Chapter 2 – Caught!

Chapter 2 – Caught!

As soon as Genny left his office to use the ladies room, his hands were on the file.  He had a photographic memory, but even better – and just to be sure – he had a copier in his office.  Ignoring the information on the papers he just focused on copying everything he could.  Both of them knew what he was doing but he would listen and be done before Genny was back in the office so she would have deniability if needed.  As he copied the pages, he found himself lost in thought.  Honestly, he couldn’t really figure out why he didn’t laugh at the woman as Pam had.  Why he took the meeting.  Why he cared.  In truth, he’d been in a funk for almost a year now.  When he first opened the bar after the reveal of vampires to the general public, his undead life was fresh again:  Donors sought out vampires, Pam had returned to help with the bar, they didn’t need to hide in the shadows.  That excitement was short-lived though and he fallen into a state of ennui.

For years he’d been enjoying his position as Vampire Sheriff of the Shreveport and surrounding areas in Louisiana, answering only to his Queen.  Since the reveal the satisfaction from running the area also dwindled.  He found the vampires to be needier and the reporting to the human authorities had damn near doubled his administrative work:  Work that Pam should have been handling as his second but she was proving to be quite lazy.  He loved his youngest child and she was loyal but he questioned whether calling her back to open the bar together was the best action he could have taken.  At first they worked well together and he was pleased, but after the bar opened, she became too fascinated by the nightly buffet and besides working the door, she did little with the bar except take fangbanger after fangbanger to her office for a feed and fuck.  Eric understood that; in the beginning he enjoyed several a night sometimes but that thrill was gone quickly.

The Sheriff position also included serving as the liaison for vampire and human relations and honestly that was the only part of the job that had been going well.  Instead of waiting for problems, he’d reached out to the local authorities after the announcements were made and had developed a good working relationship.  Most of his human contacts in state government positions were surprised to discover that Eric Northman, owner of Viking Industries, had in fact been a vampire all along.  Several of his Sheriff counterparts in the state had not reached out and as a result, when problems started – whether they were real or perceived – it became an emergency and sometimes a public emergency at that.  Sophie-Anne, their Queen, had not been pleased with his fellow Sheriffs.

Thinking of the Queen had him back to thinking about the request from the boy.  At the last Sheriff meeting, Sophie-Anne had made it clear that positive public relations were a priority.  The donation he’d made for the MRI at Good Shepherd Hospital and the publicity at the unveiling had been cited as an example of what she wanted from her Sheriffs.  So if he took this Sookie on a date, she would no doubt be pleased.  Problem was, he didn’t really care about the Queen’s or the public’s perception.  Hell, he wondered if it was even fair to the boy and his mother to make it a public event.

From the hallway outside his office he could hear Genny’s shoes clicking on the floor as she made her way to his door so he quickly stopped copying with only two sheets left and replaced the folder on the desk.

She collected her purse and the file then asked, “If I call you in a few days, will I get through?”

He chuckled and handed her a card.  “Use the mobile number listed on this.”

“Thank you Eric.  Here is my card in case you have any questions.”

“Give me a few days before you call?”  She nodded.  “I’ll walk you out.  I can hear that the bar has opened and there will be a long line to get in.  I suggest we leave from my back door if you don’t mind.”

“That would be good.  I don’t want your child to lose her stuffy image by laughing at my expense again.”  They headed out the back door and towards the front parking area.

“I apologize again for that but between us, the stuffy part isn’t an image, that’s the real her.”

When she looked up she could see the mischief in his face.  “You really are not what I expected.”

“Just don’t tell anyone that.”  They rounded the side of the building and saw there was in fact a crowd gathered at the door.  Some of the women started yelling Eric’s name.

“You’re quite popular.”

“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

“I can imagine.”  She moved to a silver Audi.  “Well, this is me.  I’ll call you as we discussed.”

“Drive safely.”

“I’m staying in town; I can’t make that trip up and back in the same day.  I’m too old for that Eric.”

“Where are you staying?”

“The Hilton on Market Street.”

“Well enjoy your evening.”  As soon as he got back to his office he’d call the manager and have her room comp’d.  Ownership did have its privileges after all.

He stood in the parking lot watching her pull out.  The calls from the fangbangers drifted into background noise as he thought to himself about the letter and he walked quickly to his office to start his research.  On Genny’s card was the URL for the Make a Wish foundation so he started there.  A young boy requesting something for his mother was puzzling.  At Fangtasia and in some of his other businesses, he didn’t see people – humans – that were selfless like that.  It’s why he enjoyed the liaisons he had with the local authorities, specifically law enforcement.  While not true 100% of the time, the very fact that many of them put their lives on the line every day for other humans earned them his respect.  This boy had a similar characteristic.  According to the Make a Wish group, children were granted some very exciting wishes including cruises, fully built forts and meetings with celebrities.  Here this child, Hunter, was asking for a date for Mommy.  The more he learned and thought about it, the more he found himself WANTING to meet this boy.

Turning to the copies he made, he started with the top, a standard looking application that was completed by Sookie Stackhouse for her child, Hunter Savoy.  ‘Interesting puzzle right away.  Hunter’s letter said there was no father, yet this Savoy must be his father’s last name.  That’s the first thing to investigate.’  Reading on, he discovered many problems with this mother and child and he was shocked.  Officially, the paperwork was signed by Denise and Mack Rattray, the legal foster parents and guardians of the boy.  The next sheet was from the State, verifying that Denise and Mack Rattray were indeed the foster parents of Hunter Savoy, this was signed by Sabrina Thomas, MSW, Care Worker for the State of Louisiana.  Some handwritten scrawl on this paper noted that Sookie Stackhouse was listed officially as next of kin, but was not the legal guardian.  He was completely confused at this point, and only two papers into the stack.  ‘Didn’t taking away custody from a mother mean that she was unfit?  What had Sookie done that warranted losing her child?’  He wandered as he turned to the next paper.  Next was a copy of Hunter’s letter – which he skipped – but the paper after that had him scratching his head again.  This indicated an auction, scheduled for about two weeks from now:

Contents and Personal Property Auction

50 Hummingbird Lane

Bon Temps, LA

Items include:  Civil War Era silver tea set, Springfield Model 1861 rifled musket, hand sewn quilts by Adele Stackhouse.

Again, in the same scrawl as before, notes indicating that this house was owned by Sookie Stackhouse and had been sold to Furnan Developers were written on the blank spaces.  On the other side of the page, another note stated all PERSONAL contents from the historical Stackhouse property to be sold at the auction.  ‘What does this mean, who wrote the notes?’

It was apparent he was in need of an investigator, but for the moment, he couldn’t figure out why he felt the need to pursue this.  The family was a mess, putting it mildly.  A knock on the door jarred him from his thoughts; it was his child so she was entering before he could respond to the knock – as usual.  “What can I do for you Pam?”

“Are you planning to join us in the bar area?”

“I’m unsure.  I have some paperwork to do.”  She raised her eyebrow suspiciously at him since he was piling up the papers on his desk – almost as if she didn’t want him to see them.  “Paperwork that you should be doing as my second.”  He added with a glare.

“Well, I’ve got a lot going on with the bar tonight Eric.  I’m a little busy.”

“Yeah, what’s her name?”

Clearly not seeing or feeling that he was growing angry at her, she answered, “Who knows, but her thighs were made for snacking.”

“Just get out Pam.”

“What’s got you in a snit?”

“Nothing you need concern yourself with – since you’re soooo busy and all.”


This time when she left, he stood and locked the door preventing any further interruptions.  Yes, his child could learn something from Hunter he decided.

With a last sigh at Pam’s behavior, he returned to the copied papers and flipped them over until he was back to the page he last saw.  He started making notes for a private investigator:  The father, legal guardian, household auction.  He flipped to the next page and saw a picture.  NOW he wished he’d looked at the pages when he simply fed them through the copier – it’s possible the original was in color but even in black and white his heart would’ve stopped if it actually beat.  Sookie was perfect with a big smile on her face, eyes that twinkled even in the black and white copy, and breasts, my Gods they were plentiful and showcased nicely in a simple, tight, white tee-shirt with a Merlotte’s logo.  ‘The shifter?  She works for the shifter?  That’s ironic.  I wonder if she even knows her boss can shift into any type of animal – likely not though, shifters and werewolves and such needed to keep such information secret.’  Hugging her tightly in the picture was a young boy so he gathered this was Hunter.  He looked really young, but he really hadn’t dealt with children in so long, he had no idea how old he was in the picture.  He was smiling, but he thought his cheeks seemed sunken in.  Maybe he was just looking for clues of the illness.

The rest of the papers were notes detailing the in person meetings with Hunter, Sookie and the Rattrays.  He read through them and got an understanding, at least from the Make a Wish Volunteer’s perspective, that Sookie was completely in love with her son and the Rattrays were his foster parents for the monthly check.  Assholes.  ‘What AM I doing?  This is all on paper, a letter from a kid and I’m ready to kill the jerk foster parents.  If the state won’t let the mother keep the kid, she might be just as bad.’  While he had that thought, he looked back at the picture and dismissed it.  He couldn’t imagine she had done anything to justify removing her as the child’s legal parent.  Instead of torturing himself, he picked up the phone.  “Mustapha, I’ve got a job for you.  Come to the back door.”

“Fifteen minutes.”  And with that conversation complete, they each hung up.

While he waited, he did a quick internet search on Sookie Stackhouse and Merlotte’s.  He found nothing except notations of her being linked to pictures on the Merlotte’s Facebook page.  Finally, he saw her in color and he wasn’t any less impressed.  If he had to pick a type, Sookie Stackhouse was it.  One of the pictures online showed her standing and she had that sexy hourglass figure that he found most appealing.  Her hair was blond and while most of the pictures showed it up in a ponytail for work, one had it down and it tumbled onto her shoulders in loose curls.  He decided a date with Miss Stackhouse wouldn’t be a hardship at all.

Mustapha arrived and he set him on his tasks, the immediate request being the hospital room number for the boy.  Depending on the room, he could do a ‘fly by’ later before dawn.

After completing some Sheriff paperwork, he went out to check on the bar.  It was pretty busy for a weekday and as soon as he was out of the hallway leading to the offices, the fangbanger squeals started.  If he had to admit it, he DID enjoy this the first month, OK maybe the first three months, but now it was actually a bore.  These fangbangers, as they’d been dubbed by pop culture, were typically overly perfumed, underfed, and frequently drunk or high.  For almost a year now, he chose bagged blood most of the time for his needs.  He walked to the front to check on his child and found Ginger working the door.  Out of unfortunate necessity, Ginger had been glamoured so many times he didn’t think she was capable of dressing herself; she certainly shouldn’t be working the door and reading driver’s licenses.  At the very least, she wasn’t strong enough to break up any problems that often occurred at the door.  He left to find Pam.  Her office was empty so he stopped and checked out their blood bond.  Being maker and child tied them together enabling him to feel her – both moods and locations.  Well, he determined she was fucking and downstairs.  The lower level was for VAMPIRES only and Pam knew this.  He flew down the stairs in search of his child and found her with a HUMAN fangbanger.  Using chains they had in place for securing vampires when needed, the human was tied to the wall while Pam ate her out.  “PAMELA!  Människor är inte tillåtet här nere. Vad tror du att du gör?!”  (Humans are NOT permitted down here.  What do you think you are doing?)

“Master, mitt kontor saknade den nödvändiga utrustningen för min underhållning ikväll.  Du förstår, Maudette här uttryckt intresse för att vara bunden av en vampyr. Vem är jag att neka henne?”  (My office lacked the necessary equipment for my entertainment tonight.  You see, Maudette here expressed an interest in being tied up by a vampire.  Who am I to deny her?)  Using Master usually soothed Eric, so she chose that title specifically.  That didn’t work tonight.

“You should be working the door.”

“Ginger is cov . . .”

“Remove this human, glamour her and get your ass back to the door.”

“Eric, I haven’t fed yet.”

“I have not needed to punish you for years, but your behavior is having me rethink that.  Say one more word and you WILL regret it.”

Pam was quiet.  She finally caught onto his anger and realized she had better do as he asked.  Later, when he calmed, she would ask who shoved the stick up his ass.  Clearly now was not the time for that.  “Yes Master.”

GODS!  When did respect, decency and pulling your own weight become so hard for others?  First they discovered their third partner in the bar, Longshadow, had been skimming money for himself, now he could’t get his own child to do a decent night’s work.’  He went back to his office to look at the pictures of Sookie and hoped that Mustapha found some good news.  He really didn’t want to find out she was a pedophile or some other horrible reason that had her legally separated from her son.


A text from Mustapha jarred Eric from his downtime.

M:  Room 345 and I have some preliminary information.

E:  Forward via email

After a moment, a final text came from Mustapha

M:  Sent

It was almost 4AM and he could hear the cleaning crew going through the bar.  He was torn between the email and the fly-by but in the end, decided on a fly-by on his way home; then reading the email at home since he could stay up about an hour after dawn and read the email – but he sure as hell couldn’t fly once the sun rose.  After a quick check online at the hospital floor plan, he determined his flight path for his fly-by, secured his laptop in a backpack and took off from the parking lot towards the hospital.  Sure, he was leaving his precious Corvette in the parking lot but he’d done it before.  The license plate alone, BLDSKR5, probably made it safe; it did advertise that he was a vampire after all.  He circled the hospital towards the back as the floor plan he’d checked out showed that’s where Hunter’s room was located.  He flew by three windows wondering how the hospital thought any patients could sleep with the lights on before he knew he’d found the right one.  In the bed was a very small boy with his eyes closed.  Since this seemed to be the children’s ward, it wasn’t the first young boy he’d seen, but it was the other person in the room that gave it away.  Sleeping and bent over with part of her torso and head on the bed by the boys legs was Sookie.  He’d studied her pictures enough to recognize the profile – though the body was very different:  Almost emaciated.  From what he’d overheard, stress could cause weight loss.  He’d need to remedy that quickly.  He liked the handlebar hips he’d seen in the pictures.  He MAY have even printed one and put it in his wallet.  MAY have.  Staring at her sleeping form, he lingered until he had an Oh Shit Moment.  At detecting movement at the head of the bed, he scanned up from Sookie.  The boy’s eyes were opened and he was waving and smiling.  He couldn’t resist; he waved back then called himself and idiot immediately.  Unsure of how to handle the whole situation, he sped off towards home.  Why did he feel like the kid that got his hand caught in the honey pot?

Once settled in his light tight chamber at home, he booted his PC, anxious to learn more about the boy and his mother.  Mustapha had summarized his findings in a bullet format, Eric’s preference:


Information obtained so far via (mostly) public records.  No interviews yet. 

Eric smirked.  Mustapha either was or had access to a hacker and was able to get into most ‘secure’ systems at will

*Hunter Savoy was born to H. Hale (per the birth certificate) and Remy Savoy.

*No H. Hale exists in the area that I could find; apparently she walked in off the street and had the baby.  I can’t understand how she got away with a fake ID for that long though.

*Hunter was premature, so he stayed in the hospital for almost two months.  Birth mother discharged him at that time.  

*Father killed about a month after the birth; unsolved murder

*Short hospital stays started when the child was about 6 months old.  At that time, he was brought in by Sookie Stackhouse, and she listed herself as mother on the registration forms.  Medical problems are kidney and heart related.  Prognosis:  Terminal, 1-2 years left to live.

*I did find an Adele Stackhouse nee Hale, the now deceased grandmother to Sookie Stackhouse.  They lived together in the Bon Temps house on Hummingbird lane.  This was also Hunter’s address for a while.

*The property was sold to Furnan Developers.  The contents are to be sold separately via auction as you have seen on the flyer.

*All profits for the house were used to pay down the medical bills for this child Hunter. 

*I’m trying to piece this together, and I will likely need to do some interviews, but the money problems appear to the root of the reason why Sookie is not the legal guardian or adoptive parent for the boy.  She’s still in debt for his hospitalizations even after turning over everything from the house. 

*At this point, Sookie Stackhouse owns a car and has her mail delivered C/O the Bon Temps post office.  I can’t find an actual address.

*The state took custody of the boy and he is now on Medicaid, hence the move to the Parish hospital.  Medicaid is beyond the normal health coverage for children in the foster system, the child just exceeded the resources available via the standard ACCESS card and plan.

*The Rattrays receive a stipend of $458 a month for the care of Hunter.  With his hospitalizations, he was in their home a total of 30 days since last year then they took custody.  Home is in the Four Tracks Corner trailer park.

I will continue with interviews as I can tomorrow.  I suspect there are significant back stories to just about all of the information I have found and we may need to consider assistance via vampire glamour to pull the information needed.  I will have a follow-up report for you at your first dark.


Eric wanted to kill something.  The lack of information was frustrating, but what he did know was infuriating.  From what he could gather, Sookie took this child in, lost all her money trying to care for him, lost her property, lost everything but the boy she apparently loved.  In return, the state yanked him from her, giving funds to trailer trash (literally) who got paid for nothing.  Again, he asked himself what he was doing, possibly making up stories and getting worked up over a woman he’d never met.  The pull to rest finally came and put him out of his misery.


“Oooh, flying?  That was some dream Hunter.”

“Mommy!  You’re supposed to stay out of my head ‘til my surprise wish happens.”

“SORRY!  You’re right.”  Since he’d finished his lunch she removed his tray and fussed at his covers for another minute until she was satisfied with how he was bundled in.

“Mommy, I leave for dialysis in a few minutes, they’re just going to unbundle me when I get there.”

“I know, but I want you to be warm for the ride down.”  She continued to fuss around the room, filling a bag with the items he would need for dialysis.  She added his portable DVD player, a gift from Hoyt, and asked, “What movies?”

Tangled and” There was a delay while he thought.  “Ice Age – the 2nd one.”  She laughed to herself.  He always picked Tangled and something else.  Yes, her boy loved the Disney Princess movie but it wasn’t one of the damsels in distress ones, well yes she did get help out of the tower, but she could kick butt with her frying pan.  It wasn’t the princess part that captured Hunter’s attention, it was her plight.  In the story, Rapunzel was locked away from the world, just like Hunter.  He wished someone would come get him from his tower – in this case his body that kept him from life.  How was she sure about this?  Well, she and Hunter were telepaths – they read minds.  This was a huge secret that Sookie and Hunter had managed to keep from the hospital staff, his idiot foster parents and the state’s case worker.  Telepathy was how she knew he dreamed about a flying vampire (or she thought it was a dream), it’s how she knew the doctors had bad news before they even opened their mouths, it’s also how she knew his foster parents, the Rattrays, and Hunter’s case worker, Sabrina Thomas were robbing the foster system.

“OK, your bag is packed, and here comes Jeremy to move you down now.”  She turned to the large man who had entered the room.  “Hi Jeremy you doing well?”

“Doing great Sookie.  Hiya Hunt.  How’s everybody today?”

Sookie answered the dialysis technician.  “Good Jeremy.”  She kissed Hunter on the forehead.  “Ok baby boy, I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Tell Gramma I said HI!”

Hunter was being backed out of the room, so she continued to wave to him as long as she could before she collected her things.  With a big sigh, she left the hospital room, waved later to the nurses and other floor staff and headed out to her car.  Today, it actually started on the first try and she drove towards Bon Temps.  The radio had long since broken in the car, leaving Sookie to her thoughts.  Hunter wasn’t bouncing back from the fall he had, his heart was wearing out.  While she’d been told he had 1-2 years to live, she felt his problems were progressing faster than they originally assessed.  She didn’t want to think about it but that didn’t change the fact that they had less time than anyone originally thought.  One of Hunter’s ‘bucket list’ requests was that Sookie officially adopt him before he died.  With the financial problems and a case worker focused on her ability to swindle money from the state, Sookie feared her adoption would never go through.  Hell, she had no address, no money except for the small pay and cash she earned as tips when she did work; in short she had NOTHING to offer Hunter as a parent.  Bon Temps had rallied around her and Gran when they took Hunter in and she just couldn’t stomach asking for more but her boy’s desire tugged at her heart.  ‘I’ll see how the auction goes and determine my next steps from there.  That’s only a few days away.’  Wanting to think about anything else, she focused on what she’d read from Hoyt’s mind the other day – he was just about ready to pop the question to Jessica.  That was a more pleasant train of thought.  Almost two hours later, she pulled up to Maxine Fortenberry’s house and grabbed her laundry and the groceries she’d purchased.  “Hiya Sookie, come on in.”  Maxine called from the porch.

“Hey Maxine.  How you been feeling?”

“I had me a good weekend.  Jessica and Hoyt took me to brunch after church yesterday.”

“Yeah, they said they were planning to do that.”  Sookie looked at Maxine with a big smile.  “So do you think  Jessica is the one?”

“I hope so Sookie.  They been datin’ almost two years, friends b’fore that.”  Maxine watched her put her bags down on the kitchen counter.  “Whatcha cookin’ today?”

“Chicken noodle soup.  Hunter really likes that.”

“He’s a lucky boy, you cooking for him even though the hospital gives him three squares.”

“He hates their renal diet food.  I don’t blame them, they don’t have the capacity to do anything but remove the stuff he shouldn’t have; you know that.”

“I know, but he’s still lucky to have ya.”  Sookie gave her a quick hug and went to grab the laundry to start washing but Maxine stopped her.  “I’ll put this in.  You go start cookin’.”

“Thanks Maxine.”

Sookie went to the kitchen and started the soup for her boy.  Once the chicken was in the pot to start the broth, she went through the mail she’d picked up on the way.  Of course, it offered nothing more than the usual bills from the hospital, the individual doctor’s offices and the medical supply store.  Hopefully the auction for the contents of the house would help get these collectors off her back.  She simply put them in her purse and started peeling the carrots.  Her mind wandered as she cooked; she knew why Maxine grabbed the laundry – she’d done this a few times before.  Knowing or thinking that Sookie would refuse the purchases outright, Maxine would sneak in new bras, panties or socks while she washed her clothes.  Given their circumstances, Sookie was forced to take the help – something that she had to concede to on many things lately.  To even things out, Sookie did some housecleaning for Maxine in between her cooking and laundry duties – it helped ease her mind some.  At least Sookie kept mostly dresses when she moved out of the house, none of her jeans would’ve stayed up over her rapidly slimming form.

Maxine startled her out of her thinking.  “How’s your baby today?”

“Same.  We’re still on the donor lists.”

“Whole town is praying for ya’.”

“Yeah, Reverend Collins stopped by after Sunday services.”

“That’s nice dear.  Ya need any help in the kitchen?”

“No Maxine.  I’m sure you want to watch your stories.”

A few minutes later she heard the voices from Maxine’s show.  While she cooked she thought of her friends:  Maxine and her son Hoyt had truly been her heroes these past years and she wanted them to be happy.  She was so pleased when Hoyt finally asked Jessica to go out after being friends and pining for her for so long.  She knew he was smitten long before their first date.  Maybe she would mention something about getting a move on to Hoyt – try to push him to pop the question.  She knew he had the ring.  Certainly after dating for two years, Jessica was probably thinking it was time.  Since she heard Maxine snoring, she knew she could turn up her the radio.  Before long, she was dancing around the kitchen while she cooked, trying to enjoy this tiny respite in her and her baby boy’s schedule.

Two hours later she was putting the soup into the containers she’d brought so she could keep some in the hospital refrigerator.  As she always did, she left a container for Hoyt and his Momma, though they kept telling her to stop.  For Sookie, it one of the only ways to give back to the family that had helped her so much since Gran died.  After getting her laundry in the car she hugged Gramma Fortenberry from Hunter and headed back to her baby boy.


“Any update Mustapha?”

“I’ve started doing some interviews, but nothing concrete.  I should have a full report shortly.”

“Very well.  Anything I should know right away?  Did Sookie do something to have her lose custody beyond the money problems?”

“It looks like it was all about debt to the hospital.  I’ve found nothing that indicates she abused or neglected the boy.”

“That’s a relief.  Thank you.  I’ll be out of town for about two days; we can connect when I return.”

He hung up the phone and used his blood bond to call his child.  She knew he was still angry at her for something, so she was on her best behavior when she entered his office.  “Yes Master?”

“I’m off to New Orleans for the quarterly sheriff’s meeting.  I don’t want any problems at the bar while I’m gone.”

“Master, of course I’ll take care of everything here.”

“Like you prepared all my reports for this meeting?”

“YOU are the Sheriff.”

“And YOU are my SECOND, a paid position in the state.  Start earning it Pamela or I will find another second.”

“You don’t have to get snippy about it.”

“Pamela, I’ve been discussing this with you for a few months now.  It seems that I DO need to get snippy.  I’m heading out now.”

“Fine.”  She stood angrily with her arms folded across her chest.

He kissed her forehead and spoke to her as he left.  “I love you very much Pam, but this behavior is becoming intolerable.  Please think about it while I’m gone.”

“Yes Master.”  At least she had the decency to look down.

The weather had cooperated and he had a nice drive down to New Orleans.  So lost in his thoughts about Sookie and Hunter, he didn’t even realize he hadn’t turned on music for the entire trip.  Even with a few hours to focus, he still couldn’t explain the draw to them.  He was certainly happy that his instincts about her parenting were correct.  That beautiful woman loved the boy and it was other circumstances that had them separated – well legally separated.

When he arrived at his New Orleans residence, he cursed Bobby Burnham, his dayman.  Bobby knew the meeting schedule for New Orleans, yet it was quite evident that he hadn’t come down early enough to fully prepare his home for arrival.  Fresh bloods should have been in the refrigerator; they were NOT.  His suit, pressed for the meeting, should be hanging on the back of his closet door for tomorrow night; it was NOT.  The only thing that had been done was the prep to his office.  Eric knew that dust would accumulate while he was gone in between meetings, and he wasn’t a stickler about that – except for his office.  Maybe Bobby and Pam were hanging out too often?  He was so pissed; he woke Bobby from his nighttime sleep to ‘instruct’ him on the house preparations.

“Master?  Why are you waking me?”

“It’s Sir or Mr. Northman – you know how I hate it when you call me Master.”

“Yes sir.  Why are you waking me?”

“You did not finish your tasks for my arrival.”

“I got down here too late yesterday to get those things done.”

“Well, get up and get them done now.”


“YES – there is an all night dry cleaners and I know you can get blood from our sources anytime – day or night.  Get going.”

“But’s its 3AM.”


“Yes Master, I mean sir.”

Eric was so frustrated; he pinched the bridge of his nose and finally decided to stop talking to the nuisance that was his dayman.  ‘I’ve really got to convince Mustapha to leave his business.  He’s far superior to this idiot.’  He left Bobby to get his work done and went to his office to finish his prep work for the Sheriff meeting that would start right after first dark tomorrow night.  He really hated all this vampire shit anymore.

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      • Well, hi there! Ya know, if I clicked the right button, I’d see these responses! (So much for that IT degree…) Yep, I’m now doing beta stuff for the Sunset Queens, and yes! It is VERY COOL… I love it, and both of these young ladies are so refreshingly talented as well as being so creative with infinite imaginations! I’m also working with the Queen of Area 5 (one of the Sunset Queens) and a few other writers! They keep me active & busy while the editing/proofing/review work (that pays the bills!) is slow and nowhere nearly as interesting as what they’ve written! Being further ahead with the chapters is more fun for me, but not in the way you might think! By the time a chapter is posted for all to read, it’s somewhat new to me once more! This isn’t just because I have a Jarlsburg Swiss cheese brain where things fall down into the small holes never to be seen again; it’s more that I’ve proofed the chapters weeks in advance as well as having proofed chapters for other FF writers and for the published writers with whom I work. Anything I read after those few weeks is the same as reading something brand new! Truly, aging does have its’ benefits! Between aging & the head-smacking off-the-desk thing we’ve been discussing on missron80’s blog, I really need to be a little more careful of my little grey cells…
        So how’re you & the kids liking this weather? Having many school closings?

        • They’ve missed five days. Hubby is ready to pull his hair out since he’s taking the to Alaska (his mom lives there) right after school ends and that’s a moving target right now.
          On your miss Ron blog thing. Care to expand?
          Got to run heading into Philly for a big family wedding now. Picking up the girls from school early.
          Have a good weekend.

          • About missron, it was about a comment she’d made on her latest weekly rant ( that I found very funny, and had my own comments to make in reply… None of which I find in YOUR stories; all of yours are quite excellent!
            5 snow days? Lordy, I’d be pulling my hair out too!! Snow days & delays were the bane of my existence when I was a single mom… Have to correct myself on that thought because when was I NOT a single mom? As a working mom back in the 80’s & 90’s, those were just not excuses for being late or taking a day off! Much easier when the oldest was able to watch them.
            Have fun at the wedding! Safe travel, and best wishes to bride & groom!

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    • Hi there – thanks for reading and commenting.
      I have plans for Bobby – you’ll be surprised. Pam – we’ll hate her!
      They’ll meet in a few chapters – stuff has to happen first.

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    • SORRY – for my delay. Thanks for the kind words about my stories. I do have two chapters almost ready to go for BVB – but this story is my focus. I was going for something different – so I’m glad you like that.

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