October 15, 2003:

Outside Shreveport, LA

At Shreveport’s premier vampire nightclub, Fangtasia, Pamela Ravenscroft sat on the throne waiting for her vampire maker, Eric Northman. Pam’s fangs, Gothic clothing and perfectly coiffed hair attracted plenty of attention from the fangbangers, a name used to describe the sycophants that follow vampire hoping to be bitten. She had just kicked away yet another human when she felt Eric arrive through her maker/child bond. Standing from the throne, she bared her fangs to the humans blocking her so she can meet him in his office, the fangbangers part as expected. Once in the office she asks, “Eric, is there a problem this evening?”

“Why do you ask Pam?”

“You haven’t been replying to my texts.”

“I was flying.”

“Did you land here? I didn’t hear the usual squeals from the fangbangers when you land outside Fangtasia.”

“I landed down the street and ran to the back door. They would have only seen a blur from my running.”

“The humans call that fast running ‘vamping’, Eric, get with the lingo.” She chuckled at the word. “So, if you were flying instead of driving your car that usually means there is some urgency. So I ask you again; is there a problem?”

“No problem Pam, just interesting developments.” Pam sat and motioned for Eric to continue. “You know I have Jason Stackhouse imprisoned in a cell.”

“Yes, blood on tap.”

Eric smirked before he continued. “Well, his sister came to rescue him today.”

“Have you killed her yet for finding one of your resting places? How did she find your building? OR wait, you told me Stackhouse is delicious, is she also delicious? Do I get to help you drain her? Is it an early Christmas present?”

“Pamela! You have to stop talking to so I can answer questions.” She stopped speaking and nodded to acknowledge her maker. After settling into his office chair, he finally answered. “She is even more delicious than her brother and I am keeping her, not draining her.”

“KEEPING HER?! Why would ….. Wait. Is she the one?”

“I have considered it, though it’s hard to believe after waiting almost 25 years.” He paused; then added quietly. “Honestly I started preparing myself for failure a few years ago. I was sure I would never find the woman that Godric challenged me to find. It didn’t dawn on me right away that she could be the one.”

“Uh oh, so did you treat her badly before you realized the possibility, did you taste her forcefully?”

“Yes, we have damage control to do.”

“OK, we’ll make her forget your sheriff mode with glamour.”

“We have to do so sparingly; remember we glamoured Kathleen and Godric rejected her?” He signed; then continued. “I suppose we can explain to him why we needed use glamour just this once.”

“I think he would be fine with altering her memory with glamour just this once. It was the fact that YOU didn’t feel anything for Kathleen that Godric rejected.” Pam stopped to think for a moment. “Her name is Sookie, right?” Eric nodded. “I remember it from the background checks on Jason. So how do we deal with the fact that Jason is in custody?”

“Oh, you’ll love this. Sookie already discovered I was holding Jason for his blood.”

“How did she figure that out?”

“She is quite clever.”

She giggled. “Jason’s sister is clever? That’s, Eric, that’s funny. …. But does she realize that if you didn’t like Jason’s blood, you would have killed him?”

“I explained that several times.”

“Tell me more, what’s she like?”

“She’s curvy and blond and feisty.” He laughed, “When she announced to Jason I wanted him because he was tasty, she put her hands on her hips and glared at me to challenge her statements.”

“She challenged you and lived?”

“She challenged me and I got hard.”

“So you fucked her?”

He shook his head. “She’s a virgin; I could smell it when I got close enough.”

“Holy shit Eric. She’s got to be the one, right? Does she feel like she could be the one?”

“Yes. I could see her being the one.”

“Then, let’s get busy.”

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