And things were going so well. . .


Sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday.  I had one of my worst work weeks EVER in my life and just sat like a vegetable watching Frozen last night with my kids.  The news I got at work will even impact you, my readers, since I may be returning to an office – everyday of the week (forced, not by choice).  My office is one hour, one way.  Do I realize that many in the world already do this?  I do – I certainly do, I’m just wallowing.  How does it impact you?  Well the time on the road has to eat into other time in my life and my writing time will be impacted.  I’m going to finish this story – but it will just be slower.  Cross your fingers that my smaller office here in PA is ignored from the ‘mandatory’ list folks.  Put Mary in the window (Catholics will understand), light a candle, or sacrifice a small (STUFFED) animal (no real ones please).  I may dig out my priestess blessed voodoo doll from storage and name it a certain exec VP.  That always did make me feel better. . . until I felt guilty and realized I’d need to go to confession for that one.  I MIGHT take the risk for this situation.  I don’t even own clothes for going to an office everyday (I’ve been at this company 18 years – and never had to be 5 days a week in the office – it’s a shock to say the least).

SO – things were also going well in our story – until:

frying pan plain


Your links:

Added an image to Chapter 14 (if you read before I added the bike picture).

New chapter for today:  Chapter 15 – Almost

Mag’s Secrets updated for this chapter.

Teaser updated for Chapter 19.

Up next – I have Sookie (from Beauty and the Vampire Beast) tapping me on the shoulder – she’s tired of being pregnant with triplets.  Relief could be in sight . . . but no promises.

16 thoughts on “And things were going so well. . .

  1. oh hon, i’m so sorry. Will be sending all sorts of well wishes up for you. I’m a federal employee and have had similar obstacles over the 14 years i’ve worked for them, so I get it. some pointers for a long commute: audiobooks!! and if you have the capability, dictate your writing. i did my most creative thinking while driving 50 minutes each way. regular oil changes–every 3k religiously. use the smallest or oldest vehicle you have–you’ll end up closer to getting rid of it. lol good luck, you’ll make it–and so will we!

    • I was thinking about audiobooks – we have a used book store in the area and they have a small selection of them. I do need to come up with a dictation something – the thing with the commute is I do get lost in thought and do come up with storylines – then they need to be recorded – dictating would be good. I wrote most of my one shot somewhere on a commute to and then from the office,.
      Thanks for your support!


      • I’ve found that most library sytems have an ebook and audiobook selection, even ones that you can downoad (vs cd’s) i live in the south and we have it, so i know you likely have some in PA, or if you were a library card holder for a large library. I joined Audible and got 2 free books and thwn managed to fenagle a lower monthly rrate to get a book credit monthly

  2. OOH! How was Frozen? James & I have been waiting to see it! We waited all day last Tuesday for our mail delivery that typically arrives early. Naturally it arrived 15 minutes after he went home. I was sick Weds., but talked with my son & we agreed James would come over the next day anyway. I got up & waited & waited & waited some more…finally I called my son to ask where his kid was only to have him tell me he was at home with my son’s dad, and didn’t my daughter-in-law call me? No. She never does & it pisses me off. His answer was maybe she forgot. Huh? How do you forget something that’s part of your regular routine and has been for over a year? He, of course, apologized and said he would talk with her. I haven’t heard a word from her. Wait till Tuesday. She will be told that I am not on this Earth to serve her as she believes everyone else to be. We watch our grandson for nothing, feed him, provide art supplies, some toys, and we don’t ask them for anything. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a phone call to let me know he won’t be here for the day. Two minutes too much of your time too much? Well, I’ve got some initials for you, young person. (she’s 22)

    I cannot tell you enough how badly I feel about what’s happening with your job! I’ve got some ideas for where you can get some clothes, so drop me a message, and I’ll give you some! Damn! I hate VP’s! There are always just too many of them with too much time on their hands and it just seems as if some of them live to piss all over people, as if it’s their job or lot in life. Damn, I am so glad I’m out of that world. Estrella already gave you one of my ideas. I don’t know if those mini-dictation machines are still around (I left the rat race in 2001), but if they are, you could use one to put your thoughts & ideas on tape. With a one-way hour commute, it’s one way to pass the time. I would be more than willing to help you with your rough drafts. If you’re willing, we can chat about that later. The other FF writers with whom I work all send me drafts or chapters through email & we go from there.

    You’re so sweet though. We are the last people you need to worry over. You’ve got a family who needs your time & attention far more than us. We’re adults who can patiently wait for chapters of your stories. Your life takes far greater precedence over our wants for Eric & Sookie fanfic, no matter how excellent & how much we love yours. Really. We. of course, will never abandon you! We’ll all look forward to the day when we see your name in our email inboxes or on whatever device we use. Don’t stress over this. We’ll be here, and we’ll support you no matter what.

    That’s what friends do.

    Peace, Love, & Laughter to you & yours!


    • Your DIL – UGH! I hate when folks are taken advantage of (which is what’s happening). Frozen is good – I’ve seen it twice now (had a sick kid today – so we watched again).
      Estrella’s ideas were good – I’ve got to find dictation something. I wrote (in my head not on paper) Somewhere on a commute in and from work – so I need to think of stuff like that (especially when I sometimes spiral down a dark hole when I think of making this change – PETTY – I know but it’s an adjustment).
      Thanks for your words – helps me feel better.
      I’m at if you want to speak out of here.

      • Oh hell, go ahead & feel petty! Sometimes it just feels good for a bit, and we all deserve to feel that way at times. In your case, I’d be feeling that way right now, and I’d be SO pissed! I’ll go ahead & email you so as not to take up so much space here. I’m glad I could help you feel better. Wish I could put a curse on the VP for you!
        Thanks for letting me know about Frozen! I’ve got a feeling we’ll be watching it a few times on Tuesday, but as long as James is laughing, I don’t care! So sorry to hear about your sick child! Poor thing, spending a Saturday sick! See you on your email.

  3. good luck in the office digs, i used to ride 40 min 1 way everyday and it wasn’t fun, I did writing on my lunch breaks, a flashdrive is your friend …. thank you for the update KY

  4. Like kleannhouse said, a flash drive will be your best friend. I’ve tried doing the dictation thing while I’m driving and it doesn’t work well. You think autocorrect on an iPhone is bad when sending a text, you should hear some of the crap I’ve played back from my dictation app!

    I try to write everyday during my lunch break. The bad part about that is I usually forget to transfer it to a flash drive or email it to my personal email address.

    Best of luck! I hope everything works out with the job! Of course, I’ll chat with you in email. I’m really enjoying our side project. 🙂

  5. uh oh frying pans. My drive is about 45 each way. I LOVE audiobooks. I started borrowing them from the library before I started buying them from Audible and putting them on my phone for my drives. I’m so busy with 2 jobs and school, its the only way I can get around to real books.

  6. Hey Mags, I’ll go ahead and agree that audible is awesome!
    I’ve also been directed to a site : it’s great. Sometimes a hit/miss with the narrator, however, there are some books I have from Audible that I can’t stand the narrators voice of! Just thought I’d share 🙂

    Hope you don’t have to move, and all these plans are hypothetical 😉 crossing all toes, fingers and hair folicles for you (gotta love a plait-which is already up for someone else lol). Hope if works out for you. In the mean time, I’m a patient gal 😀

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