Chapter 24 – Vampire Punishment – OUTTAKE

Chapter 24 – Vampire Punishment – OUTTAKE


This chapter is violent and has no plot points. It’s for my more bloodthirsty readers.  If you don’t like reading about punishments, please just skip this chapter. I’ve had enough bad reviews this week and yet I need to post this – I’ve been promising – but I’m afraid of opening the door to hate comments.  Heed the warning if you have a low tolerance for this type of stuff.  I don’t think it’s that bad – but I know some of you are more sensitive.

The next few days passed slowly. Eric needed to be at the bar every night, all night. He did spend a good deal of time on the phone with Hunter and Sookie when he could and he always went to the hospital after Fangtasia closed. Sookie did enjoy getting to know Indira; the two women really got along well. Indira spoke of her life in India in the 1600’s. Indira shared stories about the British East Indies Company and their role in bringing the country under Britain’s rule. The vampire was impressed to have such an interested audience.

Finally the night of Pam’s punishment arrived and Sookie left her Were guard, Tony, Hoyt and Jessica with the kids. Tony was staying since Indira needed to be present as Eric’s second for the punishments. Thalia drove her to the back of Fangtasia in Eric’s Mercedes and using the key and code Eric had provided Sookie, they entered the office and simply sat to wait for him. Eric didn’t want her to arrive in her car and raise any suspicion as to the owner with so many vampires present.

It was only the second time she’d met the tiny but dangerous vampire; Thalia didn’t talk much but she wasn’t rude about it. She simply chose to stand at the door to the hospital room and silently protect her master’s family. Tonight, she spoke and informed Sookie about what would be happening.

“Miss Stackhouse.”

“Thalia, you can call me Sookie, remember?”

“I will try to remember . . . Sookie.” She shifted to sit in one of Eric’s chairs that she’d turned to face Sookie while she was seated on the sofa. “My Master would like you to know what will be happening. First I will remind you that this office is soundproofed by a spell but only for noises coming from this room. What I mean is, you can still hear the bar.”

“Yes, I can hear some cleaning happening now. No voices though.”

“Eric is quiet as he’s waiting for the cleaning crew to finish. That set the tone for the rest of the vampires in the room. Everyone is just waiting.”

“Do the other vampires know what they are waiting for?”

“Only a public punishment was announced.”

“Why would they all want to see it?”

“It’s not an option. A portion of the area vampires were ordered here. Sometimes these things are made public either to provide additional punishment – the humiliation – or to provide a warning. Both are true here. Eric needs to assert himself as Sheriff and that not even his own child is above punishment. Pam needs the humiliation – to be taken down a few pegs – as you humans would say.”

Sookie noticed she gave a small smile at her ‘human phrase’ so she returned it. For Thalia that seemed huge. “I see. So you’re basically warning me, back to the hearing thing, I will be able to hear what goes on out there?”

“Technically yes, but Master wanted me to give you these.” She pulled open the closet and handed her a high end headset. “If you play your music, these cancel outside noises and you won’t hear anything.”

“That was nice of him.”

“Master is very concerned about your comfort while you’re waiting for him. I will stay with you to ensure no vampires accidentally come in.”

“Thank you.”

“No thanks are needed. I am over 2000 years old Mis . . . Sookie. I don’t need to see another whipping.”

Sookie cringed at the word. She knew what was going to happen but that didn’t mean she had to like it. She was here for Eric and Eric only: Not to judge his actions, not to aid Pam but to simply be here. She read for a few minutes and she heard some noise in the hallway. “That’s just the cleaning crew leaving. It will start soon.”

Taking that as her cue, Sookie pulled her phone from her pocket connected the wires, donned the headphones and turned her music up. She didn’t want to hear a thing.

Thalia was impressed with Sookie’s apparent calm. With her heightened vampire senses, she knew the woman was nervous: Her breathing was a bit shallow and her heartbeat was fast but her face was still. From the office she could hear Eric and Indira escorting Pam and Mickey to the main bar area. She knew posts were placed in the room on top of a tarp for blood collection and after the click of the chain locks, Eric made his announcement. “Tonight you will bear witness to the punishment of Mickey from Area 4 and my own child, Pamela Ravenscroft. We’ll start with Mickey.” Having Pam witness Mickey’s punishment would add to her own; she could be fully aware of his plans for her. “Mickey took possession of an unwilling Area 5 human and beat her into submission. In Area 5, we don’t permit this type of treatment of humans. With religious zealots and some human authorities looking for ways to strike out against us, we cannot afford to behave in such a way.” Punishing Mickey was easy for Eric compared to what was coming. He whipped from Mickey’s shoulders to his knees with a tool of his own design, a whip fashioned after a Qilinbian (a metal whip invented in China in the late 1900’s). Only for his whip, instead of steel rods and leather, it was made of silver and leather. Pam’s eyes were wide as she watched the punishment. She’d seen and even participated in punishments before but this time, knowing she was next? She thought if she could vomit she would. Making her see Mickey’s beating was something she knew her master had done to scare her. It worked. After the whipping, she watched as Indira handed Eric the spray and she had to turn away as even the stoic Mickey screamed in pain from the saline solution being sprayed down his back.

Thalia heard some footsteps in the hall and knew Mickey was being moved to the basement. Per Eric’s last comments to the crowd, he was being kept for a year. Next he would be punishing Pam and she knew he had carefully chosen his words to describe her crime. He wanted to send a warning without identifying Sookie or Hunter. Being the Sheriff, nobody would question him. “Pamela broke the rules of Area 5 by trying to glamour a human to commit a crime for the purpose of having her arrested simply because she didn’t like the woman. She was caught and now, she will be punished with you as witnesses. Let this serve as a reminder to you. We live openly in the human world. We must abide by the laws our council has handed down for interacting with humans. In Area 5, those laws are strictly enforced.”

Eric steeled himself and picked up his whip again. In his head, he reminded himself he could not be lenient; he had to show his strength both as the Sheriff and for Pam. He’d let her behavior go for too long. Pam was in position and he’d commanded her before lifting her from the coffin not to scream or cry until he released her from that command. While he wouldn’t be going easy on her now, he could at least save her and himself the embarrassment of a balling vampire. He could feel Sookie’s fear while she sat in the office and he was damn proud of her for coming – at the same time he was mad that she insisted. With his final thought on what he almost lost at Pam’s hands. He raised the whip and struck.

Pam felt the white hot pain of the first strike and she arched her back in reaction. Internally, she felt the need to scream but her maker’s command prevented it. Before she could steady herself, the whip came down again and again and again. He was relentless. At first, even as a vampire, she was humiliated to be on display and punished. She didn’t care about being naked; it was being chained in front of other vampires that got her. Now, she didn’t give a damn about who else was in the room; now she only wanted the pain to be over. Eric started at the top, near her shoulders and was slowly making his way down. She could feel the flesh tearing, the blood seeping down; she could hear the singes as the silver whip struck and burnt her skin. Her master wasn’t missing an inch. Through the bond she felt reluctance, he didn’t want to be doing this – well that made two of them – then it struck her. He had the bond open? He could feel the pain too; not that it slowed him down any. He finally reached her knees and stopped. Considering her back had been pretty much split open by the whipping, his stopping didn’t really provide any relief. Cringing at the thought, she knew what was coming; Eric was a master at punishment. “As you know, adding a spray of saline solution increases the pain and slows the healing process.” He nodded to Chow, one of the Area 5 vampires, and he walked forward with the spray bottle. Eric grabbed it and sprayed the wounds. Pam almost preferred the whipping to the burning pain she was feeling now. He sprayed the area quickly but the salt remained causing jolts of pain to her back. “Finally, Pam will be locked in a coffin for the remainder of this calendar year.” He removed Pam from the post and addressed the gathered vampires. “Any questions about the laws in our area?” Not a sound was heard from the room. “Very good. Dismissed.”

He watched them all file out quickly as he dragged Pam back to her coffin. He wanted to comfort her but resisted. After placing her in her home for the next year, he released her from the command of not crying or screaming and she let loose. She cried bloody tears, she screamed, she cursed at Eric. He only indulged her long enough to get her settled then he quieted her. It took her a moment but she calmed. Allowing himself a small gesture of his love for her, he caressed her face. “Pamela, I will see you at the end of this year. Please use this time to reflect on your actions. I will welcome you back to be with me if I feel you truly understand why your behavior was wrong. Until then.”

“ERIC!! NO!!! You can’t do this.”

He just couldn’t have her screaming for the year so he commanded her to be silent until she was removed from the coffin, slammed and locked the lid then left for his office.

He ascended to the main floor and since he’d heard everyone leave already he went directly to his office to Sookie’s waiting arms. The entire episode had been difficult. He needed to deliver an extremely harsh punishment to his own child, he couldn’t provide any comfort once it was over and he kept the bond open so he felt the pain that she did – it was self punishment for failing Pam as her maker. After only a moment in her arms, he raised his head and she spoke to him. “What do you need, Eric?”


“You have me until you die for the day Sweetie. Let’s go home.”

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77 thoughts on “Chapter 24 – Vampire Punishment – OUTTAKE

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  2. I normally do not like violence / torture and tend to gloss over it when it comes up in stories but here I thought it was brilliantly and appropriately done. I liked that Eric punished his own child like he punished Mickey. Great example as a leader and also, even if the vamps present may not know, his opening the bond and suffering the pain from Pam is a good way for him to take responsibility for not disciplining Pam sooner. Still Pam’s actions were her own and were despicable.
    Excellent writing as usual! Can’t believe you get any bad reviews anywhere… This story is fantastic and you provide a wealth of considerate warnings… Anyway, thank you for this Easter gift and very happy Easter to you and yours

  3. He could have done much worse. One reason punishments are so hard for us humans is that we can’t heal from them. Vampires can come back good as new. I hope Pam gets her head on straight and understands that her punishment hurt him as much as it hurt her. This is literal in their case, except for the internment phase. Well done. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with negativity. This is one of the best-written stories I’ve ever read, in fan fiction or original fiction.

  4. Well written and not too graphic. More could have been said about Eric and his emotions before entering the office but I like where it went. I found Thalia being written a little ooc was also oddly appropriate. Well done. Keep writing. Don’t let a bad review get you down.

    • I think you’ll like the next chapter – it’s Sookie remembering back to the time she spent with him after – I wanted all my readers the opportunity to read that – so I didn’t include it in the punishment chapter. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Damn I feel sorry for Eric but I know Pam deserved that and more as I think she will still be a problem. The punishment was nicely done. Loving the story please continue

  6. Really liked this chapter. Even though it doesn’t technically need to be read, it really adds to the story. Seeing how deeply Eric feels that he failed Pam as her Maker and everything. I loved that Sookie was there, really shows how close they are. Lets hope Pam will take the year to really reflect and change. Hopefully there will be a chapter later on when she is released from the coffin? Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter!

  7. If someone actually enjoys writing punishment scenes or reading them, then they need counseling because they have issues. With that being said, conflict/punishment/abuse whatever you want to call it is necessary to move a story forward. I would have been more disappointed if you glossed over the fact that Pam disobeyed Eric than by writing what you did. I think you handled the punishment in an appropriate manner.

    Stop for a second and think about what we write. We write fanfiction about VAMPIRES. Is it me or have people forgotten the fact that vampires are bloodthirsty, vicious creatures? Not all vampires sparkle like in Twilight; even then the vampires of Twilight weren’t without violence. You cannot expect a vampire to exact justice like the American judicial system. Vampires literally believe in an eye for an eye; its brutal for a reason. You have to do something that would have an impact on them since they heal so quickly.

    As you and I have discussed previously, some people want to view the world through rose colored glasses. That’s great for them! But you and I both try to be realistic in what we write. . . well, as realistic as one can be when dealing with vampires, fairies, and Weres. We can’t please everyone; as long as you are happy with what you write, that’s all that really matters.

    So here’s to you Mags, the fuck awesome writer that has written some of my favorite fanfics! Thanks for a wonderful story that I am truly enjoying reading!

    Happy Easter my friend!

  8. Well done, I expected worst like blinding her. Its hard to use glamour if you have no eyes. I truly hope Pamela learns from this. Time will tell.

    I was waiting for this posting. Good idea to make it an outtake.

    Sorry to hear about bad reviews. Why don’t the evil trolls just go away!

  9. You did an excellent job with this chapter. As another reviewer said, Pam left him no choice. He hurt along with her. He received no satisfaction from having to do this. I am not sure what Pam will get out of this experience. I guess we will find out…

    • No – no satisfaction. I’ve read others (one where Eric is punishing Sookie – and he gets great satisfaction- that’s not what’s going on here). Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  10. When you consider what he would have been within his rights to do (end her), the punishment was not that harsh. As another reviewer said, she’s not human, she will heal completely and hopefully she will learn the lesson she needs. Because I don’t think there is much doubt if she tries to harm Sookie or Hunter again, Eric won’t be giving her another chance. A difficult subject that was well written.

  11. I absolutely loved this. Pam got what she deserved. She thought of no one but herself in what she tried to do. She didn’t care how Eric would’ve felt or about the guilt that would’ve consumed Sookie if he glamour would have taken hold. She committed the crime and considering if it would’ve been anyone else who did what she did, Eric would’ve killed them, she got off quite easily.

    Five stars… *****

  12. I too worry that he resentment for sookie will increase with a year to stew and plot for it. Spoiled children don’t learn the first time they are punished because it could just be a fluke. Well have to wait and see, thanks for posting on the holiday and have a great Easter. For your negative reviewers, people often fear what don’t understand and dislike what they are incapable of achieving, keep on keeping on cusse this story rocks!

  13. I’m not surprised Eric opennedc the bond to feel her pain. That’s something that Pam can think about over the course of her internment. I’m glad he could punish her for the lesser offense. More delays on advertising Sookie is a good thing. And really, the announced crime was plenty big enough. Something else for Pam to ponder. I’m glad Karin is coming to be with Eric.

  14. I don’t love the violence, but in this case it was needed and well done. I like that you showed him suffering , as a human parent punishing a child would feel.

    I would also like to apologize for the idiots giving you a hard time. You come up with creative and original ways of using characters we love, dialog is funny, witty and moving. No one should be criticized for putting themselves out there, that takes guts. Leaving nasty reviews is what cowards do. Don’t listen!!!!!!!

  15. Very well done!! I have the same issue coming up in one of my stories. It’s not easy. We are human, so we look at these punishments as only we can, as human. However, like Jessica said, you have to go further for a race that heals so quickly. After so many years, they would tend to the fact that as soon as pain ended, they wouldn’t think twice about doing it again unless they had a punishment that would last longer.

    Great job!!

  16. Well Pam is lucky to still be alive. If it were any other vampire who had done what she did I think Eric would have ended them without hesitation. Poor Eric…punishing himself as well as Pam at the same time by keeping their bond open. I hope Pam learns from all of this.

  17. I think this was very well written and hope you can ignore any bad reviews. I have faithfully read everyone of your stories and love them all. I have always said, if someone doesn’t like or agree with a story, then stop reading and don’t flame. It’s rude and unnecessary.
    I have to wonder though…. Will Pam learn her lesson or will she turn on Eric or Sookie when she gets out?

  18. Great outtake! Pam really got less than she deserved. Any other vampire would have met their true death for what she had done. You handled the topic and the scene well. And bad reviews for violence? We’re reading about vampires. folks. They drink human blood. They’re not fluffy kittens. Where there are vampires, there will be violence. Grow up.

  19. Fantastic chapter, as always. Don’t listen to the nasty assed people. Your writing is wonderful. You draw us in, make us care what happens to the characters. If someone is giving you a hard time for your writing, you must be doing something right. Otherwise, why would they care so much about what happens. You just can’t account for the way some peoples brains work, petty, vindictive people will always be that way. You can’t control how they conduct themselves, but they do still care enough to get nasty. Not your fault, it’s their default setting when they don’t get exactly what they want. Keep up the good work, please. Your stories are fantastic, and I enjoy them immensely. Please, please, please, don’t let the b*st*rds get you down, they are insignificant a-holes. You are not.

  20. Very well written! As a parent I understand all too well how much punishing a child hurts, and now I finally understand the statement, “This hurts me more than it does you,” which I always thought was insane when I was a child. It really does hurt to inflict pain and/or humiliation on your child.

  21. Ugh…..ignore the bad reviews. If someone is queasy about this, let them go to the Harry Potter, Twilight or Sponge Bob fanfic sites. Vampires by their nature are violent. And they heal fast. Therefore, the only way to “make a point” in vampire punishment is to make it painful and long lasting. At least Eric was compassionate in his punishment. He felt it along with her and she knew it. But…she was still pleading with him, using her position as his child, to try to get out of the rest of her punishment rather than own her issues and own the punishment like an adult. I do think she’ll just fester as she’s confined; I certainly hope not –she should know that Eric was within his rights as her Maker to un-Maker her……let’s hope she’s as smart as Eric thinks she is –that’s one of the reasons he turned her…..

  22. Pam got what she deserved, when she’ll realize how right it was remains to be seen. That punishment was for Eric as much as Pam because he let it go so far for so long. The sad thing is it was all in the name of love.

  23. Suitable punishment although I felt bad for Eric. You wrote it well. Ignore the neg reviews. Congrats on the award for this story 🙂

  24. Loved Sookie’s actions in this , she was there for Eric and by using the head phones I don’t think it was a case of hear no evil see no evil ,I think it was more that she didn’t have to think on what was being done and could concentrate on being strong for Eric .
    I’m afraid Pam’s punishment will not be enough and while she is left in isolation it will be not only her wounds that will fester .
    Punishment and the actions carried out is where this story was headed and I think it would have been wrong to gloss over that ( we’ve all had the frying pans out ) . This was well written and as other reviewers have said it’s not to graphic , every thing is going on in a controlled environment a public ( vamps only ) punishment so Eric has to put aside his emotions to remain in control and show no weaknesses to the gathered public and so not to draw attention to his new family . I liked the way you dealt with Eric leaving out Sookie’s name entirely

  25. I thought this chapter was brilliant… It’s about time. Pam gets punished for her behavior. I know that Eric is trying to overcompensate Appius but in the long run. That does nothing to help Pam. I feel sorry that Eric feels he should punish himself because he actually is a decent maker. However, my problem is I don’t see why Sookie says she wants to be there and then hides behind some headphones. To mean, it seems like it would just add to Eric’s shame and guilt. Over his needed actions the ways of his species… If you can understand what I mean she wants them to be honest and share things with her and to help them but only as long as it’s all pretty and frilly… That’s always been one of my issues with Sookie

    • I hid her because in this book, she’s not meeting other vampires, she’s not going to ‘live’ in the vampire world. I have her integrate into that world for beauty and the vampire beast, and wanted to explore Eric living in the human world with her in this book. Just playing around, it’s not meant to mean anything more, she was there to support him, but not right next to him. Hope this helps explain.

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