Chapter 5 – A Life for a Life

October 15, 2003:

Outside Shreveport, LA

“Dawn, cut the radio, we’re getting close.”

“OK Sookie. Where are we parking?”

“Just in those trees, we’ll have to walk to the warehouse the rest of the way. You’ll need to be quiet, remember I told you there are at least two guards outside.”

“I remember.”

Sookie parked the car and handed the keys to Dawn. “You’ll need them for the getaway,” she reminded her.

The two made their way through the wooded area until they were across from the warehouse entrance. Sookie put her finger to her lips to tell Dawn to be quiet; then she closed her eyes. After she opened them again, Dawn asked. “Can you hear him Sookie?” Sookie almost rolled her eyes. ‘I’ve known her for years and she’s always denied my telepathy, but these past few days, when it benefits her, suddenly she’s a believer.

“I can Dawn. He’s real scared, but seems OK otherwise.”

“What about the guys patrolling out front?”

“I can’t hear them. It’s all red and snarly.”


“Yeah, Shit.”

“We’ll need to wait until one of them is patrolling, then we can try to take out the other.”

“Then what? Can you break into a building Sookie?” Dawn asked with a bit of panic entering her voice.

“DAWN! Stop panicking, I have Jason’s lock pick kit and I practiced, I’m doing ma best here!” To get ready she reached down and adjusted her tank top to make the most of her already ample cleavage; then she teased out her hair.

“Sorry Sookie, I know, I know. I’m just scared is all.”

“That makes two of us. Here’s our chance, one of the guards just walked to the side.” Sookie stood as she spoke and pulled Dawn with her. Hidden behind her back she held a can of pepper spray and Dawn had cuffs, rope and chloroform. The chloroform was crude, they knew, but old Mr. Yuka, the biology teacher at the high school, would never miss it from the supply closet. They couldn’t bring themselves to hurt anyone permanently by hitting them with something to knock them out; they just wanted to free Jason.

The guard noticed the woman and walked over. “You’re on private property. Leave, or be physically removed.” Sookie grimaced; he had actually licked his lips when he mentioned being physically removed.

Steeling herself mentally, she put on her best dumb blond act. “Me and Tina’s car done broke down. Can we use your phone?” She twirled one foot trying to look coy while she spoke, then gave him some doe eyes. ‘I hope this works, I’m going to kick Jason’s butt for making me act like this.’

The huge man offered her an appeasing smile as she spoke. ‘This one’ll be easy – two airheads, one for me and one for my pack brother.’ He leaned down a bit, staring at Sookie’s chest and said. “I’ll make a call for you. Follow me.”

Even better than planned. We’re getting right into the building!’ Sookie thought, but contained her excitement. “Oh, how can we ever thank you?” She said as he opened the door and started walking in.

He turned to Sookie and started, “I’m sure we can think….. AUUGH! You bitch. What was that?” He screamed as Sookie blasted him with pepper spray.

“Dawn! Do it.”

Dawn quickly moved to cover his face with the chloroform cloth and the man fell to his knees. “Tie him up; I’m going to look for Jason. Once you have this guy secure, get out and bring the car around – but remember, don’t pull up here til you see me and Jason. If I’m not out in 30 minutes, call Sam. Maybe he’ll listen to us and help this time.”

Sookie stood, closed her eyes and listened. “Sook, is that your voice? Can you hear me? I can hear noise. Get out, it’s not safe. RUN.”

She turned into the hallway and yelled, “JASON, Guide me!”

He responded with a yell of his own. “GET OUT.”

She smirked, now that she heard his actual voice, she knew his direction and she headed that way. She found him locked in a cell at the end of the hall. In fact, she passed many empty cells in the hallway and thought, ‘if this is a warehouse, what the hell are all these cells doing in here? At least they are all empty. I would hate to leave anyone behind.’ She stopped her thoughts as she found Jason. He did look healthy, a bit pale and tired, but healthy. “Jason.”

“Sookie, RUN.”

“I can’t. You’re my brother; I’m not leaving without you. We subdued one of the guards already. Dawn’s bringing the car around. Come on, where can I get a key?”

“Dawn’s here too? Why’d she come? We broke up last month after I started seeing Amy.”

“Can we chat later? KEY!?”

“You’ll need to go back that guard and check his belt. Hurry. Sookie, if you are here when the vamper.” He paused; then pleaded, “just hurry!”

She ran back up the hallway and checked the guard for the key. “SHIT!” She exclaimed to the empty lobby. ‘We got the guard without the key. I’ll need to see if the other one is back, maybe I can surprise him.’ She opened the door and glanced around. Dawn saw this and started moving the car to the door. “NO DAWN! NOT YET!” Sookie screamed, but it was too late. The other guard had returned and tackled Sookie to the ground. Sookie yelped in pain, but was able to yell to Dawn, “DRIVE! GET SAM!”

Sookie turned to her attacker; he had a prideful look on his face as he yanked her up roughly. “Welcome little lady. Not sure where Michael is, but I’ll deal with that after you are locked away safely waiting for my boss.”

Sookie looked at his belt and groaned. ‘Yep, we knocked out the wrong guard, there’s the goddamn key.’ Sookie fought him into the building but he didn’t relent. He had to be 6 inches taller than her and at least 80 pounds heavier. His size gave him complete control. Stopping when he saw the other guard on the ground, tied up and unconscious he glared down at her. “What did you do to him?”

“Pepper spray and chloroform, nothing that can cause real damage.”

Never having been hit in her life, the strike to her face from the guard surprised Sookie. “You bitch. You’ll be punished for that. Perhaps my boss will let me take care of it; maybe Michael will be well enough to join in.”

Sookie’s eyes went wide in terror. ‘What the hell IS this place?

His yanking jostled Sookie out of her thoughts and they continued down the hall. Trying to taunt her, he pulled the key from his belt. “Is this why you came back out?” Once the cell door was open, he tossed her in and she landed hard on the stone floor. “Enjoy your afternoon. Today, I cannot wait for dark. I really hope he lets me deal with you.”

Sookie moved to the side of her cell that shared a wall with Jason, they touched fingers through the bars. When she opened her mouth to speak, he shushed her. They could both hear the noise as the conscious guard made a phone call asking for a medic and a backup guard. After hanging up, he tended to his brother until they heard other voices. Sookie felt like she was waiting an eternity to speak to Jason, but every time she opened her mouth, he shook his head and said to her through his thoughts to “just keep quiet.” While waiting, Sookie examined her brother closely. She could see that he was clean, though there was no shower in the cell, just a simple commode and sink. He had been missing for 3 weeks, but didn’t look as though he had lost weight. Upon further examination, she saw something that stopped her heart. ‘Bite marks. He’s being held so he can be food, I the bite I saw in Lala’s head was not a one-time thing. Lafayette didn’t have any marks when he returned. What the hell?

Almost desperate to talk, she chose to whisper, “Jason, please.”

He shushed her again. When she grew frustrated, he simply thought to her, “They can hear you whisper.”

Finally, they heard the footsteps of the guards leaving the building and the door closed. Jason turned to Sookie. “I told ya ta RUN Sookie. I know you usually have the brains, but this time I knew what I was talkin’ ’bout. Now you’re stuck here like me.”

“I had to get you out. I’ve been working on this….”

“Stop, I think they record in here too. I don’t wanna hear how ya found me.” Then he stopped talking out loud and thought, “don’t tell anyone here about, well, you mind readin’.” With that, he pointed to his head subtly and she nodded in understanding.

I know what he means; he is telling me to not discuss the fact that I can read minds. Jason isn’t always that bright, but he’s been captive here for weeks, I’ll trust his knowledge on this one.‘ Instead of continuing the discussion about her disabled brain and mind reading, she brought up another concern. “What did that guard mean when he said I will be punished for hurting the guard?”

Jason’s eyes went wide. “Whatcha do to him? You spill any blood?”

“Blood? Are they vampire? I thought they only were out at night?”

“No no, they aren’t vampire, but I have heard about punishment for blood offenses, ya know, spilled blood.

“I don’t think so; we knocked him out and tied him up.”

While Jason spent a moment being proud of his fierce little sister and his ex-girlfriend, the reality of the situation came back to him quickly though. “I don’t know what’ll happen. No blood, that’s good, ya won’t die, but other punishments ain’t pleasant.” He unconsciously grabbed his wrist as he spoke. ‘No use telling her any details, she’ll just worry all day and maybe I can take her place fer her.’ He nodded his head at her cot. “You should rest now while ya can. The vamper may keep ya up all night.”

“I’ll stay here holding your hand. I’ve missed you.”

They stayed like that for a few hours. Sookie was still while Jason slept, spending the time considering her fate and praying that Sam would finally help now that they knew for sure where Jason was.

“Jason? She finally broke the silence, waking him. He grunted back to her and opened his eyes.

“When does the vamp arrive?”

“Depends, sometimes he rests under this building and he’s up here before it’s dark; sometimes as early as 4PM, we got no windows, so he cain’t fry. If he ain’t here for the day, it’s usually about 6:30 bafore he gets here.”

“Oh, you have a watch, what time is it?”

“It is just after 4PM Miss Stackhouse.” A deep baritone voice answered. She whipped her head around to see the vampire. “Lucky for you, I rested here today. Or maybe,” he smirked. “It’s lucky for me since it gives us extra time to get acquainted.”

Standing and squaring her shoulders, she replied, “Mr. Northman, I have come to see to the release of my brother. This is America, and everyone is entitled to due process, so he needs to be set free. Let us go, and we’ll ignore this whole thing. Now that we are certain he is here, my partner has already left to find help.”

He laughed. He outright laughed at her statement. “Oh Miss Stackhouse, you are a treat. I’m really going to enjoy your company. You’ll have to tell me later how you know my name, as I know your brother didn’t speak it while you were waiting for me.” He stopped to take in her indignant expression. “Let me explain your situation. Your partner was stopped by some of my other guards and has been held in the basement of Fangtasia today. No rescue party is coming for you.”

Inside, Sookie groaned. Outwardly, she maintained her steel expression and pressed on. “I left a note for my Gran explaining where I am. She will find it when she returns home tonight and she will get help.”

Eric responded by making a call. He spoke so low and so fast that Sookie could not keep up. When he closed the phone he turned to Sookie, “That problem will be addressed. We won’t be disturbed by any of your back up plans Miss Stackhouse.”

That response finally put a chink in Sookie’s armor. “Are you going to hurt my Gran? Please, please don’t do anything to her.”

“Nonsense. That would raise too much suspicion. I’m simply going to collect the letter before she does. It would be helpful for you to tell me where it is. This way I can be sure that your Gran isn’t hurt.”

Tears formed in Sookie’s eyes as she responded. “The letter is on my dresser. She was out with the Descendants of the Glorious Dead today and was planning to be home after dinner. You can get the letter and get out of the house before she even sees you. …. Please, don’t hurt her.”

“While I am very curious about this ‘Descendants of the Glorious Dead’ we’ll have to save that for later.” The second call Eric made was a bit longer than the first, and Sookie could follow the conversation. Apparently, he was sending someone to break into the house and retrieve the letter immediately and he had ordered that nobody be harmed in the process.

When he snapped the phone shut, Sookie looked up and spoke softly, “Thank you for not hurting Gran.”

Never having heard such a sincere thank you before, he found himself staring at the innocent before him. ‘She’s locked in a cell, I can smell her fear, yet her thank you seemed genuine? I smell something else too, a virgin perhaps? I will confirm this when I get closer to her scent. I simply must find out more about this creature. I am going to enjoy having her here.’ Realizing he was staring he raised his chin slightly and spoke again. “Now it is time to see if you taste as delicious as your brother. I’m going to open your cell. If you give me any problems, you WILL regret it. Do I make myself clear?”

Sookie turned to Jason first and he nodded. After that confirmation, she turned to the vampire and said, “I understand.”

Sookie backed into the cell as far as she could, trying to put distance between her and the huge vampire. He only smirked. “You can’t get away from me Miss Stackhouse.” He stopped just inside the door, reached out his arm and said, “Come willingly, and I will endeavor to make it as painless as possible. I am certain your brother can confirm there is a difference in how you feel the bites.”

Jason piped in. “Sookie, it IS better to comply. Please trust me.”

Eric cackled. “You have finally learned obedience, slave.” He said to Jason.

With that comment, Sookie’s fire was back. “SLAVE? What the hell did that mean?”

“You WILL learn soon enough, now come here before I grow impatient waiting.”

She stood firm, and even Jason called out again. “Sookie, go to him. Please, don’t make me watch him hurt you.”

It was the desperation in Jason’s voice that finally had Sookie moving towards her captor. Once close enough, his arm banded around her waist and pulled her to him, his nose immediately going to her neck. “You smell even better than your brother; simply intoxicating.” He licked for a moment, then bit. Sookie couldn’t believe it didn’t hurt. In fact, he was holding her so closely, an act that never gave her comfort from anyone, that she found she was enjoying the feeling. ‘I can’t hear him. His mind is silent, even now that I am touching him.’

When he smelled he confirmed. ‘She is a virgin! It’s been years since I’ve smelled that scent. The flavor exploded on Eric’s tongue. ‘And her taste! Forget the brother; THIS is a taste I will never give up, it’ll still be sweet after I take her virginity too. I must get Godric’s opinion on these two, I taste Fae.’ As he drank, he became aroused by her and groaned. ‘Just a few grinds and I could probably get off by her taste and scent alone.’ he started shifting her for maximum contact Sookie halted him by asking “What’s wrong? Why are you groaning?”

He sighed and licked the dripping blood from her neck, not wanting to waste a drop, grabbed her chin and exclaimed, “You taste much better than your brother, but you talk too much.” When she opened her mouth to protest, he dove in and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Squealing through her full mouth, she protested as best she could by pounding his shoulders with her fists. When he backed off she whispered, “Please, I’m not like that.”

“Oh, I can tell.” Not letting her go, he rubbed his hands down her back and squeezed her ass. ‘I am going to enjoy her for a long time. Yes, her innocence, her smell, her breasts, her perfect soft skin. SHIT! I already promised the Weres they could deliver her punishment, but I find I am disinclined to hand her over, I don’t want her marked. How can I get out of this bind? I don’t think I can. If I go back on my word to the Weres, I will appear soft. I will just heal her after they are through; I already need to heal the bruise on her face.’ Reluctant but resolved in his decision, he continued his commands for the evening. “Enough pleasantness for now, my guards from today have claimed their right to punish you for your actions today. We’ll take care of that next.” Eric started pulling Sookie to the cell opening.

“WAIT!” Jason yelled. “Take me in her place.”

Interesting. Such loyalty to each other and a possible solution for my quandary about needing to turn Sookie over to the Weres for punishment.’ He stopped and turned to Jason. “It was her crime. I can’t see how punishing you would be satisfactory to my Weres.”

Jason continued while Eric stared. “She came for me; she harmed the guard in her efforts to release me, it is my punishment to bear.”

And a decently intelligent argument from Jason? Truly interesting indeed. Plus, I can prevent her from being hurt and still command respect. Yes, this is a good idea. I can spend time alone with her while Jason is punished too.’

“I will agree to this.”


“Sookie, be quiet. Ya didn’t listen ta me when I toldya ta run. Please listen now.”

Eric called to the Weres and they came, ready to collect Sookie, both wearing excited grins. He pointed to Jason and said, “You will punish Jason for your injuries.”

Michael, the injured Were protested, “Excuse me? She attacked me. She gets punished.”

Eric turned to Michael and bared his fangs. “Were, this is my decision and you will be quiet on the matter. She was trying to rescue her brother who committed the original crime the reasoning is sound. Besides, have you no pride? You were bested by a human. If you do not wish that information to get around, I suggest you handle Stackhouse quickly and return him without another word.”

The Were guards removed Jason and walked down the hall, Eric stopped them “By the way, there was no blood spilled. I expect the punishment to fit the crime. I better not see too many injuries when he returns.” They nodded and continued down the hall.

Eric gestured for Sookie to sit on her cot. He moved to sit beside her, wanting to take in more of her delicious sent. “Are you smelling me?” she asked as he leaned over and breathed in.

“I am. I told you, your scent is intoxicating to me. You smell like you were outside in the sunshine today.”

I don’t even want to think about that.’ She lost that train of thought when she heard Jason crying out. “What are they doing to him?”

“This is unusual; it sounds like a belt or whip. I would have thought they would punch him, that’s typically what a Were would do.”

Sookie stayed quiet for a moment, thinking about Jason’s sacrifice. When she couldn’t listen to Jason’s cries any longer she turned to Eric to talk. “You’ve said that word, Were, a few times now. You called that guard Were. What does it mean?”

Eric thought quickly on how to respond. ‘I’m keeping her, so she will know soon enough, if anything changes, I will just glamour it away. Yes, my new pet will know’. “Have you ever considered that since Vampires are real, other mythical creatures are as well?”

She thought for a moment then blurted out “Werewolves?”

Oh, she’s quick too. This conversation took hours with Jason, and one of the Were finally needed to shift in front of him to believe it. Intriguing.’ He replied to her, “Yes Miss Stackhouse. You put that together quickly. My guards here are Weres, they change into wolves, and are the only ones called Weres. There are other shifters who add their familiar to the name – were-bear, were-tiger etc.”

“Bears and Tigers?”

“Some are shifters who can become any animal. There are many different types of weres, for example, there is a pack of werepanthers that live near your town. Of course, they are weak and inbred. A disgusting lot to be honest.”

“You mean the folks in Hotshot are panthers.”

“Yes, you impress me again by putting that together.”

“I know I’m blond and busty, but I’m not stupid.” Her mind was reeling with this information and it dawned on her: Sam was some type of shifter. His mind felt like the Weres here and the folks she met from Hotshot. ‘That son of a bitch. He knew my secret and never shared his.’

Blond, busty, curvy, intoxicating.’ He simply nodded his head. “As interesting as the conversation about Weres is, we must now discuss something else. You breached my security and entered a building where I was in my daydeath. I want to know how you found your brother and this location.”

Sookie froze and took in his words. ‘Shit! I was so sure I could get in, rescue Jason and get out. He needs to be out and with Dawn. I have to make this right. Maybe I can trade my telepathy for Jason’s freedom. Maybe I can trade my compliance. If I ever get out, I’m going to beat Sam and Bud for not helping me save Jason. I begged them both for help. Everybody in Bon Temps knows I can read minds, most have known since I was a child, yet when I dug around Lala’s head and found that Jason was being held captive by this vampire, suddenly nobody believed me. He’s off with Amy they all said. Sure, he left a note, but it was forced. Dammit, I have to get Jason out.’ While she was thinking, Jason was returned to his cell, and he moved to stand near the bars between their cells. Sookie reached through to hold Jason’s hand and gave him a small smile. “Thank you” she whispered. Sookie continued to stare at Jason, deep in thought. Finally she turned to Eric.

Eric remained still, watching as Sookie pondered her situation. He never expected to hear what she said.

“I’ll make you a deal.”

OH, this is going to be good.‘ He turned, keeping his features frozen, but internally anticipating her next comments. “I’m listening.”

“Let Jason go. I’ll stay here and serve time in his stead. You already said you prefer my blood.”

“You would stay with me willingly?”

“SOOKIE NO!” Jason cried out.

She whipped her head towards her brother and admonished, “Hush Jason, you don’t know my motivation. Now you must trust me.” The she slowly turned back to Eric and restated, “I will stay with you in trade for Jason.”

After the siblings finished their back and forth, Eric responded. “Sookie, who said I was letting you go? I do prefer your blood, but I can keep both of you and alternate feeding by day to prevent either of you from being weakened. Having both of you will only benefit me. In any case, Jason is in captivity for his part in the final death of a vampire. I simply cannot ignore it.”

“Amy killed that vampire and you know it.” Jason interjected.

Sookie was shocked and asked, “Why would you keep me for my crime, the guard who was hurt already extracted his punishment from Jason. We’re even.”

He ignored Jason and asked Sookie. “I told you I could kill you for knowing one of my resting places. Incarcerating you is a light sentence.”

“It’s not my problem if you aren’t careful enough to keep your locations secret.”

“Ah, back to my original question. How did you find this location?”

Shit, I was trying to keep him off that topic.’ Sookie decided to ignore it and try to get back to Jason’s release. “Mr. Northman, what about what Jason said, that he’s not guilty.”

“He participated in the vampire’s death and he most definitely drained Eddie to use and sell vampire blood.”

“He’s served time, and well, served you his blood. He should be let go and given your vampire hypnosis to forget he was here.”

“You think offering to stay here will make me change my mind? I can already keep you here if I want. Sookie, Jason should be killed for the crime of draining a vampire. He lives only because of his other uses. The payment for his crime is his life.”

“I understand you to be a man of honor and…”

He cut her off, “I’m not a man, I am a vampire, and where have you heard anything about me?”

She glared at him and decided to ignore his question about her source of information. “Vampire is just another label representing something about a person – American, Buddhist, Vampire, Politician, Clergy, Were – you can still be one of those labels and be a man.”

Eric froze and cut her off by asking, “What did you just say?”

She let out an exasperated sigh and responded, “I was just saying that you are a man with a label of vampire. Just like I’m a woman who also happens to be a waitress, Christian, and a southerner. Can I continue?” She paused and waited for Eric to nod that he had heard her. “As I said, you are a man of honor and I am offering you a trade, why would you not allow this?”

Vampire is just a label? How could she possibly know that Godric believed the same thing? He moved to sit on the cot. “There are so many things wrong with what you said, but I will focus on your brother. Your brother’s punishment is my commitment to the vampires in my area to keep THEM safe from humans who could hurt them, in this case, your brother. I would be failing them by letting him go.”

“You let Lafayette go already for dealing.”

Eric’s face grew dark and Sookie knew she had made a mistake. Lunging and grabbing her hair, he yanked it back and stared down at her face. “How do you know that?”

SHIT SOOKIE, think, then talk.’ Tears started forming in her eyes from the pain to her scalp. “You’re hu hurting me.”


“It was ….was a guess.” She gasped out. “He went m mis missing when Jason did. He came b b back and didn’t remember anything, but he was scared and his dreams were weird. He cried out in his s sl sleep. I already knew he was a drug dealer, it wasn’t a big l leap to think he moved onto V.”

Eric released her hair but still glared at her. “You don’t live with Lafayette, how do you know of his dreams?”

Sookie started rubbing her scalp but answered with a lie. “I t told you he was sc scared at first so he stayed with my Gran and me. He cried out things in his sleep.” She moved back further into the cell, but still had the courage to continue on. “Since you didn’t deny you had Lafayette for dealing AND you let him go, you need to let Jason go.”

I can’t think straight with her around. I should kill her for her defiance, her challenges. I should have ripped her scalp off, not just pulled her hair, yet her tears cut through me. I don’t want to see her hurt. I’m not letting her go though. I want her around. Wait, did I just willingly think that I wanted a human around? She practically quoted Godric a moment ago. Gods, is she the one? Why didn’t I think of that sooner? Look at the damage I’ll have to repair. I need to get away from her and think. I need to talk to Pam.‘ He stopped his thoughts, resolving to talk to Pam before making any decisions. Knowing he had to leave, he stood and said. “Your brother did more than just drain a random vampire. Lafayette had a mutual deal with the vampire whose blood he sold. Your brother participated in the final death of that vampire after he kidnapped and drained him.”

She turned to her brother, “Jason?”

“I tried to save him, and Amy caught me feeding him and releasing him from his silver bindings. She staked him.”

“You see, he tried to save him, but you already knew that from your hypnosis thingy.” She moved to stand directly at Eric and stared angrily at the vampire with her hands on her hips, but her words were to Jason. “I bet he’s only keeping you because you’re tasty.”

She’s quite clever for being Jason’s sister. I’ll need to keep an eye on that, but now, I must get away and think; she’s just making me hard.’ Now at the cell door, he offered, “I have told you, he should be killed for his actions, he is not here just because he’s tasty. I will consider your request to trade your life for Jason’s; IF you can convince me of your value. I already spent time training your brother, with your disrespectful attitude; I would need to start over again.”

My value – what’s my decision, telepathy or not.’ Chickening out on revealing her telepathy, she offered. “I offer you my compliance. I won’t fight you, I’ll drop the attitude. I’ll stay here forever.” Sookie spoke with confidence, but her eyes dropped to the floor after she spoke.

“NO SOOKIE. You have your whole life ahead of you.”

“No Jason, I don’t. I can’t have the life you can have. Jason, Dawn is pregnant, it’s yours. You need to be with your child. I’m offering him my compliance so you can go.” With that revelation, she slumped to the floor and wept.

Moving quickly to be away from the tears, Eric closed the door to her cell and locked her in. “I’ll consider your offer. Jason, you may want to show your sister what to expect since she thinks she can fill your shoes. A proper show of respect could sway me. I’ll be back before dawn.” With that, he vamped out of the warehouse and into the sky.

His flight took him to the parking lot of Merlotte’s Bar and Grill and he approached the staff door. His security Weres followed Dawn earlier in the day, but they did not capture her. They heard her leave phone messages for her boss, the Shifter Sam Merlotte, requesting help. Since she had not approached any other authorities, they left her be to wait for instructions. Eric decided to simply glamour the information from her; he couldn’t afford to have any additional Bon Temps citizens to go missing. As he expected, Dawn was with Sam pleading for help. He listened at the door for a moment.

“SAM! We know where they are. We have to go get them. Are you too scared? God Sam, you’ve been in love with Sookie for years, and now you’re turning your back on her?”

“Dawn, it’s not that simple. Knowing where she is doesn’t mean we can rescue her.” Sam had been trying to convince Dawn to stay out of it. Based on what Sookie told him, he knew from the description of the vampire; it was Eric Northman. ‘I can’t go against Northman; now Dawn and Sookie ran off today on their own. SHIT!’

Before Dawn could start yelling again, Eric opened the door and strode in. “Shifter.”

Sam reacted to Eric’s intrusion and stood in front of Dawn protectively. “Northman, what do you want?”

“You KNOW this vampire?” Dawn screeched.

“Shifter, let me take care of her memory of this issue, then we can talk.”

Sam knew he could not fight the vampire. Not physically in his office or by appeal to the supernatural community. Eric Northman, the vampire in front of him, was the Sheriff of this area and he set the punishments for supernatural offenses. For some reason, Jason was being punished and he couldn’t interfere. For Sookie, he would try to bargain for her safety. To help his cause, he moved aside and gave the vampire access to Dawn.

Eric quickly took control of her mind and erased her knowledge of Jason and now Sookie’s captivity. He replaced her memories of her part in finding the warehouse with trying to convince Sookie not to go out on her own in search of Jason. He wanted to learn how she and Sookie found his warehouse, but he would need to wait until he could glamour Sookie later. To let Sam hear the details would allow him to know about his possible weaknesses. Pleased to have both removed his warehouse location from the girl’s mind and setting up the cover story he would be using for Sookie later, he turned to Sam and smirked.

Sam had heard the glamour and shrank a little. While listening to Eric’s glamour, he learned that Dawn and Sookie found Jason at one of Eric’s resting places. He figured that he now had Sookie in addition to Jason. While Eric finished with Dawn, he spoke to Sookie silently in his head. ‘Shit, Sookie, how did you find his resting place? He’s got you now. I hope he’s hasn’t already killed you. And if you are alive, keep your goddamn telepathy to yourself. Dawn was dismissed and Sam offered Eric a chair while he sat behind his desk. He wasn’t surprised when the vampire chose to remain standing, but he pressed on. “Can I plead for Sookie’s life?”

“She won’t be killed.”

“But you’re keeping her.” It was a statement, not a question.


“Can I see her?”

“No.” There was a moment of silence before Eric continued with a smirk. “Look, as entertaining as it is to see you in despair over losing the love of your life.”

“I don’t lo….”

“Please, you were begging for her life a moment ago. As I was saying, as entertaining as this is, I simply came to ensure that Dawn’s claims about Jason’s location wouldn’t be a problem and that you’ll stay out of my business with the Stackhouses. I won’t warn you again, I won’t tolerate any interference. One act of attempted heroism will end in your death. Do you understand?” He stared directly into Sam’s eyes and waited.

“I understand. Just don’t hurt her. I’m sure you can get whatever you need without hurting her.”

“You make no demands of me, shifter.”

“It’s not a demand, it’s a request.”

Eric was out the door before Sam even knew he was leaving.


At Shreveport’s premier vampire nightclub, Fangtasia, Pamela Ravenscroft sat on the throne waiting for her vampire maker, Eric Northman. Pam’s fangs, gothic clothing and perfectly coiffed hair attracted plenty of attention from the fangbangers, a name used to describe the sycophants that follow vampire hoping to be bitten. She had just kicked away yet another human when she felt Eric arrive through her maker/child bond. Standing from the throne, she bared her fangs to the humans blocking her so she can meet him in his office, the fangbangers part as expected. Once in the office she asks, “Eric, is there a problem this evening?”

“Why do you ask Pam?”

“You haven’t been replying to my texts.”

“I was flying.”

“Did you land here? I didn’t hear the usual squeals from the fangbangers when you land outside Fangtasia.”

“I landed down the street and ran to the back door. They would have only seen a blur from my running.”

“The humans call that fast running ‘vamping’, Eric, get with the lingo.” She chuckled at the word. “So, if you were flying instead of driving your car that usually means there is some urgency. So I ask you again; is there a problem?”

“No problem Pam, just interesting developments.” Pam sat and motioned for Eric to continue. “You know I have Jason Stackhouse imprisoned in a cell.”

“Yes, blood on tap.”

Eric smirked before he continued. “Well, his sister came to rescue him today.”

“Have you killed her yet for finding one of your resting places? How did she find your building? OR wait, you told me Stackhouse is delicious, is she also delicious? Do I get to help you drain her? Is it an early Christmas present?”

“Pamela! You have to stop talking to so I can answer questions.” She stopped speaking and nodded to acknowledge her maker. After settling into his office chair, he finally answered. “She is even more delicious than her brother and I am keeping her, not draining her.”

“KEEPING HER?! Why would ….. Wait. Is she the one?”

“I have considered it, though it’s hard to believe after waiting almost 25 years.” He paused; then added quietly. “Honestly I started preparing myself for failure a few years ago. I was sure I would never find the woman that Godric challenged me to find. It didn’t dawn on me right away that she could be the one.”

“Uh oh, so did you treat her badly before you realized the possibility, did you taste her forcefully?”

“Yes, we have damage control to do.”

“OK, we’ll make her forget your sheriff mode with glamour.”

“We have to do so sparingly; remember we glamoured Kathleen and Godric rejected her?” He signed; then continued. “I suppose we can explain to him why we needed use glamour just this once.”

“I think he would be fine with altering her memory with glamour just this once. It was the fact that YOU didn’t feel anything for Kathleen that Godric rejected.” Pam stopped to think for a moment. “Her name is Sookie, right?” Eric nodded. “I remember it from the background checks on Jason. So how do we deal with the fact that Jason is in custody?”

“Oh, you’ll love this. Sookie already discovered I was holding Jason for his blood.”

“How did she figure that out?”

“She is quite clever.”

She giggled. “Jason’s sister is clever? That’s, Eric, that’s funny. …. But does she realize that if you didn’t like Jason’s blood, you would have killed him?”

“I explained that several times.”

“Tell me more, what’s she like?”

“She’s curvy and blond and feisty.” He laughed, “When she announced to Jason I wanted him because he was tasty, she put her hands on her hips and glared at me to challenge her statements.”

“She challenged you and lived?”

“She challenged me and I got hard.”

“So you fucked her?”

He shook his head. “She’s a virgin; I could smell it when I got close enough.”

“Holy shit Eric. She’s got to be the one, right? Does she feel like she could be the one?”

“Yes. I could see her being the one.”

“Then, let’s get busy.”

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  1. Yep so I fell behind on this story when they went to Vegas (not Vegas’ fault) and now, I am enjoying a re-read because this story has such great character development for Eric who starts being such a tool… And he of course set himself for failure treating Sookie like he did in this chapter… It makes me giggle that his arrogant ass feels so confident that he can just glamour the appallingly bad first impression he made on Sookie… Awww payback is a b**** Viking!

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