Chapter 14 – An Opportunity

Chapter 14 – An Opportunity

Ummm, I’m pretty sure some of you will need tissues for the first part of this chapter.  Some of you might need the double box warning:

2 tissues

We’re safe from frying pans but not save from:


Eric rose on Friday excited that it was yet another night he had to spend with Hunter and Sookie.  After speaking to both of them the night before, they planned to spend time in the playroom with Hunter’s friends then watch a movie.  Eric had an order placed at a local Mexican restaurant that he only needed to pick up on his way there so Sookie and her hospital friends could enjoy dinner while he had his quality time with Hunter.  He liked eating with Sookie – but this plan gave her time to relax and ensured Hunter didn’t feel slighted.  No, that wasn’t it.  He truly enjoyed his Hunter time too.

He brushed and braided his hair while listening to messages and was pleased that Ludwig was ready to meet with Hunter and Sookie.  He noted her requested date and time to discuss with Sookie tonight.  The next message was expected at some point but it still didn’t make him happy.  Donald Narvon had called with the court date for Jason and Sookie was expected to testify.  Of course it was during the day so he couldn’t go with her but he’d ensure she had friends and protectors.  Donald wanted to meet to prepare her for her testimony.  He also wanted to prepare Maxine and Hoyt as they had been witnesses.  Again, he knew this would happen but he still loathed spending part of his night with Sookie going over Jason drama.

He arrived with the trays of food and placed them in the nurses’ lounge before greeting Hunter and Sookie.  As soon as he walked in, Sookie knew something was wrong.  “What’s wrong?”

“How could you possibly know something is wrong?”

“It’s all over your face.”

He was quite taken aback, he considered himself to have a good poker face.  He had planned on telling her about the trial but later after Hunter was asleep.  He thrust his hand out presenting a Java Mocha Chiller to her as a distraction then responded.  “It’s nothing too important, we’ll talk later.  Right now, I want to get you into the nurses’ lounge for dinner.  Hunter and I have games to play.”

When Sookie was done eating, she went in search of Eric and Hunter and found them in the playroom already with the other boys; Hunter plopped on Eric’s lap.  They were already engaged in a board game so she just sat back and watched them all laughing and getting along well.  Eric caught Sookie’s attention when the game was over and they headed back to the room for a movie.  About half way there, Hunter asked to be put down so he could walk.  Sookie bit her lip but her boys convinced her to let him try while Eric hovered.  He was very excited when he made it into the room and even had the energy to stand at the sink to brush his teeth.  Hunter really liked this part since he hated brushing his teeth using the plastic basin.  Knowing the routine, Eric changed him into pajamas while Sookie freshened up herself.


“Yeah Fidget.”

“Can we watch my favorite tonight?”

“Sure.  That’s Tangled, right?”


“Mommy told me.  I’ll get it out and into the player.”

“You don’t think it’s weird that I like a princess movie?”

“Not at all.  I happen to like a grown up princess moving called The Princess Bride.  Maybe we’re just both weird.”


“Yeah Fidget?”

“I don’t think anyone would call you weird . . . they’d be too scared to ‘cause you’re so big.”

“You’re probably right.”

“But I bet it’s your fangs that really can scare people.  . . . . HEY!  Can I seeum?”  Eric obediently dropped his fangs for Hunter and the boy looked with fascination.  “COOL!”

Eric just chuckled and started to pull them in.  Sookie was coming out of the bathroom at the same time and giggled just when Hunter did.  “What’s so funny?”

Hunter pointed to his nose.  “You.  Your nose twitches when you pull in your fangs.”

Eric looked indignant.  “It.  Does.  Not.”

Sookie confirmed.  “Oh yes it does.  It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.”

Eric’s mouth hung open for a moment before he responded.  “Woman, you did not just call my 1000 year old fangs cute.”

“No, I called your nose cute.  Your fangs are sexy.”

He leered at her then shook his head.  “Behave.  Get in the bed, we’re watching Tangled now.”

As Eric requested, they all got in bed, Hunter in the middle, and started the movie.  When they got to the part with the paper lanterns being sent up for Rapunzel’s birthday, Hunter commented, “I like that.  Cool idea for her birthday.”

“Would you like to do that for your birthday?  That’s coming up in February, right?”

“It is.  That would be cool.”  He turned to Sookie.  “Mommy?  Can we do that?”

“If that’s what you want baby.  We’ll get one of the nurses to go with us.”  In his child way, he clapped his hands and squealed out loud, much to Eric’s delight.  When he looked to Sookie for her reaction, he saw she was a bit misty about it and Eric looked at her in question, she just brushed him off and refocused them on the movie.  “Hey guys don’t talk over my favorite song now.”


A short while later, Hunter was asleep and the scene was so cute that Sookie grabbed her phone to snap a picture.  Her baby had turned during the movie and was snuggled into Eric’s chest.  She whispered to Eric.  “I almost don’t want to chat tonight ‘cause you look so cute together.  And you look fantastic in that light blue sweater if I might add.”

“You get back in here and I’m good to go ‘til dawn.”

“Yeah – easy way for you to get out of telling me whatever was wrong when you came in.  You’re not getting out of it big guy or should I call you weirdo?”  She bent over and moved Hunter over so Eric could easily get out of the bed.  Since she was still leaned over and he could reach her, he smacked her on the butt and called her nosey.  “Domestic violence?”

“Have to keep you in line for Hunter.”

“Just get in the chair and make a lap for me.”

They sat in one chair together and Eric started.  “I will tell you what happened today, but first I want to know why you got upset about the paper lantern thing.  Taking him to the lake on my property and lighting some lanterns is not a problem – not now that we have the wheelchair van and the ability to hire a nurse.”

“That’s not it.”

“Then what?”

She blew out a breath and turned away from him to speak.  He didn’t like it, but he figured she needed some kind of space.  “I . . . “  She fiddled with Hunter’s blanket.  “I heard the doctor today.  They don’t know what to do for Hunter any longer and they aren’t sure how long his heart . . . “  That was all she could get out before she broke down and Eric could only hold her through it.  He tried to be strong for her, he really did but he couldn’t bear her pain any longer and he let go himself.  The memory, a thousand years old, of finding his own son dead one morning and the thought of that happening to Hunter nearly crushed him.  He composed himself quickly but not before a few bloody tears fell and Sookie saw them on his sweater.  “I’m sorry.  This is probably hard for you given your own history.”  She used her thumbs to wipe the tears away.

“It’s hard remembering Vali and now it’s equally as hard thinking about losing Hunter.  The pain would be the same.”

She understood what he was saying and she believed him.  He loved Hunter like a son.  Too soon she thought but only for a moment.  Now was not the time to worry about expectations or norms.  “Do you regret meeting us?”

“Not for a minute and I’m not resigned to Hunter’s fate.  This is one of the things I needed to discuss with you tonight.  Doctor Ludwig has reviewed the history and she needs to meet with us.  She wants to come here on Monday after first dark.”

“Can you be here for it?”

“I was planning on it.”

Sookie didn’t know too much about his Viking background, but she did recall that names had meaning.  She tested the water to see if he’d be willing to open up about his son.  “What does Vali mean?  Will you talk about him?”

He was quiet and just stroked her back for a moment before he answered.  He hadn’t spoken about his son for hundreds of years and for the first time he felt like it would be good to share him, remember him.  “I’d be happy to tell you about him.  I haven’t spoken about him since I was turned but with you, I feel like I can, like it’s right.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for trusting me with your stories Sweetie.  I’m honored.”

He shifted her so they could see each other more easily and began.  “His name means powerful and strong.  When he was born, he came out screaming even louder than my first two so we thought it was appropriate.”

“Hunter needs a little Vali in him, that strength.”

“He has it, he’s fighting min Röðull.”  His eyes pierced hers as if trying to convince her of his words.  She needed that tonight.

“Tell me more?”

He nodded and continued.  “My friend who married and had his children before me had told me the first child was the most miraculous and while he loved all his children, the feeling of the younger children’s births paled in comparison to his oldest.  That was not so for me.  Each child was a miracle.  When Vali was born, it was just as powerful to me as when my oldest, Baldar came into the world.  The shock of seeing the birth wasn’t there, but that was really the only difference.  Baldar was what you would call a Mama’s boy.  He followed Aude, my wife, everywhere.  Vali, however, was my shadow.  He would just want to be with me when I oversaw slaves in the fields, or practiced swords with the other men.  He never gave me reason to leave him at home; he simply sat quietly and watched.  When he got a little steadier on his feet, he would try to help me but it was usually just me allowing him the illusion of help.”  He smiled at the memory.  “Once I was supervising some slaves and he decided to help me by weeding and instead, he pulled out a row of turnips.  Turns out, he didn’t like turnips.  I had to go back that night and replant them.  Losing a row of food wasn’t really an option.”

Sookie chuckled since she knew Eric was amused at his own memory.  “Sounds like he should have been named Loki.  Can’t say I blame him though, I’ve never been fond of turnips myself.”

Laughing with her, he responded.  “My fourth child was much more mischievous, but Vali had his Loki moments.  He enjoyed sleeping with us too much, even though his own bed was just a few feet away.  That was probably my fault since if I was around when he was a baby, I held him to my chest.  Well, his desire to be with us always caused a few problems.  Specifically, he frequently liked to interrupt Aude and me.  At first we thought it was just a coincidence, but by the time he was – well about three years old as you would call it – we realized he knew what he was doing.”

“That’s a hard one to wrap my head around.”

“Yes, I’m aware that many see that as something bad for children to know about, hear and in some cases see.  I prefer to think of it as seeing what’s natural between two consenting adults.  Honestly, I think hiding sex and making people think it’s dirty is wrong.”

“I can see that too.”

“But, now we must stop talking about that while you are on my lap.”  She just giggled.  “I do have something else to tell you.”

“This is the ‘something wrong part’ right?”

“Yes, and it’s bothersome but not horrible.  Jason’s trial has been scheduled.  It’s coming up and my lawyer wants to prepare you, Maxine and Hoyt for your testimonies.  He’s been liaising with the prosecutor’s office for the three of you.”

“You had those photos taken, isn’t that enough?”

“We talked about this.  You knew it was likely you would need to testify.”

“To quote my son, I don’t wanna.”

“Sookie.  You promised you would press charges.  Please see this through.”

“I’ll do it, but I don’t like it.  Can your lawyer come here?”

“Yes and I’ll make sure Mustapha and Bobby are in court with you or helping with Hunter – whatever is needed.”

“OK.  Enough about that.”  She nodded towards the bag draped over the chair across from them.  “What’s in the bag?  Do I want to know?”

“It’s for tomorrow night.  Will you promise me you won’t peek and just wear it on for our date tomorrow?”

“Am I your living doll?”

He let out a laugh.  “No, this is just needed for tomorrow.”

“I’m intrigued.”

“I need to keep you on your toes.  So do you promise?”

“Yeah, OK I promise.”


‘Leather?  He wants me dressed in black leather pants and he bought me a new leather jacket to match?  What the hell?’  Sookie thought as she opened the bag Eric had left in her closet.  Before she dressed, she actually called him.

Eric saw her name on the caller ID and laughed as he answered.  “You promised.”

She was silent, intrigued that he knew exactly why she was calling and knowing she did in fact promise to wear the outfit in the bag.

“Are you there my Sookie?”

“Ok, I promised.  It had better make sense when you get here.”

“It will.”

As PROMISED, Sookie put on the leather and made a mental note on not blindly giving promises.  At least the shirt was just a plain black tee.  She’d never worn leather pants but she found them surprisingly comfortable.  She couldn’t imagine why she needed it though but she trusted him.  Hoyt whistled when she walked out of the bathroom.  “What are you guys doing tonight?”

“I have no idea.  I was just told to wear this.”

Jessica chimed in and she looked at Hoyt apologetically as she spoke.  “If he shows up dressed in something similar . . . well there could be some drooling.”

Sookie gasped.  “JESSICA!  You apologize to Hoyt.”

“Ah Sook, I don’t care.  ‘Slong as she goes home with me tonight.  I know she loves me.  Just like I know your boyfriend is pretty.”

A deep voice called from the hallway.  “Ah Hoyt, am I courting the wrong person?”

“Nah Eric.  Sookie’d beat me up if I tried to steal you.”

“And now that I’ve seen her in that outfit, I have to say I’m partial to blonds.”  He moved into the room to take Hunter’s hand.  “How are you tonight Fidget?”

“Good.  We’re all super excited to know what you guys are doing.”

“You’ll know in a minute.  First I need to braid Mommy’s hair.”  Sookie raised a brow at him and he simply offered, “It’s needed.”  He finished that task quickly and nodded towards the doorway.  “Nancy is heading downstairs with us.  I thought you might like to see something.”

Hunter clapped at his impromptu outing.  “Let’s go.”  Eric opted to carry Hunter downstairs and Nancy followed with the wheelchair for the return trip.

On the way down, Jessica leaned into Sookie and whispered.  “Is it just me, or is his holding Hunter even sexier than the leather?”

Sookie smirked.  “It’s not just you and he can hear every word.”  Eric turned to Jessica and laughed at her shocked expression.

As they approached the front doors, Hunter was already yelling.  “WHOA!  Is that yours?  And Mommy’s gonna ride it?”  Eric nodded.  “Did ya know Mommy likes bikes?  She had to sell hers when she got me.  She uses Jason’s old car now.”  He continued to ramble from excitement.  “What kind of Harley is that?  Does it go fast?”

“I did know Mommy liked bikes and this is a Softail Deluxe.”

“Did you buy this for your date?”

“No, I got this bike just three months ago.  I went up to York Pennsylvania to supervise its production personally.”

“You can do that?!”

“It’s not common.”

Sookie cut in.  “That means he paid extra for it baby.  That’s just Eric’s way.”

Hunter ignored his Mommy’s comments.  “Are you gonna let Mommy drive it?”

“If she wants to.”

“Ok baby.  Enough of you out in the cold air.  I know your buddy there isn’t keeping you warm.”  She moved over to give him a kiss after Eric settled him into his wheelchair.  “I love you.”

“I love you Mommy.  Enjoy the bike.”

“Oh I will.”

Eric and Sookie watched as Hoyt wheeled Hunter back into the hospital; then he turned to handed her a helmet.  “So, are you driving?”

“Maybe next time.”

He got on, then without hesitation, she hopped on as well.  The engine started with the Harley roar and they were off.  His destination was the lake, but he wanted to take her for a drive beforehand, knowing about her history with bikes.  Discovering that was a nice tidbit that Mustapha learned when Sookie got to talking about the PI’s bike one day and like all information he learned about her, he was using it to make her happy and hopefully win her heart.  Sookie held on tight to Eric and just enjoyed the ride.  She loved the speed and feel from riding a bike.  He took the turns quickly but she wasn’t worried, not even when the bike swayed to the side as they rounded a pretty tight curve.  Not that anyone could see it under the helmet but her grin was as wide as her face.  Eric had never ridden with a passenger before.  He used his bike as an escape from life but now he was happy to share it with Sookie.  Under the noise of a Harley, normally the driver wouldn’t hear a thing except the engine, but with Eric’s vampire hearing he could hear the squeals of delight coming from his passenger and it pleased him.

Knowing he had big plans for the night, he started to guide them towards the lake where he had a surprise, or rather another surprise for Sookie set-up.  When they arrived she hopped off and was excited by the tent set-up at the lake’s edge.  It was a beautiful white pavilion tent and she could see it glowing from some kind of lights.  “What’s this?”

“This is me setting the pace for tonight.”  She looked confused.  “I just wanted to give us an opportunity, we can do whatever you want but well, come in.”  He hoped he wasn’t pressuring her, he really hoped he’d been reading the signs and she wanted this as much as he did.  While he was pretty sure he was right about her feelings and desires, he was a bit nervous as he pulled back a side of the tent to guid her in.

The tent was lit with candles and she was immediately concerned about fire.  He guessed at her worry and calmed her.  “They’re twinkling LED lights.”  She nodded and looked around.  Arranged on a platter was a variety of finger foods that looked yummy and a there was a small refrigerator in the corner.  The lights, the food – it all looked nice but it was the palette that dominated the tent.  It was a luxurious bed with pillows, sheets and furs placed all over.  At seeing it, Sookie was immediately nervous AND excited.  Eric was 1000 years old – she was just as concerned she wouldn’t measure up as she was sure he would be a very skilled lover.  Seeing her deep in thought, he moved and put his hands around her while he nuzzled her neck.  “What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”

“Which second of thought do you want to hear about?”

He chortled and answered.  “All of them.”  He turned her around so they were facing each other and her eyes went to the angel wing he now always wore around his neck.  Someone that thought that much of her wouldn’t make her feel inadequate.

“Am I pressuring you?  We don’t have to do a thing.”

“Not at all.  I want this . . . I just hope . . . I’m not that experienced.  Two men Eric.”

“Sookie – all I want is YOU.  If anything I’m the one not worthy of you, of your goodness, of your light but I’m too selfish to give you up.  Will you let me love you Sookie?”

She suspected he loved her and that’s what he was trying to say, but wanting to be clear she  asked, “Do you Eric?  Do you love me?”

He smiled and touched her face gently, “You already know I do silly, but so there is no misunderstanding:  I love you Sookie Stackhouse with all that I am.  You’ve done the impossible and awakened my cold dead heart.  I’ve never felt like this for anyone – not even as a human.”

A few tears escaped and trickled down her cheek as she replied.  “I love you Eric and this is new to me too.  And yes, I want you to love me.  Make love to me Eric.”  His chest tightened at her words and again he felt like if he were human, he wouldn’t be able to breathe.  It was a feeling he was becoming accustomed to with Sookie and he craved it.

The platter of food was abandoned and he moved her to the palette of furs and silk.  They just kissed and cuddled for a while simply enjoying each other.  Eric had never had such an emotional connection to a lover so he felt almost like this was his first time, mostly excited and a tad nervous – after all – he wanted this to be perfect.  The scent of her arousal was starting to drive him crazy so he needed to move them forward.  Gently, he started sliding the jacket off her arms then undid his own.  Sookie got with the program and started taking off his tee-shirt, touching and caressing the lines of his muscular chest as she went.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful man before Eric.  I’ll never tire of looking at you.”  In her head she had to beat back the thoughts of what he was doing with her.

Eric suspected as much when a look of concern ran across her features so he spent time reassuring her.  “Just like I will never tire of looking at you.  Sookie, your eyes hold both a capacity for wonder – almost innocence – while at the same time carry the wisdom being a mother has given you.”  With tenderness, he paused to kiss both of her eyelids.  “Your lips beg to be kissed, nipped and licked until they darken and swell from the attentions.”  To prove his point, he kissed her thoroughly then pulled back to lift her shirt and deftly remove her bra.  The breeze he created had her nipples drawing in and his cock twitched as he watched.  “My Gods, your breasts.  I want to feed from your breasts for an entire night.  I want to see the blood flow to your nipples and have them pebble from my attentions.”  He touched her pendant and enjoyed that she always wore it.  She reached up and touched his angel wing in response.  While keeping his eyes on hers, he undid her pants and lowered them down with her panties.  His attentions were having an effect on her:  The concern was gone and she let her knees fall apart, giving her soon-to-be-lover a complete view of her sex.  “And this.”  He rubbed her folds.  “This is perfection Sookie . . . and all mine.”  He spent a moment just gazing at his fingers playing with her folds and moving in and out of her heat before he looked up at her face.  “Say it.  Tell me you love me and that you’re mine Sookie.”

She looked into his eyes as he spoke and saw almost desperation there.  She didn’t hesitate, she was his.  With a voice thick with lust she avowed.  “I do love you Eric and I’m all yours.  Everything that I am is yours.”

His clothes were gone in a flash and Sookie saw his whole body for the first time.  She’d felt all his muscles and knew he was impressive but seeing him was something else.  He motioned to himself up and down then spoke again.  “And this is yours Sookie, just yours.”  Other woman might have been put off at a man offering his body like that but Sookie knew what it meant:  Fidelity.  And she was right; it was indeed what Eric meant.  His next action and words meant even more:  He touched his chest over his heart.  “Just as this heart is all yours and Hunter’s.  Everything I am is yours now too.”

“I want your everything Eric, I want you.”  He smiled and thought, ‘Good, I’m holding you to that.’  He continued to tease her lower lips until she started complaining.  “Patience Sookie.  We have time tonight.  I want you to enjoy every minute.”

Sookie was reeling from his attentions.  His comments about her were made just after she was having doubts – it was almost like HE was the mind reader.  However he came to giving her that praise didn’t matter.  It was just what she needed to remove her doubts and now she was truly enjoying herself.  The sensations were almost too much:  His cool fingers, the soft furs and silk sheets (at least she gathered they were silk).  The mattress under everything was even warm so she wasn’t uncomfortable hanging out naked.  Nor was she uncomfortable being on display as she was.  His eyes held nothing but love and reverence at what he saw.  She was sure her expression was a mirror image – especially while looking at him.  The man was perfection.  He even had a few scars that just added to the overall manliness of his body and she was certain there was a story for each one.  She couldn’t wait to ask, but now was about them connecting physically.

Eric couldn’t get enough of her skin and her scent.  He was licking and kissing everywhere, charting her body and noting each reaction so he could use it to bring her the most pleasure now and every time hereafter that they made love.  Her body was his drug, his addiction – just as her smile was from the start.  When he felt she was fully prepared for him he pushed in slowly, enjoying the look of awe on her face as he filled her.  As he moved inward, she put her feet on his ass to push him in; then he pulled just about all the way out to repeat his actions over and over again.  Sookie was losing herself to the feelings:  Her hands were grasping at his shoulders, the sheets, the furs – anything she could reach; her head was moving back and forth while she moaned out his name; and her tiny feet were pushing on his ass driving him in each time.  Wanting to see her come, he called her name and her gaze froze on his face.  “I love you Sookie.  Come for me my angel.”  She was ready so his words put her right over and she took him with her.  They simply stayed together with him remaining sheathed inside her while they kissed and touched continually.

Sookie’s stomach growling ended cuddle time and Eric cursed himself for neglecting to feed her when they first arrived.  “I’m sorry Sookie.  I meant to feed you when we got here but I couldn’t resist you.”

He reached over for the platter and helped her sit up.  While she started eating, he grabbed a drink for her from the refrigerator.  “Are there items you like here?”

“Yes Sweetie.  It all looks wonderful.  Do you want to try anything?”  Her eyes sparkled, remembering their date.

“Most definitely.”

She snacked and he taste tested just about everything for a while.  They were both naked but the tent was heated so she really didn’t care.  It was an intimate time – something that she and Alcide never had even though they had sex.  They were never like this – just relaxed and sharing each other.  Thinking about sharing had her wondering about Eric not taking blood.  “Why didn’t you take blood, Eric?  I thought that was part of sex with a vampire.”

“It was hard to hold back but we didn’t discuss it.  I also don’t know if I should take from you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sookie, I know you hate when I bring this up, but you are underweight.”

“I know.  I’m trying to eat more.”

“And I’m thrilled that you finally realize it and are doing something, but I won’t take blood from you until we start seeing the results.”

She smirked.  “More incentive for me to get into a four?”


She knew he was right; she was overly thin so she accepted his explanation without argument and decided to change the subject.  “Tell me about your scars.”  She reached and touched one on his back right shoulder.”

“I should just tell you about the exciting ones.”

She smirked “I’m sure they’re all exciting.”

“That one on my shoulder is.  It was a battle.  Our village was attacked by surprise and we all had to quickly take arms and defend our families and property.”  He shook his head at the memory.  “We were victorious, of course, but not without injuries.  We had killed most of them and I was heading towards the shore to secure their boats but a few of the attackers were also running to escape.  One started to get close to me, sword drawn and as his blade hit my shoulder my sword went up and took him out, but not before he connected and drew blood.”

“Sounds close.”  He just shrugged.  “What about this one?”  She pointed to a small mark on his chest towards the right.

He cringed.  “That’s not so exciting.”

“Your reaction tells me I’ll enjoy this story.”

“You will.”  He laughed.  “I may have been a bit of a Loki myself and would often cause my mother to lose her temper.  One day I . . . ah spent too much time with one of the thralls, that’s a servant, and I didn’t make it to the fields.  It may have been a recurring problem for me in my youth.”  Sookie raised her eyebrow at him.  “Anyway, when I got home that night, Móðir, that’s mother, was upset and she threw a tray she had for making cheese at me.  It had a bit of a broken edge and since she hit me hard it went deep.  That’s where this one comes from.”

“Score one for Mom showing her son who’s boss.  Sounds like you needed the come to Jesus.”

“I was simply enjoying my youth.”

“Uh huh.”

He quickly changed the topic off his youth – it’d just get him in trouble he was sure.  “Tell me about your bike.”

“It was a Ducati.”

“HA!  Harleys are the best.”

“Ducati’s are sexy.”  He raised an eyebrow at her.  “Well they are but it’s not like I’m Ducati snob, I wanted a bike and I made a good deal on a used one.  It provided me with transportation to and from school and got good gas mileage.  I already had Jason’s old car – Gran made him give it to me.  It’s the car I drive now but the bike was just cheaper to run.”

“But you miss it?”

“I was a different person back then – I sometimes miss the freedom of being young and childless – but I wouldn’t give up Hunter to have that back.”

“I understand.”

They continued to talk and laugh while she ate and when she’d had her fill, he removed the platter and her drink from the palette and pulled them both down on the palette.  It was pretty obvious where he was headed with his actions and he started stroking her body.  She was on her back looking up at him and while his eyes were focused on hers, his hands were everywhere.  Something big started poking the side of her leg and she smirked.  “I’m surprised I got a chance to eat.”

“It was in my best interest to get you some fuel.  Can’t have you getting tired out when we still have time.”

She decided to play coy.  “Time for what Sweetie?”

“Time for me to start showing you how much I love you.”


“Yes start.  There isn’t enough time in the world for me to really show you.”

“Gold medal wooer.  By all means, get started.”

It was a very good start.

Mag’s Secrets is updated if you’re interested.

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  2. So I may have cheered. I loved Eric’s date. I liked how he took her on his bike. Sookie deserves to have fun and joy. The tent he set up was so romantic. Their first time was beautiful and so well written. I’m glad Sookie realizes now that she needs to gain weight. I want her to be curvy and beautiful, I’m going beyond a size 4.
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    • Well thank you! I’m glad I’ve built the intimacy – I wanted this to not be all about sex (I don’t mean they won’t have it – obviously they do/did). I wanted them to be friends first and to connect beyond more than the physical. Ludwig is coming soon – I hope you like what I’ve come up with. I was driving MistressJessica1028 crazy with chemistry emails and concepts – then had an AHA – but you’ve got a while for that to all play out. OK, back to trying to write – got like 10 sentences done tonight. Pathetic.
      (Read the secrets page for a funny Harley-ish story).

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