Chapter 16 – Let’s Make Love

Chapter 16 – Let’s Make Love

Saturday started with pee-wee basketball and lunch out. When they returned, Eleanor and Maura packed for a sleepover at Amelia and Tray’s. Pam made plans to be out for the evening with Holly (who knew they were an item?) and she would not be back until late and she promised Eric many many times she would just go to her room through the B&B entrance. Pam left to drop off the girls and head to Philadelphia to meet Holly. So by about 3PM, Eric found Sookie in the kitchen preparing a dinner for them. She wanted something that she could take out quickly for them to eat, since they had plans for all afternoon, and judging by the look on Eric’s face, he was ready to start. “I just need another 20 minutes then I’m all yours.”

“I thought you were all mine already.”

“I am yours; I just mean you’ll have my undivided attention. If you want to eat later, you WILL give me the time now.”

“I want to eat something Love, but it’s not dinner.”


Chuckling, he asked her. “I’m going to start a bath, what room is best?”

“Well, Pam’s room but the room she’s giving Lala is second best. She’s not returning for a while, right?”

“She’ll be back later tonight, that’s why we’re starting with a bath in one of the fancy tubs. I’ll meet you there. 20 minutes, I’m timing you. Don’t be late.”

“Oh, now you’re being bossy. What happens if I’m late?”

He leaned in close and kissed her neck. She moaned at the contact. “Don’t get sassy.” And he walked out after slapping her butt.

She finished her tasks quickly; changed into a robe and met Eric in the B&B room.

He had already turned the lights down and lit candles. The tub in this room was a deep, large soaking tub and he had filled it and added bath salts. He approached her slowly and started to tug at the tie on her robe. The tie came loose and he dropped the robe to the floor. His boxers followed and they walked to the tub.

Eric started washing her back and arms. He only wanted to relax in the tub, nothing more. They had both been waiting for this and he wanted to take it slowly. He was going to make love to Sookie, not fuck her. OH, he would fuck her at some point, but not tonight. He moved to wash her tummy and chest, taking extra care with her breasts as he always did. She spun around so he could wash her legs. Then she washed Eric. Once done, she turned to lie back on Eric’s chest and they relaxed for a few minutes until the water cooled and they decided to get out of the tub. Eric got out first and he dried and donned a robe, then he helped Sookie out; carefully drying her inch by inch then putting her in a robe.

Smiling, Eric carried Sookie to her bedroom. They had both said they wanted to have their first ‘hanky with panky’ in this bed.

When they arrived, Eric removed her robe and helped her onto the bed. She shifted and fiddled with the bedding for a moment. Eric just stared at her for a few moments and Sookie actually grew concerned. “Eric, are you alright?”

“Yes, I just want to memorize this moment. I love you so much, and while sometimes it drove me crazy in the past few weeks, I’m happy we waited.”

“I am too, but not let’s not wait any longer, kiss me.”

“Eager are you?”

“Eager, and a little scared. You’re huge.”

“I won’t hurt you.”

“I trust you, now kiss me.”


He bent down to place soft kisses on her forehead, around her face, and on the sensitive part of her neck behind her ears. Finally, he reached her mouth and first kissed her top lip then the bottom. Sookie panted in anticipation and he used the opening to push in his tongue. He just kissed her over and over again then he moved down her body, kissing every part softly as he approached it. He circled the outside of her breasts, teasing. She giggled when he started kissing her tummy. The sun was coming in through the windows and he knew Sookie was concerned about being seen in so much light; showing what she thought were all her flaws. She had no flaws as far as he was concerned. He leaned over and kissed every inch of her tummy saying “you honor me by sharing yourself with me like this. Thank you.”

He resumed nipping, licking and kissing down her legs, alternating sides as he moved towards her feet. Finished with his worship, he rose to his knees and bent her legs at the same time. While leaning in for a kiss, he touched her sex and found she was wet, waiting and wanting. “Are you ready my Love?”


He leaned over and rubbed his cock along her folds to wet it. Then he gently pushed; slowly, allowing her body to stretch with every inch. She gasped at the size. ‘Oh God, I thought it would hurt, but he fills me, touching everything inside me.’

Eventually he was buried all the way and he stilled. Not every woman could take all of him and he was pleasantly surprise. “Sookie, are you alright?”

“Eric, you feel so good. Move.” Following her command, he slowly pumped into her over and over, most times pulling all the way out and then back in. She reached up to grab his shoulders and hung on when he started to speed up. “More, har.. harder.”

Eric grunted in reply and shifted one of Sookie’s legs over his hip. The angle changed and she became frenzied. “So tight, so wet” he said as he pushed harder in response to her cries.

Sookie cried, “Oh God, right there, don’t stop, don’t you stop!”

He had no plans to stop and reached between them to rub her clit while he continued to pound into her over and over again. “Sookie, cum! I’m so close.” Her body listened and she came, crying Eric’s name. Once she started to contract around him, he followed and bellowed her name.

He collapsed on top of her and she welcomed the weight and the warmth, feeling protected and loved. They stayed attached like that for a few minutes, just breathing through the aftershocks and softly petting each other. Eventually, Eric spoke “Sookie, that was, I mean, it has never been like that for me before.”

“Eric, you don’t need to say that. I know you’ve been with many women, more experienced women.”

“Sookie, I cannot change my past, but I want to be clear, I have never made LOVE like that.”

“You have never loved?”

“Sookie, I thought I was in love before, but now that I’m with you, I know what love really is.”

“You really mean that?”

“Yes Sookie I do. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“Eric.” Sookie replied, breathlessly as she touched his face. She just stared for a few minutes; each of them a little misty. He bent down to kiss her softly.

They broke the kiss when they both needed to breath and Eric said, “Let me get a cloth, Love.”

“Right here.” And Sookie produced a soft towel that had already been placed in the bed. Eric raised an eyebrow in question. “I was a Girl Scout?” Sookie tried as a reason.

Still perplexed, Eric asked “What the fuck does that have to do with sex?”

Sookie shrugged and replied “I’m always prepared.” They both burst out laughing.

They had been snuggling for a while whispering to each other when Sookie realized Eric was ready for another round. His snuggling and petting had become more purposeful and he was now nipping at her ear.

“Hang on, let me up.”

“No, I want you.”

“Eric, I need to take care of something.”

He relented and she ran into the bathroom, took care of business then went to the sink. Remembering how picky Sam was about cleanliness, she proceeded to clean herself. A glance in the mirror had her brushing through her hair and retying it up. Then she rejoined Eric in bed where he said, “I was about to send in a search party.”

“I had things to do.”

“Come here.”

She got back in to bed, straddled Eric’s hips and attacked him with kisses.

His hands moved up her body in response to her kisses. “I like you on top.” He proceeded to touch the hairs that had come out of the pony tail. “You put your hair up. I love to play with it; can I take it down?” She nodded and he pulled the hair tie out. He immediately messed her hair by running his fingers through it. While playing with her hair, Eric’s mouth moved to her breasts; equally lavishing both with his attentions. He started to move his hands down; spending some extra time pinching and pulling at her nipples and Sookie moaned. Gliding his hands down to her tummy, then below, he noticed she was all cleaned up. “Love, if you wanted to clean up, I would have done it for you. I want to take care of you.” He said and he continued kissing her.

Sookie just stared blankly at Eric. ‘Did I do something wrong? The way Sam acted about having his um, stuff in the sheets or on my legs she figured all men wanted women to clean up. Sam wouldn’t even touch me after unless I was clean. Eric was acting like just having sex over and over was ok.’

Eric realized that while she was in front of him, she had gone somewhere. “Sookie?”

She shook her head “Sorry, where were we?”

“You were lost in thought. Where were you?”

“Nowhere, kiss me.”

“Sookie, you were very lost in thought, and it wasn’t about me, what had you thinking so hard?”

“Eric, I went to clean up because, well, um. Sam, Hmm, I guess I shouldn’t say his name, so I mean, in my prior experience someone always wanted me to be clean right after, I mean, he didn’t like it when his um, stuff was all over my legs and he wouldn’t touch me until I got clean. He also hated my hair down, said it was just in the way when we were together like this.”

“Sookie, we have so much time to learn about each other, but I’m not Sam. I love what we just did and if you have evidence from it coming down your legs all night, I’m all for that. Our love is not dirty nor does it ‘require cleaning’ for me. For the girls and other company, yes. But since we are alone….” He said, punctuating the end with an eyebrow waggle.

“I’m sorry Eric,” Sookie stated and she looked down.

How the fuck did Sam manage to make her feel like sex was dirty, that talking about it required her to be ashamed. I think he was the biggest part of her esteem issues. Fucker.’ “Love, you have nothing to be sorry for or ashamed about. It’s all about our pleasure. Our ability to communicate about sex will be the best way we can both be comfortable and enjoy the most pleasure. I want you to be able to talk to me about anything.”

“Ok Eric, I’m just not used to talking about it so much, so you’ll need to be patient.”

“I understand.” He started to play with her nipples again and said. “In the interest of communicating, I want you again.”

Sookie giggled and responded to Eric by kissing him again.

He proceeded to kiss her in response and soon they were both feeling ready for another round. Eric did like Sookie on top. He enjoyed the way her beautiful breasts weighed heavily in his hands. His attention to her nipples had her moaning again, and he could feel her wetness on his legs from her sex. He took one hand from a breast to reach down and stroke her lower lips; then parted them for more direct access. Her breath hitched. He started fucking her with his fingers and she was soon dripping. Sookie began to push on his hand and Eric praised her “That’s right, Sookie, fuck my fingers.” He added a thumb to her clit and he could feel she was starting to flutter. He took one nipple in his mouth and suckled. She started holding her breath a bit, a sign he now knew meant she was close. He sped up his movements with his hands and she started convulsing and shouting his name. Quickly, his placed his cock in her to feel as much of her orgasm as he could and he started pumping into her by moving his hips while his hands went to her hips to help move her up and down. Joining the rhythm, Sookie started moving her hips on her own so Eric could move his hands elsewhere; one on a breast, the other stroking her clit. “Oh God, Eric, I don’t think I can cum again.”

“Oh. Yes. You. Can!” Eric grunted, punctuating each work with a thrust.

He picked up the speed and watched her face. She lowered her chest a bit, and he teased her nipple with a little biting. She cried out in pleasure while she tilted her head back. ‘No, that won’t do’ he thought and said, “Look at me Love; I want to watch your face as you cum.” She looked back at Eric; he could see the intensity in her eyes and she was beautiful; hair all over the place, her lips swollen from kisses and a full blush from her excitement. A few more thrusts and Eric came; spurting inside her and screaming her name. Once Sookie felt him filling her, she went over the edge too.

“Oh my Fucking God” Sookie yelled.

“Yes Dear?” Eric replied, and now she added full on laughter to her aftershocks.

They were again laying in their post coital bliss and just enjoying each other. The sun was setting and Eric was watching the colors in the room change while stroking Sookie on her back. The calm was interrupted by some loud stomach growling. “You really did wear me out, I need food.” Sookie admonished Eric.

“OK, tell me what to grab.”

“Let’s go together.”

Eric walked to the kitchen naked. Sookie enjoyed that since she was following him; her eyes on his glorious ass. By the time they arrived in the kitchen, she couldn’t resist that ass any longer. As he opened the pantry she grabbed. He was so surprised he dropped the crackers he had pulled out as part of the dinner. Then he turned and launched himself to chase her. They ran around the kitchen and she finally was caught. “Ooo, you’re a naughty girl, good thing for you I didn’t have the wine in my hands yet. What should I do with you, my naughty girl?”

“You were the one who walked in front of me naked, the temptation was TOO great. But in any case, this naughty girl needs food and now.”

They quickly grabbed the wine and finger foods Sookie had prepared and returned to the bedroom. Sookie took time preparing for this meal since she wanted to feed Eric with her hands. Once they started feeding each other, they both found it extremely erotic. Serving each other wine was a bit trickier, so they abandoned that and stuck to the food. Sookie had fresh figs and cheese, caramelized nuts, vegetable spreads and crackers. They were both hungry and finished the entire serving plate before Sookie presented Eric with chocolate mousse. “Sookie, we forgot a spoon.”

“We didn’t. I have strawberries. The only thing we might need after this is clean sheets.”

After another round with chocolate mousse; they did need a shower, which they took together, and clean sheets, which they changed together. Sookie was exhausted so they snuggled in and quickly fell asleep.

Sookie was woken up early the next morning to the sound of a neighbor running a tractor. ‘6AM on a Sunday? That isn’t right.’ She climbed out of bed, pulled a nightgown on and peaked out the window. ‘Hmm, the Jansons never run their tractor this early, and that doesn’t even look like Mr. Janson. Still they were getting older, maybe they hired help.’ She turned to the bed to see Eric’s hand reaching out towards her side of the bed; he was looking for her even with his eyes closed. She melted just a bit more. Having mercy on him, she slipped back in and his hand found her and pulled her close. She never got back to sleep. The day was going to be busy; the first of the crew, Alcide and the director, Godric, were arriving today. The meals for the cast and crew would prepared by an outside caterer using the existing Barn, but not until tomorrow. Sookie had agreed to provide meals when the caterer wasn’t available. ‘I have many mouths to feed tonight, but at least Holly is returning (returned?) with Pam to help.’

“What has you thinking so hard over there? It’s waking me up.”

“Maybe that was my plan, sleepy head. The girls are coming home at 11. Time’s a wastin’!”

“You are overdressed.”

“I didn’t want to look out the window naked, and I was checking out the noise that was coming from across the way about an hour ago.”

“That explains why you put it on, but I want if off. Now.”

Sookie replied by holding her two arms up in the air, and she raised one eyebrow just as Eric would. He took the challenge; worked the nightgown out from under her butt and pulled it over her head. “Much better. You know, I think you don’t need any clothes when we are home alone.”

“Yes, I’m sure you think that. I do have windows throughout the house you know.”

“We’ll just buy better window covers. Your curtains are pretty, but they don’t provide complete coverage. I’ll put Pam on it to help you. But enough about windows; I want you.”

“I want you too. I want to taste you. Lie back.”

Eric complied and Sookie began to lick him on the chin and down the throat. She toyed with his nipples and he told her to bite a little. When he moaned she stayed a while and teased his nipples. She enjoyed that her intentions had such an effect on him. Continuing down his chest, she kissed and licked down until she reached his mighty sword. ‘Oh God he is so huge, I will never get used to that. And it’s mine’ she thought. “Mine” she said out loud when she took him in her mouth as far as she could. Her goal was to take more every time. Sam had never really asked for it, when she did blow him, he never seemed to like it, at least not like Eric.

Eric chuckled when he heard her whisper mine and she looked up at him and smiled. She loved the taste of Eric and she moaned. Eric’s eyes rolled into his head and she was on her back before she knew it. He tested her and when he found her wet for him; he plunged in and started pounding. ‘The blow job made her this wet. I love it.’ He continued this position for a few moments, then wanting her face, neck and breasts right in front of him, he moved to his knees and picked her up so she was straddling his lap. Placing them forehead to forehead; he continued to push into her, again and again. Then he looked down, mesmerized by the way they were linked together. He ordered Sookie, “Touch yourself.”

She hesitated so he took her hand gently and started the first few touches with her. She seemed more comfortable and continued on her own. He continued to watch their connection and thought ‘that’s fucking hot.’

Shortly after she exclaimed “I’m coming Eric!”

He growled and bent to take a nipple into his mouth. She went over the edge screaming his name. A few more thrusts and he joined her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him, still trying to catch her breath. He was heaving as well and just grabbed onto her. They stayed that way until Sookie started shivering and he suggested a shower. Time was running out before they would be joined by others, so they simply washed together in the shower. While they were dressing, Sookie sat on the bed and started to cry.

“Love, what’s wrong?”

“I feel like our bubble is over. We’ll be bombarded with film crew and the girls shortly. I love Maura and Eleanor, but I wish we could have even more time alone. I’m sad that our time is over and now guilty for wishing my girls away for more time alone.”

“Our alone time is over, for now, but ‘our time’ is not over. I plan on having you every night. I plan on snuggling with you after. I plan on running with you in the morning; then I plan on showering with you to start the rest of the day. As soon as you and Pam pick new curtains for that office, I plan on sneaking lunch time with you as often as I can. Should I go on?”

“No, I get it – but do you see what I mean.”

“Of course, I would love to stay in bed with you forever. We’ll just plan for another time we can be all alone. I love you, I want alone time with you, but I also want time with you while I need to share you with the girls and friends. I want it all, and I will have it all, I have decided.”

The last statement made Sookie chuckle, “well as long as you decided, and you want what I want, I’m fine with that. I’ll speak with the girls about our bedroom time.”

Eric’s face fell. “What do you mean, what are you going to say, surely they are not old enough….”

“Eric, relax. I’m going to tell them that we will be sharing a room, and since your clothes are in here, you may be in your underwear and sometimes they will discover the door is locked. They’ll need to learn to knock first too.”

“Is that going to be hard for you? Don’t get me wrong, I want to stay here with you. Switching out at 5AM while we were in LA was a pain, but they are your children, I want you to be comfortable ”

Sookie moved to sit on his lap. “I love that you realize the whole package that comes with me. Thank you. Nothing I’m telling them is a lie, and if Sam were here we would have been to the point of locking the door by now anyway. I’m just not telling them everything for now, for as long as I can help it to be honest. I don’t want them to grow up.”

They started kissing again and Eric was moving his hand up her shirt. She was petting his still naked chest. They were quite lost in one another when they heard footsteps downstairs. “Yes, it’s the end of the bubble. I’m going to make some breakfast but I’m already counting the minutes until bedtime.”

“Me too.” He said with one last peck on the nose. “I’m heading to the office to check on Godric and Alcide’s flight. I can also check on the trucks arriving with equipment.”

With that, they parted to begin their day. Sookie met Pam in the dining room. Holly was already in the kitchen. Pam looked at Sookie and commented, “My God, I don’t even want to know the details if my brother is the reason for that look of bliss.”

“Oh Pam, he is. In fact, he is responsible for many looks of bliss on my face starting yesterday afternoon and all the way through until this morning.” She blushed when she said it, but for a moment, Pam was so thrown by Sookie’s candor, she was speechless.

Eric heard the exchange and texted Sookie, telling her there was an award for those who could shut up Pam, as the occurrence was very rare. Sookie giggled at her phone.

Yes, the day started and the rest of the world was rejoining them, but Eric was right, their time wasn’t over. It was just beginning.’

A/N – and there you have it and it only took us 16 chapters and about 5 months in storytime to get there. Actually, be thankful, my husband and I knew each other for about 8 years before we started dating…I thought that would be way too long of a story if I made you wait that long.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – Let’s Make Love

  1. Finally! They finally made it to the bedroom or wherever! I didn’t think they would ever get the chance to have sex with all those people around! How sad that Sam made Sookie feel so ashamed of herself and she was still feeling that way at 40! And what man does NOT enjoy a blow job? I wonder if, in your imagination, there was much about Sookie that Sam did like…seems as if after having the kids, he wasn’t interested in her at all. How wonderful for both her & Eric for Fate to step in and take control of things! Fate being named Pam, Russell, Lala, & Jesus! There are 4 Fates, right? OOPS! How could I forget Alcide? In this case, there are 5 Fates!

    I’ve known my husband for 42 years! After being together for years, we finally got married 7 years ago, on the 7th of this month! Seems we were always in different life stages when we’d run into one another till a fortuitous evening where in a room with 120 people, we fell in love – as my bff loves to tell. After 2 short lousy marriages while young, I didn’t want any more & he’d never married. When we did get married, we shocked the hell out of everyone! So the the 3rd time really is a charm, especially when it’s the right one!

    Looking forward to the sequel – I’d read 42 chapters of this couple! All of the characters were fun & I think Bill & Freyda would make a lovely couple! Great story! 🙂

    • I’m so enjoying your read. Like I’m reliving. EIN was still with us when I wrote it but the mentions are certainly a nod to her. That stuffs in authors notes on the fanfic version

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