Pick your Poison

Pick your poison WP


Summary:  What happens when a busy graduate school student meets a different bartender on her usual Thursday night visit to Norns, a local bar in Shreveport?  This starts as four months of weekly bar talk between the student and the bartender.  E/S pairing.  Written as a birthday present to MistressJessica on June 25, 2014.

Click on the image above to go to chapter 1.

Viking words to know:

Yggdrasil, the World Tree – large tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse Mythology.

Norns who live in the Well of Fate- three spirits that weave the tapestry of every life

Landthing – Annual assembly of jarls (earls)

This first chapter is just about ALL conversation.  You get only the smallest tidbits from the minds of Eric and Sookie.  I tried to only do conversation and that was too boring, I needed a little bit on insight – but not much!

Updated July 13 from One-shot to multi-chapter:

By popular demand (OK, popular may be an exaggeration but a few of you asked) I’m expanding this – possibly just a few chapters but enough to tell us what happened next.  Blame it on too much time at camp with no Laptop and too much down time (killer on the brain with no keyboard).  Hopefully I can remember all the ideas that came to me yesterday.

NOTE – there are some subtle differences in the first chapter – those I did already made and it’s been re posted.  In short – Sookie’s degree is now a doctorate.  I thought after I published I wanted her to have the degree to more justify the new position she was going to take.


7 thoughts on “Pick your Poison

  1. I absolutely love all my writers and stories i read much to the displeasure of my husband. I couldn’t imagine being a writer and constantly having story ideas circulating in my brain. I have a hard enough time sleeping when i am reading a particularly good story and cant get my brain to shut off. Please keep up the good work and the great stories coming.

    • HA – I laughed cause my WRITING is frequently much to my hubby’s displeasure. . . Sleep – that time when I’m falling to sleep and JUST before I wake up – my brain is on overdrive. Frequently I say – write that down – and I respond – nah, I’ll remember it. You’d think I would know by now – I forget half o\f it!
      Thanks for making me giggle!! And for reading.

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