going to see everything from the farmhouse. Secretly, he’d been worried about her reaction. “You have to invite me in since the house is now in your name.” Sookie handled that quickly and then surprising her, Eric swooped her up into his arms and opened the door.

“We aren’t married yet, Silly.”

“Then I’m practicing.”

Just as she was about to respond to that comment her eyes noticed the room. It was almost a replica of the farmhouse. It wasn’t just that the furniture was in the room, it was the almost the same placement, the same pictures on the wall, the same area rug from the living room on the floor. Tears fell from her eyes as she took it all in. Luckily, Eric could feel joy, surprise and gratitude through the bond since the tears could have been sadness or anger. Her voice came out almost as a whisper. “Eric.” She turned into his embrace and had one of her all out uncontrollable messy cries. Eric could only hold on and wait it out. He knew by now it was just something that had to run its course. Finally she calmed enough to speak. “I . . . don’t know what to say.”

“Say you like it.”

“No, I don’t like it, I love it. It’s perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Shall we finish the tour?” She nodded and took his offered hand. “Bobby worked with a decorator and they went through photos they found to reconstruct as much as possible. This floor is the large living room and then an eat-in kitchen with a small powder room attached.” They’d moved into the doorway of the kitchen while he spoke. “We also put the washer and drying in here so you don’t have to cart clothes up or down a flight of stairs from the hospital.”

“I love it.” She turned and noticed the edge of the doorway; it was or looked like the door jamb from the farmhouse kitchen. “Is this from the farmhouse or is it a replica?”

“It’s the original. I had it saved before the house was knocked down.”

“Oh my God, I thought it was gone.” She shook her head. “All those birthdays.”

“So it’s heights on your birthdays?”

“Yes, Gran would mark it off each year. Thank you for saving this.” After touching the saved door jamb one more time, she walked around the room. “I’ve never had such fancy appliances yet the style is still very farmhouse.”

“I was very pleased with the designer. This was really all Bobby though; he only came to me for final approvals. He also pushed the workers very hard to turn this around quickly. It’s amazing how much he’s improved in the past few months.”

“That’s good. He’s pretty focused on pleasing you.”

“Do you want to go up or down next?”

“What room do you want to christen Sweetie?”

“The chamber, it’s been made into a master bedroom for us when I’m here.”

“Then let’s go up and just tour then head downstairs.” He nodded and took her hand to go up. “It’s three rooms up here. This is Hunter’s.” With a hand on her back he guided her into the room to the right at the top of the stairs. “I hope he likes it.”

“You saved the wall book case I made?”

“I didn’t know who made it but it looked handmade and worth saving.”

“I love the blue on the walls and I know he’ll like the Ice Age comforter. Where did you find it?”

“All Bobby. I didn’t want to do too much Ice Age, just a touch that can be easily swapped out when he picks a new favorite next year.”

“We won’t even be here next year.”

“So you’re acclimating to the idea of leaving?”

“Yes, when Hunter’s healed. I think it’s a good idea.” She quickly shook her head. “That doesn’t mean I don’t love this – I just think calm family life will be easier away from here.”

“We can add this home to the available residences for patient families or just keep it for when we return, we don’t need to decide.”

“The other rooms up here?”

“One is empty for now, the other is set up as a bedroom for you in case you want to relax but have sunlight. It’s also the bedroom you can show anyone who will tour the house for the adoption home visit. This way we don’t need anyone looking at the chamber level.”

They walked across the hall and she stepped in. “I like that idea.” She clarified. “Both the sunlight and keeping your level hidden.”

“If I’m here you can feel free to come and join me downstairs but I don’t want to keep you out of the sunlight. Ready to see the chamber?”

“Very ready.”

They headed back downstairs and he lead them back to a door in the kitchen. The first door looked just like you were entering a closet, but there was a second door that was more secure. “This uses the same system as my other house; you’re already programmed in so just swipe your thumb and enter your code.” She did as he’d taught her at his other home and the door opened.

“As I said, we have a master bedroom down here and that includes a full bath. I also have this sitting area and that chair,” he pointed to a large armchair to the side of the couch. “Pulls out to a single bed for Hunter after he’s released from the hospital.”

“I like that.”

“He can sleep with us too; I know he’ll have trouble adjusting to sleeping on his own in his bedroom.”

“You really like the family togetherness you had from your Viking days?”

“I do. Not only was it ‘space and heating practical’ but there was the whole security of it. Having everyone close was important. It’s still part of me. While Hunter is young, I will struggle with him being two floors away from me like we have here. This house is just not large enough for him to have his own room down here.”

“When we’re ready to move, we’ll ensure we all have rooms in the chamber level.”

“Yes.” He opened the bedroom door with a flourish. Sookie’s eyes went wide at the room. “You liked the palette we had in our tent so I replicated the bed: Satin sheets, furs and the heated mattress.”

“I love it.” She started unbuttoning her dress.

“I can see that. Let me show you the bath first.” He took her hand and they walked into the attached bath together. “It’s not that large but I wanted a tub for both of us.”

“Nice.” She looked at her watch. “We don’t have time for a bath and the bed tonight though.”

“No, not with the fairy meeting taking so long. But I can show you how much I love you in our bed.”

“And I’ll show you that I love you more.”

“Oh?” He responded and nipped at her nose. She nodded back to him confidently so he challenged her. “Prove it.”

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